SAP Package BCA_US

BCA modification for US specific requirements

The package BCA_US (BCA modification for US specific requirements) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package BCA_US
Short Text BCA modification for US specific requirements
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package BCA_US contains 51 function groups.

BCA_US_ACTIVE Functions to enable US functionality
BCA_US_ADB Average Daily Balance
BCA_US_AVAIL_BAL Functions for acct. available balance
BCA_US_BUD0 Business partner - US enhancement
BCA_US_DEA Dormancy and Escheat Reporting
BCA_US_DEA_BUT000 BCA US Escheat BP Incorporation Data
BCA_US_DEA_T_MNT BCA US Escheat Maintenance Tables
BCA_US_DEA1 Dormancy and Escheat
BCA_US_DEV US Bank Check Development
BCA_US_FBI9 Withholding Tax on Withdrawals BTE
BCA_US_FBK0 BCA Online Entry (US specific)
BCA_US_FBK3 BCA: Data update (US Specific)
BCA_US_FBK4 BCA: administr. (US Specific)
BCA_US_FBK7 BCA Amount-dependent block (US specific)
BCA_US_FBKR Current Accounts: Reporting US Specific
BCA_US_FUND_AVAIL Standard Funds Availability
BCA_US_HOLD Banking US Hold Group
BCA_US_MEMO_ITEM Memo Item processing
BCA_US_OD_PROC US overdraft processing functions
BCA_US_TAB_MAINT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
BCA_US_TAB_MNT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
BCA_US_TD BCA: Time deposit account
BCA_US_TDA00 BCA US Time Deposits
BCA_US_TDRO Time deposit rollover
GEN_US_CUST Function group for US enhancements
RTP_RPUS_FPLAN BDT related functions retirement plan
RTP_US_API_ALV Manipulations and checks for alv retirem
RTP_US_API_CALC Retirement plan: Calculations
RTP_US_API_GENERAL Generic functions for retirement plan
RTP_US_API_HIST History information retirement plan
RTP_US_API_LOCKING Performs locking and unlocking
RTP_US_API_PLAN Appl function group for retirement plans
RTP_US_API_REPORT Api's for reporting of retirement plans
RTP_US_BP_TYPES Function group to select a bp type
RTP_US_CUST Customzing functions
RTP_US_DB_DELETE Data base deletes for retirement plan
RTP_US_DB_INSERT Data base inserts for retirement plan
RTP_US_DB_READ Reading database tables retirement plan
RTP_US_DB_READ_REPORT Reading database tables for reporting
RTP_US_DB_UPDATE Data base updates for retirement plan
RTP_US_FBKK BCA US Account Maintenance for IRA
RTP_US_FRTPA Retirement plan: Portfolio accts(Dialog)
RTP_US_FRTPS Retirement plan: Standing orders(dialog)
RTP_US_FSTOR BCA US Standing Order Maint. for IRA
RTP_US_PAYM US retirement planning - Payments
RTP_US_TAB_MAINT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package BCA_US contains 60 transactions.

BCA_US_CD_NO Number range maintenance: BCA_US_CD
BCA_US_COMP BCA: Activate US/Canada Component
BCA_US_DEA1 Dormancy and Escheat Accounts Report
BCA_US_DS_BC Display Bank Checks
BCA_US_DS_HOLD Create a Detailed Hold Report
BCA_US_F971 Account Blocks (US specific)
BCA_US_ISS_BC Issue Bank Checks
BCA_US_ISS_CC Issue Certified Checks
BCA_US_OD_ANAL Overdraft protection Analyze & print
BCA_US_OD_PLAN Maintain Overdraft Plan
BCA_US_OD_PR_LOG Overdraft protection (US) - view log
BCA_US_OD_PROC Overdraft protection (US)
BCA_US_OD_REL Maintain Account Relationship
BCA_US_OD_SETUP BCA: Maintain Overdraft Protection
BCA_US_RE_BC Reprint Bank Check
BCA_US_RV_BC Reverse Bank Check
BCA_US_TDA1 Time Deposit - Create
BCA_US_TDA3 Time Deposit - Display
BCA_US_TDRO1 Time deposit rollover - Mass run
BCA_US_TDRO2 Time deposit rollover - Single run
BCA_US_TDROLG App log time deposit rollover
F9HLDAUTH BCA: Authorization Amts for Holds
F9HLDREL Release Holds requiring Dual Control
GEN_US_2 Activate/deactivate US enhancements
RTP_US_C1 Create a retirement plan
RTP_US_CUST Maintain defaults
RTP_US_D1 Display a retirement plan
RTP_US_DEFAULT Maintain defaults retirement plan
RTP_US_M1 Change a retirement plan
RTP_US_PLAN_NO Transaction code for number range
RTP_US_R1 Retirement plan year-end report
RTP_US_R2 Retirement plan age limit report
RTP_US_R3 Retirement plan contribution limit
RTP_US_R4 Retirement plan distribution limit
RTP_US_R5 Calculate fair market value
RTP_US_R6 Check consistency fair market value
RTP_US_R7 Application log for FMV updates
RTPB01 RPUS Cntrl: Application Transactions
RTPB02 RPUS Cntrl: Tables
RTPB03 RPUS Cntrl: Activities
RTPB04 RPUS struct: Applications
RTPB05 RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field Groups
RTPB06 RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Views
RTPB07 RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Sections
RTPB08 RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Screens
RTPB09 RPUS Struct: Screen Sequence
RTPB10 RPUS Struct: Events
RTPB11 RPUS GUI: Standard Functions
RTPB12 RPUS GUI: Additional Functions
RTPB13 RPUS GUI: Assignm scrn fld -> DB fld
RTPB14 RPUS Field Mod: Criteria
RTPB15 RPUS Field Mod: Activity Category
RTPB16 Create data set for retirement plan
RTPB17 Retirement types
RTPB18 RPUS Authorization types
RTPB19 RPUS Field groups for authorization
S_KFM_86000306 Delete memo items (payment orders an
S_KFM_86000307 Delete memo items (payment orders an
S_KFM_86000308 Report: Output of application log me
S_KFM_86000309 Memo item

Database Tables

SAP Package BCA_US contains 74 database tables.

BCA_PO_CHEQ_REL Payment order and Cheque relationship for Banking
BCA_US_BC_ADDR Addresses Associated with Bank Cheques
BCA_US_BKK_TD BCA: Time deposit account data
BCA_US_BKK44A Current account master data: Amount-dependent blocks
BCA_US_BUT000 US Specific Enhancements to BP
BCA_US_COMP BCA US specific settings
BCA_US_DEA_ESCH Escheat Accounts Data
BCA_US_DEA_HIST Correspondence History
BCA_US_HLD2REL Hold Records which have not been released - Dual Control
BCA_US_HOLD Hold Amounts Which Affect Available Balance
BCA_US_MEM_ITEMS Memo item table
BCA_US_OD_PLAN Account master data: Overdraft plan
BCA_US_OD_REL Accounts - US specific overdraft relation details
BCA_US_OD_TRANS Transaction details for Overdraft protection
RTP_US_ACC Linking table between a retirement plan and an account
RTP_US_BEN Beneficiary table for a retirement plan
RTP_US_BP_PLAN Business partners associated with a retirement plan
RTP_US_HIST Retirement plan history and audit table
RTP_US_PLAN Retirement plan data (US enhancement)
RTP_US_RMD Required minimum distribution
RTP_US_TOT Total amounts for a retirement plan
TBCA_OD_METHOD Method of Overdraft protection transfer
TBCA_OD_METHODT Description for overdraft protection methods
TBCA_US_BC_TCODE Transaction Type: Bank Checks
TBCA_US_BCSTACKS Configuration of Stacks used for Bank Checks
TBCA_US_CAL_IND Cust. table for maintaining Calculation indicators
TBCA_US_CAL_INDT Description for Calculation indicators
TBCA_US_DEA_ADD Property Addition Codes
TBCA_US_DEA_ADDT Escheat Property Addition Codes Description
TBCA_US_DEA_COR Dormancy Correspondence Codes
TBCA_US_DEA_CORT Dormancy Correspondence Codes Description
TBCA_US_DEA_DED Cross Reference Escheat Deduction Codes
TBCA_US_DEA_DEDT Deduction Codes Text Description
TBCA_US_DEA_DEL Escheat Property Deletion Codes
TBCA_US_DEA_DELT Escheat Property Deletion Codes Description
TBCA_US_DEA_PRO Cross Reference Escheat Property Codes
TBCA_US_DEA_PROT Property Type Codes Text Description
TBCA_US_DEA_REF Escheat Account Closure Reference Data
TBCA_US_DEA_REL Cross Reference Escheat Relationship Codes
TBCA_US_DEA_RELT Relationship Codes Text Description
TBCA_US_DEA1 Maintain Escheat Attributes
TBCA_US_H_TYPE Hold Types Table
TBCA_US_H_TYPET Texts For Hold Types
TBCA_US_PAY_AMT Overdraft transaction sequence for Products
TBCA_US_R_HOLD Refrence adjustment types that can be created
TBCA_US_R_HOLDT Text table for reference table
TBCA_US_TRAN_SEQ Overdraft transaction priority sequence for Products
TBCATDAUTH Time Deposit: Interest Dependent Authority
TBKKHLDAUTH Amount Authorization/Permanent Holds
TRTP_US_AGE_LIM Age limits for contributions made to a retirement plan
TRTP_US_AM_CAT Posting categories and Amount ID's assignment
TRTP_US_AMNTID Amount identifier
TRTP_US_AMNTIDT Amount identifier
TRTP_US_BP_ED Special business partner roles for an ESA
TRTP_US_CONT Contribution codes for a retirement plan
TRTP_US_CONT_DAT Contribution dates for a retirement plan
TRTP_US_CONT_LIM Contribution limits for a retirement plan
TRTP_US_CONT_TYP Contribution limits for a retirement plan type
TRTP_US_CONTT Contribution codes for a retirement plan
TRTP_US_D_REL IRS Distribution codes
TRTP_US_DFLT Default values for screen input fields
TRTP_US_DIST_PER Distribution period (For Use by Owners)
TRTP_US_DIST_S IRS Distribution codes
TRTP_US_DISTT IRS Distribution codes
TRTP_US_FSTAT Field status for screen fields
TRTP_US_GEN General data for a retirement plan
TRTP_US_JLIFE Joint life expectancy
TRTP_US_LIM_ID Contribution limits for a retirement plan
TRTP_US_LIM_IDT Description for contribution limit code of a retirement plan
TRTP_US_PLAN_INF Plan information for a type of retirement plan
TRTP_US_PLANTYPE Type of retirement plan
TRTP_US_PLANTYPT Type of retirement plan
TRTP_US_SLIFE Single life expectancy
TRTP_US_TRANS Witholding transaction type information


SAP Package BCA_US contains 35 views.

V_RTP_US_DIST Maintenance view for table trtp_us_dist_s
V_RTP_US_PLAN Database view for table rtp_us_plan
V_RTP_US_PLAN_AC Database view for search help retirement plan BCA acct no.
V_RTP_US_SCODE Database view for search help retirement plan distr. subcode
V_TBCA_H_TYPE Maintenance View for Hold Types
V_TBCA_PAY_AMT View for overdraft payment details for Products
V_TBCA_TRAN_SEQ Overdraft priority transaction sequence for Products
V_TBCA_US_DEA1 Maintain Escheat Attributes Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_DEAADD Property Addition Codes Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_DEACOR Dormancy Correspondence Codes Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_DEADED Cross Reference Escheat Deduction Codes Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_DEADEL Property Deletion Codes Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_DEAPRO Cross Reference Escheat Property Type Codes Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_DEAREF Escheat Account Closure Reference Data Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_DEAREL Cross Reference Escheat Relationship Codes Maintenance
V_TBCA_US_R_HOLD Reference adjustment types that can be created
V_TBKKHLDAUTH Amount Authorization Perm Holds Maintenance
V_TRTP_US_AGE_LM Maintain age limits
V_TRTP_US_AM_CAT Posting category and Amount indentifier mapping
V_TRTP_US_AMNTID Maintain amount identifiers
V_TRTP_US_BP_ED Maintain role types specific for a Coverdell ESA
V_TRTP_US_CNT_DT Maintain contribution dates
V_TRTP_US_CNT_LM Maintain contribution limits
V_TRTP_US_CNT_TP Associate type codes to contribution limit codes
V_TRTP_US_CONT Maintain contribution codes
V_TRTP_US_D_REL Associated distribution sub-code to an IRS distribution code
V_TRTP_US_DIST_P Maintain distribution period
V_TRTP_US_FSTAT Maintenance view for table trtp_us_fstat
V_TRTP_US_GEN Maintain general defaults
V_TRTP_US_JLIFE Maintain life expectancy (joint lifes)
V_TRTP_US_LIM_ID Maintain contribution limit codes
V_TRTP_US_PLAN_I Maintain number range numbers for plan types
V_TRTP_US_PLANTP Maintain plan type description
V_TRTP_US_SLIFE Maintain life expectancy (single life)
V_TRTP_US_TRANS Maintain Withholding transaction type for retirement payment


SAP Package BCA_US contains 139 structures.

BCA_US_BANK_CHQ_REPORT Bank Cheque Report Structure
BCA_US_BANK_CHQ_REPORT_PRINT Bank Cheque Report Struct For Print Report
BCA_US_BKK_TD_CERTIFICATE BCA: Time Deposit Certificate
BCA_US_BKKIT Append to Table BKKIT for US Specific Data
BCA_US_BKKIT_MEMO Fields for memo records
BCA_US_BKKITENQ US specific fields for Blocked payment items
BCA_US_BKKITMP_DEL US specific fields for Planned payment items - completed
BCA_US_BKKITPRE US specific fields for parked payment items
BCA_US_BKKITPRE_MEMO Fields for memo items
BCA_US_BKKITTMP US specific fields for planned items
BCA_US_BKKITTMP_DEL_MEMO Fields for memo items
BCA_US_BKKITTMP_MEMO Fields for memo items
BCA_US_BKKPOHD_MEMO Fields for memo records
BCA_US_BKKPOIT US specific fields for payment order items
BCA_US_BKKPOIT_MEMO Fields for memo records
BCA_US_BKKSO BCA US append structure for US specific fields
BCA_US_BUS000O BCA US: BP Incorporporation Data
BCA_US_BUS000O_DI BCA US: BP Incorporporation Data
BCA_US_BUT000_DI Append for BP Incorporation Data: DI
BCA_US_ESCHEAT Fields for Dormancy and Escheat Procedures
BCA_US_IBKK_ITEM Append to structure IBKK_ITEM for US specific data
BCA_US_IBKK_ITEM_MEMO Fields for memo items
BCA_US_IBKK_PSTBK US specific fields for payment item interface
BCA_US_IBKK_PSTCL Retirement plan for clearing item
BCA_US_IBKK_PSTPI Retirement plan - Payment item data for interface
BCA_US_IBKK_PSTRC Retirement plan for receiver
BCA_US_IBKK_PSTSD Retirement plan for sender item
BCA_US_IBKK_SO_DYN_ACCNT BCA US Append structure for US specific fields
BCA_US_IBKK_SO3 BCA US append structure for US specific fields
BCA_US_IBKK44A Bank current accounts: Amount-dependent blocks
BCA_US_IBKK53 Structure for amt-dependent block overview (table control)
BCA_US_IBKKAPIEXP US specific fields for Payment item data
BCA_US_IBKKAPIIMP US specific fields for Payment item data
BCA_US_IBKKAPIIMP_MEMO Fields for memo items
BCA_US_IBKKBAPISSO1 Append structure for US specific fields
BCA_US_IBKKG31_MEMO Fields for memo items
BCA_US_IBKKITDIEX Retirement planning
BCA_US_IBKKRFCPORCV Retirement plan - Payment order, recipient party information
BCA_US_IBKKRFCPOSND Retirement plan - Payment order, Ordering party information
BCA_US_IBKKSO_DI_S1 Append structure for US specific fields
BCA_US_MEMO_ITEM Fields for memo items
BCA_US_SBKKRS Stucture for Bankarea
BCA_US_STR_BANK_CHQ_ITEM Structure Used Hold Information about a single Bank Check
BCA_US_STR_BUT000_UPDATE BP Incorporation Data update structure
BCA_US_STR_CHANGE_ITEM Change structure used for memo item change table type
BCA_US_STR_CORR_REP_DISP Report struct. for Dormancy and Escheat Corres. History
BCA_US_STR_DEA_ADD_PROP_REC Escheat Additional Property Record
BCA_US_STR_DEA_HOLDER_REC Escheat Holder Record
BCA_US_STR_DEA_PROPERTY_REC Escheat Property Record
BCA_US_STR_DEA_REP_DISP Report structure for Dormancy and Escheat Accounts
BCA_US_STR_DEA_SUMMARY_REC Escheat Summary Record
BCA_US_STR_DEA_SUMMARY_TOTALS Escheat Summary Record Totals
BCA_US_STR_HOLD_DISP Include Structure for BCA_US_HOLD
BCA_US_STR_ITEM_NUMBERS Item number structure for payment items
BCA_US_TBKKG3 US Specific Enhancements
IBCA_TMP_NOTE BCA US: Hold Temporary Note IDs
IBCA_US_BKK_TD BCA: Time deposit account data plus status information
IBCA_US_BKK_TD_S1 Included structure of BCA_US_BKK_TD (for Direct Input)
IBCA_US_BKK_TD_S2 Included structure of BCA_US_BKK_TD
IBCA_US_DI_BKK_TD DI struc. for Time deposit
IBCA_US_DI_BKK44A DI struc. for Amt. blocks in account master (BCA)
IBCA_US_DI_HOLD DI structure for hold records
IBCA_US_DI_OD_PLAN DI structure for. overdraft parameter (header)
IBCA_US_DI_OD_REL DI structure for overdraft parameter (relations)
IBCA_US_DI_RTP Direct input structure for retirement plan
IBCA_US_OD_PLAN Include for overdraft parameter (header data)
IBCA_US_OD_REL Include for overdraft parameters (relationship data)
IBCA_US_OD_RELTC Structure for table control in Overdraft protection program
IBCA_US_OD_TRANS Structure for Overdraft protection transaction details
IBCA_US_OD_TRANS_PRINT Overdraft transaction data for notification printing
IBCA_US_OD_TRANS_REP_DATA Overdraft transaction data for reporting & printing
IBCA_US_STR_BKKIT_HD Include Structure for BCA_US_HOLD - Payment Items
IBCA_US_STR_HOLD Include Structure for BCA_US_HOLD
IBCA_US_STR_HOLD_00015036 Structure to base internal table of event 00015036
IBCA_US_STR_HOLD_STATUS Status/Text structure for Holds
IBCA_US_STR_NEWPOS Basic structure for BTE 00015037 interface
IBCA_US_STR_TAB_HY_BAL Data used by BCA_US Event 10024
IBCA_US_STR_TAB_IND_BAL Data used by BCA_US Event 10024
IBCA_US_TD Time Deposit specific Information
IGEN_US_TBZ0A Structure for table control of tbz0a information
IRTP_US_ACC Screen fields for retirement plan portfolio accounts
IRTP_US_ACC_DB Database struct for link between retirement plan and account
IRTP_US_ALV_HISTORY Screen fields for the history data displayed with the ALV
IRTP_US_AMNTID Structure for amount identification + description
IRTP_US_BEN Screen fields for a beneficiary
IRTP_US_BEN_DB Database structure of beneficiaries & database action
IRTP_US_BKK_SO_DYN Include structure for table control IRA standings orders
IRTP_US_BP Screen fields for business partner
IRTP_US_BP_CBEN_PLAN Structure for scr table contingent benefis & selection indi
IRTP_US_BP_ED_PLAN Structure for bps associated with an Ed-IRA & selection indi
IRTP_US_BP_ID business partner identification
IRTP_US_BP_PBEN_PLAN Structure for scr table primary benefis & selection indi
IRTP_US_BP_PLAN Structure for bps associated with a plan & selection indic
IRTP_US_BP_PLAN_DB Db structure of business partner - retirement plan & db acti
IRTP_US_BP_PLAN_NO_IND Structure for business partners associated with a plan
IRTP_US_BP_SR_PLAN Structure for screen table statem recips & selection indi
IRTP_US_BP_TYPE_SEL Business partner type selection
IRTP_US_DFLT_DB Structure for default field value & db activity
IRTP_US_FIELD_STAT_SELECT Structure for selections of a retirement plan
IRTP_US_FLDGRP Structure for screen table field groups
IRTP_US_FMV_SELECTION Structure for selections of a fair marktet value
IRTP_US_FSTAT_DB Structure for field status & db activity
IRTP_US_FV_FLDGRP Structure for fixed values per fieldgroup
IRTP_US_PAYM Retirement plan payment item data
IRTP_US_PAYM_DYNP Dynpro structure for Retirement plan payment item data
IRTP_US_PAYM_RFC Retirement plan - Payment item data for interface
IRTP_US_PAYM_S1 Include for Retirement plan payment item data
IRTP_US_PAYM_S2 Retirement plan-Include structure withholding information
IRTP_US_PLAN Screen fields for a retirement plan
IRTP_US_PLAN_ACC Retirement plan data for BCA account maintenance
IRTP_US_PLAN_DB Database structure of a retirement plan & indicators
IRTP_US_PLAN_ID Screen fields for the identification of a retirement plan
IRTP_US_PLAN_INIT Screen fields on the initial screen for a retirement plan
IRTP_US_PLAN_REPORT Structure for reporting of master data retirement plan
IRTP_US_PLAN_SELECTION Structure for selections of a retirement plan
IRTP_US_PORTFOLIO Structure for screen table portfolio accounts
IRTP_US_RNG_PARTNER_NUMBER Structure for range of a partner number
IRTP_US_RNG_PLAN_TYPE Structure for range of a plan type
IRTP_US_RNG_PLANNUMBER Structure for range of a plannumber
IRTP_US_STATUS Retirement plan status
IRTP_US_TOT Structure for accumulated amounts
IRTP_US_TOT_PERC Screen fields for total percentages
IRTP_US_TOT_REPORT Structure for reporting of master data retirement plan
IRTP_US_YES Screen fields for the year end statement
IRTP_US_YES_HEADER Screen fields for the header of the year end statement
ITRTP_US_PLAN_INFO Structure for retirement plan information
VBCA_US_BKK44A Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VBCA_US_BUT000 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VBCA_US_HOLD Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VBCA_US_OD_PLAN Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VBCA_US_OD_REL Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VRTP_US_BEN Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VRTP_US_BP_PLAN Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package BCA_US contains 27 programs.

RBCA_US_ACTIVATE Report RBCA_US_ACTIVATE- Activate All US Functionality
RBCA_US_DEA1 Dormancy and Escheat Accounts Maintenance Report
RBCA_US_DEL_MEMO_MASS Delete memo items (payment orders and payment items)
RBCA_US_DELETE_MEMO Delete memo items (payment orders and payment items)
RBCA_US_DS_HOLD Holds Report Program
RBCA_US_FBKLOC1 Account Locks
RBCA_US_MEMO_ITEMLG Report: Output of application log memo item delete
RBCA_US_OD_ANALYSIS Overdraft protection - Analysis and printing program
RBCA_US_OD_PROCESS Overdraft protection process
RBCA_US_ODPRLG Report: Output of application for 'Overdraft protection process'
RBCA_US_ON_OFF BCA: Turn US/CAN specific enhancements on and off
RBCA_US_RE_BC Bank Check Report Program
RBCA_US_TDRO1 Report: Time deposit rollover - Mass run
RBCA_US_TDRO2 Report: Time deposit rollover - Single run
RBCA_US_TDROLG Report: Output of application log time deposit rollover
RGEN_US_CUST Customizing program to switch US enhancements on and off
RRTP_US_AGE Report: Age limits for retirement plan (US enhancement)
RRTP_US_CHECK_FMV Report for the verification of the fair market value retirement plans
RRTP_US_CONTRIBUTION Report: Contribution limits for retirement plan (US enhancement)
RRTP_US_DISTRIBUTION Report: Distribution limits for retirement plan (US enhancement)
RRTP_US_FMV Calculate or update the fair market value of a retirement plan
RRTP_US_FMV_LOG Displays the application log for the program rrtp_us_fmv
RRTP_US_YES Report for Year-end statements retirement plan (US enhancement)
SAPMBCA_RE_BC Bank Check Reprinting

Search Helps

SAP Package BCA_US contains 4 search helps.

H_RTP_US_DIST_SCODE Secondary distribution codes
H_RTP_US_PLAN Search help for a retirement plan
H_RTP_US_PLAN_ACC Search help retirement plan BCA account numbers
H_RTP_US_PLAN2 Search help for a retirement plan

Message Classes

SAP Package BCA_US contains 2 message classes.

BCA_US_GENERAL Message ID for North America specific modifications
RTP Message class for retirement plans (US enhancement)

Authorization Objects

SAP Package BCA_US contains 9 authorization objects.

F_HOLD_ACT BCA Holds: Activity
F_RPUS_ATT Retirement plan: Authorization types
F_RPUS_FDG Retirement plan: Field groups
F_RTP_ACT Retirement plan: Activity
F_RTP_AGP Retirement plan: Authorization group
F_RTP_BKA Retirement plan: Bank area
F_RTP_BPA Retirement plan: Authorization accountholder
F_RTP_BPG Retirement plan: Authorization accountholder (obsolete)
F_RTP_GRP Retirement plan: Authorization group (obsolete)