SAP Package BKD

Tools for (external) data transfer

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The package BKD (Tools for (external) data transfer) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BKD
Short Text Tools for (external) data transfer
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BKD contains 23 function groups.

0BKCDB Data Transfer: Sender Structure Package
0KCDB Data Transfer: Sender Structure Package
0KCDQ Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCDRFC Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCDU Data Transfer: Gen. Maintenance Views
KCD0 Maintain Data Transfer
KCD2 Maintain Sender Structure
KCD4 External Data Transfer: RFC Call Up
KCD41 External Data Transfer: Search Helps
KCD5 RFC for External Data Transfer
KCDF4 Data Transfer: Search Helps
KCDH General modules for data transfer
KCDL External Data Transfer: Logs
KCDS Data Transfer: Process
KCDT External data transfer: types concept
KCDU External data processing: postprocessing
KCDW External data transfer: popups
KCDX Ext. Data Transfer: Export Global Var.
KCDY External Data Transfer: Standard
KCDZ Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KRFC Remote functions in SAP-EIS
KXDM SAP-EIS: Data Transfer
OKCDQ Data Transfer: Currency Translation Keys


SAP Package BKD contains 51 transactions.

BKDR Maintain transfer rules
BKDS Sender Structure Maintenance
KC7R EDT: Maintain Transfer Rules
KCLA EDT: Automatic File Split
KCLC EDT: Maintain Receiver Structure
KCLJ EDT: Execute Transfer
KCLL EDT: Generate Sender Structure
KCLT EDT: Create Test Data
KCLU EDT: Maintain Transfer Types
KCLV EDT: Delete Obsolete Programs
KCSA Send structure output fields default
KCSE Sending structure output fields
OKCDBC Maintain sender structure package
OKCDBD Create sender structure package
RJB1 External Data Transfer Workbench
S_ABA_72000051 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC21
S_ABA_72000052 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC19
S_ABA_72000053 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC12
S_ABA_72000054 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC20
S_ABA_72000055 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC24
S_ABA_72000056 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC23
S_ABA_72000057 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC16
S_ABA_72000058 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC17
S_ABA_72000059 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC11
S_ABA_72000060 IMG Activity: _USEREXITFDU
S_ABA_72000061 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01SF07
S_ABA_72000062 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01SF01
S_ABA_72000063 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01FILE
S_ABA_72000064 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01JB88
S_ABA_72000065 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01JBLK
S_ABA_72000066 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01JBLC
S_ABA_72000067 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFJB01JB18
S_ABA_72000068 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC26
S_ABA_72000069 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC8
S_ABA_72000070 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC7
S_ABA_72000071 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC6
S_ABA_72000072 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC5
S_ABA_72000073 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC13
S_ABA_72000074 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC3
S_ABA_72000075 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC22
S_ABA_72000076 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC15
S_ABA_72000077 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC18
S_ABA_72000078 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC28
S_ABA_72000079 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC10
S_ABA_72000080 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC4
S_ABA_72000081 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC27
S_ABA_72000082 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC14
S_ABA_72000083 IMG Activity: SIMG_CGJB01JBLC2

Database Tables

SAP Package BKD contains 33 database tables.

KCD_CURDES External data transfer: target currency
KCD_MKAZ External Data Transfer: Display of Can/Must Control
KCD_PMDEL External data transfer: delete log messages
KCD_SAFD External Data Transfer: Sender Str., Output Fields, Default
KCD_SEAF External Data Transfer: Sender Structure, Output Fields
KCD_SEPTYP External Data Transfer: Types of Sender Programs
KCD_SEPTYT External Data Transfer: Texts for Types of Sender Programs
KCD_TYPUBA External Data Transfer: Type Used By Application (TYPUBA)
KCD_TYVPES External Data Transfer:Types, Template Programs, Sender Str.
KCD_TYVPES_ADM Ext. Data Transfer: Creation Date of Entries in KCD_TYVPES
KCD_TYVPEST External data transfer: types of text
KCDAP Data Transfer: Application Programs
KCDBN Data transfer: package of sender structures
KCDBNS Data transfer: package - sender structures
KCDBNT Data transfer: sender structure package - texts
KCDEDATAR Flexible Excel Upload: Data Area
KCDEFILE Flexible Excel Upload: File Name - File_id
KCDEHEAD Flexible Excel Upload: Header
KCDEKEY Flexible Excel Upload: Keys
KCDER_H Flexible Excle Upload: Assignment Header -> Data Area
KCDMSF Data transfer: rename sender fields for generated rule
KCDRA Data Transfer Rules: Attributes of Receiver Fields
KCDRF Data Transfer Rules: Formulas
KCDRM Data Transfer Rules: Offsets and Lengths of Sender Fields
KCDRS Data Transfer Rules: Selection Criteria of Sender Fields
KCDRUL Data Transfer: Texts for General Rules
KCDVAR Data transfer: variables
KCDVART Data Transfer: Texts for Variables
T241Q Text table for currency translation type
T241Y Texts for transfer parameters
T2420 System control parameters
T242Q Currency translation type
T242Y Transfer parameters


SAP Package BKD contains 8 views.

RFC_T242Y Data Transfer: Source
V_KCDBNT Data transfer: Sender structure package
V_KCDSMT Maintain Sender Structure
V_T242Q_KCD Data transfer: Currency translation keys
VKCD_SEPTYP External Data Transfer: Maintain Transfer Programs
VKCD_STD1 External Data Transfer: Maintain Standard for Transfer
VKCD_STEX External Data Transfer: Maintain Transfer Programs
VKCD_TYVPES External Data Transfer: Type Descriptions


SAP Package BKD contains 28 structures.

CFFILE External file name
CFSEND_TAB SAP-EIS internal sender structure
CFTR_FIRST SAP-EIS data transfer: first record
KCD_ALL_TYPES_BIG Large Receiver Structure for Test Type = 999
KCD_BIG Test Table for External Data Transfer
KCD_DOKU_STRUC Structure for data element documentation
KCD_EIGLVA External Data Transfer: Export/Import Global Variables
KCD_EXBPOS Flexible Excel Upload: Area Position
KCD_FDURFC Transfer of data using RFC
KCD_FDUSTR External data transfer: model structure for references
KCD_PARAMETERS External Data Transfer: Transfer of Parameters and Values
KCD_PROT_TABLE EDT: Structure for collecting log information
KCD_SMALL External Data Transfer: Small Receiver Structure
KCD_STDSTRU External Data Transfer: Fields for ABAP Dictionary Relations
KCDDIDEP Data transfer: structure of the compound characteristic
KCDDIFIE Data transfer: DDIC information
KCDE_CELLS Cells in Flat Structure for Flexible Excel Upload
KCDE_DATAR_ATTR Flexible Excel Upload: Data Area for a File Description
KCDE_HEAD_ATTR Flexible Excel Upload: Header for File Description
KCDE_KEY_ATTR Flexible Excel Upload: Key for a File Description
KCDE_R_H_ATTR Flexible Excle Upload: Assignment Header -> Data Area
KCDIA External data transfer: general
KCDPOP Screen Fields for Dialog Boxes of EDT
KCDPOPUP Data Transfer: Screen Fields in Popups
KCDRV Data transfer: variables
KCDS_STRUC Sender structure
SPROT_X IS-B: Interface for Error Handling


SAP Package BKD contains 34 programs.

BKD_DOWNLOAD Load Program to File
BKD_START Start Report for Sender Structure Maintenance
KCDFDUREST Data Transfer: Postprocessing of Logs
KCDFILE0 Data transfer: import file
KCDLEDITOR External data transfer: Edit sender records
KCDLPRBA External Data Transfer: Delete Logs, Job Scheduling
KCDLPROT External data transfer: Analyze logs
KCDSTRUC External Data Transfer: Create Sender Structure
KCEGKSCMA EGK: Determination and evaluation of job status for SCMA
KCFDUADS External data transfer: File splitting
KCFDUCHECK Consistency test for transfers, template programs, etc.
KCFDUGEN Deletion of an existing transfer program
KCFDUMENU External data transfer: Transactions
KCFDUREORG External Data Transfer: Delete Obsolete Programs
KCFDURFC External data transfer: Call up transfer via RFC (example)
KCFDURFCFILE EDT: Start of Transfer Using RFC and Physical Input File
KCFDUTYP External data transfer: Maintenance of transfer types
KCFDUVOR EDT: Template for template progs of external data transfer types
KCFDUVORSPLIT EDT: Generation template for automatic file splitting
KCFETEST Template for the transfer type 999
RKCCODM0 Data transfer: generating summarization program
RKCCOMON Data Transfer: Postprocessing of Logs
RKCDLDM0 Display / Delete Summarization Program
RKCDLMON Data transfer: Display/delete logs
RKCFILE7 External Data Transfer: Start Transfer
RKCFILGN Create Test File
SAPFKCDB IS-B: Data transfer, exceptions
SAPFKCIE Data transfer: Start of selection programs
SAPFKCIS Data transfer: asynchronous communication
SAPMKCIS Start data selection programs

Search Helps

SAP Package BKD contains 3 search helps.

H_T242Q Currency Translation Type
SENDEP EDT: Search Help for SENDEP
SUETYP EDT: Search Help for SUETYP

Message Classes

SAP Package BKD contains 4 message classes.

DU Datenübernahme im SAP-EIS
FDUKS Nachrichtenklasse für die Fremddatenübernahme
GD FDU: Fremddatenübernahme
UC RW3 Datenübertragung Fehler bei der Übertragung