SAP Package CMS_BW

CMS-BW Interface

The package CMS_BW (CMS-BW Interface) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package CMS_BW
Short Text CMS-BW Interface
Parent Package EA-FINSERV


SAP Package CMS_BW contains 14 structures.

CMS_STR_BW_RE_UTIL_TYPE CMS-BW: Real Etstate Utilization type Extraction Structure
E1CMS_BW_CAG_BUPA_LINK CMS-BW: Collateral Agreement Business Partner Link
E1CMS_BW_CAG_HEADER_AND_POR CMS-BW: Collateral Agreement Header and Portion Details
E1CMS_BW_CAG_RBL_LINK CMS-BW: Collateral Agreement-Receivable Link
E1CMS_BW_MOVABLES_BUPA_LINK CMS-BW: Movables Business Partner Link
E1CMS_BW_MOVABLES_HEADER CMS-BW: Movables Header Details with Calculations
E1CMS_BW_RE_BUPA_LINK CMS-BW: Real Estate Business Partner Link
E1CMS_BW_REAL_ESTATE_HEADER CMS-BW: Real Estate Object Header Data
E1CMS_BW_RIGHTS_BUPA_LINK CMS-BW: Rights Business Partner Link
E1CMS_BW_RIGHTS_HEADER CMS-BW: Rights Header Details
E1CMS_BW_SEC_ACC_BUPA_LINK CMS-BW: Securities Account Business Partner Link
E1CMS_BW_SEC_ACC_POSITION CMS-BW: Securities Account with Position Details
E1CMS_CAG_HEADER_AND_POR CMS-BW: Collateral Agreement Header and Portion Details