SAP Package BDT_DC

BDT Development Cockpit

The package BDT_DC (BDT Development Cockpit) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BDT_DC
Short Text BDT Development Cockpit
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BDT_DC contains 14 function groups.

BDT_DC_GENERAL Main Program for Wizard Calls
BDT_DC_GENERATORS Generator for Program Objects
BDT_DC_TAB_MAINT Access Function Modules to BDT DC Tables
BDT_DC_TOOLS Reusable Components of Wizard
BDT_DC_VIEW1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
BDT_OXT_TASK BDT: General FMs for OXT Workbench
BDT_WZ_NEW_RELT Wizard for Creating New Relat.ship Type
BDT_WZ_NEW_ROL2 Wizard for Creating a New Role (2)
BDT_WZ_NEW_ROLE Wizard for Creating a New Role
BDT_WZ_NEW_TABL Wizard for Creation of a New Table
BUPA_EEW_DX Service Func.Modules EEW for Data Exch.
BUPR_EEW Service Func. Modules EEW for Relnship

Database Tables

SAP Package BDT_DC contains 7 database tables.

TBZ7A BDT-DC: Wizard Declaration
TBZ7AT BDT-DC: Wizard Declaration - Texts
TBZ7B BDT-DC: Wizards - Screen Descriptions
TBZ7BT BDT-DC: Wizards - Screen Descriptions - Texts
TBZ7C BDT DC: Programming Models
TBZ7CT BDT-DC: Programming Models - Texts
TBZ7D BDT-DC: Templates for Programming Models


SAP Package BDT_DC contains 5 views.

V_TBZ1_DC BDT DC: Registration of BDT Application Object in DC
V_TBZ7A BDT DC: Wizard Registration in DC
V_TBZ7B BDT DC: Texts Describing Wizard Screens
V_TBZ7C BDT DC: Programming Models
V_TBZ7D BDT DC: Templates for Programming Models


SAP Package BDT_DC contains 8 structures.

BDT_OBJTYP Technical Description of Object Type
BDTTREENODE BDT-DC: Node Structure for Tree in DC
BUS_TAB_INFO BDT-DC: Info Structure for Tables/Appends
SBDT_DC_GENOBJECTS Transfer Structure for Generated DDIC Objects
SBDT_DC_OBJPART BDT-DC: Collective Struct. for BDT-Wizard 'New Object Part'
SBDT_DC_SETID BDT-DC: Transfer Structure for BDT-Wizard 'New Object Part'
SBDT_WZ_COLLECT BDT-DC: Collective Structure for BDT Wizard 'New Table'
VIEW_ORDER_LINE_TYPE Output Structure for View->Fieldgroup.->Assignment Field

Message Classes

SAP Package BDT_DC contains 1 message classes.

DC1 Nachrichten des BDT-DC