SAP Package BSV

General Status Management

The package BSV (General Status Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BSV
Short Text General Status Management
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BSV contains 11 function groups.

0BSV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
BSVA Status management (dialog)
BSVB Archiving class STATUS
BSVC Status management - Conversion
BSVD Status management - docu display
BSVH Status processing help requests
BSVR Repair functions
BSVS Status selection functions
BSVT Status management - texts, checks
BSVU Status management - update
COSS Status sel. profile maintce (generated)


SAP Package BSV contains 18 transactions.

BS02 Maintain status profiles
BS03 Display status profiles
BS12 Maintain object types
BS13 Display object types
BS22 Maintain system status
BS23 Display system status
BS32 Maintain processes
BS33 Display processes
BS42 Maintain Status Selection Profiles
BS43 Display status selection
BS52 Maintain authorization key
BS53 Display authoriztaion key
BSMO Object type control in Mass Change
BSMV Transaction control in Mass Change
BSV1 Where-used list for transaction
BSV2 Where-used list for system status
BSV3 Where-used list for object type
BSV4 Status Profile Overview

Database Tables

SAP Package BSV contains 31 database tables.

DJEST Individual Status per Object: Key Date Based Management
JCDO Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO)
JCDS Change Documents for System/User Statuses (Table JEST)
JEST Individual Object Status
JSTO Status object information
TJ01 Business Transactions
TJ01T Business Transaction Texts
TJ01V Responsible for business processes
TJ02 System status
TJ02T System status texts
TJ02V Responsible for system status
TJ03 Object types
TJ03T Texts for object types
TJ03V Responsible for object types
TJ04 Status control for object type
TJ05 Permitted transactions per object type
TJ06 System statuses set/deleted by process
TJ07 Influence of system status on transactions
TJ10 Authorization Keys in Status Management
TJ10T Texts for Authorization Keys of Status Management
TJ11 Assigning system statuses -> authorization keys
TJ20 Status profiles
TJ20T Texts for Status Profiles
TJ21 Permitted object types for status profile
TJ22 Languages, in which a status profile is maintained
TJ30 User Status
TJ30T Texts for User Status
TJ31 Process control (user status)
TJ48 Check Table for Selection IDs
TJ48T Text Table for Selection IDs
TJ49 Table for Selection Conditions per SELID


SAP Package BSV contains 15 views.

H_STSMA Help view for status profile for object category
H_TJ01 Help View: Status Management Transactions
H_TJ02 Help View: System Status
H_TJ03 Help view 'Object types'
H_TJ05 Permitted Object Type Activities
H_TJ20 Help view: Status Profiles
H_TJ30 Help view: User Statuses
V_TJ01 Transactions
V_TJ02 System status
V_TJ03 Object types
V_TJ10 Authorization key
V_TJ20 Status profiles
V_TJ30 User status
V_TJ48 Selection ID
V_TJ49 Selection Conditions for Selection ID


SAP Package BSV contains 19 structures.

ATJ49 Auxiliary structure for maintenance of V_TJ49
BSVX Control information for status processing
BSVZ Status Lines
DSV_STATUSLINE General Status Management Status Line Structure
J_OBJCRT Help Structure for Creating Objects
J_STMAINT 'Active Status' Flags for Screen SAPLBSVA 0302
JEST_UPD Individual Status per Object - Interface Structure
JEST1 Individual Object Status
JESTD Dialog structure for status
JOSTD Dialog structure for status object
JSTACT Active indicator for status (new/old)
JSTAT Status
JSTO_PRE Structure of pre-read table for status objects
JSTO_UPD Status Object Information - Interface Structure
JSTO1 Status object information
JVRGNGD Dialog structure for process display
RBSVA Field string for status administration
REF_JSTO Check table structure for status objects
SCROLL General fields for scrolling in tables


SAP Package BSV contains 16 programs.

RBSVCDOC Change Documents in Status Management
RBSVDISP Dispatcher for General Status Management Reports
RBSVINFA Information on Status Profile
RBSVINFB Authorization key Cross-reference
RBSVINFO Object type information
RBSVINFS System Status Cross-reference
RBSVINFV Process Cross-reference
RBSVREP_JEST_JCDS Repair Program for Jest after Update to 45B HP22
RBSVREP_JSTO_JCDO Repair Program for JSTO after Update to 45B HP22
RBSVRP01 Consistency Check of Status Objects
RBSVSIM0 Status simulation
RBSVSYS0 System Control Tables for Status Management
RBSVUPDD Status Management: Post Changes Online
SAPMBSVA General Status Management: Status Profile Maintenance
SAPMCOSS Maintain Status Selection Profile (module pool for view cluster)

Search Helps

SAP Package BSV contains 8 search helps.

H_STSMA Status profile for given object category
H_TJ01 Help View: Status Management Transactions
H_TJ02 Help View: System Status
H_TJ03 Help view 'Object types'
H_TJ05 Object Type Activities
H_TJ20 Help view: Status Profiles
H_TJ30 Help view: User Statuses
H_TXT04 Status short text for status profile and language

Message Classes

SAP Package BSV contains 1 message classes.

BS Statusverwaltung

Authorization Objects

SAP Package BSV contains 2 authorization objects.

B_USERST_T Status Management: Set/Delete User Status using Process
B_USERSTAT Status Management: Set/Delete User Status