Project Planning - Application Objects

The package CGPL_APPLICATION_OBJECTS (Project Planning - Application Objects) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Short Text Project Planning - Application Objects
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package CGPL_APPLICATION_OBJECTS contains 3 function groups.

CGPL_CONVERSION_EXITS Project Planning: Conversion Extis
CGPL_STATUS_MANAGEMENT_UI CGPL Proj. Planning Stat. Maint. Screens
CGPL_VIEWS Generated Help Views

Database Tables

SAP Package CGPL_APPLICATION_OBJECTS contains 12 database tables.

CGPL_CODING_MASK CGPL Project Planning: External Number Formatting
CGPL_CODING_MSKT Number Formatting Description
CGPL_CODING_SECT Number Formatting Sections
CGPL_HIERARCHY Project Planning: Activities and Projects Hierarchy Table
CGPL_OBJTYP_PROP Project Planning: Customizable Characterist. of Object Types
CGPL_PRIO Project Planning - Priorities
CGPL_PRIOTX Priority Texts
CGPL_PROJECT Project Planning: Project Headers Attribute Table
CGPL_R3_ATTRIBUT R/3 Interface: Attributes of R/3 Shadow Objects
CGPL_RELATION Project Planning: Relationships
CGPL_TASK Project Planning: Activities Attribute Table
CGPL_TEXT Proj. Planning of Lang. Depend. Short Text for Proj./Tasks


SAP Package CGPL_APPLICATION_OBJECTS contains 3 views.

V_CGPL_CODINGMSK Number Formatting
V_CGPL_CODSECT Number Formatting Sections
V_CGPL_PRIO CGPL Project Planning: Maintenance View Priority


SAP Package CGPL_APPLICATION_OBJECTS contains 19 structures.

CGPL_ATTR_INCL Project Planning: Projects and Activities Include Structure
CGPL_AUTHORITY Project Planning - Authorization Flags
CGPL_GUID_STRUC Proj. Planning: Struct. of 16-Charact. GUID and Object Ref.
CGPL_HIERARCHY_NODE Project Planning: Hierarchy Nodes
CGPL_OBJECT_GUID Project Planning: Struct. with Project and Task GUID Fields
CGPL_OBJECT_ID Project Planning: Structure with GUID Field
CGPL_PROJECT_CD Project Planning: Change Document Structure for CGPL_PROJECT
CGPL_PROJECT_ENQ Project Planning - Lock Key Project
CGPL_PROJECT_NODE Project Attribute Including Hierarchy Information
CGPL_PROJECT_STRUC Project Planning: Projects
CGPL_PROJECTPOS_STRUC Project Planning: Projects with Item
CGPL_R3_ATTRIBUT_INCL R/3 Interface: Include Structure of R/3 Attributes
CGPL_SAPSCRIPT_COM Project Planning: SAPScript Communication Struct. - Handling
CGPL_SWITCH_OBJTYPE Project Planning: Exchange of Object Types when Copying
CGPL_TASK_CD Project Planning: Change Document Structure for CGPL_TASK
CGPL_TASK_NODE Task Attribute Including Hierarchy Information
CGPL_TASKPOS_STRUC Project Planning: Activities with Item
CGPL_TEXT_CD Project Planning: Change Document Structure for CGPL_TEXT

Message Classes

SAP Package CGPL_APPLICATION_OBJECTS contains 1 message classes.

CGPL_OBJECT_SERVICES Projektplanung - Nachrichtenklasse Objekt Services