SAP Package FTLM

Financial Services: Limit Management

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The package FTLM (Financial Services: Limit Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package FTLM
Short Text Financial Services: Limit Management
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package FTLM contains 38 function groups.

0GT3 Extended Table Maintenance ATLA Modified
0TBL Customizing: Views: Free Characteristics
10TBL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
10TBL erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)
1TBL Table Maintenance (Generated) Cust.Notes
4TBL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
4TBL2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
4TBL2 erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)
4TBL3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
4TBL4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
4TBL5 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
4TBL6 Extended Table Maint. (Generated) ATLRMR
6TBL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
8TBL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
9TBL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FTAC Customizing: Views Limit Characteristics
TBL_BW Migration+BW Reporting in Limit Manager
TBL0 Limit Management: Auxiliary Functions
TBL1 LM: Redesign Maintenance for Limits
TBL1_LL Limit Management: Limit Transfer
TBL10 Limit Management: Single Rec. Reporting
TBL2 Limit Management: Update
TBL3 Dummy - nicht löschen!
TBL4 ===> Object VTBLV , generated by
TBL5 Limit Management: Drilldown Selection
TBL6 Limit Management: New ALV Modules
TBL7 Limit Management: Reservations
TBL9 Direct Input Modules
TBLA Archiving
TBLA2 Link to SAP-AS (Archive Inform. System)
TBLB Read access business partner management
TBLF Front-End Services
TBLL Review
TBLR Limit Management: Link to Drilldown Rep.
TBLS Access to Characteristics
TBLS2 Limit Mgmt: Generated Characteristics
TBLX Limit Mgmt: Master FG for Customer Exits


SAP Package FTLM contains 111 transactions.

EGPB Assign Breakpoint to User
OTLA Report Selection
S_KFM_86000119 View: Activate Free Characteristics
S_KFM_86000120 View: Global+Sngl.Pos.Rel.Collataral
S_KFM_86000125 View: The Display Filter and Texts
S_KFM_86000126 View: Define Limit Types
S_KFM_86000130 View: Maintain Notes for Reservation
S_KFM_86000165 Display Limits for Limit Type:
S_KFM_86000166 Overview of Limit Utilizations
S_KFM_86000259 Maint.View: Limit-Rel. Analysis Char
S_KFM_86000260 View Maint.: Limit Transfer Notes
S_KFM_86000268 Initial Screen for Processing Char.
S_KFM_86000269 Maintain Analysis Structure
S_KFM_86000270 Choose Characteristics
S_KFM_86000271 Valuation Rules for Risk Management
S_KFM_86000272 Edit Characteristic Values
S_KFM_86000273 Derivation Strategy of Analys.Struct
S_KFM_86000274 Derivation Strategy of Analys.Struct
S_KFM_86000275 IMG
S_KFM_86000276 IMG
S_KFM_86000277 Reorganize Analysis Characteristics
S_KFM_86000278 Delete Limit Utilizations
S_KFM_86000279 Delete Data for Limit Types
S_KFM_86000280 Reorg. Logs of Single Trans. Form
S_KFM_86000281 Reorganize Reservations
S_KK4_13000319 IMG Activity: FTLM_NOTIZEN
S_KK4_13000322 IMG Activity: FTLM_FELDAUSWAHL
S_KK4_13000323 IMG Activity: FTLM_LIMITART
S_KK4_13000324 IMG Activity: FTLM_RESERV
TBIR Mass Release of Interim Limits
TBL1 Limits: Change/Display
TBL10 Treasury: Delete Limits
TBL2 Limits: Change Documents
TBL3 Limits: Overview
TBL4 Limit Utilization: Overview
TBL6 Limit Utilization: Delete
TBL7 Limit Type: Delete Data
TBL8 Reorganize STC Logs
TBL9 Display STC Logs
TBLA TR: Limit Maintenance for VC_ATLA
TBLARC Archiving: Limits and Utilizations
TBLB Limit Utilization: Overview
TBLC Lock/Unlock Limits
TBLC01 Check of Determination Procedure
TBLD Lock/Unlock Countries
TBLE Limit Management: Lock Entries
TBLM Flow List
TBLPECC Change Posting Deadline
TBLR Release Limits
TBLT01 Limit: Generate Table for Lim. Types
TBLT02 Limit: Move Data to Generated Table
TBLT03 Limit: Delete Generated Table
TBLT04 Limit: Reorganiz. of Analysis Char.
TBLT05 Limit: Check Analysis Characterist.
TBLT06 Check/Correct Consist. of Gen.Tables
TBLW1 Review: Send
TBLW2 Review: Change Review Recipient
TL3M List of curr. supported field names
TL3P Maintain Variant Group
TL3Q Maintain Variants
TL3R Schedule Variant Groups
TL3S Define Variant Groups
TLL1 Limit: Create Limit Transfer
TLL2 Limit: Change Limit Transfer
TLL3 Limit: Display Limit Transfer
TLL4 Limit Transfer: Change Documents
TLL5 Limit Transfer: Collective Process.
TLM0 Execute Report
TLM1 Create Report
TLM2 Change Report
TLM3 Display Report
TLM4 Create Form
TLM5 Change Form
TLM6 Display Form
TLM7 Maintain authorization obj. present.
TLM8 Display authorization obj.presentatn
TLMA Access Report Tree
TLMB Maintain Batch Variants
TLMC Limit Management: Manage Comments
TLMD Split Report
TLMG Limit Management: Character. Groups
TLMH Maintain hierarchy
TLMJ Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
TLMK Maintain Key Figures
TLMM Limit Mgmt: Drilldown Test Monitor
TLMO Transport Reports
TLMP Transport Forms
TLMQ Import Reports from Client 000
TLMR Import Forms from Client 000
TLMS Display Structure
TLMT Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.
TLMU Convert drilldown reports
TLMV Maintain Global Variable
TLMW Maintain Crcy Translation Type TLM
TLMX Reorganize Drilldown Reports
TLMY Reorganize Report Data
TLMZ Reorganize Forms
TLR0 Nummernkreispflege: FTLM_RES
TLR1 Limit: Create Reservation
TLR2 Limit: Change Reservation
TLR3 Limit: Display Reservation
TLR4 Reservations: Mass Processing
TLR5 Reservations: Change Documents
TLR6 Reservations: Reorganization
TLR7 Limit: Copy Reservation
TLTA Access Report Tree
TRLM Treasury Management Basic Functions

Database Tables

SAP Package FTLM contains 44 database tables.

ATLA Limit Type
ATLAM Allocation of limit characteristics to limit type
ATLAR Characteristic Filter for Limit Types
ATLAT Name of Limit Type
ATLCHAR_MRM Analysis Characteristics Relevant for Limits
ATLPD Limit Mgmt: Program/Screen Combinat. with Fld Selection Ctrl
ATLPDD Limit Mgmt: Permitted Program/Screen Combinat. for Fld Sel.
ATLPDT Limit Mgmt: Texts for Program/Screen Combinations
ATLPG Limit Product Group
ATLPGT Name of Limit Product Group
ATLR Limit Management: Basic Settings
ATLRMRA Limit Management: Basic Settings
ATLSCR Field Selection Control for Limit Types
ATLSF Display Filters for Limit Characteristics
ATLSF0 Display Filters: Basis Table
ATLSFT Display Filters: Limit Characteristics (Texts)
ATLSLI Permitted Statuses for Utilization Determination
ATLSLIT Permitted Statuses for Utilization Determination (Texts)
ATLTKAF Field Catatlog: Drilldown Reporting Link for Limit Mgmt
EGP24BREAKS Breakpoints for Testing 24-Hour Capability of STC
VTBLID Limit: Details of Utilizations (Single Records)
VTBLIE Limit Utilization: Single Record per Object
VTBLII Limit Utiliz.: Rel. Bet. Single Record and Totals Record
VTBLIL Program Run to Determine Limit Utilization
VTBLIS Limit Utilization: Summarization per Limit Amount
VTBLLH Limit Management: Header Information for Limit Transfer
VTBLLP Limit Management: Item Information for Limit Transfer
VTBLM_SF Only up to 4.63: Permitted Charact. for Displ. Filter ATLSF
VTBLMCID Values for customer characteristics
VTBLMCID0 Permitted IDs for Free Characteristics
VTBLMCIDT Values for customer characteristics (texts)
VTBLP Log for Single Transaction Check
VTBLPEC Posting Deadline per Overnight Run
VTBLRH Reservations for Limit Amounts (Header)
VTBLRP Reservations for Limit Amounts (Item)
VTBLS Limits: Mapping Logical - Physical Keys
VTBLSD Global Collateral: Utilizations - Details
VTBLSE Global Collateral: Single Record per Object
VTBLSI Global Collat.: Relationship Single Record - Totals Record
VTBLSLA Limit Type: Summarization of the Characteristic Values
VTBLSTAB Limit Management: Administration of Generated Tables
VTBLSTC Transactions to be Updated per Determination Run
VTBLV Limits
VTBLVIL Interim Limits for Limits


SAP Package FTLM contains 27 views.

V_ATLA Maintenance View for Limit Types
V_ATLA_VAR1 Maintenance View Variant for CFM
V_ATLA_VAR2 Maintenance View Variant for Banking
V_ATLA_VAR3 Maintenance View Variant Display
V_ATLAM Characteristics of Limit Type
V_ATLAM_DD03L Limit Characteristics: Permitted Fields w/o Country Risk
V_ATLAM_DD03L_LR Limit Characteristics: Permitted Fields for Country Risk
V_ATLAM_VAR3 Limit Characteristics: Display Only
V_ATLAR Limit Type Filter
V_ATLAR_VAR3 Limit Type Filter: Display Only
V_ATLCHAR_MRA Maint. View for Analysis Characteristics Relevant for Limits
V_ATLCHAR_MRM SAP Internal: Maint. View for Anal.Char. Relevant for Limits
V_ATLPD Maintenance View: Program/Screen Names with Field Selection
V_ATLPD_DD03L Limit Management: Permitted Fields for Field Selection
V_ATLPDDT Limit Mgmt: Maintain ATLPDD and ATLPDT (Screen Texts FS)
V_ATLPG Maintenance View for Limit Product Groups
V_ATLSCR Maintenance View for Field Selection Control for Limit Types
V_ATLSF Assign Limit Characteristics to Display Filters
V_ATLSF0 Display Filters and Texts
V_ATLTKAF_BANK Global Collateral and Single Transaction Commitments
V_ATLTKAF_RCID Activate Free Characteristics
V_F4_VTBLRH Selection for F4 Help for Reservations
V_TTXID_LV Limit Management: Maintenance View for Limit Notes
V_TTXID_LV2 Limit Management: View Maintenance for Reservation Notes
V_TTXID_LV3 View Maintenance: Limit Transfer Notes
V_VTBLMCID Maintenance View for Texts of Free Characteristic Values
V_VTBLMCID0 Permitted IDs for Free Characteristics


SAP Package FTLM contains 120 structures.

ATLA_DOKU Limit Type: Text Fields for Customizing
ATLCHAR_MRM_DOKU Market Risk Characteristics Relevant for Limits: Text Fields
CVTBLS Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
CVTBLV Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
CVTBLVIL Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
GTII Transfer of Structure for VTBLII for Parallel Processing
GTSI Transfer of Structure for VTBLSI for Parallel Processing
OBJ_ALV Object ID with Append Structure
STR_BW_BAPI6108 InfoObjects - Details
STR_BW_BAPI6108AN InfoObjects: Navigation Attributes
STR_BW_BAPI6108AT InfoObjects: Attributes
STR_BW_BAPI6108CM InfoObjects: Compound
STR_BW_BAPI6108HC Characteristics that can be used in hierarchies
STR_BW_BAPI6108IO InfoObjects: List of InfoObjects
STR_BW_BAPI6108L InfoObjects - List
STR_BW_BAPI6108NP Navigation Attributes of Characteristic as InfoProvider
STR_BW_BAPI6108SL InfoObjects: Selection Criteria
STR_BW_BAPI6113 InfoObject Catalog: Details
STR_BW_BAPI6113IO InfoObject Catalog: Details
STR_BW_BAPI6116 ODS Object: Details
STR_BW_BAPI6116IO InfoObjects in ODS Object
STR_BW_BAPI6116L ODS Objects: List
STR_BW_CHAR_DETAIL Properties of a Characteristic
STR_BW_FIELDANDVALUEC Value Pair: Field Name and Value
STR_BW_LIM_EXP Structure: Limits and Utilizations
STR_BW_LIM_EXP_CHAR Structure: Limits and Utilizations
STR_BW_LIMIT_EXP Structure: Limits and Utilizations
STR_BW_LIMIT_EXPOSURE Structure: Limits and Utilizations
STR_BW_MSG_TXT Use Carriage Return for Message Long Text
STR_BW_ODS_GEN Generate ODS Object
STR_BW_SINGLE_EXP Limit Utilizations at Transaction Level
STR_BW_SINGLE_EXPOSURE Limit Utilizations at Transaction Level
STR_BW_SNGL_EXP Limit Utilizations at Transaction Level
STR_BW_SNGL_EXP_CHAR Limit Utilizations at Transaction Level
TZPA_FTLM Fields in Limit Management
VTBILLL ALV Structure for Interim Limits and Limit Transfers
VTBL_ARC_DOKU Documentation Elements for Limit Archiving
VTBL_DOKU Limit Management: Documentation for Selection Fields
VTBLCAL Transfer Structure for Factory Calendar IDs
VTBLIEVW Work Structure: Transactions with DPs and Attributable Amnts
VTBLIS0 Limit: Totals Records and Unused Amount
VTBLISIE Limit: Single/Totals Records for Utiliz. and Global Collat.
VTBLL_AMOUNTS Amount Fields for Limit Transfer
VTBLL_M01 Auxiliary Structure for Limit Transfer
VTBLL_M02 Auxiliary Structure for Limit Transfer
VTBLL_TBL1 Structure for Limit Transfer Table Control in Limit Mainten.
VTBLLH_KEY Limit Management: Header Information for Limit Transfer
VTBLLH0 Limit Transfer: Header with Additional Information
VTBLLP_KEY Limit Management: Item Information for Limit Transfer
VTBLLP0 Limit Transfer: Items and Limit Characteristics
VTBLM Limit Characteristics (with Client)
VTBLM0 Limit features
VTBLM0_ALV Limit Characteristics with Append Structure
VTBLM0A direct limit characteristics
VTBLM0AB direct and derived limit characteristics
VTBLM0B derived limit characteristics
VTBLM0C Limit characteristics that can be defined by the customer
VTBLM0OBJ Object Number and Limit Characteristics
VTBLM1 Screen Structure Limit Characteristics and Texts
VTBLM2 Screen Structure Limit Characteristics and Texts
VTBLMIE_VW Charact. and Single Record Amnts in Limit Crcy for Grouping
VTBLMISIE Limit: Single and Totals Recs: Charac., Util. and Glob.Coll.
VTBLR_CALCULATE Work Structure: Attributable Amounts for Reservations
VTBLR_SLE Reservation Amounts from Determination Proced. - Edit
VTBLRES0 Data Structure for Reservations (Temporary)
VTBLRH0 Reservation: Header with Additional Information
VTBLRPX Reservation: Items with Text for Determination Procedure
VTBLS_ALV Limit Keys + Business Partner Data + Characteristic Texts
VTBLSLA_REL Limit Type: Search Help with Release Check
VTBLV_DOKU Text Fields for Limits
VTBLV_KEY Limits: Key Fields
VTBLV0 Limits: Editing Structure
VTBLV0_DI Direct Input Structure for Creating Limits
VTBLVI Limits & Limit Utilizations: Totals Records
VTBLVI0 Limit utilizations and limits
VTBLVI0_RFC Extended VTBLVI0 Structure for MiniApp
VTBLVIE View over limits and single record utilizations
VTBLVIL_DI Direct Input Structure for Interim Limits
VTBLVIL0 Work Structure: Interim Limit
VTBLVM Limit Mgmt: View for Limit Specifications & Limit Char.
VTBLVSIE Limits & Limit Utilizations: Single Records
VTSL_ADD_ALV Additional Fields ALV
VTSL_DLIRANGE Transfer structure ranges: Limit utilization date
VTSL_EGP_PROTOCOL Attributes of Log for Single Transaction Check
VTSL_GENTABS_ALV_H List of Generated Tables
VTSL_GENTABS_ALV_P Management of Generated Tables
VTSL_LIEXP Credit Limit Single Transaction Check: Join Limits <-> Util.
VTSL_LIEXP_SUM Credit Limit Single Transaction Check: Join Limits <-> Util.
VTSL_LOCK Lock Information for Limits
VTSL_LSADD Limit Records: Non-Characteristic Fields
VTSL_NAMRANGE Transfer structure ranges: Limit characteristic name
VTSL_RLVRANGE Transfer structure ranges: Limit record number
VTSL_SLARANGE Transfer structure ranges: Limit type
VTSL_SLERANGE Transfer structure ranges: Determination procedure
VTSL_SLHRANGE Transfer structure ranges: Limit record hierarchy level
VTSL_SLIRANGE Transfer structure ranges: Limit utilization status
VTSL_TACOMP Credit Limit: Single Trans. Check Result as Flat Table
VTSL_TACOMP_ALV Credit Limit: Result of Single Transaction Check for ALV
VTSL_TACOMP_ALV_SUM Credit Limit: Result of Single Transaction Check for ALV
VTSL_TACOMP_ALV_T Credit Limit: Result of Single Transaction Check for ALV
VTSL_TAKEY_H Limit Record Key
VTSL_TAKEY_HT Credit Limit: Result of STC: Additional Fields in ALV Header
VTSL_TAKEY_I Credit Limit: Result of STC: Item Key for ALV
VTSL_TAKEY_OBJ Credit Limit: Result of STC: Item Key for ALV
VTSL_TAKEY_VTBLM0 Credit Limit: Sing. Trans. Check Result: ALV Header + Char.
VTSL_VTBLL Limit Transfer
VTSL_VTBLSP Limit Keys + Business Partner Data + Characteristic Texts
VTSL_VTBLSP_ALV Limit Keys + Business Partner Data + Characteristic Texts
VTSL_VTBLVI0 Limit utilizations and limits
VTSL_XCID Texts for Free Characteristic Values
VTSLATLA_ENQ Limit types and temporary blocking status
VTVES_LI Limits & Limit Utilizations: Single Records
VTVESCS_LI Limit characteristics that can be defined by the customer
VTVESKZ_LI Key Figures for Limit Management in Display Currency
VTVESSP_LI Limit Management: SAP Fields
VTVESSPES_LI Limit Management: SAP Single Record Fields
VTVSS_LI Limits & Limit Utilizations: Totals Records
VTVSSKZ_LI Key Figures for Limit Management in Display Currency
VTVTLM_ADDSEL Limit Management: Additional Selections
VVTBLLP Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package FTLM contains 75 programs.

RFTBARC1 Limit Archiving: Archiving Program (Limits, Util., Customizing)
RFTBARC2 Limit Archiving: Deletion Program
RFTBARC3 Limit Archiving: Reload Program
RFTBBW_BPARTNER_DISP Branch-To Report: Display of Master Data for Business Partner
RFTBBW_COLL_DISP Branch-To Report: Collateral for an Object
RFTBBW_CUST_LIMTYPE_DISP Branch-To Report: Display of Customizing for a Limit Type
RFTBBW_EGP_DISP Branch-To Report: Log of Single-Transaction Check
RFTBBW_EXPOS_CALC_DISP Branch-To Report: Details of Calculation of Attributable Amount
RFTBBW_GEN_DATASOURCE Manual Generation of DataSources
RFTBBW_INFOOBJ_ODS_GEN Create/Change/Prepare ODS Object
RFTBBW_LIM_MASTERDATA_DISP Branch-To Report: Display of Master Data in Limit Management
RFTBBW_SNGL_DEAL_DISP Branch-To Report: Transaction Details
RFTBEL01 Overview of Limit Utilizations (Totals Records)
RFTBIL01 Overview of Limit Utilizations (Single Records)
RFTBILUP RFTBILUP: Insert Key for Interim Limit in the Database
RFTBLAC0 Sets/Checks Blocks for RFTBLAC1
RFTBLAC1 Activates Table or Structure
RFTBLBI1 Batch Input Report for Creating Limits
RFTBLCHR Limit Management: Change Person Responsible
RFTBLD01 Treasury: Delete Limit Utilizations
RFTBLD02 Treasury: Delete Data for a Limit Type
RFTBLD03 Delete Limits
RFTBLDATECORR Adjust Start Date for Limit
RFTBLE01 Overview of Utilizations - Selection Using Direct Characteristics
RFTBLE02 Overview of Utilizations - Selection Using all Characteristics
RFTBLE02_GRID Limit Management: Overview of Utilizations
RFTBLE03 Limit Management: Flow List
RFTBLENQ Overview: Limit Management Lock Entries
RFTBLEX1 Export Limits and Interim Limits to Local File
RFTBLGRP Limit Utilizations: Group Overview
RFTBLI02 Transfer Limit Utilizations
RFTBLIM_IDOC_GEN Creation of IDOCs - Export of Limit Master Data
RFTBLIM1 Import Limits and Interim Limits from Local File
RFTBLL_CDOC Limit Transfer: Change Documents
RFTBLL_CONTROL Limit Management: Distributor for Reservation Call
RFTBLL_MASS Limit Transfer: Collective Processing
RFTBLL01 Overview of Limits
RFTBLMR1 Mass Release of Limits
RFTBLMR2 Report for Mass Release of Interim Limits
RFTBLNO1 Insert Note Indicator in Database
RFTBLP01 Logs from Single Transaction Checks
RFTBLPA1 Locked/Unlocked Limits for Selected Partners
RFTBLPA2 Lock/Unlock Limits According to Characteristic Combinations
RFTBLR01 Treasury: Limits
RFTBLR02 Changes to Limits
RFTBLR03 Treasury: Limit Utilizations
RFTBLR04 Link to Transaction Details
RFTBLR05 Link to Detail Log for Attributable Amount Determination
RFTBLR06 Link to Detail Log for Attributable Amount Determin. Incl. NPV Calc.
RFTBLR07 Details List for SAP Queries for Limit Management: Note Display
RFTBLR08 Link to Partner Details
RFTBLR09 Link to Customizing
RFTBLR10 Link to Log for Single Transaction Check
RFTBLR11 Link to Collateral Details
RFTBLR12 Changes to Limits
RFTBLR13 Maintain Limit
RFTBLRE1 Reservations: Collective Processing
RFTBLRE2 Reservations: Display Changes
RFTBLRE3 Reservations: Reorganization
RFTBLRS0 Limit Management: Distributor for Reservation Call
RFTBLSGEN Generation of Selection Options
RFTBLSTCD Delete Entries from Post-Run Update Table
RFTBLT01 Generation of Limit Record Tables for Limit Types
RFTBLT02 Limit Records: Move Data
RFTBLT03 Delete Limit Record Tables for Limit Types
RFTBLT04 Reorganize Analysis Characteristics
RFTBLT05 Compare Analysis Characteristics Relevant for Limits with DDIC Include
RFTBLT06 Administration of Generated Tables: Correction of Inconsistencies
RFTBLV01 Dispatcher to Call Limit Management
RFTBLVTBLVSEU Limit Management: Changeover to the Euro
RFTBLXP01 Conversion of Limit Management Settings for Banking Release 4.62
RFTBREO1 Conversion Program for Migrating Limit Structures to CFM 1.0
RFTBREOP Reorganization of Logs from Single Transaction Update

Search Helps

SAP Package FTLM contains 17 search helps.

ATLAR_HIGH_LOW F4 Help for Fields HIGH and LOW in Table ATLAR
F4_KLARRC Search Help for Default Risk Rule
F4_TB_ATLA_REL Limit Types with Texts, With Active Release
F4_TB_ATLAT Limit Types and Texts
F4_TB_DYNP_DESCRIPTION Screen Descriptions for Field Selection Control
F4_TB_FNAME Field Selection Control for Limit Mgmt: Permitted Fields
F4_TB_MRM Limit Characteristics: Market Risk Characteristics
F4_TB_SLM Limit Characteristics: Permitted Fields
F4_TB_SLM_LR Limit Characteristics: Permitted Fields for Country Risk
F4_TB_SLM_SF Limit char.: Permitted disp. filter fields dep. on ctry risk
F4_TB_SLM2 Limit Characteristics: Permitted Selection Fields
F4_TB_SLPG_R0 Limit Product Groups With and Without Collective Limit
F4_TB_SLPG_R1 Limit Product Groups With and Without Collective Limit
F4_TB_VTBLLH Search Help for Limit Transfers Acc. To Internal ID Number
F4_TB_VTBLRH Reservation Number With Description and Search Term
F4_VTBLM0A_PARTNR Search Help for Link to Partner Function Module
F4_VTBLM0C_01 Limit Management: Free Characteristics

Message Classes

SAP Package FTLM contains 1 message classes.

LM Treasury: Limitverwaltung

Authorization Objects

SAP Package FTLM contains 3 authorization objects.

F_T_VTBLL Limit Transfers
F_T_VTBLR Limit Reservations