SAP Package ABA

Structure Package: Application Basis (SAP_ABA)

The package ABA (Structure Package: Application Basis (SAP_ABA)) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Package ABA
Short Text Structure Package: Application Basis (SAP_ABA)
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Embedded Packages

SAP Package ABA contains 260 embedded packages.

ABA_TOOLS Cross-Application Tools for Structure Packages
ABADR Derivation Tool
ACAM CA Application Components
AFX_FRAMEWORK Archiving Framework
AKH_FIN Financials (FIN) Application Components
AKH_PLM PLM Application Components
AXYP Reference Structure Objects
B_SUSR_ABA Authorizations for ABA-specific objects
BAC Interface Repository in ABA: Accounting - General
BACTEXP Functions for Offline Travel and Time Sheet Manager
BALE Application Link Enabling
BALI Application Link Enabling: IDOC Handling
BALV_ADDON Additional Functions with ALV Grid
BANK_PP_JOBCTRL Parallel Processing and Job Control
BANK_PP_MANAGER Analysis and History Functions for Parallel Processing Tool
BBP_WS_BASIS Web Services: Basic Functions
BBTE Business Transaction Events (Open FI)
BC Cross-Application Objects PP/PS
BC_PDM_ALE PDM-Specific ALE Developments
BCA_ARCHIVING_CORE Archiving Objects: Interface Problems
BCATX DB Enhancements for the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
BCL Cross-application objects classification
BCST Consulting Service: Conversion Tools for Logical Conversions
BCTS Cross-Application Time Sheet: Application Basis
BCUR BAPIs for Currencies
BCUS R/3 Customizing General Organization
BCV Document Management System
BDT_DC BDT Development Cockpit
BECU General Customizing Reports
BEWU EMU Conversion: Application Basis
BF FI Cross-application Objects
BF_APP BFA: Application Objects
BF_AUTH Special Authorization Check (Tax Reduction Law)
BF_BANK Bank Master Data
BF_BAPI Business Framework BAPI
BF_SEPA Single Euro Payments Area (Mandate)
BFI_TOOLS General FI Tools for ACC, LO and HR
BFICORE FI: Application core
BFMB Basis Objects FI-FM
BFMW Utilities for External Reporting
BFVI RE cross-application objects
BFVVI Real Estate Management Cross-Application Objects
BGL Cross-application objects FI-GL/FI-SL
BHDG Batch Heading
BK CO Cross-application Objects
BKD Tools for (external) data transfer
BKNT Application basis: Interfaces to coding block GKNT
BLDEC Application Basis - Logistics
BM MM Cross-Application Objects
BMD Application basis for MRP (originates from MD, MD0*)
BMESSAGE Messages and Notes
BMG Material Master: Componentization Interfaces
BMV New Mass Processing and Batch Input
BONR Application Development R/3 - General Object Number
BP Cross-Application Objects in HR
BP0A HR Application Basis: ALE Technology
BP0A_ORGX HR Application Basis: ALE Technology, Enhancement
BPCAL Cross-Application Objects for International Payroll PY
BPIW Cross-Application Objects in HR Incentive Wages/PDC
BPPM Cross-Application Objects in Position Management
BPTM Cross-Application Objects in HR Time Management
BR3M Cross-Application Component Hierarchy
BR3R SAP Reference Structure: Cross-Application
BRF Business Rule Framework
BRF_EXAMPLES Examples for Application of BRF
BSF R/3 Central: Statistics Functions
BSV General Status Management
BSV_GUID General Status Management (GUID-ified Version)
BSVW Linkage status management and workflow events
BTAB General Table Access and Buffering
BTRA Application Basis Travel Management
BTREASURY Cross-Application Objects for Treasury
BUCC Payment Cards
BUPA SAP Business Partner
BUPA_BIP Business Partner: Business Information Provider
BUPA_BKU Business Partner: Bank Details Usage
BUPA_CLEARING SAP BP Data Cleansing Tool Connection
BUPA_DIALOG SAP Business Partner: New Dialog Interface
BUPA_HIERARCHY SAP Business Partner Group Hierarchy
BUPA_HOURS SAP Business Partner: Appointment Rules
BUPA_INTERFACE Business Partner: External Interfaces
BUPA_MDM Geschäftspartner: XI Interface
BUPA_OPI OPI Interface for Business Partner
BUPA_TAX SAP Business Partner: Tax Numbers
BUPA_TAX_CLASSIFICATION CRM Business Partner Tax Classification
BUPA_TDTRANS Distribution of Time-Specific Data of Business Partner
BUPH SAP Business Partner: Application Components
BUTP SAPMarkets TradingPartner Plugin
BV SD Cross-application Objects
BVDEC Application Basis - Sales
BW Cross-application objects retail
BWEB WWW connection: Cross-application development
BXDA SAPdxfer: General tools initial data transfer
BZB R/3 Central Application Development: Subseq. Screen Proc.
BZF R/3 Central Basis Development: Field Selection
CA-PLM Application Hierarchy Nodes: PLM (Application Basis)
CAAP APIs, variant configuration and message log
CABA_PRE CATS II Communication
CACSBAS Commission: Cross-Application Basis Objects
CC Engineering Change Management
CC0C R/3 Customizing: PPS Engineering Change Management
CCUPS Add-On Object Service Change Number for UPS - Decoupled
CGPL_APPLICATION_OBJECTS Project Planning - Application Objects
CGPL_EXTERNAL_INTERFACE Project Planning - Interface for MS Project
CGPL_GENERIC_FUNCTIONS Project Planning - General Functions
CGPL_STATUS_MANAGEMENT Project Planning Status Management - Status and Processes
CGPL_USER_INTERFACE Project Planning - User Interface
CHT Trigger Amendment Notification for Central Objects
CL R/3 Application development: PP Classification System
CL0C R/3 Customizing: Classification
CLA1UPS Add-On Object Service Object Classification - Decoupled
CLA2UPS Add-On Object Service Class Hierarchy for UPS - Decoupling
CLAL Classification system functions for ALE
CLAP API functions classification system
CLBI Batch Input for Classes/Classification
CLBTE Connect Classification System to BTE
CLCL Classification Functions
CLD Distribution
CLD1 Distribution of Classifications
CLD2UPS Add-On Object Service Global Dependencies for UPS - Decoup.
CLD3UPS Add-On Object Service Var. Table Structure for UPS - Decoup.
CLD4UPS Add-On Object Service Var.Table Content for UPS - Decoupled
CLEX_ABA External Classification System Functions
CLGO Generation of DDIC Objects for the Classification System
CLVDUPS Add-On Object Service Classes for UPS - Decoupled
CLX Classification: Cross-System Processes
CME Classification Management Engine
CME_UI_BSP Characteristic: BSP User Interface
COM_BSP_BP Business Partner: People Centric UI
COM_CLEARING Clearing tool
COM_CLEARING2 Data Cleansing Tool: Prototype RFW Usage
COM_DIFF_KEY_MAIN Main Package Differentiation Key
COM_DML Generic Object Framework
COM_LOC_BRAZIL Localization (Brazil)
COM_ORDER General Objects in the Sales Transaction Environment
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER Product: Generic Link-Handler
COM_PRODUCT_BASE Structure Package for Product Basis Functionality
COM_SETTYPE_TEMPLATES_GEN Templates for Generating Product-Independent Set Types
COM_TEXT_DATA_ABA CRM Text Management Data Structures for ABA Applications
CRM_BUPA_EEW_MD Connection of the CRM Business Partner to the EEW
CT Characteristics
CTAUPS Add-On Object Service Characteristics for UPS - Decoupled
CTBI Batch Input -Characteristics-
CTVA Characteristic Value Assignment
CU0C R/3 Customizing Variants / Configuration
CUDF Variant Configuration - Functions - External APIs
CUDT Variant Configuration - Tables - External APIs
CUFDUPS Add-On Object Service Variant Functions for UPS - Decoupled
CUMT Maintenance Environment for Dependencies
DNO Messages
DS Digital Signature
DSVAS Service Assistant
DSVAS_APPL Service Assistant - Applications in the Service Assistant
DSVAS_CSS Customer self-services
DSVAS_GEN Service Assistant - Templates for generated object
DSVW Linkage: Status Management and Workflow Events
ECM Engineering Change Management
EEPA Print Action Records
EEPW Print Workbench
EEWM_GBC IS-U: GIS Business Connector
ESS_SERVICE_BASIS Central Services for ESS
FCUR Expiring Currencies
FIMA Financial mathematics
FIMA_TEST Test Envirnoment for Package FIMA
FREFINTEREST Reference Interest Rate
FS_CHDOC Package for Change Document Tool
FS_CORR Main Correspondence Package
FS_RELEASE Release Tool
FS_TMPSM Package for Time Stamp Management
FSAD Addresses: Object Addresses
FSBP Business Partner: Financial Services
FSBP_ADDITION BP: Acquisition Data
FSBP_ADDITION_DTYPE_ATTRIBUTES BP-FS: Differentiation Type-Specific Attributes
FSBP_ADDITION_DTYPE_CRITER BP-FS: Criterion for Differentiation Type
FSBP_CLEARING BP-FS: Link to Clearing Tool
FSBP_DEPRECATED Auslaufende Objekte FS-BP
FSBP_EI_INTERFACE FS Business Partner: Enhancement of External Interface
FSBP_INTERFACE FSBP: External Interfaces
FSBP_PCUI FSBP: External Interfaces
FSBP_TEST_EXTERNAL Package for Test Objects
FTBPOB Business Partner: Partner-Object Relationship
GBASCORE General Services FI-SL Customizing/ Integration / Basis
GOX_OBJECT_GEN Generic Object Enhancement: Generation
ID-CSC Country specific service functions
ID-DMEEA INTDEV: ABA services of Data Medium Exchange Engine
KCD_ADDON External Data Transfer: Move Package KCD to System ALN
KCD_MK External Data Transfer: Mandatory/Optional Control
KPEP Schedule Manager
KPEP_SEQUENCE Schedule Manager: Flow Definition
KPEP_WORKLISTS Worklist in the Schedule Manager
MASS Mass Maintenance Tool: Generic Part
MASSD Mass Maintenance Dialog
MDM Master Data Management
ME_CCMS Mobile Engine: Core Components
ME_CORE Mobile Engine: Core Components
ME_CORE_DDIC Mobile Engine: Core Components
ME_DATA Mobile Engine: Data Replication
ME_DATA_DDIC Mobile Engine: Data Replication
ME_DSD ME DSD synchronization layer
ME_MDK Mobile Development Kit for Mobile Engine
ME_MESSAGES Messages fuer mobile Clients
ME_MGMT Mobile: Device Management
ME_MONITORING Mobile:Monitoring
ME_PUSH Push Technology for Mobile Engine
ME_SYNC Mobile: data synchronization
ME_TESTTOOL ME: Sychronization Test Tool
MGV_MATNR_GEN Generated objects for long material numbers
MGV_MATNR_GEN_ABA Generated Data Elements for Long Material Numbers
MGVERS_NUM Material versions - Material nummers (ABA)
OXT_ROOT Object Extension Tool: Basis
OXT_TASK Task Handler for OXT Tool
OXT_WB Object Enhancement Tool: Workbench
PAOC_HAP Appraisal Systems
PCA_MAIN Payment Cards: Main Package
PLM_PTU Protocol and Timing Utilities
PPAP Appraisal Systems
PPPE Personnel Development
PROC_LIST Processing Log
PWPC_EXP HR Expert Finder
PWPC_KWF HR Interface to SKWF
RFW Reconciliation Framework
RMPS Main Package for Records Management for Public Sector
U_P_S_MAIN UPS Main Package
UBD_LIB Web FIN Survey: Business Domain Library
UBD_REMOTE Web FIN Survey: Business Domain Lib Remote Modules
UBP1 Data Model for New Business Partner
UBP3 Data Model Business Data Toolset
UBP4 Data Model Address Management for Business Partners
UBP5 Data Model Business Parnter - (Screen) Control
UWS_BW_DDIC Survey BW Connection: DDIC Objects
UWS_BW_EXTRACTION_BASE Form-Based Web Services: BW Extraction Basis Functions
UWS_FORMS Form-Based Web Services: Forms
UWS_FORMS_EXAMPLES Form-Based Web Services: Example Forms
UWS_PUBLISHING Form-Based Web Services: Publishing
UWS_SURVEY Form-Based Web Services: Survey
UWS_SURVEY_FORM Form-Based Web Services: Questionnaires
UWS_SURVEY_FORM_GUI Form-Based Web Services: Questionnaires: GUI
UWS_SURVEY_GUI Form-Based Web Services: Survey: GUI
UWS_SURVEY_REPORTING_GUI Form-Based Web Services: Survey XML Reporting: GUI
UWS_SURVEY_TARGETING Form-Based Web Services: Target Groups
UWS_TARGETING_GUI Form-Based Web Services: Target Groups: GUI
UXB Base
UXP Persistence Services
UXS_GENERATION Form Services: Generated Objects
UXX XML Building Blocks (XML Extensions)
VTAX_DET Tools for External and Internal Determination of Jurisd.Code
XAP_ACH Cross Applications