Objects in Coll.Management: User Interface Common Services

The package CMS_OMS_COMMON_UI (Objects in Coll.Management: User Interface Common Services) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Short Text Objects in Coll.Management: User Interface Common Services
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package CMS_OMS_COMMON_UI contains 3 function groups.

CMS_BDT_OMS_COMMON BDT: Common For all Objects
CMS_UI_OMS_COMMON_PCN OMS:Common methods for PCN
CMS_UI_OMSCR_CONTROLLER OMS: Common Controller event handlers


SAP Package CMS_OMS_COMMON_UI contains 30 transactions.

CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_001 CMS Control: Applications
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_002 CMS Control: Field Groups
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_003 CMS Control: Views
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_004 CMS Control: Sections
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_005 CMS Control: Screens
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_006 CMS Control: Screen Seq.
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_007 CMS Control: Events
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_008 CMS Control: GUI Standard Functions
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_009 CMS Control: GUI Addl Functions
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_011 CMS Control: Asn.scrn.fld->dbase fld
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_012 CMS Control: Field Grp. Criteria
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_013 CMS Control: BP Roles
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_014 CMS Control: BP Role Groupings
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_015 CMS Control: Appl. Transactions
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_016 CMS Control: Tables
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_017 CMS-Control: External applications
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_018 CMS Control: Activities
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_019 CMS Control: FuncMod. Activity(Ctrl)
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_020 CMS Control: Search Help
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_021 CMS control: Assign.DI field->DB fld
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_022 CMS Control: Where-Used List Struct.
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_023 CMS Tax: Data Sets
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_100 CMS Cust: Field Grouping Activity
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_101 CMS Cust: BP Role Field Grouping
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_102 CMS Cust: Authorization Types
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_103 CMS Cust: Field Grps f.Authorization
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_104 CMS-Cust: Screen Configuration
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_105 CMS-Cust:Fld.modif.exter.application
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_106 CMS-Cust: Notes on Roles
CMS_CUS_OMS_BDT_107 CMS Cust: Where-Used List


SAP Package CMS_OMS_COMMON_UI contains 7 structures.

CMS_STR_CHG_HIST_SCR Change Hsitory Structure (For screen)
CMS_STR_FOB_WA_SCR Structure for FOB(workarea) Screen
CMS_STR_OMS_CHG_SCR Structure for Charges(Asset-Agreement TC) Screen
CMS_STR_OMS_CHG_WA_SCR Structure for Charges workarea screen
CMS_STR_OMS_FLD_NAMES Structure for Variable object field names
CMS_STR_OMS_FOB_SCR Structure for FOB(TC) Screen
CMS_STR_OMS_FOB_WA_SCR Structure for FOB(workarea) Screen