Payment : General Section

The package BFIBL_CHECK_D (Payment : General Section) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL_TOOLS.

Technical Information

Short Text Payment : General Section
Parent Package APPL_TOOLS

Function Groups

SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 3 function groups.

FCHKCORE Pre-Numbered Checks: General Part
FIBLCHK_VIEW View Maintenance of Check Management
FK40CORE Interfaces for T015*, Instructions


SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 3 transactions.

FCHV C FI Maintain Table TVOID
OB43 C FI Maintain Table T015L
OB47 C FI Maintain Table T015W

Database Tables

SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 19 database tables.

PAYR Payment Medium File
PCEC Prenumbered Checks
REGUP_CORE Processed Items from Payment Program
T012D Parameters for DMEs and foreign pmnt transactions
T015L SCB Ratios
T015V Application Area for Instructions in Payment Transactions
T015VT Long text for application areas
T015W Instruction keys
T015W0 Allocate application areas to instruction fields
T015W1 Instructions
T015W1T Instructions (explanatory text)
T015WT Explanation of Instruction Key
T042B Details on the company codes that must pay
T042E Company Code-Specific Specifications for Payment Methods
T042F Payment method supplements
T042H Text table for additional payment methods
T042Z Payment Methods for Automatic Payment
TVOID Check void reason codes
TVOIT Check void reason code texts


SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 8 views.

HV_ISO_CURC Help View for ISO Currency
V_T015L SCB Indicators
V_T015V Application Area for Instructions in Payment Transactions
V_T015W Instruction Keys
V_T015W0 List of Permitted Instruction Flds for each Application Area
V_T015W1 Instructions in Payment Transactions
V_T042F Payment Method Supplements
V_TVOID Check Void Reason Codes


SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 16 structures.

CHECK_HEAD Header Record for Checks
CHECK_REC Single Check Record
CHECK_TRL Not Used - Check Trailer Record
DTACHKH Inclusion of Header Data for Check Extract Creation
DTACHKP Inclusion of Items for Check Extract Creation
FAGL_S_RFCHKD00_LIST1 Structure for RFCHKD00 report
FAGL_S_RFCHKD00_LIST2 Structure for Report RFCHKD00 (list 2)
FEB_HLP_RFDT_ID_STRUCT Key for Transfer to RFEBCH00 via RFDT
FOAP_ACC_S_RFCHKL00_LIST Structure for ALV convertion of report RFCHKL00
I015W1_PAR Parameter Structure for Internal Use
IFIBL_AUX_FIELDS Check Management: Screen Fields or Report Parameters
ILAUFK Run indicator transfer structure in payment transactions
PAYR_ALV1 Check Register, Header Data
T015V_LIST Interface


SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 13 programs.

RFCHIL00 Check lots
RFCHIL10 Configurable List of Check Lots
RFCHKD00 Delete Check Information on Payment Run
RFCHKD10 Delete Check Information on Voided Checks
RFCHKD30 Reset Check Information Data
RFCHKE00 Check Extract Creation
RFCHKL00 List of Checks for Company Code &0..
RFCHKN10 Check Register
RFCHKR10 Cancel the transaction 'reprint'
RFCHKR10_NACC Cancel the transaction 'reprint'
RFEBCK10 Cashed Checks
RFT15W00 Convert instruction key
SAPMFCHI Check number maintenance

Search Helps

SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 7 search helps.

FI_CHECK Check Number Search
FIND_PARTNERNR_BANK Search Help Only for Partner in Conjunction with House Banks
H_T015L Help_View for Table T015L
H_T015W Help_View for T015W
H_T042Z Help View for Payment Methods
H_TVOID Void Reason Code Help View
ISO_CURC Search Help for ISO Currency

Message Classes

SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 1 message classes.

FIBL Messages aus Steuerroutinen / Vornumerierte Schecks

Authorization Objects

SAP Package BFIBL_CHECK_D contains 1 authorization objects.

F_PAYR_BUK Check Management: Action Authorization for Company Codes