SAP Package BC

Cross-Application Objects PP/PS

The package BC (Cross-Application Objects PP/PS) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BC
Short Text Cross-Application Objects PP/PS
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BC contains 4 function groups.

CNAOBAR Conversion Exits for AFAB-AOBAR
CNSHLPEXIT Search Help Exit
CSCE Conversion Exit NUMCV, IDPOS
PSCONV WBS Conversion Exit

Database Tables

SAP Package BC contains 2 database tables.

TCN02 Key for the Relationship Type (TCN2T)
TCN2T Text Table for TCN02


SAP Package BC contains 18 structures.

BAPI_2002_SHORT_TEXT_RANGE BAPI Interface Structure for Ranges of Network Short Texts
BAPI_CORU_ACTIV Activity confirmations
BAPI_CORU_PARAM Individual parameters for BAPI'S on confirmations
BAPI_CORU_RETURN Return information for APIs
BAPI_METH_MESSAGE Message table for BAPIs (Project System)
BAPI_NETWORK_ACTIVITY_EXP BAPI structure for network activities (export)
BAPI_NETWORK_EXP BAPI structure network (export)
BAPI_NETWORK_LIST BAPI structure for a list of networks
BAPI_NETWORK_LIST_EXP Network and Description
BAPI_NETWORK_RELATION_EXP BAPI structure for network relationships (export)
BAPI_PP_ORDERRANGE BAPI Interface Structure for Ranges of Customer Master ID
E1BP_CORU_ACTIV Activity confirmations
E1BP_CORU_RETURN Return information for APIs
E1CONF_ACT10 Header segment
HIERARCHY Display of Hierarchies as Variable Lists
NETWORK_ORGANIZATION Organization information of a network
PERSON Standard Selection of Persons for Manpower Planning
T512T_ABA Wage/Salary Types Interface Structure ABA ( MSM )

Search Helps

SAP Package BC contains 1 search helps.

PD_DUMMY PD Dummy: Empty Collective Search Help for Application Basis

Message Classes

SAP Package BC contains 2 message classes.

CNAOBAR Nachrichten Konvertierungsexits für Anordnungsbeziehungsart