ICM: Contract Bundle 'Light'

The package CACSCB (ICM: Contract Bundle 'Light') is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS00.

Technical Information

Package CACSCB
Short Text ICM: Contract Bundle 'Light'
Parent Package CACS00

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSCB contains 7 function groups.

CACS_BDL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CACS_CONTRACTB_V Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CACS_CTRTBDL Contract Bundle Maint. w. BDT Technique
CACS_CTRTBDL_AT Contract Bundle: Extra Tools
CACS_CTRTBDL_UPDT Update Modules for Contract Bundle
CACS_CTRTBDLD Contract Bundle: Maintenance w.o Dialog
CACS_DELPB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package CACSCB contains 39 transactions.

CACS_CSB0001 CSB Control: Applications
CACS_CSB0002 CSB Control: Field Groups
CACS_CSB0003 CSB Control: Views
CACS_CSB0004 CSB Control: Sections
CACS_CSB0005 CSB Control: Screens
CACS_CSB0006 CSB Control: Screen Sequences
CACS_CSB0007 CSB Control: Time-Spots
CACS_CSB0008 CSB Control: CUA Standard Function
CACS_CSB0009 CSB Control: CUA Additional Function
CACS_CSB0010 CSB Control: Search Help
CACS_CSB0011 CSB Ctrl: Assign Scrn Fld-> DB Field
CACS_CSB0012 CSB Control: Field Modific. Criteria
CACS_CSB0013 CSB Control: Roll Categories
CACS_CSB0014 CSB Control: Role Category Group
CACS_CSB0015 CSB Control: Application Transaction
CACS_CSB0016 CSB Control: Tables
CACS_CSB0017 CSB Control: External Applications
CACS_CSB0018 CSB Control: Activities
CACS_CSB0019 CSB Control: FM, Activity, Control
CACS_CSB0023 CSB Control: Datasets
CACS_CSB0100 CSB Cust: Field Modification Acty
CACS_CSB0103 CSB-Cust: Field Groups for Author.
CACS_CSB0104 CSB Cust: Screen Configuration
CACS_CSB0105 CSB-Cust: Field Modific. Ext. Appl.
CACS_CSBCHGRS Field Modific.: Contract Bundle Type
CACS_CSBCTRTP CSB Cust: Field Modific. Bundle Type
CACS_CSBCVGRB CSB-Cust:Grp def.-Version comparison
CACS_CSBCVHDB CSB-Cust:RegisterObj.forVersComparis
CACS_CSBCVOGRB CSB-Cust: GroupForVersionComparison
CACS_CSBDELPB CSB-Cust:FM to Delete Parked Version
CACS_CSBFLDCH CSb-Cust: Fields w. Special Handling
CACS_CSBLTP CSB-Cust: Contract Bundle Type
CACS_CSBNRRBL CSB-CUST: Assign Number Ranges
CACS_CSBOTPOB CSB-Cust: FM for Importing Ext. Item
CACS_CSBOTPOS CSb-Cust: FM for importing ext.items
CACS_SE_43_BDL CACS Area Menu (Bundle)
CACSMD401 Create Contract Bundle
CACSMD402 Change Contract Bundle
CACSMD403 Display Contract Bundle

Database Tables

SAP Package CACSCB contains 9 database tables.

CACS_ALLCBDL Assignment of Contract Bundle
CACS_CTRTBDL Contract Bundle
CACS_CTRTBDLT Contract Bundle: Text
TCACS_BDLSET Commissions: Store Various Settings for Contract Bundle
TCACS_BDLTP Contract Bundle Category
TCACS_BDLTPT Contract Bundle Type: Texts
TCACS_BDRCH Reason for Change to Contract Bundle
TCACS_BDRCHT Reason for Change to Contract Bundle
TCACS_DELPB Function Modules Delete Parked Versions: Contract Bundle


SAP Package CACSCB contains 8 views.

MCACS_AB Generated Code for Matchcode ID Bundle
MCACS_BVA Bundle Contract Type
V_CACS_TB031_CSB View of TB031 for Application Object Bundle
V_TCACS_BDLSET Store Settings for Contract Bundle
V_TCACS_BDLTP Maintain Contract Bundle Types
V_TCACS_BDLTP1 Maintain Contract Bundle Types
V_TCACS_BDRCH Maintain Reason for Change to Contract Bundle
V_TCACS_DELPB Define Function Module for Deleting Parked Versions


SAP Package CACSCB contains 19 structures.

CACS_S_ALLOC_VERS_BDL Assignment of Subobjects with Different Versions
CACS_S_BDL_DI Contract Bundle: Compare Table CACS_CTRTBDL (Direct Input)
CACS_S_BELTOBDL Commissions: Commission Contract Belongs to Contract Bundle
CACS_S_CSB_DI Contract Bundle: Transfer Structure (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CSB_DI_EXT Contract Bundle: DI Transfer Structure (Internal Program)
CACS_S_CSB_DI2 Contract Bundle: Direct Input, Header Record (Record Cat. 2)
CACS_S_CSB_MAINTB Bundling Structure
CACS_S_CSB_MAINTC Bundling Structure for Contract
CACS_S_CSBD Contract Bundle: Work Structure
CACS_S_CSBDIINIT Contract Bundle: Initial Screen Data (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CSBHDR_DI Contract Bundle: Header Data (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CTBDL1 Find Description for Contract Bundle
CACS_S_CTRTBDL_DI Contract Bundle: Compare Table CACS_CTRTBDL (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CTRTBDL_EVAL01 Commissions: Interface Structure for Evaluation (Bundle)
CACS_S_CTRTBDL_UPDT Like CACS_CTRTBDL Table Plus Status Information
CACS_S_CTRTBDLT_D Commissions: Screen Fields for CACS_CTRTBDLT Table
CACS_S_CTRTBDLT_DI Contract Bundle Texts: Compare Table CACS_CTRTBDLT (DI)
CACS_S_CTRTBDLT_UPDT Like CACS_CTRTBDLT Table Plus Status Information
CACS_S_PREDEF_BDL Structure for Parked Contract Bundle


SAP Package CACSCB contains 2 programs.

CACS_CSB_DEL_PARKED_VERS Report for Deleting Parked Versions in Contract Bundle

Search Helps

SAP Package CACSCB contains 6 search helps.

CACSAB Active Bundle Contracts
CACSB Search Help for Bundle Contracts
CACSB_REP Search Help for Bundle Contracts
CACSBVA Bundle Type
CACSVB Bundle Contracts with Parked Version
CACSVB_REP Bundle Contracts with Parked Version