SAP Package ACCR

Development Project 'Accrual/Deferral'

The package ACCR (Development Project 'Accrual/Deferral') is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package ACCR
Short Text Development Project 'Accrual/Deferral'
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package ACCR contains 1 function groups.



SAP Package ACCR contains 11 transactions.

ACCN Nummernkreispflege: ACCR_BELNR
ACCR Personal Menu Volker Hofmann
ACCR01 Create Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR02 Change Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR03 Display Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR04 Execute Accruals/Deferrals
ACCR05 Display Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR06 Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR07 Reverse Accruals/Deferrals
OACCR01 Accruals/Deferrals Doc. Type Maint.
OACCR02 G/L Acct Determination for Acr./Def.

Database Tables

SAP Package ACCR contains 6 database tables.

ACCRAC Assignment of Acr./Def. G/L Account to Accruals Account
ACCRBD Accruals/Deferrals Master Data - Basic Data
ACCRCUST Accrual/Deferral Profile
ACCRCUST_TXT Accruals/Deferrals Customizing Text
ACCRFI Accruals/Deferrals Master Data FI/CO Account Assignment
ACCRPOST Accrual/deferral postings


SAP Package ACCR contains 2 views.

V_ACCRAC Assignment of Acr./Def. G/L Account to Accruals Account
V_ACCRCUST Accruals/Deferrals Document Types


SAP Package ACCR contains 9 structures.

ACCRFIXFIELDS Accruals/Deferrals: All Fix Fields CEST1 and JBDST1
ACCRIMPBASIS Accruals/Deferrals Basic Data Import
ACCRIMPCOPA Accruals/Deferrals CO-PA Characteristics Import
ACCRIMPKONT Accruals/Deferrals Account Assignment Import
ACCRPIT Accrual/Deferral Postings - Line Items
ACCRPITD Accrual/Deferral Postings - Line Items Detail
ACCRPOSTDISP ALV Output Structure for Table ACCRPOST
ACCRRES Accrual/Deferral Postings Results
ACCRSCR Accruals/Deferrals Screen Fields


SAP Package ACCR contains 6 programs.

RACCR001 Accrual/Deferral Postings
RACCRAPPLOG Display Application Log Selections
RACCRAPPLOGDEL Report for Deletion of Selection Logs
RACCRPROCESS Execute Accruals/Deferrals
RACCRREVERSAL Reverse Accruals/Deferrals
SAPMACCR01 Accruals/Deferrals: Master Data Maintenance

Search Helps

SAP Package ACCR contains 1 search helps.

ACCRBELNR Accruals: Document Number Search Help

Message Classes

SAP Package ACCR contains 1 message classes.

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