SAP Package AB

Asset Accounting

The package AB (Asset Accounting) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package AB
Short Text Asset Accounting
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package AB contains 21 function groups.

AB01 Asset Accounting Document Display
ABUM FIAA Funct.mod. for transfers (all types
ABUZ Generate FIAA line items
AFAR Function modules, deprec. calculation
AINT Funct. mod., Asset Accounting interface
AMAV Flexible determination of asset
AMBU FMs Post to asset
AMGA Function modules to handle group assets
AMIN FIAA Interface module
AMNA FM to handle asset creation on posting
AMSF Special Functions on asset posting
AMSP Asset Accounting Services for Posting
AMSS Asset Management Special Services
AMSV FI-AA service function modules
AMUP Functions Database update prepare
AMUS Specials for USA
ANLR Read accesses to AM tables
ANVB Function module, AM document update
AVAL Asset Values
AWFC FI-AA Workflow check function modules
DRB_FI_AA DRB Link to FI-AA (Asset Transactions)


SAP Package AB contains 49 transactions.

AB01 Create asset transactions
AB02 Change asset document
AB03 Display Asset Document
AB08 Reverse Line Items
ABAA Unplanned depreciation
ABAD Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAKN Last Retirement on Group Asset
ABAO Asset Sale Without Customer
ABAON Asset Sale Without Customer
ABAV Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAVN Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAW Balance sheet revaluation
ABAWN New value method
ABB1 Correction of Asset Accounts
ABCO Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABF1 Post Document
ABF1L Post Document in Ledger Group
ABGF Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGL Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
ABIF Investment support
ABMA Manual depreciation
ABMR Manual transfer of reserves
ABMW Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.
ABNA Post-capitalization
ABNAN Post-Capitalization
ABNC Enter post-capitalization
ABNE Subsequent Revenue
ABNK Subsequent Costs
ABSO Miscellaneous Transactions
ABST Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABT1N Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABUB Transfer between areas
ABUM Transfer From
ABUMN Transfer within Company Code
ABZE Acquisition from in-house production
ABZK Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
ABZO Asset acquis. autom. offset. posting
ABZON Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZP Acquistion from affiliated company
ABZS Enter write-up
ABZU Write-up
ABZV Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
AR11 Investment Grants
AR13 Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
F-90 Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
F-91 Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
F-92 Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
OA14 Direct import of data
S_ALR_87099918 Primary Cost Planning Dep./Interest

Database Tables

SAP Package AB contains 40 database tables.

ANEA Asset Line Items for Proportional Values
ANEK Document Header Asset Posting
ANEP Asset Line Items
ANEV Asset downpymt settlement
ANGB Asset catalog deprec. area
ANKB Asset class: depreciation area
ANLC Asset Value Fields
ANLH Main asset number
ANLP Asset Periodic Values
T082I Create takeover rules from transfer for master data
T082J Create takeover rules from transfer for master data: areas
T082L Summary of logical field groups
T082M Description for logical field groups
T084 Incorrect assets
T084A Restart information for legacy asset data transfer
T085 Investment support measures
T089 One-Time Revaluation on Key Date
T090 Depreciation calculation keys
T090R Period control rules for transactions
T090U Texts on depreciation simulation versions
T090Z Period control for transactions
T091 Cut-off value key
T093 Real and derived depreciation areas
T093T Names for real and derived depreciation areas
T095 Balance sheet accounts for depreciation areas
T095A Account allocation
T095B G/L accounts value adjustment
T095P Reconcil.accts. derived dep. areas
T095T Name for account groups
T096 Chart of depreciation
T096T Chart of depreciation texts
TABA Depreciation posting documents
TABBR Rules for determining asset value date
TABBT Names of the rules for determining the asset value date
TABVA Variants for determining asset value date
TABVAT Names of variants for determining asset value date
TABVO Determine asset value date in Asset Accounting transactions
TABWB Transaction types AuC (no longer used)
TABWD Default transaction types for FI-AA posting transactions
TABWH Name for asset transaction type groups


SAP Package AB contains 6 views.

H_T090 Generated Help View for Check Table T090
H_T091 Generated Help View for Check Table T091
H_TABW All Asset Transaction Types
V_ANEA_CHK Posted ANEP amounts
V_ANEP_CHK Posted ANEP amounts
V_TABW_03 Transaction types for a group or all


SAP Package AB contains 26 structures.

ABERL Retirement revenues on an asset
ABUB FIAA amounts to be posted per reconciliation posting area
ACCDN_FIAA FI/CO interface: Assigning FI document to FI/CO document
ANBW Period control retirements/transfers
ANBZ Help structure for asset line item
ANEPI Interface Structure for Posting to Assets
ANEZ Add. info for ANEP
ANFM Error messages from dep. calc.
ANTS Substructure of Asset Master Record (ANLA)
ASBW Total transactions w/separation of prev. and curr. acquis.
FAA_S_RAJABS00_LIST1_ALV ALV Structure for Report RAJABS00 (List 1)
FAA_S_RAJABS00_LIST2_ALV ALV Structure for Report RAJABS00 (List 2)
GANLC Base value determination value fields
IAB01 Function group AB01 interface
LAFAR_AFAP Struction of AFAR depreciation parameters
R093U Parameter asset legacy data transfer
RA01S Structure for asset legacy data transfer
RA09C Dynpro fields ABWG display
RAAL Dynpro fields function module pool SAPLRAAL
RABUM Help structure for asset line item
RALTD1 Value fields legacy assets data transfer line items
RLAB01 Function group AB01 screen fields
RLAMBU Help structure for asset line item
RLAMIN Help structure for asset line item
VAL_DATE Asset value date


SAP Package AB contains 17 programs.

RAAFAB00 Overview of all depreciation areas for an asset (internal use only)
RAANANA2 Set or reset of the screen layout rule
RABUCH20 Recreation of BDC session for a depreciation posting run
RAINZU01 Investment support
RAJABS00 Year-end closing Asset Accounting
RAJABS00_NACC Year-End Closing Asset Accounting
RAKOPL01 Primary Cost Planning Deprec./Interest
RAKOPL02 Primary Cost Planning: Depreciation/Interest
RALNSAN0 Check program for reversed line items
RASIMU01 Depreciation simulation
RASIMU02 Depreciation Simulation
RAUSAG01 Retirement Comparison
RAWORK01 Display worklist
RAWORK01_NACC Display Worklist
RAWORK10 Process worklist with/without Workflow
SAPMA01B ?...
SAPMA03B Module pool for determining G/L acct. balances for old data

Search Helps

SAP Package AB contains 4 search helps.

COBL_EX_ANBWA_APPEND Append for Asset Transaction Type in Coding Block
H_T090 Generated Help View for Check Table T090
H_T091 Generated Help View for Check Table T091
H_TABW All Asset Transaction Types

Message Classes

SAP Package AB contains 2 message classes.

AAPO Anlagenbuchhaltung - Buchung
AK Messages aus Buchung auf Group Asset (SAPLAMUS)