SAP Package KC_NU

Cost Accounting Controlling EIS (NU)

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The package KC_NU (Cost Accounting Controlling EIS (NU)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL_NU.

Technical Information

Package KC_NU
Short Text Cost Accounting Controlling EIS (NU)
Parent Package APPL_NU

Function Groups

SAP Package KC_NU contains 65 function groups.

0B1U Maintenance view TRKB1U
0EV4 Maint. view master data variant groups
0KC1 Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0KC2 Customizing summary CO line item
0KC3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KC7 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCK Key figures: Maintenance views
0KCKU Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCMTA Administration of metadata
0KCO Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCSL SAP-EIS: Data Slices
0KCX Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KXO Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KCCO Comments in EC-EIS (SAP Office Calls)
KCCT SAP_EIS: Comments
KCDBN Sender structure package
KCDM SAP-EIS: Data transfer
KCDR SAP-EIS: Read database
KCMV Calculation routines EIS planning
KCPL Functions for automatic planning/EIS
KCPM Messages Batch Planning
KCPV Maintenance views EC-BP
KCSL Data Slice Interface
KCUM Conversion 4.0 new fixed fields
KCVU SAP-EIS: Record number allocation
KRFC1 EC-EIS sender structures
KUEP Data transfer log
KX_ARCHIVE Aspect archiving with ADK
KX02 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KX04 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KX05 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KX06 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KXDO Document connection SAP-EIS
KXH2 Retraction Planning SEM R/3
KXHR EIS-HR Interface
KXHY Hierarchy Editing EIS
KXLI List Elements (Hdr, Ftr, Title/End Page)
KXMD Master data administration (for EIS)
KXQU Dialog boxes:ABAP/4 Query->EIS interface
KXTX SAP-EIS: field char.values, texts, auth.
KXXC EC-EIS specific FM for Active Excel
KXZD Number format
KYB1 Report portfolio
KYEX Standard Exits Drill-Down
KYGR Call graphics from report portfolio
KYP1 Info System SAP-EIS/CO-PA
KYP4 Maintain report data
KYP5 Drill-down hierarchy communication
KYP6 Printing with MS Word for Windows
KYP7 Printing with MS Word for Windows
KYP8 Reorganization within reporting
KYP9 Drill down: Change in PRINT
KYPE RFC interface for EC-EIS
KYPF Traces FM's for inSight interface
KYPG Functions in SAPMKCBG
KYPR Presentation for SAP-EIS
KYPW1 Currency Functions of RKD - NU
KYRE Display report parameters
KYS8 Changes to SEIG, PRINT, ZWERT...
KYSY Global functions
OKC9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
UCK_SERVICE Unicode Services


SAP Package KC_NU contains 157 programs.

COXLKEAG XPRA CO-PA/SAP-EIS: Generation of read routines RK2FPRKC/E
DBCFK001 Logical Database for CF001
DBCFKNNN Logical Database for CFNNN
MENUKCMN EC-EIS Application menu
RKC_ARCHIVE_CFMMM Archiving: Archive EIS transaction data
RKC_ARCHIVE_CFNNN Archiving: Archive EIS transaction data
RKC_CALL_VIEW_T242B_KC EC-EIS: Call v_t242b
RKC_CALL_VIEW_TRSTHV_KC Call-up of the maintenance view v_trsthv_c for KC
RKC_COMMENT_CONVERT_40C Conversion of comments from 30 - 31 after 4.0C and later
RKC_DELETE_CFNNN Archiving: Delete EIS transaction data
RKC_DR_BP01 Exit report for field tab object dependent plan parameters
RKC_DR_BP02 Exit report for field tab object dependent plan parameters
RKC_DR_BP03 Exit report for field tab object dependent plan parameters
RKC_DU_FB_REO REorg of generated function module for sender structures
RKC_FILL_ALV Generates structure for ALV kce1
RKC_READ_CFMMM Reading the archived entries for an aspect.
RKC_READ_CFNNN Reading the archived entries for an aspect.
RKC_RELOAD_CFMMM Archiving: Reload EIS transaction data
RKC_RELOAD_CFNNN Archiving: Reload EIS transaction data
RKC_START_ARCHIV EC-EIS/BP: start of archiving
RKC_XPRA_40C SAP-EIS: XPRA for Release 40C
RKCABL01 Template: Exits for derivation tool
RKCABL02 Template: Exits for derivation tool
RKCABL03 Template: Exits for derivation tool
RKCALV Raw data displayer
RKCBATCH Print/Actualize Report
RKCBBSR2 SAP-EIS Report-Report Interface to R/2
RKCBBSR3 SAP-EIS Report-Report Interface to R/2
RKCCOAGG SAP-EIS: Maintain Key Figure Aggregation
RKCCODEL Deletion of comments
RKCCODSP Display comments of a comments table
RKCCOLST Comment list
RKCCOMD0 SAP-EIS: Generation of update routines for master data maintenance
RKCCOPR0 Generate Programs for an Aspect
RKCCOPR1 Generation: Programs for the summarization of transaction data
RKCCOPR3 Archive Aspect on File
RKCCOPRT Display Data Structure (with environment)
RKCCOTRC Trace tool for comments with RFC interface
RKCDAMAP Summarize trans. data
RKCDELET Delete transaction data
RKCDEREO Flexible Excel Upload: Reorganization of TABLES
RKCDISPV Display Validations
RKCDLALL Delete transaction data
RKCDLCUA Display/Delete Aspect Interface
RKCDLDY0 Display / Delete screens for an aspect
RKCDLHIE SAP-EIS Display/Delete Hierarchy
RKCDLMD0 Display / Delete master data
RKCDLMD1 Program RKCDLMD1: Delete entries T27nn, T28nn
RKCDMNNN Summarization:T241A-ATEXT
RKCDMREF SAP-EIS: Copying of Set hierarchies into EIS hierarchies
RKCDMSP0 Report portf.: Data transfer
RKCDOKUM Maintain doc. assignment to SAP-EIS master data
RKCDOREO Reorganization of doc.flag for SAP-EIS master data table
RKCDRIVE SAP-EIS: Queue driver for R/3 - R/3 communication
RKCDSM_1 Maintain Sender Structures for SAP-EIS Transaction Data
RKCDSM_2 Maintain/Display Sender Structures
RKCDSM_3 Maintain/Display Sender Structures
RKCDSM_6 Maintain/Display Sender Structures
RKCDSM_7 Maintain/Display Sender Structures
RKCDSM_A Maintain/Display Sender Structures
RKCDSM_H Maintain/Display Sender Structures
RKCDUXPRA40 Convert Sender Structures
RKCEDITB Help for generation
RKCFILE0 Import file
RKCHE001 test
RKCHIERA Go to the hierarchy maintenance transaction of relevant application
RKCHK005 Program RKCHK005: test for all
RKCHK010 Program RKCHK010: Change in field catalog
RKCIMSDR Communication between R/3 - R/2 on IMS
RKCIMSST Starter for Communication with IMS Systems
RKCKENNZ Key figure class library
RKCLISTS List Display Tool
RKCMDAGG SAP-EIS: Reference report for generation: time aggregation
RKCMDYRC SAP-EIS: Call Dialog Fiscal Year Maintenance
RKCOBTR1 SAP-EIS: Transport Tool
RKCOBTR6 Transport planning layouts
RKCOBTR7 Import Planning Layouts
RKCPLEXE EC-BP: Automatic planning batchstart
RKCPLNNN EIS Planning: Template program for automatic plan data editing
RKCPLPRF Setting the planner profile
RKCPLTKCCC Call view maintenance V_TKCCC
RKCR2LIS Lists from R/2
RKCREODM SAP-EIS: Data Transfer Reorganization
RKCREOVA Reorganization of TKCA for validations
RKCREPCU SAP-EIS: Data Collection: Customize Collection Programs
RKCSE001 Raw data displayer
RKCSELEC Display Trans. Data
RKCSIGHT InSight test tool
RKCSLICE SAP-EIS: Data slices - Database statistics - Transaction data
RKCSTATS Database statistics
RKCSUB00 Start program for collection programs in R/2 and R/3
RKCTREE0 Report Selection using Reporting Tree
RKCTRERU Build Summarization Levels
RKCTRSDM SAP-EIS: Create transport objects for sender structures
RKCTSEAR String search in programs
RKCTWP90 Log evaluation
RKCTWP91 Tool for converting tables
RKCTWP92 SAP-EIS: SE16 replacement
RKCUMCFN EIS: Conversion of the aspect data for Release 4.0
RKCUMDEL SAP-EIS: Conversion of the layouts for data entry
RKCUMTAB testreport conversion table entries
RKCUSRGR Set User Group
RKCVARGR Saving of the variable groups as variants in EIS
RKCWINEX Start program on presentation server
RKCXPRA4 SAP-EIS: XPRA Rel. 3.0 conversion of programs MKNNN000 and MKNNNF00
RKDBAT00 Print/Actualize Report
RKDBAT01 Maintain Batch Variants for Drilldown Report
RKDBAT02 Background Processing for Drilldown Reports
RKDBATCH Print and Generate Summarized Data in Background
RKDBATPF Maintain Variable Group
RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant Group
RKDBATV5 Call up view maintenance V_TKEV1 (Variable groups)
RKDCTRAN Editor call for incorrectly generated programs (TC-RNAMEH)
RKDDEMO0 Demo example for new report interface
RKDDEMO1 Program for documentation
RKDERROR Error Messages (Drill Down)
RKDKENNZ Test Data Receiver
RKDMAIL0 Connection between SAP-OFFICE and drill-down rep. (called from Mail)
RKDMKCIK Key Figure Maintenance of General Application Class
RKDRECOIX Comparison of COIX with TKEB1
RKDREOBE Reorganization of Reports
RKDREODA Reorganization of Report Data
RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms
RKDREOVG Reorganization of variant groups
RKDREPDV Split Report
RKDSTRUC Display structure: $STRUCTURE$
RKECHERE Check report line structure
RKES0102 Call up view maintenance V_TKEV1 (Variable groups)
RKEVARGR Saving of the variable groups as variants in CO-PA
SAPFKCAQ Module Pool for Data Transfer ABAP/QUERY -> SAP-EIS
SAPFKCBS Automatic navigation
SAPFKCDE External Form Routines for Data Transfer
SAPM0KXO View cluster for maintenance of object types of object collector
SAPMKCB8 Maintenance of Data Mining Methods
SAPMKCBE Module pool: Drill down edit part
SAPMKCBF Exit Forms for Key Figure Scheme/Form Formulas/EIBV
SAPMKCBH Report portfolio data transfer
SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type (Table T242Q)
SAPMKCDA Maintain Currency Translation Type (Table T242Q)
SAPMKCDM SAP-EIS: Display / Delete Transaction Data
SAPMKCEE Execute/Change/Display/Create Report
SAPMKCI2 SAP-EIS: Maitain comments for master data
SAPMKCIC SAP-EIS: Comment Management (Transaction KCT0)
SAPMKCIK SAP-EIS: Key figure transaction, Module pool
SAPMKCPD Deletion of plan data with key figure selection
SAPMKCPL2 Automatic planning
SAPMKXHY Hierarchy Maintenance