Execute ABAP Programs Automatically After Transport Import


Did you know that it is possible to automatically execute an ABAP program after the import of a transport request into a target system? In this article, I’ll discuss how to do that.

Automatically executing an ABAP program after a transport request was imported is a very useful feature of SAP ERP. It can be used to do some set-up work or to execute checks to prepare the new environment for the transported objects.

Here’s how to add a program execution object to a transport request. First, open the transport organizer (for example with transaction SE10) and find the request you want to work with. Double-click it to display the transport request properties and switch to change mode.

Adding a program execution object to a transport request

In the list of objects to be transported, add a new entry with the key R3TR XPRA. This is a program execution object. In the object name field, enter the name of the program you want to run. Click Save and return to the previous screen. Your transport should now look like this.

Transport Request with Program Execution Step

After this transport is imported into the target system, the program RKACSHOW will be executed once. You could of course add your own programs here that execute custom scaffolding tasks or similar things.