SAP Package ATPG

Application development ATP server

The package ATPG (Application development ATP server) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package ATPG
Short Text Application development ATP server
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package ATPG contains 8 function groups.

ATP0 ATP Server
ATP1 Lock Management
ATP2 Access to Database / Global Buffer
ATP3 ATP Server: Availability Check Routines
ATP4 ATP Explanation Facilities
ATP5 Update global buffer
ATP6 ATP: Assembly Functions
ATPC ATP/APO Controller


SAP Package ATPG contains 3 transactions.

ACBD Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check
CO06 Backorder Processing
CO09 Availability Overview


SAP Package ATPG contains 10 views.

ATP_AFPO ATP Server: Read View on Table AFPO
ATP_EBAN ATP Server: Read View on Table EBAN
ATP_EBUB ATP Server: Read View on Table EBUB/EBAN
ATP_EKES ATP Server: Read View on Table EKPO/EKES
ATP_EKET ATP Server: Read View on Table EKPO/EKET
ATP_EKUB ATP Server: Read View for Table EKUB/EKPO/EKET
ATP_PLAF ATP Server: Read View on Table PLAF
ATP_PLPW ATP Server: read view for table PLPW/PLAF
ATP_RESB ATP Server: Read View on Table RESB
ATP_VBBE ATP Server: Read View on Table VBBE


SAP Package ATPG contains 83 structures.

AODATA ATP: Assembly order data for availability check
APOATP07 ATP: Check Rule in APO
APOATPINPAR ATP: Input parameter for availability check on APO server
APOATPOUTPAR ATP: Output parameter for availability check in APO
APOCORR ATP: Correction Records for APO
APODOC ATP: Key Fields Document for APO
APOINPAR ATP: Input Parameter for Availability Check on APO Server
APOOUTPAR ATP: Output Parameter for Availability Check in APO
APOREQ ATP: Requirements for availability check on APO server
APOREQDIA ATP/APO: Dialog data/Reqmts schedule line for interface
APOREQGRP ATP: Requirements group structure from check on APO server
APOREQITM ATP: Reqmts schedule line for availability check in APO
APOREQITMDIA ATP/APO: Dialog data/Reqmts schedule line for interface
APORES ATP: Result from availability check on APO server
APORES_SCH Scheduling Results for Confirmation Date
APORIT_SCH Scheduling Results for Requirement Items
APOSUBGRP ATP: Requirements Subgroup Structure for Check in APO Server
ATP_S ATP Server: ATP Stack
ATP_VBBE_EXT ATP Server: ATP_VBBE + Status Flag
ATP00 ATP Server: Reference Structure for Interfaces
ATP1A ID Numbers of Check Entries in Lock Server
ATP1B Exclusive Lock Argument of ATP Server
ATP1SL Tables that must be read directly from the database
ATPALL ATP Server: Data for Product Allocation
ATPALT ATP Server: Structure for Handling Alternative Items
ATPAPO Transfer structure for data from R/3 to APO system
ATPASS ATP Server: Item-Dependent Data for Assembly Processing
ATPBI ATP Server: ID for 'Shared Buffer' Table
ATPCA ATP Controller: Control Parameters
ATPCB ATP Controller: Information Parameters
ATPCC ATP Controller: Date/Quantity Parameters
ATPCF ATP Server: Configuration Data
ATPCS ATP: Requirements to be Checked/Considered
ATPCS_RET Sales Requirements after Backorder Processing (PIATPCS_RET)
ATPD ATP Server: Time Axis in Main Memory Table
ATPDI ATP Server: Control Initialization of Internal Tables
ATPDIA ATP-Server: Dialogue data
ATPDIAW ATP-Server: Dialog data for plant selection
ATPDOC ATP: Key Fields for Document
ATPDS ATP Server: ATP data for display
ATPDT ATP Server: Internal Document table for DELTA Management
ATPENQ Enqueue Structure ATP Server
ATPENQ_I Enqueue Structure ATP Server
ATPENQ_KE Enqueue Structure for ATP Server: Exclusive Lock Section
ATPGA Information on Material and Segments to be Checked
ATPGB ATP Server: Parameter of Plant To Be Checked
ATPGC Parameter: Quantities and Dates / Results of Check
ATPGD ATP Server: General Control and Information Parameters
ATPH Header Table: Availability Check
ATPHI ATP Server: definition of hierarchy
ATPIDX Index Table for Availability Check
ATPK Neutral Headers for Availability Check
ATPMAT ATP Server: Material Table
ATPMDB ATP-Server: Structure for shared buffer data / MRP area
ATPME ATP Server: Structure for Shared Buffer Data / Expanded
ATPMK ATP Server: Key Structure for DELTA_MERGE
ATPMP ATP Server: Material and Plant Structure
ATPMSG ATP: Message Structure
ATPPC ATP Server: Partial Confirmation Data at Schedule Line Level
ATPPLANT ATP Server: Plant Data for Availability Check
ATPRE ATP: Data for Reference Relationships
ATPREF1 ATP: Data for Reference between Documents
ATPREQTERM ATP: Shipping and Transport Dates for Requested Sched. Lines
ATPS ATP: Access Key in Main Memory Table
ATPSB ATP Server: 'Shared Buffer' Table for VBBE ...
ATPSB_KEY ATP Server: Key for ATP Objects in Shared Buffer
ATPSDU ATP: Scheduling durations
ATPSG Availability structure for several items
ATPSL ATP list of documents for one material & plant with shortage
ATPSOP ATP: Options for delivery scheduling
ATPSSP ATP: Scheduling of goods recipient view on customer master
ATPSY ATP Server: System Data of Calling System
ATPT ATP document
ATPTERM ATP: Shipping and transportation scheduling dates
ATPXS ATP Server: Extended ATP Stack
CUOBJS Internal object numbers (Cuobj)
CUOBJS2 Internal Object Number / External Object Number / Item
CUOBJSB Retransfer of Internal Object Numbers (Cuobj)
MRPENQ Enqueue Structure for MRP Run (Shared)
SAPAPO_TIM Scheduling Time
SUBGRPCNV ATP:Conversion Structure for 100% Check


SAP Package ATPG contains 1 programs.

ATPBD001 ATP Server: Shared Buffer Monitor

Message Classes

SAP Package ATPG contains 1 message classes.

AG Nachrichten ATP-Server