Changing a Released SAP Transport Request


We’ve all been in this situation: we’ve released a task or transport request, only to notice seconds later that there was still an object missing in it. In the standard SAP ERP® transport system, we’d be out of luck: once released, transport requests or tasks can’t be set to modifiable again.

However, of course, there is a workaround. It comes down to editing the table E070, which is where the transport request headers are stored. To make a request modifiable again, change the field TRSTATUS from R (Released) to D (Modifiable). You can now edit it again in transaction SE10 or wherever you like.

Table E070

Don’t know how to edit tables without a maintenance dialog? See this post to learn how to use SE16/SE16N for table maintenance.

Be warned: When modifying SAP ERP® system tables, act with caution! You should always know what you’re doing, otherwise you might cause inconsistencies and corrupted data. Also, never attempt this with a transport request that has already been moved to the subsequent system.