SAP Package CA

CAD Integration

The package CA (CAD Integration) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CA
Short Text CAD Integration
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CA contains 12 function groups.

0CA4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CAD_DESKTOP This is NOT the CAD Desktop!
CADM CAD Interface Memory Functions
CADR CAD Interface RFC Functions
CAGR Layout of Tree Structures
CATR Graphical Display of Tree Structures
CAWF Implementation of Adhoc Workflow
CCAD CAD Dialog Interface
CCLS CAD Interface Classification Function
CCPO Object Filter - Update
CCRT Object Retrieval
COMM CPIC Communication Routines


SAP Package CA contains 5 transactions.

CC04 Display Product Structure
CV22 Change Frontend Type
CV30 Display Transfer Log
CV31 Find CAD Interface Errors Online
CY00 Engineering Menu

Database Tables

SAP Package CA contains 16 database tables.

CAD_PARTS Table for Assignment of Standard Material to Material Nos
TCADUSR Table with CAD User Registrations
TCAO Object ID in Product Structure Explosion
TCAOT Language-Dependent Object Identification
TCATR Dynamic Function Module Calls from Tree Structure
TCIA Table Field Name <--> Screen Field Name Link
TCIC CAD Process and Sub-process Codes
TCID CAD Field Parameters for Download
TCIM Set Parameters for CAD Transfer Strings
TCIQ CAD Control Table for Screens and Field Sets and Tables
TCIQT CAD Interface Function Texts
TCIR Definition of User-defined Functions
TCIS Control Parameters for the CAD Dialog Interface
TCIT Conversion Table: Table Field Name <--> Screen Field Name
TCIU CAD Field Parameters for Upload
USRCOBJ Object Filters for Exploding Product Structures


SAP Package CA contains 1 views.

V_TCIS Control Parameters


SAP Package CA contains 20 structures.

CAD_BICSK CAD (RFC Dialog): BOM Header Data
CAD_BOM_ITEM CAD (RFC Dialog): BOM Item Data
CAD_BUFFER Buffer for CAD Dialog Interface Data Transfer
CAD_DOC_DRAP CAD: status log
CAD_RETURN CAD: Return Value for RFC Calls
CAWF_OBJ Structure for Transferring Object Instance to Adhoc Workflow
CSITEM_NEW Structure for Changed BOM Items
CUSTOMER_CONTEXT_CALLS Customer context menu enhancment
DMU_TREE Structure data for display in browser (identifiable)
DRAW_DATA Document Info Record Data for Batch Input and RFC
DRAW_RFC Document Info Record Data for RFC Communication
HEADER Header Structure for CAD Transfer Strings
HIER_BLOCK Values for List Blocks in Tree Structures
MESSAGE Message Line for CAD Dialog Interface
RFCDMSDATA Buffer Table for DMS Data with CAD Dialog RFC
VCAD_RECV Data from the VARCAD CAD System
VCAD_SEND Communication Table for Graphics Program


SAP Package CA contains 11 programs.

RCCADI10 CAD Dialog Interface Problem Analysis
RCCADI20 Analysis of Transfer Log for CAD Dialog Interface
RCCADI41 Change Frontend Type
RCCADVAL Display Allowed Values
SAPMCBOM CAD Dialog Interface (BOM Functions and Engineering Change Mgmt)
SAPMCCAD CAD Dialog Interface (Control Program)
SAPMCCLS CAD Dialog Interface (Classification and Finding Objects)
SAPMCDOC CAD Dialog Interface (Document Info Record Functions)
SAPMCEQI CAD Dialog Interface (Plant Maintenance Functions)
SAPMCMAT CAD Dialog Interface (Material Master Functions)
SAPMCOFF CAD Dialog Interface (Office and Mailing Functions)

Message Classes

SAP Package CA contains 1 message classes.

CH Nachrichten für CAD <-> PPS Integration