Single Euro Payments Area (Mandate)

The package BF_SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area (Mandate)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BF_SEPA
Short Text Single Euro Payments Area (Mandate)
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 11 function groups.

SEPA_MANDATE_PER_SERVICES Database Layer Mandate_Services
SEPA_MANDATE_SERVICES SEPA: Service Modules for Mandates
SEPA_MANDATE_UCI SEPA: UCI Management (Creditor ID)
SEPA_MANDATE_UI SEPA: Interface for Mandate Management
SEPA_MANDATE_UI_GEN SEPA: Mandates - Generic Modules
SEPA_MANDATE_UI_LIST SEPA: Mandates - Modules for Lists
SEPA_MANDATE_UI_LOCK SEPA: Mandate Management - Global Lock
SEPA_MANDATE_UI_TRANS SEPA: Mandate Management - Transaction


SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 5 transactions.

FSEPA_M1 SEPA: Create Mandate
FSEPA_M2 SEPA: Change Mandate
FSEPA_M3 SEPA: Display Mandate
FSEPA_M3_LUW SEPA: Display Mandate (in new LUW)
FSEPA_M4 SEPA: List Mandates

Database Tables

SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 10 database tables.

SEPA_CTRL SEPA Mandate Management: System Control
SEPA_CTRLT SEPA Mandate Management: System Control
SEPA_CUST SEPA Mandate Management: Customizing
SEPA_FIELDS SEPA Mandate Management: Modifiable Fields
SEPA_MANDATE_ENQ SEPA Mandate: Internal Table for ENQUEUE
SEPA_MANDATE_LCH SEPA Mandate Management: Global Locks (History)
SEPA_MANDATE_LCK SEPA Mandate Management: Global Locks
SEPA_MANDATE_USE SEPA Mandate Management: Usages
SEPA_SFIELDS SEPA Mandate Management: Modifiable Fields


SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 4 views.

V_SEPA_CTRL SEPA - Mandate Management: Control
V_SEPA_CUST SEPA Mandate Management: General Settings
V_SEPA_FIELDS SEPA Mandate Management: Modifiable Fields
V_SEPA_SFIELDS SEPA Mandate Management: Modifiable Fields (SAP)


SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 47 structures.

BAPI_S_SEPA_MANDATE_CHANGE SEPA: BAPI Structure for Changing a Mandate
BAPI_S_SEPA_MANDATE_COMMON SEPA: BAPI Structure - Common Part of Several Structures
BAPI_S_SEPA_MANDATE_CREATE SEPA: BAPI Structure for Creating a new Mandate
BAPI_S_SEPA_MANDATE_DATA SEPA: BAPI Structure - All Relevant Fields
BAPI_S_SEPA_MANDATE_ID SEPA: BAPI Structure for Identifying a Mandate
BAPI_S_SEPA_MANDATE_SELECTION SEPA: BAPI Structure for Selection Criteria
RFSEPA_CTR SEPA Mandate Management: Control Fields
RFSEPA_DYN SEPA Mandate Management: Dynpro Fields
RFSEPA_IDS SEPA Mandate Management: Generic IDs
RFSEPA_INTKEY SEPA Mandate Management: Internal Key
RFSEPA_LOCK SEPA Mandate Management: Dynpro Fields for Global Locks
RFSEPA_LUW SEPA Mandate: Interface for Displaying in New LUW
RFSEPA_SEL SEPA Mandate Management: Dypro Fields for Selection
RFSEPA_TABSTRIP SEPA Mandate Management: Tabs Administration
RFSEPA_USE SEPA Mandate: Usages
RFSEPA_WA SEPA Mandate Management: Work Area
SEPA_GET_CRITERIA_MANDATE Selection Criteria for SEPA Mandates
SEPA_MANDATE_ARCIDX SEPA Mandate (Archive Index)
SEPA_MANDATE_DATA SEPA Mandate: Standard Fields (Cannot be Enhanced)
SEPA_S_ADMIN SEPA Mandate: Management Data
SEPA_S_ADMIN_EXT SEPA Mandate: Management Data (External Fields)
SEPA_S_ADMIN_INT SEPA Mandate: Management Data (Internal Data)
SEPA_S_LCK_ADMIN Administration Data for Change to Global Locks
SEPA_S_ORG SEPA Mandate: Internal Organizational Data
SEPA_S_RECEIVER SEPA Mandate: Recipient Data (Beneficiary Bank Account)
SEPA_S_RECEIVER_DATA SEPA Mandate: Recipient Data
SEPA_S_RECEIVER_ID SEPA Mandate: ID of Recipient
SEPA_S_REFERENCE SEPA Mandate: Data for Referencing to Other Objects
SEPA_S_REFERENCE_DATA SEPA Mandate: Data of Referenced Object
SEPA_S_REFERENCE_ID SEPA Mandate: ID of Referenced Object
SEPA_S_SENDER SEPA Mandate: Sender Data (Debited Bank Account)
SEPA_S_SENDER_DATA SEPA Mandate: Sender Data
SEPA_S_SENDER_ID SEPA Mandate: ID of Sender
SEPA_S_USE SEPA Mandate: Usage Data
SEPA_STR_DATA_MANDATE_CHNG Changable Fields of a Mandate
SEPA_STR_DATA_MANDATE_CHNG_1 Dynpro Structure for Change to Mandates
SEPA_STR_DATA_MANDATE_DATA Structure for Mandate Data in the Application Layer
SEPA_STR_MANDATE_ALV Structure for Listing Mandates in ALV_GRID
SEPA_STR_MANDATE_CREATE Structure for Creation of Mandate Data
SEPA_STR_MANDATE_KEY Internal Key for Mandates
SEPA_STR_MANDATE_LOCK_DATA Structure for Mandates Lock Table
SEPA_STR_MANDATE_PAIN_DD Transfer of Mandate Data to the Payment Medium
SEPA_STR_MANDATE_USE Structure for Mandate_use. Application Layer
SEPAR_OBJTYP Range Structure for Object Type
SEPAR_TYPEID Ranges Structure for Object Key


SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 1 programs.

RSEPALIST List of Mandates

Search Helps

SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 2 search helps.

F4_SEPA_STATUS Input Help for Mandate Status
F4_SEPA_STATUS_ALV Input Help for Change Status of Mandate in ALV Grid

Message Classes

SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 1 message classes.

SEPA SEPA-Mandat: Nachrichten

Authorization Objects

SAP Package BF_SEPA contains 1 authorization objects.

F_SEPA_MDT Authorization for Processing a Global SEPA Lock