SAP Package BAM

Technical Application Analysis

The package BAM (Technical Application Analysis) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package BAM
Short Text Technical Application Analysis
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package BAM contains 13 function groups.

BAEB Application Analysis : Ind. Doc. Anal.
BAM0 Application Analysis: SD Table Analyses
BAM1 Application Analysis: User Exit Analysis
BAM2 Application analysis: Table Maintenance
BAM3 Application Analysis: Display Functions
BAM4 Application analysis: General functions
BAM5 Application analysis: Table analyses PP
BAM6 Application analysis: Table analysis CO
BAM7 Application analysis: Table analysis MM
BAM8 Application Analysis: Retail
BAM9 Application Analysis: PS TR
BAMSAIF Appl. Analysis: IF Service Assistant
BAXX Application-Independent Analysis Tools

Database Tables

SAP Package BAM contains 17 database tables.

APMREPO Programs for Component and Key Figure in Application Monitor
BAM5RTIME Runtime analysis
BAMGROUPS Application Analysis: Analysis Groups
BAMGROUPST Application Analysis: Analysis Group Descriptions
BAMUI Application Analysis: UI: Main List
BAMUIAS Application Analysis: Displaying ASTAT Records in ST14
BAMUIAST Application Analysis: ASTAT Records in ST14
BAMUIDTL Application Analysis: UI: Detail Lists
BAMUIDTLC Application Analysis: UI: Detail Lists: Columns
BAMUIDTLCT Application Analysis: UI Detail Lists, Column Headings
BAMUIT Application Analysis: UI: Main List: Texts
BAMUIVIEW Application Analysis: UI: Views of the Main List
BAMUIVIEWN Application Analysis: UI: Nodes within a View
BAMUIVIEWT Application analysis: UI: Name of views on main list
SDMONICHAR Key Figures for SD Application Monitor
SDMONICHAT SD Monitor: Texts for Key Figures
SDMONITRES Threashold Values for Key Figures of the SD Applic. Monitor


SAP Package BAM contains 27 views.

MDVM_0_BAM View to Primary Index of MDVM
V_AFVC_MIN Mini View of AFVC
V_AUF_RESB Evaluation View Order/Reservation
V_BAM_CAUFV Analysis View of PPS/RK Order Headers
V_BAM_KNVP Application Analysis: Projection on KNVP
V_BAM_KONV Application Analysis: Projection on KONV
V_BAM_LIKP Application Analysis: Projection on LIKP
V_BAM_LIPS Application Analysis: Projection on LIPS
V_BAM_MARA Application Analysis: Projection on MARA
V_BAM_MARC Minimum View of MARC
V_BAM_NAST Application Analysis: Projection on NAST
V_BAM_RESB Projection View to RESB for PP Monitor
V_BAM_STXH Application Analysis: Projection on STXH
V_BAM_T001 Relationship Plant/Currency
V_BAM_VBAK Application Analysis: Projection to VBAK
V_BAM_VBAP Application Analysis: Projection to VBAP
V_BAM_VBPA Application Analysis: Projection to VBPA
V_BAM_VBRK Application Analysis: Projection to VBRK
V_BAM_VBRP Application Analysis: Projection to VBRP
V_BAM_WKBP Application Analysis: Projection to WKBP
V_BAMRESBM Projection View to RESB for PP Monitor (Using Index M)
V_CAUF_MIN Minimal View of CAUFV
V_CAUFV_MI Minimal View of CAUFV
V_MDVM_0 Projection View to Primary Indew of MDVM
V_PBIM_ED Evaluation View for Application Analysis
V_PLAF_RES Reservations for Run Schedule Header
V_T001WMIN Mini View to T001W


SAP Package BAM contains 93 structures.

BAM_MATWRK Plant and material for individual document analysis
BAM_MKAL_SF Application analysis: Production versions
BAM_PRODUCTION_VERSIONS Application analysis: Collective struct. production versions
BAM_RUN_SCHEDULE_HEADER Application analysis: Transfer structure run sched. headers
BAM_SAFK_SF Minimal View of SAFK for Logistics Monitor
BAM_TASK_LISTS Application Analysis: Composite Structure of Work Plans
BAM6STRUC1 Select Structure for Planning Layout
BAMANDIR Application Analysis: Directory Structure & Object Cats
BAMANENV Application Analysis: Analysis Environment
BAMAPPLIC Application Analysis: Applications Included
BAMCLIINFO Application Analysis: Client Overview
BAMCOANPRT Application Analysis: CO Individual Analysis
BAMCOFCT Application Analysis: CO Functions
BAMDOCINFO Application analysis: Structure for F4 help in doc entry
BAMDYNPANJ Appl. Analysis: Screen Help Structure for Analysis Job Sched
BAMEXANDIR Application Analysis: SD: Analysis Directory (Enhanced)
BAMHELP1 Application Analysis: Help Structure : Cat L7
BAMKAPPL Application Analysis: Application for Conditions
BAMKVEWE Application Analysis: Use of Condition Tables
BAMMMANPRT Application analysis: MM individual analyses
BAMMMFCT Application analysis: MM functions
BAMMULTDOC Application analysis: Entering several documents
BAMOTANPRT Application analysis: OT individual analyses
BAMOTFCT Application analysis: OT functions
BAMPPANPRT Application analysis: PP individual analyses
BAMPPFCT Application analysis: PP functions
BAMPROGS list of program names (old)
BAMRTANPRT Application analysis: RT individual analyses
BAMRTDOCU Application analysis: Retail key figure documentation
BAMRTFCT Application analysis: RT functions
BAMRTKEYS Application Analysis: Results Table: Key Fields
BAMRTKEYST Application Analysis: Results Table: Key Flds/Totals Ind.
BAMRTRANGE Application Analysis: Results Table: Area Counter & Sample
BAMRTSMPL Application Analysis: Results Table: Sample
BAMRTTVALS Applicatin Analysis: Results Table: Text Values
BAMRTTYPE0 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Counter
BAMRTTYPE1 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key Fields
BAMRTTYPE2 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key/Counter/Sample
BAMRTTYPE3 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key/Counter/Text
BAMRTTYPE4 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Raster w/ Min/Max
BAMRTTYPE5 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Collection
BAMRTTYPE6 Appl. Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Special Requirements
BAMRTTYPE7 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Special Hit VBSK
BAMRTTYPE8 Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Several Counters
BAMRTTYPE9 Appl. Analysis: Results Table: Cat:Key/Counter/Fields/Text
BAMRTTYPEA Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key/Count./Val./M
BAMSDANPRT Application Analysis: SD Individual Analyses
BAMSDDOCU Application Analysis: SD Key Figure Documentation
BAMSDDOCVL Application Analysis: SD Document Volume
BAMSDFCT Application Analysis: SD Functions
BAMSSMODOB Application Analysis: Source Scan: Modified Reports/Includes
BAMSSPROGN Application Analysis: Source Scan: Program Names
BAMSTATEM Statement and Location
BAMTABI Application Analysis: Table Statistics
BAMTABI_30 Application analysis: table statistics (3.0 version)
BAMTABL Structure for Table Names
BAMUIKEYS Application Analysis: UI: Detail List: Key Fields
BAMUITV Application Analysis: UI: Main List with Texts
BAMVIEWSTR Application analysis: String for display tree in ST14
BASDDAYINT Interval structure in SD Monitor
BASDDIRECT Structure for table of contents for SD quantity structure
BASDINFTAB Structure for Analysis Periods in SD Quantity Structure
BASDKAPPL Structure for applications for message conditions
BASDKNUMV Structure for interval for KNUMV for KONV analysis
BASDKONV Structure for KONV in Application Monitor
BASDLIKP Structure for LIKP Application Monitor
BASDNAST Structure for NAST analysis
BASDRAST Structure for Display in SD Monitor
BASDRASTER Structure for defined raster
BASDSTATUS Struct. in FGroup BASD for Storing the Data Import Status
BASDVBAK Structure for VBAK in Application Monitor
BASDVBAP Structure for item types in order
BASDVBEP Structure for VBEP in SD Monitor
BASDVBRK Structure for VBRK Application Monitor
BASDVEPVG Structure for VEPVG Key Fields
BASDXVGBEL Structure for reference documents in order
BASDXVSTEL Structure for TVST-vstel
BAXXAVAILS Date of available results
BAXXMODOBJ Description of modified objects
BAXXREPIDS Ranges structure for report names
BAXXSRCLIN Line references to reports/includes
KEYSUM Key and Totals Tables for CO Monitor
LA00065712 SD Monitor: Intersection of Runtime and Variant Parameters
LA00065713 SD Monitor: Statist. Data of Del.Collect.Proc. by Variant
LA00065714 SD Monitor: VBSK Analysis (Del.Collective Processing Log)
MONIENVRES Application Monitor: Reserved Fields for Analysis Environmnt
PPMON_MRP Output Structure for MRP Statistics
PPMON_MRP1 Output Structure for MRP Statistics
SAPAPMTABI Structure with Table Info
SAPAPMTABL Structure for Table Names
SDMONIALER Key Figures for SD Application Monitor: Alert Level
TABL_COUNT Parameters for Function Module SAPAM_XX_COUNT_TABLE_ROWS


SAP Package BAM contains 18 programs.

BAM6CGEN Generation of bam6csrc
COMON010 Database - SAP DDIC consistency check for key tables
COMONIND Call report RSORATAB from DB02: Tables and indices
PPMON010 Detailanalyse MRP
PPMON020 ATP server call
SAPMBA00 Application Analysis: Display Detail Results
SAPMBA01 Applicatin Analysis: Display Source Code Scan Results
SAPMBA02 Application Analysis: Table and Source Code Analysis
SAPMBA03 Application Analysis: Initial Transaction ST14 with Analysis Tree
SAPMBA04 Application analysis: Maintain analysis tree
SAPMBA05 Application Analysis: Create/Change Filter for Analysis Tree
SAPMBA06 Application analysis: Printing individual analyses
SAPMBA07 Application analysis: Display the configuration analysis for a doc.
SAPMBA08 Application analysis: Picking out analysis data
SAPMBAM1 Application analysis: Analysis of User Exits
SAPMBAMD Application analysis: Maintain detail list definition
SAPMBAMX Analysis of Modified User Exits, VOFM Routines and Print Programs
SAPMBAPP PP Monitor: (temporary) Start for analysis of table RESB

Message Classes

SAP Package BAM contains 1 message classes.

B4 Technische Anwendungsanalyse