Index Category Definition

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The table SRETIDCAT (Index Category Definition) is a standard table in SAP ERP. It belongs to the package SRET.

Technical Information

Short Text Index Category Definition
Package SRET
Table Type Transparent Table

Fields for Table SRETIDCAT

Field Name Key Description Data Element Type Length Check Table
CATID Index category identification SRET_CATID CHAR 32
CATCLTDEP Indicates whether application is client-specific SRET_CCLDP CHAR 1
MODIFYCLS Modification Indicator of an Index Category SRET_MODCL CHAR 3
CREA_USER SAP user who created the index category SRET_CRUSR CHAR 12
CRTIME Creation time - date and time acc. to UTC SRET_CRTIM NUMC 14
CHNG_USER SAP user who last changed the index category SRET_CHUSR CHAR 12
CHTIME Last change - date and time (UTC) SRET_CHTIM NUMC 14
SRSVRID Search server relation ID SRET_SSRID CHAR 10
ACTIVE Indicates whether index category is active SRET_ACTIV CHAR 1
HASINDEX Indicates Whether a Physical Index Exists SRET_HASIX CHAR 1
TYPE Type of index category SRET_ITYPE CHAR 1
CLASS Index category class SRET_ICLAS CHAR 1
SYINDEPEND Flag if an Index Category is Cross-system SRET_IDSID CHAR 1
MASTER Index Category is MASTER (System Independent) SRET_MASTR CHAR 1
USECLASS Flag if a Classfication Should Be Used SRET_USECL CHAR 1
USETM Indicates if Text Mining is used SRET_USTM CHAR 1
USEFILTER Indicates if filter has been set SRET_USFL CHAR 1