Bank Customer Accounts: Standing Order

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The package FKBSTOR (Bank Customer Accounts: Standing Order) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Short Text Bank Customer Accounts: Standing Order
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 12 function groups.

FBPB BCA: Standing Order Logic
FBPBKKS BCA: Online Entry Stand.Order on Account
FBPC BCA: DB Accesses Standing Order
FBPD BCA: Standing Order Processing
FBPF BCA: Authorization Check Standing Order
FBPG BCA: Standing Order Lock
FBPSOARCH Archiving Standing Orders
FBPSOBAPI BCA: BAPIs Standing Orders
FBPSOBTE BCA: BTE Function Module Call-Ups
FBPSOSAM BCA: Sample FMs for Open BCA (SO)
FBPSTOR BCA: Online Entry Standing Order
FBSOV BCA: View Maint. Stand.Order (Generated)


SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 37 transactions.

F9CSO00 SO: Field Modification Activity
F9CSO01 SO: Field Modification Trans. Type
F9CSO02 SO: Authorization Types
F9CSO03 SO: Authorizations for Field Groups
F9CSO04 SO Cust: Screen Configuration
F9CSO1 SO Control: Applications
F9CSO2 SO Control: Field Groups
F9CSO3 SO Control: Views
F9CSO4 SO Control: Sections
F9CSO5 SO Control: Screens
F9CSO6 SO Control: Screen Sequence
F9CSO7 SO Control: Events
F9CSO8 SO Control: CUA Standard Functions
F9CSO9 SO Control: CUA Additional Functions
F9CSOB SO Ctrl: Assig. ScrnFld->DBfld
F9CSOC SO Control: Field Modificat.Criteria
F9CSOD SO Control: Products
F9CSOE SO Control: Product Group
F9CSOF SO Control: Applic. Transactions
F9CSOH SO Control: Tables
F9CSOI SO Control: Activities
F9CSOJ SO Control: FM per Activity
F9O01 Create Standing Order
F9O02 Change stand. order
F9O03 Display Standing Order
F9O43 Release Standing Order
F9O6 Delete stand. order
F9O61 Confirm Standing Order Deletion
F9OA Standing Order: Display Applic. Log
F9OG Post Standing Order
F9OGPAR Post Standing Order Packages
F9SOCC Standing Order Currency Changeover
F9T5 Archiving Standing Orders
F9T6 Deleting Standing Orders
F9T7 Reloading Standing Orders
F9T8 Reading Standing Order Archives
F9T9 Administration Stand.Order Archives

Database Tables

SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 7 database tables.

BKKSO BCA: Standing Orders
BKKSO_PACK Saving Packages for Standing Order Posting
BKKSO_PAORN BCA: Payment Orders of a Standing Order
BKKSO_VAR_AMNT Standing Order: Variable Amounts
BKKSONT Payment Notes of Standing Orders
TBKK_REPENQ Lock Table for Double Processing of Reports in BCA
TBKKSOAUTH Amount Authorization/Dual Control Standing Order


SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 2 views.

H_BKKSO Help View: Standing Order Number
V_TBKKSOAUTH Maintenance of Standing Order Amount Authorization


SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 30 structures.

BKK_S_ID_FIBA_STORD Payment Order Archiving Data
IBKK_RNG_SONO BCA: Range for Standing Order Numbers
IBKK_SO_DYN_ACCNT Structure for Table Control Standing Orders on Account
IBKK_SO1 Structure for Initial Screen Standing Order
IBKK_SO2 Structure for Data Screen Standing Order
IBKK_SO3 Structure for Payment Order: Standing Order
IBKK_SONT Panment Notes Standing Order
IBKK_SONT2 BCA: Structure for Payment Notes (Table Control)
IBKK_SOSEL Screen Fields for Selection Screen Standing Orders
IBKKBAPISSO1 BAPI: Complete structure of a Standing Order
IBKKBAPITSO2 BAPI: Structure for List of Standing Orders for Account
IBKKBAPITSONT BAPI: Table of Payment Notes Lines
IBKKSO BCA: General Data and Status Info Standing Order
IBKKSO_DI_H2 Direct Input Standing Order: Substructure of Header
IBKKSO_DI_HD Direct input Standing Order: Header
IBKKSO_DI_INT Direct Input Standing Order: Internal Transfer Structure
IBKKSO_DI_NT Direct Input Standing Order: Payment Notes
IBKKSO_DI_S1 Direct Input Standing Order: Standing Order
IBKKSO_DI_SO Direct Input Standing Order
IBKKSO_S1 Standing Order: Initial Screen
IBKKSO_S2 Standing Order: Relevant for DI
IBKKSO_S3 Standing Order: Not relevant for DI
IBKKSO_S4 Standing Order: Amounts
IBKKSO_S4EXT Standing Order: Amounts (External)
IBKKSO_S6 Standing Order: Variable Execution
IBKKSO_S6EXT Standing Order: Variable Execution
IBKKSOARCH01 Log Display for Archiving Standing Orders
IBKKSONT_S1 Application of Funds for Standing Order
IBKKSONT1 Standing Order Payment Notes with Change Indicator
IBKKSOS BCA: Status Information Standing Order


SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 13 programs.

KCBKKKDA External data transfer: Template program standing order
RFBK_SO_RELEASE Standing Order Processing
RFBKASO_DINP_TEST1 Test: Legacy Data Transfer Standing Order
RFBKASOA BCA, Archiving Standing Orders: Archiving Program
RFBKASOD BCA, Archiving Standing Orders: Delete Program
RFBKASOR BCA, Archiving Standing Orders: Reload Program
RFBKASOS BCA, Archiving Standing Orders: Read Program
RFBKSOCHCUR BCA, Euro Conversion Standing Orders
RFBKSOCR Post Standing Orders
RFBKSOCRPAR Post Standing Orders
RFBKSOLG BCA: Display Application Log Standing Order
RFBKXPR402_8 XPRA Standing Order: Sets Status and Default for Execution Day
RFBKXPR403_2 XPRA for Principle of Dual Control Standing Order

Search Helps

SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 1 search helps.


Authorization Objects

SAP Package FKBSTOR contains 8 authorization objects.

F_STOR_ACG BCA Standing Order: Authorization Group According to Account
F_STOR_ACT BCA Standing Order: Activity
F_STOR_ATT BCA Standing Order: Authorization Types
F_STOR_BKA BCA Standing Order: Bank Area
F_STOR_BPG BCA Standing Order: Authorization Group According to BP
F_STOR_FDG BCA Standing Order: Field Groups
F_STOR_GRP BCA Standing Order: Authorization Group
F_STOR_PRG BCA Standing Order: Authorization Group According to Product