Structure Package: APPL Tools for HR

The package APPL_TOOLS (Structure Package: APPL Tools for HR) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Short Text Structure Package: APPL Tools for HR
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Embedded Packages

SAP Package APPL_TOOLS contains 93 embedded packages.

ACCORE Asset Accounting: Customizing
ACID_IF Published Interfaces for Development Class ACID
AFLD Application Fields and Component Assignment
APPL_SCP Preliminary Correction for CL_SCP_LINEBREAK_UTIL
BFIBL_BANK House Banks
BFIBL_BASIS Basis Objects for the Bank Ledger
BFIBL_CHECK_D Payment : General Section
BFIBL_PAY Bank Subledger: Interface and Payments
BFIBL_PAYM Payment medium
BZZ Now only contains R3TR TABL AUTHA
CATC IMG for Development Class CATS
CATS Cross-application time sheet
CATS_MISC Customizing and Reporting for the Time Sheet
CATX Enhancements for the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
CKCORE R/3 Application Development: PP Product Costing
CNCORE R/3 Application development: PS Basic data
COCORE R/3 Application development: PP Production orders
CORUCORE Application Core for PP Confirmations
CPCORE R/3 Application Development: PP Task Lists
CRCORE R/3 Application development: PP Resources
CYCORE Application Development R/3 Capacity Spl.
DFLD Application Fields and Component Assignment
EWC1 Currency Customizing for Changeover to Euro
EWC2 Currency Customizing for Changeover to Euro: Version Managt
FB0CCORE General Services for FiBu Customizing
FBASCORE Financial Accounting General Services 'Basis'
FBDCORE Customers
FBKCORE Basis Component: Vendors
FBSCORE General services: G/L accounts
FBZCORE Payments: General Services
FFCORE Cash Management
FIB0CORE General Services House Banks
FIB1CORE General Services House Bank Accounts
FIB2CORE General Services Payment Methods
FIB3CORE General Services SCB Ratios
FKCORE Consolidation #
FMBSCORE General FIFM Basis Services
FTRACORE Basis Component: Travel Management Application Development
GDIF FI-SL Repository Interface (decoupled)
GJVCCORE Joint Venture Core Parts for Decoupling
GKNTCORE General Services: Coding Block
GRWT_DC Report Writer: Basic Functions
GVAL Validation, Substitution and Rules
ID-DMEE International Development: Data Medium Exchange Engine
KABCCORE Cost Accounting: Activity-Based
KACCCORE CO-OM: General Objects Used
KAUFCORE General Services in Cost Accounting: Orders
KBASCORE Overhead Cost Controlling: General Services
KE1CCORE Customizing for Profit Center Accounting
KE1CORE Profit Center Accounting
KISTCORE Cost Accounting Actual Data: General Services
KKALCORE CO-RCL Reconciliation Ledger: General Services
KKEKCORE Cost Accounting: Unit Costing
KKPCORE Cost Object Controlling Repetitive Mfg: a
KPLACORE Cost Accounting, Planning
KSVCORE Cost Centers ALE
MASBCORE Service Master
MBCORE Application development R/3 inventory management
MCVCORE R/3 Application Development: Sales Information System
MD01CORE Appl. Dev. R/3 Consumption Driven Gen. Requirements Planning
MDCORE Application Development R/3 Requirements Planning
MECORE Basis Component: Purchasing
MELCORE Vendor Evaluation
MEWCORE General Services Internet/Intranet Processing in Purchasing
MGACORE General Services: Application Development - Material Master
MGCORE Application development R/3 material master
MLCORE General Services: External Services Management
MRCORE Incoming Invoices
OP0C Organizational Management for Enterprise Structure
QBCORE QM in procurement
VA0CCORE Customizing R/3 Sales
VACORE Application development R/3 Sales
VBASCORE Application Development R/3 Sales Mster Data
VEICORE Application development R/3 foreign trade
VFCORE Application development R/3 invoice
VIEWCORE Application development views
VKMCORE Application development R/3 credit management
VKONCORE Application development R/3 conditions
VLCORE Application Development R/3 Shipping
VMODCORE Application Development R/3 SD Customer Modifications
VNCORE Application Development Output Control
VOWCORE General Services: SD Organizational Data
VS0CCORE Customizing R/3 Sales and Distribution master data
VSCORE Application development R/3 sales master data
VSVCORE Appl. development R/3 SD master data distribution
VZ0CCORE Customizing R/3 RV central functions
VZCORE General Services SD Application Development
WARTCORE IS-R: Integrated article maintenance
WFILCORE General Services IS-R: Store Master
WLIFCORE General services vendor master