SAP Package CUMT

Maintenance Environment for Dependencies

The package CUMT (Maintenance Environment for Dependencies) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package CUMT
Short Text Maintenance Environment for Dependencies
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package CUMT contains 30 function groups.

CARD1 API Modules for Reading Dependencies
CEBW Dependencies in configurator
CLD2 Distribution of Dependencies
CUD2 Table Maintenance
CUD3 Runtime objects for variant tables
CUD4 Read Content of Variant Table
CUD6 Check Class Environment for Constraints
CUD8 Table transfers
CUDD Process variant table using DB table
CUFA Variant functions - master data APIs
CUFS Read variant function
CUFU Variant functions - user interface
CUK1 Dependency Network Maintenance
CUKD Dependency Maintenance
CULI Object Dependencies Function Library
CUP1 Parser Functions
CUPA Parser for Object Dependencies
CUPB Variant 2 of Object Dependency Parser
CUPC Composition of PMS Segments (3.1)
CUPP Pretty Print for Object Dependencies
CUPS Parsers with SCE capability
CUT3 Variant 3 of Justification Management
CUTA Variant tables - master data APIs
CUTQ Read variant table - structure
CUTU Maintain variant table structure
CUUI SAP Editor User Interface
CUVB Dependency Maintenance Update Program
CUVF Save variant functions
CUVT Update Variant Tables
CUVTOPFI Open FI Activities / Variant Tables


SAP Package CUMT contains 20 transactions.

CU01 Create Dependency
CU02 Change Dependency
CU03 Display Dependency
CU04 Dependency List
CU05 Dependency Where-Used List
CU21 Create Dependency Net
CU22 Change Dependency Net
CU23 Display Dependency Net
CU59 Transfer Variant Table Contents
CU60 Table Maintenance
CU60E MS Excel Upload of Variant Tables
CU61 Create Table Structure
CU62 Change Table Structure
CU63 Display Table Structure
CU64 Table Structure List
CU65 Create Function
CU66 Change Function
CU67 Display Function
CU68 Function List
CUNK Number Ranges for Dependencies

Database Tables

SAP Package CUMT contains 50 database tables.

CUCVRNT Variants of Constraints
CUEX Dependency Storage - Compilation
CUKB Administrative Information for Dependency Maintenance
CUKBT Text Table for Dependency Maintenance Admin. Information
CUKN Dependency Storage - Variants/Configuration
CUOB Assignment of Object to Dependency
CURSADD Dependency Net Additional Data
CURSCOD PMS Master Data: Storage of Code to be Evaluated
CURSDNN PMS master data: discrimination net node
CURSDNS PMS master data: subsequent discrimination net node
CURSOBJ PMS Master Data: Conversion of PMS Object Keys
CURSPAT PMS Master Data: Patterns (of End Points)
CURSSPN PMS Master Data: Simple Pattern Nodes
CURSSPS PMS Master Data: Follow-Up to Simple Pattern Node
CURSVAR Internal Variables of Constraints
CUVFUN Variant functions
CUVFUN_ADM Administrative Data for variant function
CUVFUN_GR Group for variant functions
CUVFUN_GRT Texts for variant function groups
CUVFUN_IND Value assignment alternatives for variant function
CUVFUN_PAR Parameters of variant function
CUVFUN_ST Variant function status
CUVFUN_STT Variant function status description
CUVFUN_TX Text table for variant functions
CUVFX Structure for locking variant functions
CUVT Variant Table
CUVTAB Variant table basic data
CUVTAB_ADM Variant table - administrative data
CUVTAB_FLD Fields of variant table
CUVTAB_GR Group for variant tables
CUVTAB_GRT Variant table group descriptions
CUVTAB_IND Value assignment alternatives for variant table
CUVTAB_ST Variant table status
CUVTAB_STT Status description for variant table
CUVTAB_TX Descriptions for Variant Table
CUVTAB_VALC CHAR format values for variant table
CUVTAB_VALN NON-CHAR format variant table values
CUVTLN Line object of variant table
CUVTX Structure for locking variant tables
CUXREF Object Dependency Cross References
TCUAU Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies
TCUB Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies
TCUBT Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies
TCUD Dependency Maintenance - Allowed Dependency Types per Object
TCUG Dependency Maintenance - Groups
TCUGT Dependency Groups - Texts
TCUO Dependencies - Objects
TCUOT Dependencies - Object Texts
TCUX Dependency Maintenance - Statuses
TCUXT Dependency Maintenance Statuses - Texts


SAP Package CUMT contains 11 views.

M_CLFNA Generated view for matchcode ID CLFN -A
M_CLFNB Generated view for matchcode ID CLFN -B
M_CLFNC Generated view for matchcode ID CLFN -C
M_CLTBA Generated view for matchcode ID CLTB -A
M_CLTBB Generated view for matchcode ID CLTB -B
M_CLTBC Generated view for matchcode ID CLTB -C
M_CU01B Generated view for matchcode ID CU01 -B
M_CU01G Generated view for matchcode ID CU01 -G
M_CU01L Generated view for matchcode ID CU01 -L
V_CUVTAB_GR Variant table group
V_CUVTAB_GRT Variant Table Group Descriptions


SAP Package CUMT contains 102 structures.

API_FUNC Structure for names of variant functions
API_VTAB_ECM Structure for ECM data for variant tables
API_VTAB_FIELD API interface for fields in variant table
CEBW Dependencies for object in configurator
CFG_ARCH_VCHAR CHAR Value in Configuration - Archiving
CFG_ARCH_VCOM Value in Archiving for Configurations - General
CFG_ARCH_VNONCHAR Value for Configuration not in CHAR Format - Archiving
CONF_OUT Configuration Output
CTCU_02 Structure for chars group/description
CUALLOCHIS Structure for change overview of allocations
CUEX_OBJ Dependency Maintenance - Structure for Compilation Storage
CUEX_STRUC Structure of dependency runtime format (KNBLK)
CUKB_OBJ Dependencies - Basis Data for Object Maintenance
CUKBT_OBJ Dependencies - Lang.-Dependent Texts for Object Maintenance
CUKC Structure for Object Dependencies Compilation
CUKDTB Help Structure for Dependency Data
CUKN_OBJ Dependencies - Dependency Storage in Object Maintenance
CUKN_STRUC Structure of dependency container (KNBLK)
CUKO_02 Configuration: Display Classification Data
CUKR_01 Compilations (KNNUM + CODE Line)
CUOB_APPLI Usage of dependency
CUOB_TAB Dependency Maintenance - Object Link Table
CUPS_STPO Componentization: STPO Items
CURSAD1 Help Structure: Dependency Net Additional Data
CUSL_01 Input Interface for Accessing Tables
CUTEXT Variant Configuration Description
CUVA_OBJ Help Structure for Updating Constraint Variables
CUVBCOD Update Structure for CURSCOD
CUVBDNN Update Structure for CURSDNN
CUVBDNS Update Structure for CURSDNS
CUVBOBJ Update Structure for CURSOBJ
CUVBPAT Update Structure for CURSPAT
CUVBSPN Update Structure for CURSSPN
CUVBSPS Update Structure for CURSSPS
CUVBVAR Update Structure for CURSVAR
CUVBVRNT Update Structure for CUCVRNT
CUVR_OBJ Help Structure for Updating Constraint Variables
CUXR_OBJ Structure for Updating Cross References of a Dependency
DDB_AW Configuration Transac. Data: Fact for Simple Characteristic
DDB_C01 Transaction Data: DDDB_HAS_VAL
DDB_C02 DDB Change Messages (Configuration)
DDB_C03 Configuration Transac. Data: General Value Set
DDB_C04 Value Structure for Reading Characteristic Values from DDB
DDB_C06 Describes a characteristic value, as in priority tables
DDB_ITP DDB: General Object Type
IKNOBJ Objects with Dependencies
INCL_BILD Structures for Calling with Screen Module
KBD_TREE Representation of a Pars Tree in ABAP
KBD_XREF Parser Cross Reference Structure
KNOBJTAB Buffer Table for Allocation Numbers
LINEROW Details of Line and Column
OARG_01 ID of a partial argument for an object
OARG_02 Information on a Part Argument
OARG_03 Information on a Part Argument
PARS_TEXT Line in Source Code of Object Dependency
PARS_TOKEN Structure of a Token in Dependency Parser
PMS_DNTYP Type description of DN node in PMS
PMS_PAT_ID Identification of 'Pattern' in PMS
PMS_PATID Identification of 'Pattern' in PMS
PMS_SP_ID Identification of 'Simple Pattern' in PMS
PMS_VARID Identification of Variable in PMS
RCUD2 Table Maintenance
RCUD5_F Transfer structure for function data
RCUD5_T Transfer structure for variant table data
RCUD7 Fields for Function Group CUD7
RCUDD_MATCH Output Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_MATCH_M Output Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_QUERY Input Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_QUERY_M Input Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_VALUES Values for transferring variant table to database table
RCUFU I/O fields for program SAPLCUFU
RCUFUN Structure as Class Object for Functions
RCUIND Transfer Structure for KRIF Elements
RCUKB1 API Structure for Basic Data of Dependency
RCUKBT1 API Structure for Lang-Dependent Dependency Descriptions
RCUKD Fields for Dependency Maintenance
RCUKDOC1 API Structure for Dependency Documentation
RCUKN1 API Structure for Sources of Dependency
RCUOB1 API Structure for Allocations for Object Dependencies
RCURS Help Structure: Dependency Maintenance/Processing
RCUSB Dependency Maintenance - Output Fields for Screen Modules
RCUTB Transfer Structure: Syntax Check for Characteristics
RCUTU I/O fields for program SAPLCUFU
RFELD Field List with Names of the Changed Data Fields
RKNNUM Editor Format for Object Dependencies
RKNOBJ Help Structure for Object Dependencies
SCUD2 Parameters for Table Maintenance Interface Control (CU60)
SEL_COD Compilation of Selection Conditions (Test)
TMS_JUST Justification of DDB Declaration (Configuration)
TMS_REF_T Table structure for TMS ref. table (table of fact IDs)
TMSX_JUST Complete TMS justification
VARFUN_WHERE_USE_RESULT Result Structure for Where-Used List for Variant Functions
VARTAB_WHERE_USE_RESULT Result Structure for Where-Used List for Variant Tables
VFUNC_ALT_INP Value assignment alternatives for variant function
VFUNC_ALT_INPUT Value assignment alternatives for variant function
VFUNC_BASIC Header data of variant function
VFUNC_BASIC_DATA Variant Tables Structure
VFUNC_CHARACT Characteristics of variant function
VFUNC_DESCR Description of variant function
VFUNC_DESCRIPT Descriptions of variant function
VTCHARS Characteristics
VTENTR_LONG Variant Table Contents


SAP Package CUMT contains 30 programs.

RCCUFN00 Function List
RCCUFN10 Use of characteristic in variant functions
RCCUTB00 Table Structure List
RCCUTB10 Use of Characteristic in Variant Tables
RCCUTCLB Deactivate Runtime Objects for Variant Tables
RCCUTCLD Delete All Generated Table Clusters for Variant Tables
RCCUVTDB Transfer Variant Table Contents to Database Table
RCCUVWFN Where-Used List for Function in Object Dependencies
RCCUVWTB Where-Used List for Variant Table in Object Dependencies
RCUDELCUXREF Delete Compilation (CUXREF) of a Dependency That No Longer Exists
RCUKD001 Delete Unnecessary CUEX Entries (from 2.2.X)
RCUKD003 Sets dependency status to 'locked' (for first database record)
RCUKD004 Cleans up cross-references and code lines for locked dependencies
RCUKD005 Cleans up dependencies (datuv <>0 and AENNR = space becomes datuv = 0)
RCUKDCHK Object Dependencies Block Check
RCUKDDET Display Object Dependencies Detail
RCUKDDSP Object Dependencies Overview
RCUKDECM Display Object Dependencies for Change Number
RCUKDLIS Dependency List
RCUKDUPD Object Dependencies Block Check
RCUKDVWG Where-Used List for Dependencies
RCUKDXRF Use of Objects in Dependencies
RCUPMDMP Generate Short Dump for PMS Segment (such as Constraint Net)
RCUVFSCD Display Change Documents
RCUVT_CHOV Variant Table Report Change Overview
RCUVTCCD Display Change Documents
RCUVTSCD Display Change Documents
RCUVWTF1 Use of Characteristic in Variant Tables and Variant Functions
RCUVWTF2 Use of Characteristic in Variant Tables and Variant Functions
RCVTLNCN Overview of variant table lines for change number

Search Helps

SAP Package CUMT contains 13 search helps.

CLFN Variant functions
CLFNA Find by Description
CLFNB Find by Name
CLFNC Find by Group
CLTB Variant tables
CLTBA Find by Description
CLTBB Find by Name
CLTBC Find by Group
CU01 Matchcodes for Dependencies
CU01B Find by Dependencies (Language-Independent)
CU01G Find by Group
CU01K Find via class
CU01L Find by Local Dependencies

Message Classes

SAP Package CUMT contains 4 message classes.

28 Konfiguration
2C Customizing Merkmalbewertung
CU Messages Varianten / Konfiguration
CUMTX Variantenkonfiguration - Stammdatenpflege

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CUMT contains 5 authorization objects.

C_LOVC_DBI Variant Table - Link to Database Table
C_LOVC_DEP Dependency Maintenance
C_LOVC_FUN Variant Function
C_LOVC_TAB Variant Table - Structure
C_LOVC_TCN Variant Table - Contents