CFM Analyzer Characteristic Management

The package CFM_AFWCH (CFM Analyzer Characteristic Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Short Text CFM Analyzer Characteristic Management
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 18 function groups.

0AFWCH Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
AFWCH_BPMIG AFW: Business Partner Conversion
AFWCH_FL Filters: Maintenance Modules
AFWCH_FL_APPL Filters: Application Modules
AFWCH_FOMAN Analyzer Framwork: Fin. Obj. Management
AFWCH_PH AFW: Services and Conversions for PH
AFWCH_PH_DB AFW: Read and Write Information for PH
AFWCH_PH0 AFW: Auxil. Functions for PH (Internal)
AFWCH_SCUST AFW: Tools for Sample Custom. Structure
AFWCH_SCUST1 AFW: Tools for Client-Spec. Sample Cust.
AFWCH_SEGBP AFW: Conversions Segment/Base Portfolio
AFWCH_SEGCH AFW: Maintain Charact. for Segment Gen.
AFWCH_SEGM Analyzer Framework: Segments
AFWCH_SEL0 AFW: Auxil. Functions - Selection Tables
AFWCH_STR AFW: Services - Data Structure and Views
AFWCH_STR_TOOLS AFW: Tools for Charact. and Structures
CFABP AFW: Determination of Base Portfolio
CFAV0 Cash Flow Analyzer: Read Info. for Views


SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 14 transactions.

AFW_ACT1 Anal. Struct.: Activ.Sample Settings
AFW_ACT2 Anal. Struct: Activate Customizing
AFW_BP1 BP Conversion: Field Catalog Entries
AFW_BP2 BP Conversion: Portfolio Hierarchies
AFW_BP3 BP Conversion: Character.Hierarchies
AFW_BP4 BP Conversion:: Encode PH Value
AFW_BP5 BP Conv. with Ident.Numbers: BPMIG=3
AFW_BP6 Set Status to 'Completed'
AFWA Create Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWFL AFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWFLT AFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWPH Portfolio Hierarchies
AFWPHD Portfolio Hierarchies (Display)
AFWS Maintain Segment Level Characterist.

Database Tables

SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 14 database tables.

AFWCH_BPCTL BPMIG: Status Management for AFWCH-Specific Conversion
AFWCH_CHARS_DBT AFW: Selection of Character.for Segments (for Table Control)
AFWCH_FCAT_SAMP AFW: Sample Customizing Characteristics
AFWCH_FDEP_SAMP AFW: Sample Customizing Characteristic Dependencies
AFWCH_FL_BK AFWCH: Header Data for Filter History
AFWCH_FLD AFWCH: Filter Definition
AFWCH_FLD_BK Backup Filter Definition
AFWCH_FLT AFWCH: Filter Text Table
AFWCH_PHDEFALT Alternative Portfolio Hierarchy Definition
AFWCH_STR_SAMP Sample Customizing
JBRHISPHBAUMS Tree Structure for Deactivated Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRHISPHTEXT RM: Portfolio Texts for Deactivated Portfolio Hierachy
JBRHISPHZUORDN RM Deactivated PH: Assign Base Portfolios to End Nodes


SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 1 views.

V_AFWCH_PH Portfolio Hierarchies


SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 18 structures.

AFW_FOB_SEG Financial Object with Segment
AFWCH_BPDOM AFW: BP Conversion - Assign New Domains to Old Domains
AFWCH_BPFCAT AFW: BP Conversion - Assign Field Catalog Entries to Domains
AFWCH_BPID_SEL AFW: Row Type for Ranges Table of Base Portfolio IDs
AFWCH_CHAR_SEGM AFW: Selection of Characteristics for Segments (Display)
AFWCH_CHAR_TEXT_MAP AFW: Assignment of Text Fields to Characteristics
AFWCH_CHAR_VALUE AFW: Characteristic and Value
AFWCH_DATASTR_ACT AFW: Active Analysis Structure
AFWCH_FL_ALV AFWCH: Filter Display Structure
AFWCH_FLWA AFWCH: Filter Work Structure
AFWCH_OBJ_UPDATE AFW: Change Date and Time for Financial Object
AFWCH_PH_SEGMENT Assignment of Portfolio Hierarchy Nodes to Segments
AFWCH_PH_TREE Tree Structure of Portfolio Hierarchy
AFWCH_PH_VIEW Name of Portfolio Hierarchy, Generated from View and PH ID
AFWCH_S_FL Filter Information
AFWCH_S_FLC Filter Information (Supports Combination)
AFWCH_SAMPLE_DERI_ACT_CONTROL AFW: Ctrl Settings for Activating Sample Cust.for Derivation
AFWCH_SEGBP Segment Number, Generated from View and Base Portfolio


SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 17 programs.

RAFWCH_BP_DTEL Business Partner Conversion: Check Analysis Characteristics
RAFWCH_BP_FCAT Business Partner Conversion: Check and Change Field Catalog Entries
RAFWCH_BPMIG_CH Bus. Partner Conversion: Check and Change Characteristic Hierarchies
RAFWCH_BPMIG_FORCE_COMPLETE BP Conversion: Set Status to Completed (No Consistency Check)
RAFWCH_BPMIG_NO_VALUE_CHANGE BP Conversion with Identical Numbers: Complete Adjustment of PH
RAFWCH_BPMIG_PH Business Partner Conversion: Check and Change Portfolio Hierarchies
RAFWCH_BPMIG_PH_VALUE Business Partner Conversion: Encode Portfolio Hierarchy Char. Values
RAFWCH_CHAR_MAINT Subroutines for Maintenance of Characteristics
RAFWCH_FCAT_INTF Risk Management: Access Routines for Field Catalogs
RAFWCH_FILTER_FO Financial Object Display
RAFWCH_GEN_CONTROL CFM/Banking Analysis: Control of Generation
RAFWCH_SAMPLE_CHAR Generate Analyzer Characteristics: Sample Customizing Settings
RAFWCH_SAMPLE_CUS_ACT Analysis Structure: Copy Customizing from Sample Settings
RAFWCH_SAMPLE_DERI Generate Sample Customizing Settings for Derivation
RAFWCH_SAMPLE_STR_ACT Analysis Structure: Activate Sample Settings

Search Helps

SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 9 search helps.

S_AFWCH_FL_FLID AFWCH: Filter Search Help for Filter ID
S_AFWCH_PH Portfolio Hierarchy
S_AFWCH_PH_FIX PH for Fixed Segment Level Characteristics (Int. View)
S_AFWCH_PH_FIX_DEACT Deactivate Port. Hier. in Fixed Characteristics Management
S_AFWCH_PH_FLEX PH for Variable Segment Level Characteristics
S_AFWCH_PH_FLEX_DEACT Deactivate Port. Hier. in Flex. Characteristics Management
S_AFWCH_PHFLID Search Help: Filter for Portfolio Hierarchies
S_AFWCH_PHVIEW Search Help: Views for Analysis Structure
S_AFWKF_MAIN_FLID Search Help: Filter for Procedure for Single Records

Message Classes

SAP Package CFM_AFWCH contains 5 message classes.

AFWCH_BP AFW: Geschäftspartnerumstellung
AFWCH_DB Analyzer Framework: Datenbasis (Merkmale, Strukturen, Segm.)
AFWCH_FL AFWCH: Filter Nachrichten
AFWCH_FO Analyzer Framework: Finanzobjektmanagement
AFWCH_PH Analysis Framework: Portfoliohierarchien