Interface to the CML system

The package CMS_IF_CML (Interface to the CML system) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package CMS_IF_CML
Short Text Interface to the CML system
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package CMS_IF_CML contains 7 function groups.

CMS_ALE_IF_CML Function Modules for ALE Processes
CMS_API_CUS_IF_CML Interface CML: Customizing
CMS_API_IF_CML_COMMON CMS-CML Interface: common routines
CMS_API_IF_CML_DIALOG Interface CMS-CML: Dialog modules
CMS_API_IF_CML_GET Get Data of CML-Contract
CMS_OBJ_IF_CML Get Data of CML-Contract
CMS_VIEW_IFL_CMS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)

Database Tables

SAP Package CMS_IF_CML contains 4 database tables.

TCMS_IFL_MCLASS Mapping of product category and classes
TCMS_IFL_MORG Organisation units and company codes
TCMS_IFL_MORGU Organisation units and company codes
TCMS_IFL_MPROD CMS-CML product linking


SAP Package CMS_IF_CML contains 4 views.

V_TCMS_IFL_MCLAS View for product category and class maintenance
V_TCMS_IFL_MORG PlugIn CMS-CML: Mapping Org Unit
V_TCMS_IFL_MORGU Maintenance OrgUnit Mapping
V_TCMS_IFL_MPROD View for cml product linking


SAP Package CMS_IF_CML contains 3 structures.

CMS_STR_IFL_LOANEXTKEY Interface CML: extended loankey
CMS_STR_IFL_MPROD_DATA Loan data required for product mapping
CMS_STR_IFL_SANLF Structure for Productcategory (CML)

Message Classes

SAP Package CMS_IF_CML contains 1 message classes.