Using the Extended Clipboard in Transaction SE80


If you want to copy multiple lines of code from once place to another, the ABAP Editor offers you a highly convenient way to do so – via the extended clipboard.

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Say you want to copy code from several different parts of an object. Open the object in transaction SE80 and copy the first line with Ctrl + C like you usually would. Now. instead of pasting it directly to the target object, you can just go to the next piece of code and copy that, too. This does not delete the first piece in the clipboard – instead, it goes to the extended clipboard.

Using the Extended Clipboard

To paste data from the extended clipboard, right-click the place where you want to paste it and select More -> Extended Paste or press Ctrl + Shift + V. You will see a list with all the pieces of code you copied and can choose which one you want to paste. The extended clipboard will automatically capture up to twelve copied values.

A huge time-saver in some situations!