SAP Package AIP

IM capital investment prog.(master data, budget, info syst.)

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The package AIP (IM capital investment prog.(master data, budget, info syst.)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package AIP
Short Text IM capital investment prog.(master data, budget, info syst.)
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package AIP contains 69 function groups.

1057 Business Object Investment Program
1157 Function Module for BUS1157
1158 Function Module for BUS1158
0IM1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0IM3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0IM6 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0IM7 Expanded table maintenance (scale)
0IM9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0IMA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0IMB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0IMD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
AIP1 Inv. program FMs budgeting/reporting
AIP2 Capital Invstmt Programs Master Data
AIP2_CHECK Check Functions for Master Data
AIP2_TC_CHECK Check Modules for Table Control
AIP3 Management of dep. simulation data
AIP4 Management of long texts
AIP5 Management of classification
AIP9 Status Management
AIPA General FMs for CI Programs
AIPA_APPL_LOG Standardized Application Log
AIPA_AUTH_CHECK Authorization checks
AIPA_BUFFERS Managmt of master data and value buffer
AIPA_CHECK_MEAS_DELETION Checks for deletion of measure/app.req.
AIPA_CHECK_MEAS_YRCHG Checks for measure budget carryforward
AIPA_CHECK_PROGPOS_ALLOC Checks for assignmt/removal frm prog.pos
AIPA_COPY_VALUES Copy Functions for Plan / Budget
AIPA_CURR Currency Translation Plan / Budget
AIPA_F4 Entry help and checks
AIPA_FUNC_BP Functions for budget processor
AIPA_FUNC_MEAS_PLANNING CO Objects : Plan Lock/Auth. in InvProgr
AIPA_GENR Generation of programs
AIPA_IPASSG Assignment Meas./App.Req. to Prog.Pos.
AIPA_RECALC Recalculation Functions of Inv.Program
AIPB Service Modules for IM BAPIs
AIPB_ALE ALE Modules for IM Distribution
AIPC POSID/POSNR Conversion Exits
AIPE Enqueue/Dequeue
AIPF - free -
AIPG - free -
AIPH_ASSIGNABLE_OBJ_BUFFER Buffer for Assignable CO Objects (IMPS)
AIPH_EO_APPLICATION_LOG Application Log for Program Generation
AIPH_EO_BUFFER_EVENT IM-Specific Handler for Buffer Events
AIPH_EO_BUFFERS Enterprise Organization: Object Buffers
AIPH_EO_COLUMN Column Contents
AIPH_EO_DETAIL Ent.Org. Framework: Detail Area
AIPH_EO_DETAIL_ORG_UNIT EO: Detail Screen for Org. Units
AIPH_EO_EP_GENERATION Generation of Programs from the EO
AIPH_EO_FRAMEWORK Initialization of the EO Framework
AIPH_EO_INTERFACE Function Modules Used in EO Interface
AIPH_EO_OVERVIEW_OBJECT EO Framework: General Overview Object
AIPH_EO_RELATIONS Relations between Objects in the EO
AIPH_EO_STATUS EO Framework: GUI Status
AIPH_EPDEF_BUFFER Program Definition Buffer
AIPH_EPPOS_BUFFER Program Position Buffer
AIPH_SEARCHTOOL EntOrg: Search Functions
AIPI Drill-down report for inv. programs
AIPJ IM Info system: General Services
AIPK EIS investment aspect: data collection
AIPL Service modules for dep. simulation
AIPO Management of measures
AIPP Assign measure --> Program position
AIPP_FUNC_WBS_ELEMENTS Functions for WBS elements
AIPR Read modules: capital investmt programs
AIPR_CURR Read Values in Crcy <> CO Area Crcy
AIPU CI Program Update
AIPX Generated FMs for change documents IMTP
AIPY Generated FMs for change documents IMPR


SAP Package AIP contains 106 transactions.

IM00 Investment programs
IM01 Create Investment Program
IM02 Change Investment Program
IM03 Display Investment Program
IM05 Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests
IM11 Create Investment Program Position
IM12 Change Investment Program Position
IM13 Display Inv. Program Position
IM20 Ongoing settings for inv. program
IM22 Change Investment Program Structure
IM23 Display Investment Program Structure
IM24 Create Investment Program
IM25 Create Investment Program
IM27 IM: Open new approval year
IM27_CLOSE IM: Close old approval year
IM27_REPEAT IM: Open New Approv. Yr- Repeat Run
IM28 Copy investment program
IM30 Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM31 Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM32 Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Position
IM33 Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position
IM34 Determining Default Plan Value IM
IM35 Change Plan on Inv. Program Position
IM36 Display plan on prog. position
IM38 Change return on program position
IM39 Display return on program position
IM40 Change supplement on operative objs
IM41 Display suppmt on operative objects
IM42 Change budget operative objects
IM43 Display budget operative objects
IM44 Determining Default Budget Value IM
IM48 Change return on operative objects
IM49 Display return on operative objects
IM52 Process budget distribution
IM53 Display budget distribution
IM54 Investment Program Reorganization
IM64 Transfer from Old Investment Program
IMBPUP Plan/Budget Rollup
IMCAOV Budget Carryfwd for Inv.Programs
IMCCP1 Copy Plan -> Budget (Inv.Prog)
IMCCP2 Transfer App.Req. Plan -> Meas. Plan
IMCCP3 Copy Plan -> Budget (Projects)
IMCCP4 Copy Plan -> Budget (Orders)
IMCCV1 Copy Plan Vers. -> PlanVers(InvProg)
IMCOC1 Consistency Check (Inv.Prog.)
IMCOC3 Consistency Check (Projects)
IMCOC4 Consistency Check (Orders)
IMCRC1 Currency Reacalculation (Inv.Prog.)
IMCRC2 Currency Recalculation (App.Req.)
IMCRC3 Currency Recalculation (Projects)
IMCRC4 Currency Recalculation (Orders)
IMCU Config. menu Investment Management
IMDG Generate User-Defined Characteristic
IME0 Execute Inv. Program Report
IME1 Create cap.inv.program report
IME2 Change cap.inv.program report
IME3 Display cap.inv.prog. report
IME4 Create layout set for inv.prog. rep.
IME5 Change layout set for inv.prog. rep.
IME6 Display layout set for inv.prog.rep.
IME8 Client transport-inv. prog.reports
IME9 Client transport of forms
IMEB Background processing of reports
IMEC Maint. of currcy.conv. type inv.prg.
IMEG Generate User-Defined Characteristic
IMEK Maintain ratios
IMEM Test monitor - inv. prog. reports
IMEO Transport inv. prog. reports
IMEO_GEN Generate Inv.Program frm Ent.Organiz
IMEO1 Create Inv.Program in Enterprise Org
IMEO2 Change Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.
IMEO3 Display Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.
IMEP Transport forms for inv. program
IMEQ Import inv.prog. rep. frm client 000
IMER Import forms from client 000
IMET Transl. tool - Dr.-down rep. inv.prg
IMEV Maintain global variables
IMEX Reorganize invest. program reports
IMEY Reorganize inv. prog. report data
IMEZ Reorganize forms for
IMKBUD Original Budget = Current Budget
IMPBA3 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects)
IMPBA4 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders)
IMR1 Values for Capital Investment Prog.
IMR3 Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg.
IMR8 Non-Assigned Measures/App.Req.
IMR9 Check of Inheritance in Inv.Program
IMSL Set language for text
IMV1 Changes to Investment Programs
IMV2 Changes to CI Program Positions
OIB3 Budget profile: proj.->invst.prg.typ
OIB4 Budg. profile order -> inv.prog.type
OIT2 Edit masks for inv. prog. position
OIT3 Program types
OIT4 Number range maint: IM_POSNR
OIT5 Assignmt of actual vals to bdgt cat.
OIT8 Budget categories
OITD Definition of scale
OITE Version aspect cap.inv. FI-AA/PM
OITF Version aspect cap.inv. IM/PS/CO-OPA
OITG Value type aspect cap. investments
OITK Key figure allocation for scale
OITW Lower value limit for scale
ORDO Download of an Investment Program
ORUP Upload of an Investment Program
S_P00_07000079 Orders: Settlement Statement

Database Tables

SAP Package AIP contains 36 database tables.

IMPR Investment Program Positions
IMPS Assignable Operative Objs for Capital Investment Positions
IMPU Texts for cap. inv. program positions
IMPZ Investment Program Positions
IMTP Investment programs
IMTT Capital Investment Program Texts
IMZO Assignment Table: CO Object - Capital Investment Prog.Pos.
IMZR Assignment Table: CO Object - Cap.Inv.Prog.Pos. (Reports)
TAI01 CI Program Position Editing Mask: Control
TAI02 Editing Masks for CI Program Positions
TAI03 Texts for CI Program Position Editing Masks
TAI05 CI Program Types
TAI06 CI Program Type Texts
TAI07 Operative objects for inv. programs that can be allocated
TAI08 Budget categories for capital investment programs
TAI09 Texts for IM budget categories
TAI10 Use of capital investment program budget categories
TAI11 Group shares in Inv. Program Info System
TAI12 Type of organizational unit
TAI12T Description: Type of organizational unit
TAI13 Allowed values of user-defined organizational units
TAI13T Texts for allowed values of user-defined org. units
TAI14 Levels in investment program for automatic creation
TAI15 Select-options for org. units
TAIF IM Drilldown: Characteristic Catalog
TAIF2 Plan versions per approval year and program type
TAIF5 Scale of investment objects
TAIF5T Scale of investment objects
TAIF7 Approval levels for plan versions
TAIFD IM Drilldown: Characteristic Dependencies
TAIGD Scale of investment objects
TAIGK Key figure key for scale
TAIGM Possible key figures keys for scale
TAIGS Key figure key for scale (language-dependent)
TAIGW Definition of the scale of investment measures
TAPRFT Text tab. for investment profile


SAP Package AIP contains 39 views.

M_IMPRA Generated View for Matchcode ID IMPR -A
M_IMPRC Generated View for Matchcode ID IMPR -C
V_IMAK Appropriation Request and Its Text
V_IMAKPI Test for mass changes to app. request
V_IMEO_SEARCH Help View for Data Selection in Enterprise Organization
V_IMPR_VERNA Name of Responsible Person in Table IMPR
V_IMZO_TP View for checking budget categories used in IMZO with IMTP
V_INVST_OR Relevant fields from AUFK for investments
V_INVST_PR Relevant fields for investments from PRPS and PROJ
V_IVP_OR Relevant order master data for investment program
V_IVP_PR Relevant WBS elem/proj. master data for investment program
V_SH_IM_VERSN View for Search Help for IM Plan Version: SH_IM_VERSN
V_T003O_I1 Assign invest. profile to model order
V_T003O_I2 Assign capitalization key to model order
V_TAI02_SH Helpview for V_TAI02
V_TAI05 Investment program types
V_TAI05_1 Assign status profile for cap.inv.program type
V_TAI05_2 Specify budget distribution in inv. prog. type
V_TAI05_3 Assign planning profile to inv. prog. type
V_TAI05_4 Assign budget profil to inv. program type
V_TAI05_DIMEN Assign Consolidation dimensions to inv.prog. type
V_TAI07 Operative objects for inv. programs that can be allocated
V_TAI08 Budget categories per program type
V_TAI10 Use of budget categories per program type
V_TAI11 Group shares
V_TAI11_CS Group shares
V_TAI11_TF180 Hierarchy of consolidation groups for IM Info System
V_TAI11_TF180_CS Hierarchy of consolidation groups for IM Info System
V_TAI12_RESTR Limit Search Help to User Organizational Units
V_TAI12T Types of organizational units
V_TAI13T Allowed values of user-defined organizational units
V_TAI14 Levels in investment program for automatic creation
V_TAI15 Select-options for org. units
V_TAIF2_01 Assignment of Authorization Level to Version/Approval Year
V_TAIF2_02 Version for carryforward at fiscal year change
V_TAIGW Lower value limits for scale
V_TBP1C_I1 Inv. program type for budget profile for order/project
VV_TBP1C_I1_VO Inv. program type for budget profile for order/project
VV_TBP1C_I1_VP Inv. program type for budget profile for order/project


SAP Package AIP contains 113 structures.

AUFKV_REQ Order for appropriation request
BAPI1057C0 Investment Program: Interface parameters for summarization
BAPI1057C1 Investment Program: Assigned measures with text
BAPI1057C2 Investment Program: Assigned profit centers with text
BAPI1057C3 Investment Program: Assigned cost centers with text
BAPI1057C4 Investment Program: Assigned plants with text
BAPI1057C5 Investment Program: Assigned technical locations with text
BAPI1057C6 Investment Program: Assigned approp. requests with text
BAPI1057CA Inv. Program: Value selection for summarization
BAPI1057CC Investment Program: Characteristics for summarization
BAPI1057CD Investment Program: Summarization data, FILE interface
BAPI1057CP Investment Program: Position, name, scale
BAPI1057CR Investment Program: Appropriation request with end nodes
BAPI1057CS Investment Program: Scale
BAPI1057ID Investment Program: Identification (incl. From position)
BAPIEPD_RANGE_APPROVALYEAR Selection parameter for ExpenditureProgDef/ApprovalYear
BAPIEPD_RANGE_PROGRAM Selection parameter for ExenditureProgDef-Program
BAPIPROGDEF Program Definition
BAPIPROGDEFNEW Program Definition
BAPIPROGDEFOLD Program Definition
BAPIPROGSTATACTVT Activities for System Status Change of Program Positions
BAPIPROGSTATUS System Status and User Status of Program Positions
BAPIPROGSTRUC Program Structure
BAPIPROGUSERSTAT User Status of Program Positions
BAPIPROGVAL Program Values
BAPIPROGVALLIST Values for Reporting for Programs
BPGE_IM Budgeting/planning: total values
BPJA_IM Budgeting/planning: annual values
CIMPS Structure of Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CIMPU Structure of Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CIMTT Structure of Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CIMZO Structure of Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CIMZR Structure of Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
E1BPPROGDEF Program Definition
E1BPPROGDEFNEW Program Definition
E1BPPROGDEFOLD Program Definition
EIMTP Locking structure for sub-trees of investment programs
EPDEF Inv. Program Definition with Short Text
EPDEF_ID Investment Program ID
EPPOS Program Position with Short Text
EPPOS_ID Inv. Program Position ID
EPPOS_KEYS Internal and External Keys of Inv. Program Positions
EPPOS_NR Internal Keys of Program Positions
FIN_RAIMAEPR01_ALV Structure for header data of RAIMAEPR
FIN_RAIMAEPR02_ALV Structure for Item Data of RAIMAEPR
FIN_RAIMAETP01_ALV Structure for header data of RAIMAETP
FIN_RAIMAETP02_ALV Structure for Item Data of RAIMAETP
FIN_RAIMDELE01_ALV Structure for Program RAIMDELE
GTC_CHOOSE_IM_BUDGTYPE Selection of budget category
GTC_CHOOSE_IM_TOPPOS Selection of top prog. position
GTC_ORDER Table Control Fields for Assignment of Orders
GTC_PROGPOS Structure for Fast Entry of Positions in Table Control
GTC_REQUEST Table Control Fields for Assignment of App. Requests
GTC_WBSELEM Table Control Fields for Assignment of WBS Elements
IMA_PLANNING_BLOCK_AUTH Check planability of order/WBS for lock/authorization
IMA_TREETAB Object Numbers (in Projects w/ Hierarchy, Incl. Predecessor)
IMEO_HIT_LIST Hit List for Search in Enterprise Organization
IMFACRIT Characteristics for data transfer IM-FA/PS/CO-OPA to EIS
IMFAEIS Sender struct. for data transfer frm IM-FA/PS/CO-OPA to EIS
IMFAKEYFIG Key figures for data transfer IM-FA/PS/CO-OPA to EIS
IMHIER Locking structure for sub-trees of investment programs
IMPR_FILE Transfer structure for cap. investment programs
IMSELOPT Structure of generic SELECT-OPTION for (dynamic selections)
IPASSG Program Assignments to Measure/App.Req.
IPASSG_SINGLE Program Assignment
PROJ_REQ Project definition for appropriation request
PRPS_REQ WBS element for appropriation request
RAIMACT Actual values
RAIP_CONS_CHECK Messages from Consistency Check for Plan/Budget
RAIP_DYNP IM: Screen fields
RAIP_OBJ IM object number
RAIP_OBJ2 CO object with subnumber
RAIP_OBJCP Sender/Receiver when Copying Plan / Budget
RAIP_OBJCURR Pointer Table: Object Number -> Object Currency
RAIP_POS List of Program Positions (External Key)
RAIP_PSCHECK Transfer structure for checks PS <-> IM
RAIP_STRUC_BP_UPD_IN Import for update budget processor
RAIP_STRUC_BP_UPD_OUT Export for update budget processor
RAIP1 Help Structure for Capital Investment Program Fields
RAIP2 Structure for screen text fields (capital investment progs)
RAIP3 Help Structure for Capital Investment Program Fields
RAIPATTR Attributes for Position, Measure or Appropriation Request
RAIPCOS Actual/down payment/commitment measure
RAIPIS Help Structure for Info System for Investment Programs
RAIPPASC Data for partner determination procedure
RAIPWI Key figures for preinvestment analysis per plan version
RIM_LEVEL Pointer Table: Position ID -> Level within Subtree
RIMOBJTYPE Selection of an Object Type
RIMPR CI Program Position + Update Indicator
RIMPS IMPS Table + Update Indicator
RIMPU CI Program Position Texts + Update Indicator
RIMTP CI Program + Update Indicator
RIMTT CI Program Text + Update Indicator
RIMZO IMZO + Update Indicator
RIMZR IMZR + Update Indicator
RIPASP Inv.program drilldowns: Structure for data transfer
RIPASP_KF Investment program drilldowns: Key figures
RIPASP_KFC Inv. prog. drilldowns: Characteristics specifiying key figs.
RIPASP_MDC Inv. Prog. Drilldowns: Characteristics for Master Data
RIPASP_SEL Investment Program Drilldown: Selection fields
RIPASW Values for Reporting for Programs
ROW_APPLEV Line Category: CO Object Numbers and Plan Lock/Auth. Check


SAP Package AIP contains 55 programs.

IMEO_EP_GENERATE_BG Generate inv. program from (batch job)
IMEO_INTERFACE Interface for Enterprise Organization
RAIM_CREATE_FROM_EO Generate Investment Program from Enterprise Organization
RAIM_DOWNLOAD Download of an Investment Program
RAIM_GEN_FROM_EO Generate Investment Program from Enterprise Organization
RAIM_GEN_FROM_HIER Create Investment Program
RAIM_GEN_FROM_ORG Create Investment Program
RAIM_UPLOAD Create an Investment Program Sub-Tree
RAIMACHG Budget distribution
RAIMAEPR Changes to Investment Program Positions
RAIMAETP Changes to Investment Programs
RAIMAKTB Subsequent setting of 'budget distribution' indicator
RAIMBPBK Creation of missing entries in BPBK
RAIMBPUP Plan/Budget Rollup
RAIMCAOV Investment Program Budget Carryforward
RAIMCAOV1 Investment Program Budget Carryforward
RAIMCAT0 Load CATT Variants from File on Presentation Server
RAIMCCP1 Automatic Check or Adjustment of Values (Investment Programs)
RAIMCCP2 Transfer Appropriation Request Plan to Measure Plan
RAIMCCP3 Automatic Check or Adjustment of Values (Projects)
RAIMCCP4 Automatic Check or Adjustment of Values (Orders)
RAIMCRC2 Currency Recalculation of Plan for Appropriation Requests
RAIMDELE Completely Delete Capital Investment Programs
RAIMDIRT Cleaning up of table IMZO (assignment of measure to program position)
RAIMDNEW New calculation of distributed values
RAIMDNEW_30 Recalculate distrib. values for 3.0
RAIMDOLD Download investment program
RAIMEIS1 EIS aspect for investments: data collectn for order/inv.prog./project
RAIMEWMS Internal Use - (Does Everything)
RAIMGENCHAR Generation of Characteristic Catalog for Drilldown (Cust.Enhancement)
RAIMGENR Create investment program
RAIMGENR100 Create Investment Program
RAIMHERCHK Check Report: Inheritance of Org. Units in Investment Program
RAIMHIER Display/Maintain Capital Investment Program Structure
RAIMHYRP Repair of hierarchy information in investment program
RAIMINFO Structure and value list for inv. program.
RAIMKBUD Set Original Budget to Equal Current Budget
RAIMLANG Set text language
RAIMNOTCON Measures/App. Requests not Assigned to Investment Program
RAIMPBA3 Adjustment of Plan/Budget to Agree with Assigned Vals (Projects)
RAIMPBA4 Adjustment of Plan/Budget to Agree with Assigned Vals (Orders)
RAIMREC1 IM Info System (internal): Compare drilldown struct. and intern.struct
RAIMREC2 IM Info System (internal): Compare drilldown struct. and fld. catalog
RAIMRECH Drilldown for inv.programs: Report user interface
RAIMREDA Drilldown for inv. programs: Data collection (using log. DB IMA)
RAIMREEB InvProgPosition: Budget line items
RAIMREEP Investment Program Position: Plan Line Items
RAIMSELM Budget distribution
RAIMSTAT Determine a Quantity Structure for an Investment Program
RAIMUPLD Create investment program
RAIMZODL Delete illogical entries in IMZO
RAIP_SIZE Online Calculation of Scale of Investment Measures
RIPTIMEK Drilldown for inv. programs: Calculated key figures

Search Helps

SAP Package AIP contains 29 search helps.

H_REQUEST Search Help for Appropriation Requests
H_WBSELEM Search Help for WBS Element IDs
IMEO_POSNR Entry of Progam Position
IMEO_SEARCH_HELP Search Help for Enterprise Organization
IMPR Matchcode object: investment program positions
IMPRA Search by Program Name, Position ID, Approval Year
IMPRB Search by short text
IMPRC Search by priority, reason for investment
IMPRD Search by person(s) responsible
IMPRE Search by organizational units
IMPRF Search using scale
IMPRH Search using program hierarchy
IMPRK Search by classification system
IMTP Inv. Program Matchcode Object
IMTPA Search by program name, fiscal year, program type
IMTPB Search by short text
IMTPC Search by person responsible
IMUO_SEARCH Collective Search Help for Inv. Program in Enterprise Org.
IMUO_SEARCH_ID Search by Program Name, Position ID, Approval Year
SH_IM_BUDGPROF Search Help for Program Budget Profile
SH_IM_PLANPROF Search Help for Program Plan Profile
SH_IM_REPCUR Currency for Reporting
SH_IM_VERNA Search Help for Name of Responsible Person
SH_IM_VERSN Search help IM plan version
SH_IMPR Complex search help for inv. program position
SH_IMTP Collective search help for inv. program definition
SH_OUTYP User Organizational Units IM
SH_TAI02 Search Help for Coding Masks IM
V_SH_IM_VERSN View for search help SH_IM_VERSN

Message Classes

SAP Package AIP contains 5 message classes.

AP Nachrichten zu Investitionsprogrammen
AP_COPY Kopierfunktionen für Plan/Budget
AP2 Nachrichten zu Investitonsprogrammen
APBAPI Nachrichten zu IM-BAPIs
APEO Investitionsprogramme in der Unternehmensorganisation

Authorization Objects

SAP Package AIP contains 8 authorization objects.

A_IM_EIS Controlling Area for Data Retrieval Program EIS
A_IMPR_BUK Company Codes for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_GSB Business Areas for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_KOK Controlling Areas for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_PRC Profit Center for Investment Program Positions
A_IMPR_VER Persons Resp. for Investment Program Positions
A_IMTP_ART Program Type for Investment Programs
A_IMTP_SYS System Activities for Program Types