SAP Package FKBP

Bank Customer Accounts: Payment Item

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The package FKBP (Bank Customer Accounts: Payment Item) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package FKBP
Short Text Bank Customer Accounts: Payment Item
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package FKBP contains 22 function groups.

FB9S Balance Migration
FBI0 BCA: API Payment Item to BCA (Internal)
FBI1 BCA: BAPI Payment Item to BCA (Ext.)
FBI2 Sample FMs for Open BCA
FBI5 BCA: Payment Item Check
FBI8 BCA: Totals Records from Payt Transacts
FBI9 BCA: BTE Function Module Call-Ups
FBIARCH Archiving of Payment Items
FBIB BCA: Tab. Mainten.Int.Init.PT(Generated)
FBID BCA: Read Modules Int. Initiated PT
FBIE BCA: Control Intern. Initiated PT
FBIF BCA: Processes in Payment Transactions
FBIG BCA: List Tools Payment Item
FBIH BCA: Data Transfer Items and Balances
FBII BCA: Online Entry Payment Items
FBIJ BCA: Processes Check
FBIM Message Dialog Box
FBIP BCA: Edit Parked Item
FBIZ BCA: Currency Changeover


SAP Package FKBP contains 35 transactions.

F9BA BCA: Authorization Group Items
F9C{ Authorization Types Payment Items
F9I1 Create Payment Order - External
F9I2 Create Payment Order - Internal
F9I3 Display Payment Order
F9I4 Create Payment Item
F9I7 Display Payment Item
F9I8 Postprocess Payment Item
F9IB Release Payment Item
F9IE Create Payment Item Former Account
F9IJ Edit Payment Item
F9IL Create Planned Item
F9IM Delete Planned Item
F9IN Display Planned Items
F9IO Post Planned item
F9IP Planned items
F9ITAUTH BCA: Amount Authorization for Item
F9J1 Reconcile with Legacy System
F9KY Close Account
F9M01 S Table: Field Status Maintenance
F9M02 Table: Function Variant Maintenance
F9M03 Assign Function Variants
F9M04 Field Groups per Object
F9M05 Field Status per Activity
F9M06 Field Status per Document Type
F9MV Document Type Maintenance
F9MX S Table: Field Status Maintenance
F9MY S Table: Transaction Maintenance
F9MZ S Table: Buttons to Hide Maintenance
F9NA S Table: Funct. Variant Maintenance
F9NC Processes in BCA
F9ND Assgmt Processes -> GL Processes
F9PICC Planned Item Currency Changeover
F9Z1 Changing Default Values

Database Tables

SAP Package FKBP contains 37 database tables.

BKK_DIALOG_CF Check Table Field Names
BKKI3 Turnover Items Not Posted for Last Bank Statement
BKKI4 Totals Records from Payment Transactions
BKKI5 Totals Records from Payment Transactions
BKKIT Payment Item
BKKITAI Info Items for Interest Penalty at Balancing
BKKITENQ Blocked Payment Items
BKKITPRE Parked Payment Items
BKKITTMP Planned Payment Items
BKKITTMP_DEL Planned Payment Items - Completed
BKKNT Purpose
BKKNTTMP Payment Notes of Planned Payment Items
TBKK_DIA_ACC_BL Dialog Display Payment Transaction Blocks
TBKK_DIALOG_CF_D Customizing Table: Predefined Values for Customer Fields
TBKK01D Bank Area: Account for Payment Transactions
TBKKI_01 Field Status
TBKKI_01T Text Field Status
TBKKI_02 Function Variant
TBKKI_02A Function Variant Inference
TBKKI_02T Description of Function Variant
TBKKI_03 Field Groups in Payment Item/Payment Order
TBKKI_03T Field group name
TBKKI_04 Field Status Resulting from Activity
TBKKI_05 Field Status Resulting from Document Type
TBKKI1 Assignment Medium/Payment Method to Processes
TBKKI2 Assignment GL Processes to Processes
TBKKIAUTH Amount Authorization/Dual Control Payment Items
TBKKIBU BCA / Int. Payment Transactions: Buttons to Hide
TBKKICTR Amount Authorization/Dual Control Payment Items
TBKKIDC BCA: Document Types
TBKKIDCT Text Table Document Types
TBKKIDF BCA: Defaults for Transaction
TBKKIDT BCA/Internal Payment Trans.: Control Table for Dialog Callup
TBKKIFS Field Status Control (Internal Payment Transactions)
TBKKIFV Function Variants for Document Type and Activity
TBKKIPROC BCA: Processes for Payment Transactions
TBKKIPROCT BCA: Text Table for Payment Transaction Processes


SAP Package FKBP contains 13 views.

V_TBKK_PAYNT_OFF Offsetting Payment Notes Category Maintenance
V_TBKKI_02A Assign Function Variants
V_TBKKI_03 Field Groups Maintenance
V_TBKKI_04 Maintenance of Field Status Resulting from Activity
V_TBKKI_05 Maintenance of Field Status Resulting from Document Type
V_TBKKI1 Assignment Medium/Payment Method for Process
V_TBKKI2 Assignment GL Processes to BCA Processes
V_TBKKIAUTH Amount Authorizations Payment Items Maintenance
V_TBKKICTR Amount Authorization Payment Items Maintenance
V_TBKKIDC Document Types Maintenance
V_TBKKIDF BCA: Transaction Default Maintenance
V_TBKKIDT Maintenance Transactions
V_TBKKIPRC BCA: Payment Transaction Processes Maintenance


SAP Package FKBP contains 76 structures.

BCA_STR_ACC_BL Structure Table Dialog Box Payment Transaction Blocks
BCA_STR_CUST_FIELDS Structure Container Field
BCA_STR_PUBLIC_CONT Public Container Structure for BCA Item Table
BKK_APIEXP_AI Interest Penalty Decision
BKK_APIIMP_AI Interest Penalty Decision
BKK_CHECK_CL Error Checks on Routing Item
BKK_CHECK_ITEM Error Checks on Turnover Item
BKK_CHECK_RCV Error Checks on Recipient Item
BKK_CHECK_SND Error Checks on Ordering Party Item
BKK_IT_AI Posting Decision: Interest Penalty
BKK_ITEM_AI Interest Penalty Decision
BKK_ITEM_CHECK Error Checks for Turnover Items
BKK_S_ID_FIBA_ITEM Data for Archiving Payment Items
BKK_STR_CURR_CHANGE_PI Structure for Planned Items Currency changeover
IBKK_ACEXT External account number
IBKK_ACINT Internal account number
IBKK_AMACI Amount in Account Currency (Internal -> PL9)
IBKK_AMITE Amounts in Account Currency (External ->CHAR 25)
IBKK_AMITI Amounts in Account Currency (Internal -> PL9)
IBKK_FUT_DECRE_POST Export Structure Val. Date Deb./Cred. Amounts + Bal. (ext.)
IBKK_FUT_DECRE_VAL Export Structure Val. Date Deb./Cred. Amounts + Bal. (ext.)
IBKK_ITDDY Screen Fields for Payment Item
IBKK_ITEDY Initial Screen Fields Payment Item
IBKK_ITEM Payment Item
IBKK_MISC Reference Structure for Other Fields
IBKK_NEWPOS Structure for Creating New Document Positions
IBKK_NOTE Payment notes Data (Internal)
IBKK_NT BCA: Structure for Payment Notes (Table Control)
IBKK_PDGEN Screen Structure Payment Order: Header, General Fields
IBKK_PDINF BCA / Payment Transactions: Administration Information
IBKK_PDREC Screen Structure Payment Order: Recipients
IBKK_PDRKY Screen Structure Payment Order: Return Keys
IBKK_PDSND Screen Structure Payment Order: Sender
IBKK_PDTXT BCA/ Internally Initiated PT: Screen Structure Text Fields
IBKK_PDYN1 Remaining Screen Fields Payment Order
IBKK_PI_DYN_ADD Screen Payment Item: Additional Data
IBKK_PI_DYN_ADMIN Screen Payment Item: Administration Data
IBKK_PI_DYN_BASIC Screen Payment Item: Base Data (Account, Amounts)
IBKK_PI_DYN_GL Payment Item Screen: General Ledger Information
IBKK_PI_DYN_GL_ACTION Payment Item Screen: General Ledger Action
IBKK_PI_DYN_HEADER Screen Payment Item: Header Data
IBKK_PI_DYN_REFERENCE Screen Payment Item: Reference Data
IBKK_PI_DYN_START Screen Payment Item: Initial Screen
IBKK_PPROC Import Structure for Result of Postprocessing (BAPI)
IBKK_PSTCL Import Structure for Post Clearing (BAPI)
IBKK_PSTIT Import Structure for Post Item
IBKK_PSTPI Import Structure for Post Item (BAPI)
IBKK_PSTRC Import Structure for Post Receiver (BAPI)
IBKK_PSTSD Import Structure for Post Sender (BAPI)
IBKK_PYDAT Date Details
IBKK_PYNOT Payment Notes Data (External)
IBKK_REFNO Reference Numbers
IBKK_REFNOPAYM Reference Numbers of External Payment Transaction System
IBKK_SBKKIT Data Structure of Tables BKKIT and BKKITENQ
IBKK_SBKKTMP_SEARCH Search Help for Planned Payment Item
IBKK_SYPO Posting Date of Bank Areas
IBKK_TAMITE Amounts in Transaction Currency (External -> CHAR 25)
IBKK_TAMITI Amounts in Transaction Currency (Internal -> PL 9)
IBKK_TRPOP BCA: Structure for Transfer Posting Dialog Box
IBKK_XCHECK_ITEM Structure for Checks and Results for Payment Items
IBKK_XCHK Disposition: Indicator Deactivating Partial Checks
IBKK_XCHKR Item Check: Indicator Partial Checks Ended with Errors
IBKKAPIIMP API: Import Structure for Payment Items (BCA)
IBKKAPISTA API: Export Structure Payment Item with Processing Status
IBKKBADIEX Data Transfer Balances: External
IBKKBADIIN Data Transfer Balances: Internal
IBKKBAPTA1 BAPI: Structure for S.F.P. Balance
IBKKBAPTPI BAPI: Structure for Turnover List
IBKKBAPTPN BAPI: Structure of Payment Notes Data
IBKKIARCH01 Log Display for Archiving Payment Items
IBKKITADM Admin. Data BCA Document (Payment Item, Payment Order)
IBKKITDIIN Data Transfer Payment Item: Internal
IBKKRTRNPN Fields for Payment Notes for Returns
VBKKNT Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package FKBP contains 10 programs.

KCBKKKPO External data transfer payment item (direct input): Template program
KCBKKKSA External Data Transfer Balances (Direct Input): Template Program
RFBKAITA Archiving Payment Items: Archiving Program
RFBKAITD Archiving Payment Items: Delete Program
RFBKAITR Archiving Payment Items: Reload Program
RFBKAITS Archiving Payment Items: Analysis Program
RFBKENQ1 BCA: Transfer Post Payment Item from BKKITENQ to BKKIT
RFBKIZI2 BCA: Control Report Payment Item (displ.,rev.,pst.pri.per.,edit gen.)
RFBKPI01 BCA: Call Screen Int. Payment Transactions via Transaction Parameter
RFBKPICHCUR Euro Currency Changeover for Planned Items

Search Helps

SAP Package FKBP contains 1 search helps.

BKK_F4_DOCNO_TMP Search Help for Planned Items

Message Classes

SAP Package FKBP contains 3 message classes.

1J BKK: Dialog Zahlungsauftrag
1N BKK: Dialog Zahlungsposten
1P Zahlungsverkehr

Authorization Objects

SAP Package FKBP contains 7 authorization objects.

F_PAIT_ACG BCA Payment Item: Authorization Group According to Account
F_PAIT_ACT BCA Payment Item: Activity
F_PAIT_ATT BCA Payment Item: Authorization Types
F_PAIT_BKA BCA Payment Item: Bank Area
F_PAIT_BPG BCA Payment Item: Authorization Group According to BP
F_PAIT_GRP BCA Payment Item: Authorization Group
F_PAIT_PRG BCA Payment Item: Authorization Group According to Product