SAP Package BFMW

Utilities for External Reporting

The package BFMW (Utilities for External Reporting) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BFMW
Short Text Utilities for External Reporting
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BFMW contains 3 function groups.

0BFM Customizing for Ext. Reporting (Gen.)
BFML External Statutory Reporting
BFML_SHLP Search Helps in Reporting


SAP Package BFMW contains 3 transactions.

OYM1 C Report Recipient
OYM2 C Reporting Country Indicator
OYM3 C Country Indicator Assignment Rules

Database Tables

SAP Package BFMW contains 5 database tables.

T005Z Alternative Reporting Country Codes
T005ZR Assignment Rules for Alternative Country Codes
T005ZT Name of Reporting Country Codes
T015X External Reporting: Report Recipient
T015XT External Reporting: Name of Report Recipient


SAP Package BFMW contains 3 views.

V_T005Z Reporting Country Indicator
V_T005ZR Rules for Assignment of Reporting Country Indicators
V_T015X Message destinations


SAP Package BFMW contains 1 structures.

MLDADR_ABA External Reporting: Address Data Fields (ABA)

Search Helps

SAP Package BFMW contains 1 search helps.

F4_005Z_IDTYP Name of ID Type