SAP Package CC

Engineering Change Management

The package CC (Engineering Change Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package CC
Short Text Engineering Change Management
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package CC contains 22 function groups.

CC_DEL_FLAG Deletion Flag for FM Group
CC_PRO Administration: Prototype Construction
CCAE Distribution (ALE) for ECM
CCAP API modules for ECM
CCBD ECM Business Add-Ins
CCBE BTE for Change Number
CCBU ECM: Buffer Modules
CCCM Functions for Configuration Management
CCCN Service functions for ECM
CCCONV Conversion exit Engineering Change Mgmt
CCCU Customizing effectivity
CCEF Effectivity functions
CCFLEX Engin. Change Mgmt: Replace Change No.
CCIN ECH: for Engineering Change Management
CCOC ECM: check object
CCPR ECM processor
CCSM ECM: status management
CCTS Param. Eff: Value assignmt/tech. status
CCVB ECMt: update program
CCWF ECMt: Workflow functions
CCZU ECH: Material alloc. - Effect. profile


SAP Package CC contains 30 transactions.

CC00 Engineering Change Management Menu
CC01 Create Change Master
CC02 Change Change Master
CC03 Display Change Master
CC05 Change overview
CC06 Flip trace protocoll for user
CC11 Create Material Revision Level
CC12 Change Material Revision Level
CC13 Display Material Revision Level
CC15 Change Document Revision Level
CC16 Display Document Revision Level
CC22 Change Object Management Records
CC23 Display Object Management Record
CC31 Create Change Request
CC32 Change Change Request
CC33 Display Change Request
CC60 Browser hierarchy
CC62 Conversion of change packages
CC90 Number Ranges for Change Numbers
CC92 Distribute change number
CC93 Number Range Maintenance: TECHS
CCA1 Initial screen for archiving
CCAA Change tables for archiving
CCAD Delete archived change tables
CCAR Read archived data
CCTM Maintain Standard Variant
CCW1 Task-specific Workflow Customizing
CCZU Allocation: Material to Valid.Prof.
OS72 ECH: Workflow for ECR/ECO
OS73 ECH: Workflow for Object Mgmt Record

Database Tables

SAP Package CC contains 49 database tables.

AEDT Engineering Change Management: Alternative Dates
AEEF ECM: effectivity
AEHI Change hierarchy
AENR Change Master
AENRCNV Data for Converting Change Numbers
AENV ECH: Object Types for Change Master
AEOI ECH: Object Management Records for Change Master
AEPF ECM: effectivity
AEPLST Identical object in explosion (item)
AEPREC Identical object in explosion (header)
AEZU ECH: Assign Material to Effectivity Profile
T419S Change Master Status
T419T Change Master Status Texts
TCC01 ECH: Object types
TCC02 ECH: Object Type Texts
TCC03 Engineering Change Management: Objects
TCC04 Engineering Change Management: Object Type Texts
TCC05 Transaction-Specific Initial Values for EC Management
TCC07 Field Selection for Engineering Change Management
TCC08 Engineering Change Management: Control Data
TCC09 ECH: Revision Level Sequence
TCC10 Engineering change management: release key
TCC10T Description for release key
TCC11 Change Types
TCC12 Change Type Texts
TCC13 ECM: change types (object management record)
TCC14 Object Change Type Texts
TCC15 ECM profile
TCC16 Profile description
TCC17 Object type profile data
TCC18 ECH: Object types for profile
TCC19 Object type description
TCC20 ECM: digital signature network - change master
TCC20T ECM: description of digital signature network - chg. master
TCC21 ECM: digital signature network - object management record
TCC21T ECM: description of digital signature network - object
TCC22 ECH: Effectivity Profile
TCC22T ECM: Descriptions for Effectivity Profile
TCCEP Effectivity parameters
TCCEPT Effectivity parameters - texts
TCCER Links Between Effectivity Types and Parameters
TCCERT Descriptions of Links Between Effect. Types and Parameters
TCCET Effectivity types
TCCETT Effectivity types - texts
TCCPR User-specific values for engineering change management
TCCS01 ECH (System): Deactivate Basic Functions
TECN Effectivity object: change numbers
TECS Master Effectivity Object
TECT Description of Effectivity Object


SAP Package CC contains 23 views.

EFFE Selection variants for effectivity
H_RLKEY Search help for release key
H_T419S Change Master Status Help View
HV_TCC02 Helpview for table TCC02 (F4 help), 2 fields too many in tab
M_AEN1A Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1
M_AEN1B Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1 -B
M_AEN1C Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1 -C
M_AEN1E Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1 -E
M_AEN1F Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1 -F
M_AEN1G Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1 -G
M_AEN1H Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1 -H
M_AEN1I Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1 -I
M_AEN1J Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1J (leader)
M_AEN1K Generated view for matchcode ID AEN1K (change package)
M_AEN1M Change packages for a change number
M_CCART Help view: change type
M_RLKEY Help view: release key
M_TEC1A Generated View for Matchcode ID TEC1B (Effectivity Object)
M_TEC1B Generated View for Matchcode ID TEC1A (Effectivity Object)
V_AEZU ECH: Material Assignment to Effectivity Profile
V_HIST_REQ_CHAR History Requirement Control: Characteristic
V_TCC22 ECH: Effectivity Profile
V_UEBER adsfda?


SAP Package CC contains 87 structures.

AEDT_API01 Interface structure for changing table AEDT using API
AEDTB Engineering Change Mgmt: Alternative Dates - Document Table
AEEF_API01 Interface for changing table AEFF using API
AEEFB ECM: effectivity - document table
AEHIB Change documents for AEN1
AENR_API01 Interface for processing table AENR using API
AENR_API02 Interface for displaying table AENR using API
AENR_EXP ECM: General change master record export structure
AENRB Change Master Document Table
AENRS AENR - Details
AENV_API01 Fields of table AENV that can be changed externally via API
AENVB Object Types for Change Master - Document Table
AENVC Structure AENV + Texts for CAD Interface
AENVS AENV - Details
AEOI_API01 Interface for processing table AEOI using API
AEOIB Object Indexes for Change Master - Document Table
AEOIS AEOI - Details
AEOIT Log of Change Objects
AEPFB ECM: maintenance values - document structure
CCAENNR Change Number Structure
CCAEOIM Structure AEOI for updating from IDoc
CCAERL Change master obj. mgmt records for revision level
CCAERLM Structure AERL for booking from IDoc
CCALE_AEOI ALE: Object Management Records
CCALE_AERL ALE: Revision Level
CCALE_STSMA ALE: Status Profile
CCAPI Fields for Engineering Change Management APIs
CCCI_AENR Change master: customer error
CCCN_XFACE Interface Structure for Function Group CCCN
CCDECO Decouple Fields in Development Class CC
CCDOK Engineering Change Mgmt: Document Identification Structure
CCDOKUSTRU Engin. Change Mgmt Structure for Docu Data Elements
CCEFFE Effectivity fields
CCEFFE1 Effectivity fields
CCHIST_REQ ECM: Structure for History Requirement Control
CCIN Engineering Change Management - Data Interface
CCPLE EC Management: Task List to Equipment Link
CCPLM EC Management: Task List to Material Link
CCPLN EC Management: Task List Links
CCPR_STRU_EFFE Structure for parameter effectivity
CCPVS_KEYS Engineering Change Management: ID structure for PVS
CCRVL_EXP Structure for Exporting the Revision Level of an Object
CCS_AENR ECH: Structure - display change number
CCS_AEOI ECH: Structure - display object management record
CCS_AEOI_EXT Display Object Management Record: Extended Structure
CCSTD Engin. Change Mgmt : Identification Structure BOM via Doc.
CCSTE EC Management : BOM to Equipment Link
CCSTK Engineering Change Mgmt: BOM ID Structure via Sales Order
CCSTL EC Management : BOM Links
CCSTM EC Management : BOM to Material Link
CCSTP ECM: identification structure for BOM via WBS element
CCSTRU12 Structure for Interpreting AENR-TECHV (12 Byte)
CCSTS Engineering Change Mgmt: Standard BOM ID Structure
CCSTT Engineering Change Mgmt: BOM ID Structure via Func. Location
CCTHEAD Structure of text header in ECM
CCTLINE Structure of the lines of text in ECM
CCTSD01 Outline of transaction control data for customer enhancemnts
CCVALID Block Argument for Changing Effectivity
CSDATA BOM Help Fields
DSP_ECMMAS_KEY Object key ECMMAS for distribution packet
E1AEDTM Data element for change master
E1AEEFH Variable fields (_HI) for effectivity
E1AEEFL Variable fields (_LO) for effectivity
E1AEEFM Effectivity fields
E1AEEFO Variable fields (_OT) for effectivity
E1AENRH Change master record: long text for change number (header)
E1AENRL Change master record: long text for change number (line)
E1AENRM Change master record
E1AENVM Object types for change master
E1AEOIH Object management record: detail long text (header)
E1AEOIL Object management record: detail long text (line)
E1AEOIM Object management records for change master
E1AEPFL Variable fields (_LO) for effectivity (maintenance)
E1AEPFM Effectivity fields (maintenance)
E1AERLM Change master obj. mgmt records for revision level
ECR_OBJECT Transfer Structure for Objects in Change Order
RC29A ECM: EATAB Engineering Change Management
RC29A1 Functions for Engin. Change Mgmt Status Management
RC29A2 ETATAB Effectivity
TECHSNR Effectivity - technical status (TECHS) - temp. / new
VAEDT Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VAEEF Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VAENV Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VAEOI Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package CC contains 20 programs.

RCC00130 All Changes for Change Number
RCC00140 Classification System Date Shift Log
RCC00300 Display Change Documents
RCC00500 ECH: Change Number Overview
RCC00600 ECH: Browser - Engineering Change Hierarchy
RCC00601 Process packages
RCC00602 Conversion of change package to change master record or ECO
RCC00603 Conversion of change master record or order into change package
RCC00701 Search help - parameter effectivity
RCC007X1 Base program for RCC00701 generation
RCC007XL Generates RC007SE selection screen program
RCC007XX Generates RC00701 effectivity search program
RCC00800 Report to switch trace log - on/off
RCCARCH1 Program for Archiving Change Master Records
RCCARCH2 Program for Archiving Change Master Records, Deletion Program
RCCARCH3 Program for Archiving Change Master Records, Read
RCCSEECM ECH: ALE Distribution of Change Master
RCECNDEL Engin. Change Mgmt Reset Program
SAPMC29C Engineering Change Management - Online Maintenance Transactions

Search Helps

SAP Package CC contains 40 search helps.

AEN1 Matchcode for Change Numbers
AEN1A Change master by description and change type
AEN1B Change number for material
AEN1C Change number for documents
AEN1D Find change number via classes
AEN1E Change no. for characteristics
AEN1F Change number for classes
AEN1G Change number for classification
AEN1H Change no. for object dependencies
AEN1I Change number for configurable objects
AEN1J Leading change master rceord by short text
AEN1K Change package by short text
AEN1L Search help for effectivity parameters
AEN1M Change package for a leading change master record
AEN1N Flagged Change Number
AEN3 ECM: Change Packages Matchcode
AEN4 ECM: Matchcode leading change master record
AENR_CCART Search help for change type
CC_EQUI CC: Search Help EQUI from R/3 Core
CC_IFLM CC: Search Help IFLM from R/3 Core
CC_MAT1 CC: Search Help MAT1 from R/3 Core
CC_MAT1_A CC: Search Help MAT1_A from R/3 Core
CC_MAT1_MPN CC: Search Help MAT1_MPN from R/3 Core
CC_PD CC: Search Help PD from R/3 Core
CC_PLKS CC: Search Help PLKS from R/3 Core
CC_PRPM CC: Search Help PRPM from R/3 Core
CC_PRST CC: Search Help PRST from R/3 Core
CC_PVS_POSVID Collective Search Help for Variant Identification (Wrapper)
CC_RLKEY Search help for release key
CC_STLAN CC: Search help BOM usage from R/3 core
CC_VBELN CC: Search help sales order from R/3 core
CC_VBPOS CC: Search help sales order item from R/3 core
CC_WERKS CC: Search help plant from R/3 core
H_T419S Change Master Status Help View
HV_TCC02 Helpview for table TCC02 (F4 help), 2 fields too many in tab
SH_EFFTYP Find by validity type
TEC1 ECM: Effectivity Objects Matchcode
TEC1A Standard Variant (all Values)
TEC1B Standard Variant (Non-Numerical Values)
TECHS Search Help for Effectivity Variant (TECS-TECHS)

Message Classes

SAP Package CC contains 1 message classes.

CC ECM: Nachrichten

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CC contains 4 authorization objects.

C_AENR_BGR CC Change Master - Authorization Group
C_AENR_ERW CC Eng. Chg. Mgmt. Enhanced Authorization Check
C_AENR_RV1 CC Engineering change mgmt - revision level for materials
C_AENR_RV2 CC Engineering Change Mgt - revision level for documents