HR Application Basis: ALE Technology, Enhancement

The package BP0A_ORGX (HR Application Basis: ALE Technology, Enhancement) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BP0A_ORGX
Short Text HR Application Basis: ALE Technology, Enhancement
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BP0A_ORGX contains 5 function groups.

HRALX00_BUPA_INTERFACE Encapsulation of BUPA Functions
HRALX00_INTEGRATION_ORG Integration Between Org. Unit and BP
HRALX00_INTEGRATION_PERSON Integration Between Person and BP
HRALX00_WF_MSG_HANDLER Trigger Workflows


SAP Package BP0A_ORGX contains 1 transactions.

HRALEX_PROTOCOL Log Extended ALE Distribution

Database Tables

SAP Package BP0A_ORGX contains 8 database tables.

HRP5580 DB Table for Infotype 5580
HRP5581 DB Table for Infotype 5581
HRP5582 DB Table for Infotype 5582
HRP5583 DB Table for Infotype 5583
HRP5584 DB Table for Infotype 5584
HRP5585 DB Table for Infotype 5585
HRP5586 DB Table for Infotype 5586
HRP5587 DB Table for Infotype 5587


SAP Package BP0A_ORGX contains 43 structures.

E1P5580 HR Infotype 5580: HR Master Record (0000)
E1P5581 HR Infotype 5581: Org. Assignment (0001)
E1P5582 HR Infotype 5582: Personal Data (0002)
E1P5583 Infotype 5583: Address (0006)
E1P5584 Infotype 5584: Bank Details (0009)
E1P5585 Infotype 5585: Communication (0105)
E1P5586 Infotype 5586: Relationships
E1P5587 Infotype 5587: CATS: Sender Information
E1PITYPX HR: Transported infotypes and subtypes for an object
E1PLOGIX Header for an HR object (master data or organizational data)
HRALEOX_BP_BP_CONTAINER for synchronizing the BP-BP relationship
HRALEOX_CONTEXT_REF HRALEOX: Assignment of Context and Log Instance
HRALEOX_CP_BP_CONTAINER Intermediate Format of CP-BP Integration for Mass Processing
HRALEOX_CP_P Assign Personnel Number to CP
HRALEOX_HELP_CUSTOMIZING Structure for BADI Implementation HRBAS00_T77S0_ABA
HRALEOX_O_BP_CONTAINER Intermediate Format of O-BP Integration for Mass Processing
HRI5580 HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
HRI5581 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
HRI5582 HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)
HRI5583 HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses)
HRI5584 HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details)
HRI5585 HR Master Record: Infotype 0105 (Communications)
HRI5586 Infotype 5586 Relationships
HRI5587 Infotype 0315
HRPERNR_STRUC For Table Type with Personnel Numbers
P5580 Infotype 5580: HR Master Record (0000)
P5580_AF Additional Query Fields
P5581 Infotype 5581: Org. Assignment (0001)
P5581_AF Additional Query Fields
P5582 Infotype 5582: Personal Data (0002)
P5582_AF Additional Query Fields
P5583 Infotype 5583: Address (0006)
P5583_AF Additional Query Fields
P5584 Infotype 5584: Bank Details (0009)
P5584_AF Additional Query Fields
P5585 Infotype 5585: Communication (0105)
P5585_AF Additional Query Fields
P5586 Infotype 5586: Relationships
P5586_AF Additional Query Fields
P5587 Infotype 5587: CATS: Sender Information
P5587_AF Additional Query Fields


SAP Package BP0A_ORGX contains 11 programs.

HRALXPROT Log Display for Extended HR-ALE Distribution
HRALXSYNC Synchronize Organizational Units and Persons
MP558000 HR Infotype 5580
MP558100 HR Infotype 5581
MP558200 HR Infotype 5582
MP558300 HR Infotype 5583
MP558400 HR Infotype 5584
MP558500 HR Infotype 5585
MP558600 HR Infotype 5586
MP558700 HR Infotype 5587

Message Classes

SAP Package BP0A_ORGX contains 1 message classes.

HRALX00_ORG HR-ALE-Org-Erweiterung