SAP Package CLD


The package CLD (Distribution) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package CLD
Short Text Distribution
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package CLD contains 4 function groups.

CLBE BTE for Classifiable Objects
CLVD Distribution of Classes via ALE
CTAL Distribution for Characteristics


SAP Package CLD contains 2 transactions.

BD91 Send Characteristic
BD92 Send Class

Database Tables

SAP Package CLD contains 1 database tables.

TCL_OBTAB_IDENT Identification Table of Object Tables for Data Transfer


SAP Package CLD contains 31 structures.

AUSPB Phantom for Change Document Object CLASSIF
E1CABNM Master Characteristic Basic Data
E1CABTM Master Characteristic Language-Dependent Name
E1CABXM Master Class Overwritten Characteristic for Class
E1CABZM Master Characteristic Assigned Table Fields
E1CAWNM Master characteristic value
E1CAWTM Master Characteristic Value Language-Dependent Name
E1CUKB1 Master Dependency Basic Data
E1CUKB2 Master Dependency Descriptions for Char. Values
E1CUKB3 Master Dependency Basic Data for Classes
E1CUKB4 Master Dependency Descriptions for Classes
E1CUKBM Master Dependency Basic Data
E1CUKBT Master Dependency Descriptions
E1CUKN1 Master Dependency Source Code for Characteristic Values
E1CUKN2 Master object dependencies source text for classes
E1CUKNM Master Dependency Source Code
E1CUTX1 Master Dependency Documentation for Characteristic Values
E1CUTX2 Master Dependency Documentation for Classes
E1CUTXM Master Dependency Documentation
E1DATEM Master Key Date and Change Number
E1KLAHM Master class basic data
E1KLATM Class Descriptions
E1KSMLM Master Class Characteristics for Class
E1SWORM Master Class Keywords
E1TCMEM Master Characteristic Valid Class Types
E1TXTL1 Long Text Lines
E2DATEM001 Master key date and change number
E3DATEM001 Master key date and change number
KSSKB Phantom for Change Document Object CLASSIF
VAUSPB Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VKSSKB Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package CLD contains 2 programs.

RBDSECHR Distribute All Characteristics via ALE
RBDSECLS Distribute Classes via ALE: Send Direct