Structure Package: R/3 Enterprise - Financial Services

The package EA-FINSERV (Structure Package: R/3 Enterprise - Financial Services) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Short Text Structure Package: R/3 Enterprise - Financial Services
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Embedded Packages

SAP Package EA-FINSERV contains 361 embedded packages.

ACCR Development Project 'Accrual/Deferral'
ACFMM Application Component Hierarchy for CFM
AISFS IS-FS: Application Components
ASAPTERM_TR Terminology and Glossary: Translation in TR
ASAPTERM_TR_TM Terminology and Glossary: Translation in TR-TM
ATRM Application components TR
BCA_IHCCBAPOST Cross-Bank Area Posting
BCA_IHCCC Currency Swap Module
BCA_POSPLIT Split for Currency Swap
BCA_US BCA modification for US specific requirements
CFA_DERI CFM Analyzers: Derivation of Financial Objects
CFM_ACUST Analyzer Customizing
CFM_AFO Financial Object
CFM_AFW CFM Analysis Framework
CFM_AFWCH CFM Analyzer Characteristic Management
CFM_AFWGO CFM Analyzer: Process Control
CFM_AFWKF CFM Analyzers: Key Figure Management
CFM_AFWKFPA CFM Portfolio Analyzer: Key Figure Management
CFM_AFWKFRA CFM Risk Analyzer Key Figure Management
CFM_AIS CFM: Information System
CFM_APPL CFM Cross-Application
CFM_ASAP_IH CFM: SAP Reference Model / ASAP for In-House Cash
CFM_BMA Benchmark Management
CFM_CUST CFM Customizing: Cross-Application
CFM_PFA CFM Portfolio Analyzer Interface
CFM_PFAIM CFM PA-Specific Import, Including Manual Import
CFM_PFAYL CFM Portfolio Analyzer Kernel Control (w/o Yield Methods)
CFM_RDB CFM Results Database
CFM_RDB_BIW CFM Results Database: Link to BW
CFM_RDBPA CFM Results Database: Portfolio Analyzer Specifics
CFM_RDBRA CFM Results Database: Risk Analyzer
CFM_TR_BIW CFM: Connection to BW
CMS_BDT BDT and BDT in subscreen for CMS
CMS_BW CMS-BW Interface
CMS_CAG_BAPI Collateral: BAPIs
CMS_CALC_PERSISTENCY calculation persistency
CMS_COMMON Tools & Common Interfaces used by CMS
CMS_COMMON_BAPI BAPI: Common Tools & Services
CMS_COR Correspondence serivce for CMS
CMS_COR_UI Correspondence serivce for CMS
CMS_CORE Collateral Management System
CMS_CORE_IF Bupa & Document Interfaces
CMS_CORE_PROCESS Process Control for Core
CMS_CORE_PROCESS_UI UI for process control - Core
CMS_CORE_UI User interface for CMS Core
CMS_FOB Finance Object
CMS_IF_CML Interface to the CML system
CMS_IF_FSBP Interface to FS Business Partner
CMS_LOCATOR Locator framework for CMS
CMS_MIG Migration of Data to CMS
CMS_OBSOLETE CMS - Obsolete Objects
CMS_OMS_COMMON Collateral Management: Common Services for Object Systems
CMS_OMS_COMMON_UI Objects in Coll.Management: User Interface Common Services
CMS_OMS_IMP_CORE OMS Implementation of Core Interface
CMS_OMS_INV Inventory
CMS_OMS_MOV Object Systems for Collateral Management: Movables
CMS_OMS_MOV_PROCESS Process Controll Movables
CMS_OMS_MOV_PROCESS_UI Process Controll UI Movables
CMS_OMS_MOV_UI Objects for Collateral Management: User Interface Movables
CMS_OMS_RIG Collateral Management Rights
CMS_OMS_RIG_PROCESS Process Controll Rights
CMS_OMS_RIG_PROCESS_UI Process Controll Rights UI
CMS_OMS_RIG_UI Collateral Management Rights
CMS_PRINT Print Services
CMS_PROCESS Process Control
CMS_PROCESS_UI UI for Process Control
CMS_RBL CMS: Receivable
CMS_RBL_BAPI Receivable: BAPIs
CMS_RE Collateral Management System: Real Esate
CMS_RE_BAPI Real Estate: BAPIs
CMS_RE_LR Land register
CMS_RE_LR_BAPI Real Estate Land Register: BAPIs
CMS_RE_LR_UI Land register: User Interface
CMS_RE_PROCESS Process Control Implementation for Real Estate
CMS_RE_PROCESS_UI UI for process control - RE
CMS_RE_UI Real Estate User Interface
CMS_REL_CAG_CAG Collateral: Relationships
CMS_SEC Securities: General tables and programs & Persistence layer
CMS_SEC_BAPI Securities Account: BAPIs
CMS_SEC_PROCESS Process Control Implementation for Securities
CMS_SEC_PROCESS_UI UI for process control -Securities
CMS_SEC_UI Securities User Interface
CMS_SHP Ship: General tables and programs & Persistence layer
CMS_SHP_PROCESS Process Control for Ships
CMS_SHP_PROCESS_UI CMS Ship: Process Control Implementation for UI
CMS_SHP_UI Ship User Interface
EWUF EMU converter programs RE, TR-TM, IS-B
FBKK_LDB BCA: Reporting
FEUT EMU: Treasury compare programs for local currency conversion
FEUT_ADDON Temporary: Collects Objects AL0 --> ALN for FEUT
FF_ADDON Cash Management: Update from Treasury (CML + CFM)
FICO Financial Conditions
FIN_IHC Payment Order In-House Cash
FIPR Product Configurator for Financial Products
FIPR_ATTRIBUTES Product Configurator: Attribute Definition
FIPR_BASIS Product Configurator: Basis Definitions and Tools
FIPR_PROD_ADMIN Product Configurator: Administrative Data of Products
FIPR_PROD_ATTR Product Configurator: Product Attributes
FKB Bank Customer Accounts: Central Objects
FKB_ASAP Bank Customer Accounts: SAP Reference Model / ASAP Contents
FKB_AUDIT Licence Audit for SAP Banking
FKB_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: Central Objects
FKB_FINSERV_FB0P Package for FM/Check Digit in Account Number DE
FKB0 Bank Customer Accounts: Application Component Hierarchy
FKBA Bank Customer Accounts: Product, Functionalities
FKBC Bank Customer Accounts: Conditions
FKBCORR Adjustment Reports
FKBD Bank Customer Accounts: Balancing
FKBD_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: Balancing
FKBDISPATCH Route Format-Independent Objects from Batch Interface
FKBE Notice and Allowances
FKBFINANCEBASIS Financial Accounting Basis (Banks Add On)
FKBFORMAT Formats in Payment Transactions
FKBG Bank Customer Accounts: Business Partner
FKBG_ABA Package for ABA Objects from FKBP
FKBG_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: Business Partner
FKBH Bank Customer Accounts: General Ledger Integration
FKBH_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: General Ledger Integration
FKBI Bank Customer Accounts: In-House Bank Functions
FKBI_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: In-House Bank Functions
FKBINFO Bank Customer Accounts: Information System
FKBJ Monitoring Balance Amounts
FKBK Bank Customer Accounts: Current Accounts
FKBL Bank Customer Accounts: Limits
FKBM Authorization Groups F4 Help in Account and Product
FKBO Bank Customer Accounts: Payment Order
FKBP Bank Customer Accounts: Payment Item
FKBP_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: Payment Item
FKBR Bank Customer Accounts: Relationships
FKBS Bank Customer Accounts: Means of Payment Management
FKBS_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: Means of Payment Management
FKBSTOR Bank Customer Accounts: Standing Order
FKBSTOR_FINSERV Bank Customer Accounts: Standing Order
FKBT Bank Customer Account: Term Control
FKBX Bank Customer Accounts: External GL Reconciliation
FKBY BCA: Activity Groups
FKBZ GEVA Datentechnik GmbH: Interface BCA System SAP
FKK_BUP Business Partner-Relevant Objects with Originals in KK4
FLP_BIW Liquidity Planner: Link to BW
FS_AKH Application Components for Financial Services
FS_BIW FS (CFM and CML Basis): BW Link
FS_TECHNICAL_BIW FS (CFM and CML Basis): Technical Objects
FSBP_AKH Application Components for Financial Services Bus. Partner
FSBP_ARCH Archiving FSBP Business Partner
FSBP_GDPDU Data Extraction of SAP BP-FS for GDPdU
FSBP_TC SAP BP FS: Total Commitment
FT_PRICE_INDEX Objects Relating to Price Index for Bonds
FTA R/3 appl. development for Treasury money,forex,forward gen
FTAC R/3 customizing for Treasury money, forex, forward
FTAC_ADDON Temporary: Collects Objects Moving from AL0 to ALN (->FTAC)
FTB Applic. development R/3 Treasury risk simulation analysis
FTBAS Redemption Schedules
FTBB Risk Management Basis
FTBC Customizing Treasury market risk management
FTBG Application development global Risk Management
FTBK Risk Management Counterparty/Issuer Risks
FTBK01 Risk Management - Default Risks
FTBKC Risk Management: Counterparty/Issuer Risk Customizing
FTBP Treasury: Central business partner
FTBP_ADDON Treasury: Central Business Partner, Move from KFM->ALN
FTBP_SI FS Business Partner: Standing Instructions
FTBP_UPGRADE_640 Objects for Upgrade to SAP_ABA 6.40
FTBU Convert Treasury Partner - Central Business Partner
FTBU_ADDON Conversion of TR Bus. Partner to SAP Bus. Partner: Add-On
FTCA Treasury: Cross Application
FTD R/3 Application development for Treasury foreign exchange
FTDC R/3 Customizing for Treasury foreign exchange
FTG R/3 application development for Treasury money market
FTGC R/3 customizing for Treasury money market
FTH Application development R/3 treasury hedging
FTHC Customizing R/3 treasury hedging
FTHM Hedge Management - central objects
FTHM_ACCOUNTING Accounting FAS operative valuation area
FTHM_EXPOSURE Hedge Management - Package Exposure Management
FTHM_HEDGE Central objects for the hedge and hedge relationship admin.
FTHM_HEDGING_RELATIONSHIP Hedge Management - Package hedging relationship
FTHM_REPORTING Reporting environment for FAS133
FTI Application development R/3 Treasury information system
FTI_LDB Logical Databases for the R/3 CFM Information System
FTLC Customizing Treasury: Loan management
FTLM Financial Services: Limit Management
FTPC Customizing Treasury: Portfolio management
FTPM Treasury: Position Management
FTR Application development R/3 Treasury referencing (unit)
FTR_AA_REF_TRANSFER CFM TM: Acccount Assignment Reference - Transfer
FTR_ACCRUAL Treasury: Accrual/Deferral of Profits
FTR_ADJUSTMENT Treasury: Reconciliation Business Transactions
FTR_AIS CFM-TM Audit Information System
FTR_AVG Management of Average Rates
FTR_BEPP_ADAPTOR Update of Operative Valuation Area in BEPP/BEPI
FTR_CASH_MGT_UPDATE Cash Management Update for CFM-TM
FTR_DATA_TRANSFER Legacy data transfer
FTR_FIXED_DIFF_SERVICE Treasury: Differentiation by Fixed Differentiation Factors
FTR_GENERAL CFM TM: Application Basis / Global Objects
FTR_INCOME_LEDGER Treasury: Income Ledger
FTR_IRATE_ADJUST Treasury: Interest Rate Adjustment
FTR_LEDGER_FOR_INCOME Treasury: Subledger for Income
FTR_LISTED_OPTIONS_FUTURES Treasury: Listed Options and Futures
FTR_LOANS_EXTRACTOR_TRLE Treasury: Loans - Link to TR Ledger
FTR_MIGRATION_10 CFM 1.0: Data Migration
FTR_PAYMENT_REQUEST CFM-TM: Payment with Payment Requests
FTR_POSITION_GUARD Treasury: Generic Position Lock
FTR_PROTOCOL CFM TM: Central Log Management
FTR_QUANTITY_LEDGER Treasury: Quantity Ledger
FTR_SECURITIES_EXTRACTOR Treasury: Transfer of Relevant Flows at Key Date
FTR_SECURITY_ACCOUNT_MGT Treasury: Securities Account Management
FTR_SUBLEDGER_ADAPTOR Treasury: Adaptor for Subledger
FTR_TRL_REPORTING Reporting Treasury Ledger
FTR_TRLEDGER_ADAPTOR Treasury: Treasury Ledger Adaptor
FTR_VAL_CALCULATOR Treasury: Calculations for Valuation and Derived BTs
FTR_VALUATION Treasury: General Valuation
FTRC Customizing R/3 Treasury referencing (unit)
FTRG General transaction management
FTSW Treasury: SWIFT confirmations
FTT R/3 application development for Treasury forward trading
FTTC R/3 customizing for Treasury forward trading
FTTR Treasury: Financial transaction
FTVV TR - Objects from FVV in both Loans/Securities areas
FTWR Application external securities interface
FTWS Treasury securities interface
FVDE New objects for EURO functionality in TR-LO (loans)
FVVA Country-specific developments Austria
FVVCL Main Package for Consumer Loans
FVVD Treasury Loans
FVVD_ADDFLOW Tool for Additional Flows in Loans
FVVD_ARCHIVE Loan Reorganization and Archiving
FVVD_BAFIN Legal Requirements for BaFin - FS CML
FVVD_BAPI Development Class for BAPIs and RFC Modules in Loans
FVVD_BCT Loans Management: Link to BW
FVVD_BILL Loans - Billing
FVVD_BO Business Operations - Loans
FVVD_CAPTR Capital Transfer
FVVD_CASHFLOW_ADJUSTMENT Adjustment of Cash Flow Flows During Backdated Cond. Change
FVVD_CASHFLOW_US U.S.-Specific Enhancements for Cash Flow
FVVD_CH CML - Country-Specifc Requirements for Switzerland
FVVD_CHANGEPOINTER Change Pointers for Loans
FVVD_CML_LDB Logical Databases for R/3 CML Information System
FVVD_COMP_COMMON Common Objects for Escrow, Insurance and Lines of Credit
FVVD_CORR CML: Correspondence BTEs for Correspondence Tool
FVVD_CORR_PRINT CML: Correspondence BTEs for Correspondence Tool
FVVD_CUSTOMIZINGCHECK Plausibility Checks Customizing
FVVD_DEBTTR Borrower Change Without Capital Transfer
FVVD_DELETE Obsolete CML Objects
FVVD_DISB Loans: Disbursement
FVVD_DISBM Loans: Disbursement
FVVD_DUNNIOA Dunning and Interest on Arrears
FVVD_EXPORT Export Interface for Loans
FVVD_GDPDU CML: Connection to the Data Retention Tool
FVVD_INSURANCE Loan: Insurance
FVVD_LOAN Contract Object
FVVD_LOC_MAIN Main Package for Lines of Credit
FVVD_PARTNER Loans Specific Objects in SAP Business Partner
FVVD_PAYMENT Loans Payment Transactions
FVVD_PAYMENT_US US Specific Payment Processing for Loans
FVVD_REPORTING Loans: Reporting
FVVD_STATE Development Class for Processing Characteristics
FVVD_STOP_SERVICE Loan - Stop Service
FVVD_WRITE_OFF Development Class Waivers, Write-Offs, IVA CML
FVVO Rate/price transfer via data media - Austria
FVVW Treasury Management: Securities
FVVZ TR-LO: Payment Requests for Loans
ID-CFM Treasury/CFM Localization Development Class
JBA Application developmnet IS-B General Development
JBA_US Analytical Banking US
JBAC Customizing IS-B General Development
JBB SAP Banking: External Data Transfer, Generated Objects
JBD Application development IS-B Data Pool
JBD_CHGPTR Change Pointers
JBD_COLL Collateral
JBD_COLL_ARCH Archiving of Collateral
JBD_COLL_BAPI Collateral
JBD_DELE Deletion of Objects in IS-B Data Pool
JBD_FCTY Facility
JBD_FCTY_ARCH Archiving for Facilities
JBD_FNTR_ARCH Archiving: Financial Transaction
JBD_FOBJ_ARCH Archiving of Financial Object
JBD_FOCF_ARCH Archiving of Financial Object Cash Flows
JBD_FP_BAPI Security Class Data
JBD_FSBP SEM Banking: Enhancements for FS Business Partner
JBD_FX Foreign Exchange
JBD_FX_BAPI Foreign Exchange
JBD_GETR Generic Transaction
JBD_GETR_ARCH Archiving: Generic Transaction
JBD_GETR_BAPI Generic Transaction
JBD_GTVS_ARCH Archiving: Versions of Generic Transaction
JBD_IRTR Interest Rate Instruments
JBD_IRTR_BAPI Interest Rate Instruments
JBD_LITR Listed transactions
JBD_LITR_BAPI Listed transactions
JBD_LM Limits
JBD_LOAN_ARCH Archiving: Loans
JBD_MD Market data
JBD_MD_BAPI Market data
JBD_MM Money Market
JBD_MM_BAPI Money Market
JBD_POS Positions
JBD_POS_BAPI Positions
JBD_SETR_ARCH Archiving: Security Orders
JBD_VATR Variable Transactions
JBD_VATR_BAPI Variable Transactions
JBD_VTBA_ARCH Archiving: Balances for Variable Transaction
JBD_VTMD_ARCH Archiving: Master Data for Variable Transaction
JBD_VTTO_ARCH Archiving: Balances for Variable Transaction
JBDC Customizing IS-B Data Pool
JBHI Application Components
JBI Application Development of R/3 Risk Management Inform.System
JBKE Bank-Specific Additions to Standard Profitability Analysis
JBO Open Reporting
JBP_COST_BADI BAdIs in Costing Environment in Profitability Analysis
JBP_KEDISTR Bank-specific Additions to CO-PA Distribution
JBR Application development IS-B Risk Mangement
JBR_GPAN_ARCH Archiving: Gap Evaluations
JBR_GPTP_ARCH Archiving: Opportunity Interest Rates for Gap Analysis
JBR_PLVR_ARCH Archiving: ALM Planning Variant
JBR_SFGDT_TOOL Tool for Risk Object (Placement)
JBR_TOOLS Tools for Risk Management
JBR0 Global Risk Management: Kundengenerierte Objekte
JBRA Risk Management: Asset/Liability Management
JBRB Risk Management: Customizing for ALM
JBRC Customizing for SAP Banking Risk Management
JBS Application development IS-B Statutory Reporting
JBSC Customizing IS-B Statutory Reporting
JBT Application development IS-B Transaction Costing
JBTC Customizing IS-B Transaction Costing
R3E_BCS_FINSERV BC Set Activation Switch for EA-FINSERV
UAP_GUI_ENABLING_FRAMEWORK Framework for GUI Programming
UB01 Data Model Bank Customer Accounts
VVSRAT Statutory Reporting Austria
VVSRCH Swiss Statutory Reporting
VVSRFISL Statutory Reporting for Insurance from FI-SL
VVSRG Statutory Reporting Germany
VVSRG_ADDON Temporary: Collects Objects AL0 --> ALN for VVSRG
VVSRUS Statutory Reporting USA