SAP Package BCUR

BAPIs for Currencies

The package BCUR (BAPIs for Currencies) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BCUR
Short Text BAPIs for Currencies
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BCUR contains 4 function groups.

ALEX Distribution of Market Data
BUS1090 Business Object Currency
BUS1093 BAPIs to BO Exchange Rate
BUS1093A BTE for Exchange Rate Changes


SAP Package BCUR contains 13 structures.

BAPI1090_1 BAPI structure for currency decimal places
BAPI1090_2 BAPI transfer structure for currency list
BAPI1093_0 BAPI exchange rate table
BAPI1093_1 BAPI-TCURR increased by TCURF data
BAPI1093_2 Work structure for BO exchange rate
BAPI1093_3 Ranges for from currency when processing exchange rates
BAPI1093_4 Ranges for to currency when processing exchange rates
BAPI1093_5 BAPI structure for exchange rate types
BAPI1093_6 BO EXCHANGERATE: Log records
BAPI1093_7 Ranges for exchange rate types
E1BP1093_0 BAPI exchange rate table
E1EXCHANGE_RATE Header Segment
RFX00 Work Structure for RFALEX00


SAP Package BCUR contains 1 programs.

RFALEX00 Distributing Exchange Rates

Message Classes

SAP Package BCUR contains 1 message classes.

E! Nachrichten zu BAPI-Kurse-Funktionsgruppen