SAP Package FMMD

Funds Management: Master Data

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The package FMMD (Funds Management: Master Data) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package FUNDS_MANAGEMENT.

Technical Information

Package FMMD
Short Text Funds Management: Master Data

Function Groups

SAP Package FMMD contains 23 function groups.

0FMP_ADD_ON FM: Customizing Master Data
FM_ACTIVATE_APPLK Activation of Application Indicator ISPS
FM02 Active Account Assignment Elements FM
FM2R Read Funds Center
FM4C_POPUP FM Master Data Hierarchy Popup
FM52 Master Data: Fund
FM5R Read Fund
FM62 Master Data: Application of Funds
FM6R Read Application of Funds
FMC7 CHDO FMPG => Gen. by RSSCD000
FMCI1_ADDON Read Commitment Item
FMCI4_ADDON Commitment Items General Functions
FMF1 Read Funds Center
FMF2 Maintain funds center
FMF3 Funds Center DB Action
FMF4 Funds Center General Functions
FMF6 Change Docs for Funds Center in FM area
FMHA Master Data Integration FIFM <-> HR-PM
FMMD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FMP5 FM Master Data, General Functions
FMSL Mass selection of master data


SAP Package FMMD contains 32 transactions.

FM_FUNCTION Change Function Areas
FMCI_COPY_NEXT_YEAR Copy Cmmt Items into Following Year
FMCI_FYC Copy Cmmt Items into Following Year
FMCI_REPLACE_HIVARNT Replace Hierarchy Variant Assignment
FMFUDERI Fund and Function Derivation
FMFUDERIR Fund and Function Derivation: Rules
FMHC Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HR
FMHG Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HR
FMHGG Generate BS Elements f. Several Fnds
FMME_SET_C Funded Program Groups Create
FMME_SET_CH Funded Program Groups Change
FMME_SET_D Funded Program Groups Display
FMPF Change Chart of Commitment Items
FMPG Change Chart of Cmmt Items Assgmt
FMSA Create Funds Center in FM Area
FMSB Change Funds Center in FM Area
FMSC Display Funds Center in FM Area
FMSD Change Funds Ctr/Hierarchy Variant
FMSE Display Hierarchy Variant/Funds Ctr
FMSF Change Funds Ctr Hierarchy Variant
FMSG Change Assignment Fnds Ctr Hier.Var.
FMSL Change Cmmt Item: Mass Processing
FMSX Output of Funds Center to UNIX file
FMSY Create Funds Center Using UNIX
OFDF Delete Funds Centers in FM Area
OFDG Delete Funds Centr in Hierarchy Var.
OFDSM Delete Status Management Entries
OFED Create Template for Commitment Items
OFES Create Characters for Cmt Itm Templ.
OFM_ACT_MD_YEAR Activate Year-Dependent Master Data
OFM_FM01_KOM Maintain ID Number in FM Area
OFM_HSART Maintain Commitment Item

Database Tables

SAP Package FMMD contains 4 database tables.

FMINDEX_FIELDS Application-Dependent Indices: Fields
FMINDEX_HEADER Application-Dependent Indices: Header
FMMEASURE FM Funded Program Master Data
FMMEASURET FM Funded Program Text Table


SAP Package FMMD contains 5 views.

M_FICOCO View for Search Help FICO-CO
V_FM_TFKB Functional Areas
V_FM01H Assign Funds Center Hierarchy Variants to FM Area
V_FMFINCODE_F4 Help View for Fund
V_FMHIVAR Funds Centers Hierarchy Variants


SAP Package FMMD contains 15 structures.

CFMPG Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
CFMZUBSP Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
FMCISL Commitment Item Mass Mantainance permitted fields
FMGFLOG Copy Fund Center Master Data
FMSLBLNKDIM FM Selection Tool. Allowed BLANK value dimensions
FMSTXDRID SAPscript Programming Interface: Ranges for Text IDs
FMTLINE Master Data Long Texts Lines
FMVALIDITY_DATES FM: Validity Dates for Master Data
IFM01FAC Append-Structure for Table FM01 for Fund Accounting
SI_FMBSPSL_APPEND Mass data selection tool enhancement
SI_FMCISL_APPEND Commitment Item Mass Mantainance
SI_FMFCTRSL_APPEND Mass Data Selection Tool Enhancement
SI_FMFNDSL_APPEND Mass Data Selection Tool enhancement
SI_FMFPEXSL_APPEND Mass Data Selection tool enhancement
SI_FMTRPSL_APPEND Mass Data Salection tool Enhancement


SAP Package FMMD contains 38 programs.

RFFM_DEL_RELID_RFDT Delete entries from table RFDT for certain RELIDs
RFFMBI91 Export Funds Center Master Data to UNIX file/PC file
RFFMBI95 Copy Funds Center Master Data from UNIX File/PC File
RFFMCDFUND FIFM: Display Change Documents for Master Data
RFFMCDP1 Display Change Documents for Commitment Items in Chart of Cmmt Items
RFFMCDP2 Display Change Documents for Commitment Items in FM Area
RFFMCDS1 Display Change Documents for Funds Centers in FM Area
RFFMHR01 Generating Budget Elements from BS Elements for Several Funds
RFFMMD_COM_ITEM_FYC Copy Cmmt Items into Following Year
RFFMMD_ME_SET_C Create sets for Funded Program
RFFMMD_ME_SET_CH Grants Management: Sets for Sponsored Classes
RFFMMD_ME_SET_D Grants Management: Sets for Sponsored Classes
RFFMMD_REPLACE_HIVARNT Change Assignment of Hierarchy Variant
RFFMMDACT Activate Year-Dependent Master Data
RFFMMDC1 Check master data and hierarchy of funds centers
RFFMMDD2 Deleting all Funds Centers in an FM Area and All Hierarchy Variants
RFFMMDD3 Hierarchy Variant: Deleting all Funds Centers in a Hierarchy Variant
RFFMMDD4 Delete funds and application of funds in FM area
RFFMMDD5 Delete status management entries for FM area and fiscal year
RFFMSBSP Selection of FM account assignments
RFFMSFIC Funds centers selection
RFFMSFIP Commitment items selection
RFFMSFND Fund selection
RFFMSL Mass processing of commitment items in FM area
RFFMSTRP Selection of FM Account Assignments
RFMXPR16 FM: Convert Commitment Items (Year-Dependent)
RFMXPR17 FM: Convert assigned balance items
RFMXPR19 FM: Convert Carryforward Item Category for Fund
RFMXPR24 FM: Convert funds centers (Year dependency)
RFMXPR32 FM: Copy Validity Period from Application of Funds to Fund
RFMXPR35 FM: Convert Commitment Items (One-Level Model)
RFMXPR35_470 FM: Convert Commitment Items (One-Level Model)
SAPMFMFS Maintaining the Funds Centers (in a Hierarchy Variant)

Search Helps

SAP Package FMMD contains 12 search helps.

FICO_APPEND Append Search Help Fund
FICOCO Search with Controlling Area
FICOK Search using classification
FICOV Search Using Attributes
FIST_APPEND Append Search Help Funds Center
FISTA Search Using Attributes
FISTB Search Using Name
FISTG Search by Financial Management Area/Fiscal Year
FISTK Search using classification
FM_MEASURE Append Collective Search Help for FM_MEASURE_GENERIC
FM_MEASURE_1 Search Using Name
H_T881_TAB Search Help Ledger with Totals Record Table

Authorization Objects

SAP Package FMMD contains 18 authorization objects.

F_FICA_CIG Funds Management: Commitment Item Group
F_FICA_FAG Funds Management: Function Groups
F_FICA_FCG Funds Management: Funds Center Groups
F_FICA_FNG Funds Management: Fund Groups
F_FICA_KDR Funds Management: Account Assignment Derivation
F_FICA_KDS Maintain Strategy of FM Account Assignment Derivation
F_FICA_PPL Funds Management: Chart of Commitment Items
F_FM_DRRUL Funds Management: Rules of Account Assignment Derivation
F_FM_DRSTR Funds Management: Account Assignment Derivation Strategy
F_FM_OPEN FM: Authorization for Specially Opened Processes
F_FMBU_ACC Budgeting: Account Assignment
F_FMBU_DOC Budgeting: Document Type
F_FMBU_KEY Budgeting: Keyfigure
F_FMBU_KYF Budgeting: Key Figure
F_FMBU_STA Budgeting: Status
F_FMBU_VER Budgeting: Version and Budget Category
F_FMMD_FAR Funds Management: Functional Area (Authorization Group)
F_FMMD_MES Funds Management: Funded Program (Authorization Group)