Payment medium

The package BFIBL_PAYM (Payment medium) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL_TOOLS.

Technical Information

Short Text Payment medium
Parent Package APPL_TOOLS

Function Groups

SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 35 function groups.

FBNK Bank Number - External Display
FPAYF Payment medium formats
FPAYG Payment Grouping
FPAYM_DE Payment Medium: FM Event Germany
FPAYM_SWIFT Payment Medium: SWIFT Format Internat.
FPAYM_US Payment Medium: USA Format
FPAYM00 Payment medium: Example module
FPAYM01 Payment medium: Print control
FPAYM02 Payment medium: Log, messages
FPAYM03 Payment medium: File functions
FPAYM04 Payment medium: Note to payee layout
FPAYM05 Payment medium: File operations
FPAYM05_EDI Payment Medium: EDI Operations
FPAYM06 Payment Medium: Application Sort Fields
FPAYM07 Payment Medium: Reference Field Mapping
FPAYM09 Payment Medium: F4 for Note to Payee
FPAYM10 Payment medium: Frame modules (Contr.)
FPAYM11 Payment Medium: Read Modules
FPAYM12 Payment Medium: Form Printout
FPAYM13 Payment Medium: Payment Register
FPAYM14 Payment Medium: Authorization Check
FPAYV Payment Medium Selection Variants
FPAYV_VIEW Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPDFFORM PDF Form: Functions
FPM042F Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042FB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042FC Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042FM Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042FSB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042FV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042FZ Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042V Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FPM042VIJ Payment Media: Set/Get for View Maint.
FPM042ZA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FT042ZA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 6 transactions.

FBPM Payment medium program of PMW
OBPM1 Maintenance of Pymt Medium Formats
OBPM1A Display of Pymt Medium Formats
OBPM2 Maintenance of Note to Payee
OBPM3 Payment Medium Formats (Customer)
OBPM4 Payment Medium Selection Variants

Database Tables

SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 30 database tables.

DFPAYG Payment date: Grouping
DFPAYHT Note to Payee and Payment Advice Note Texts
DFPAYMENT_KEY_ID Contains ID for Payment Data Key
DFPAYV Payment Medium: Selection Variants
DFPM_AUTH Payment medium: Authorization Check Origin Active
REGUT TemSe - Administration Data
REGUTA Paying Company Codes for DME Files
T042T Text modules for payment forms
T042ZA Additional specifications for payment method
TFPM042F Payment medium formats: General attributes
TFPM042FB Payment medium formats: Events
TFPM042FBC Payment medium formats: Customer events
TFPM042FD Payment Medium Formats: Preassignment of Format Parameters
TFPM042FDC Payt Medium Formats: Cust. Preassignm. of Format Parameters
TFPM042FF Payment medium formats: Format parameters
TFPM042FFC Payment medium formats: Customer format parameters
TFPM042FG Payment medium formats: Level of detail of payment medium
TFPM042FGC Payt. medium formats: Cust. level of det. of payment mediums
TFPM042FM Payment medium formats: Reqd fields for format parameters
TFPM042FMC Payment medium formats: Cust. reqd. fields for format para.
TFPM042FPB Payment Medium Formats: Modules for Payment Doc. Validation
TFPM042FSB Payment Medium Formats: Modules for Writing/Sending Files
TFPM042FT Payment medium formats: Texts
TFPM042FV Payment medium formats: Note to payee fields
TFPM042FZ Payment medium formats: Supplements
TFPM042FZT Payment medium formats: Supplement text
TFPM042VA Payment medium: Note to payee
TFPM042VAT Payment medium: Note to payee texts
TFPM042VI Payment medium: Note to payee contents
TFPM042VJ Payment Media: Content of Note to Payee Lang. Independent


SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 15 views.

V_DFPAYV_FORMI Payment Medium: Selection Variants - Formats for Variants
V_DFPAYV_VARI Payment Medium: Selection Variants - Variants
V_DFPM_AUTH Payment Medium: Authorization Check Origin Active
V_T042ZA Maint. of Note to Payee Text for Ctry, Pymt Mthd, & Origin
V_TFPM042FB Payment medium events
V_TFPM042FB_C Payment Medium: Customer-Specific Event Modules
V_TFPM042FG Format with text and level of detail
V_TFPM042FG_C Payment Medium: Customer Settings for Formats
V_TFPM042FM Required fields for format parameters
V_TFPM042FM_C Payment Media: Customer's Required Fields
V_TFPM042FV Text fields for format reference information
V_TFPM042FZ Format supplement with text
V_TFPM042VA Note to payee
V_TFPM042VI Note to payee - Line layout
V_TFPM042VJ Payment Media: Content of Note to Payee Lang. Independent


SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 91 structures.

DTA_MT100 DME Transaction Record, International Format MT 100
DTA_MT104E DME End Record, International Format S.W.I.F.T. MT 104
DTA_MT104H DME Header Record, International Format S.W.I.F.T. MT 104
DTA_MT104T DME Transaction Record, Internat. S.W.I.F.T. Format MT 104
DTA_MT200 DME Transaction Record, International Format MT 100
DTA_MT202 DME Transaction Record, International Format MT 202
DTA_MT210 DME Transaction Record, International Format MT 210
DTA_MTHEADER Payment Medium: Header, Internat. S.W.I.F.T. MT Formats
DTA_MTTRAILER Payment Medium: Trailer, Internat. S.W.I.F.T. MT Formats
DTADDEA Domestic DME Diskette Data Recd A (Data Carrier Header Recd)
DTADDEA_ZZV German Domestic DME Format POfS (Mail) Data Record A
DTADDEC Domestic DME Diskette Data Record C (Paymnt Exchange Record)
DTADDEC_ZZV German Domestic DME Format POfS (Mail) Data Record C
DTADDEE Domestic DME Diskette Data Rec.E(Data Carrier Trailer Label)
DTADDEE_ZZV German Domestic DME Format POfS (Mail) Data Record E
DTADDEQ DME Int. Diskette Data Record Q (Data Medium Header)
DTADDET Foreign DME Diskette Data Record T (Single Data Record)
DTADDEV Foreign DME Disk. Data Record V (Report Record Transit)
DTADDEW Foreign DME Diskette Data Record W (Report Record, Misc.)
DTADDEZ Foreign DME Diskette Data Rec.Z (Data Carrier Trailer Label)
DTADUSADD ACH Format: Addenda Record (CTX and CCD)
DTADUSADDIAT ACH Format: Addenda Record (IAT) for # 1
DTADUSADDIAT2 ACH Format: Addenda Record (IAT) for # 2, 3 and 7
DTADUSADDIAT3 ACH Format: Addenda Record (IAT) for # 4,5 & Corr Bank Data
DTADUSADDIAT4 Addenda Record (IAT) for # 6
DTADUSBC ACH Format: Company/Batch Control Record
DTADUSBH ACH Format: Company/Batch header record
DTADUSBHIAT ACH Format: Company/Batch header record for IAT
DTADUSCCD ACH Format: CCD Entry Detail Record
DTADUSCTX ACH Format: CTX Corporate Entry Detail Record
DTADUSFC ACH Format: File Control Record
DTADUSFH ACH Format: File Header Record
DTADUSIAT ACH Format: IAT International Entry Detail Record
DTKEY Help structure for additional field DTKEY in table REGUT
FPAY_PARA Payment program - Parameters
FPAYH Payment medium: Payment data
FPAYH_BCH Pymt Medium: Bank Chain (Intermediary and Corresp. Banks)
FPAYH_ORD Payment Medium: Instructions for the Bank
FPAYH_PAY Payment Medium: Payment Document
FPAYH_RBK Payment Medium: Payee Bank Information
FPAYH_REC Payment Medium: Payee
FPAYH_SAB Payment Medium: Accounting Clerk
FPAYH_SBK Payment Medium: Payer's Bank
FPAYH_SND Payment Medium: Payer
FPAYH_SRT Payment Medium: Sorting and Control Fields
FPAYH_ZAW Payment Medium: Payment Method
FPAYH_ZOR Payment Medium: Payment Data (Paying Organization)
FPAYHX Payment Medium: Prepared Data for Payment
FPAYHX_BCH Pymt Medium: Bank Chain (Intermediary and Corresp. Banks)
FPAYHX_CREF Payment Medium: Customer-Specific User-Defined Fields
FPAYHX_FMT Payment Medium: Format, Note to Payee, DME, Check Number
FPAYHX_FREF Payment Medium: Sequential Number and User-Defined Fields
FPAYHX_MDT Payment Medium: Mandate
FPAYHX_ORD Payment Medium: Instructions for the Bank
FPAYHX_PAY Payment Medium: Payment Document
FPAYHX_RBK Payment Medium: Payee Bank Information
FPAYHX_REC Payment Medium: Payee
FPAYHX_SBK Payment Medium: Payer's Bank
FPAYHX_SND Payment Medium: Payer
FPAYHX_ZAW Payment Medium: Payment Method
FPAYP Payment medium: Data on paid items
FPAYP_BUK Payment Medium: Company Code for Which Payment is Made
FPAYP_BUS Pymt Medium: Business Partner (for Example, Invoicing Party)
FPAYP_CREF Payment med.: Customer-definable fields for paid line items
FPAYP_DOC Payment Medium: Paid Items (Amounts, Date)
FPAYP_FREF Payment medium: User-defined fields for paid items
FPAYP_INF Payment Medium: Item Text and Reference Information
FPAYP_REP Payment Medium: Reporting Data (Central Bank Report)
FPAYP_SRT Payment Medium: Sorting and Control Fields
FPM_ACH Payment Med.: ACH Format-Specific Parameters of Sel. Screen
FPM_ACH_IAT Payment Med.: ACH/ IAT Format-Specific Params of Sel. Screen
FPM_DOM80 Payment medium: Format parameters DOM80 Belgium
FPM_DTAZV Payment Medium: DTAZV Format-Spec.Paramet.of Select. Screen
FPM_FIELDS Payment Medium: Fields and Values (Accompanying Sheet)
FPM_FILE Structure for transfer of line contents
FPM_FILE_DATA Payment Medium: Contents of a File
FPM_FPAYG_F4 Payment groups: Structure for F4 help
FPM_FPAYV_DEL Payment Medium Selection Variants: Structure for Deletion
FPM_FPAYV_F4 Payment Medium Selection Variants: Structure for F4 Help
FPM_FPAYV_LIST Payment Medium Selection Variants: Printable List
FPM_JOBS Payment Medium: Computer and Number of Background Processes
FPM_LIST Payment Media: Fields for the Payment Summary
FPM_OUTPUT Payment Medium: Output of Created Objects
FPM_PAYD Payment Medium: Setup of Note to Payee Table
FPM_SELPAR Payment Medium - Selection Parameters
FPM_SEPA Payment Medium: Parameters for SEPA Formats
FPM_SUMTABLE Payment Medium: Totals Table for Disc Accomp. Sheet
FPM_SWIFT Payment Medium: S.W.I.F.T. MT Formats, Specific Parameters
FPM_SWIFT_103 Payment Medium: S.W.I.F.T. MT Formats, Specific Parameters
FPM_SWIFT_MT104 Payment Medium: S.W.I.F.T. MT104 Format-Specific Parameters
FPM_TABLES Payment Medium: Table Names and Contents


SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 10 programs.

RFOBPM10 Payment Medium: Call Customizing (Note to Payee)
RFOBPM20 Payment Medium Formats: Call Customizing (Customer)
RFOBPM40 Payment Medium Selection Variants: Call Maintenance
RFPAYG_LISTPOPUP Payment Groups: Payment Run List
RFPAYM_DOC1R Determination of the Reference for the Payment Document
RFPAYM_UNICODE_VARIANTS Conversion of SAPFPAYM Variants for Unicode
SAPFPAYM Payment Medium: Creation
SAPFPAYM_SAPSCRIPT Payment Medium: SAPscript Subroutines
SAPFPAYM_SCHEDULE Payment Medium: Scheduling of Creation

Search Helps

SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 3 search helps.

FPM_FORMI Search for payment medium formats
FPM_FORMM Required Fields for Payment Medium Format
FPM_FPAYV Selection Variants for Payment Medium Formats

Message Classes

SAP Package BFIBL_PAYM contains 1 message classes.

BFIBL02 Zahlungsträger: Nachrichten