SAP Package EA-ICM

Structure Package Incentives and Commission Management

The package EA-ICM (Structure Package Incentives and Commission Management) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Package EA-ICM
Short Text Structure Package Incentives and Commission Management
Parent Package -

Embedded Packages

SAP Package EA-ICM contains 20 embedded packages.

CACS Commissions: General Service Functions
CACS_CONDBDT EMPTY Commissions: Link Condition Technique to CommContract
CACS_CONDITIONS EMPTY Commissions: Condition Technique Link
CACS_SYS EMPTY: Administration for IMG System
CACS10 ICM: Basis Technology
CACS20 ICM: Basis Framework
CACS30 ICM: Tools / Implementation
CACS40 ICM: Enhancement Packages / Implementation
CACS50 ICM: Integration Help for Other Components
CACSAC EMPTY Commissions: Ledger
CACSCATT EMPTY Commissions: Test Tools (To be Delivered)
CACSCRM EMPTY CRM Elements in Commission System
CACSGENUT Help for Generator
CACSIB Commissions: Inbound Interface & Buffer/Pending Cases
CACSINSFS Components of Commissions System for Insurances
CACSIS Commissions: Reporting & Information System
CACSISCD EMPTY Commissions: Disbursement FS-CD
CACSMD 'EMPTY' Commissions: Master Data
CACSOBS ICM: Obsolete Objects
CACSY EMPTY Commissions: Reconciliation & Technical Analysis