ICM: Commission Case 'Light'

The package CACSCC (ICM: Commission Case 'Light') is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS00.

Technical Information

Package CACSCC
Short Text ICM: Commission Case 'Light'
Parent Package CACS00

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSCC contains 52 function groups.

CACS_ACTIVITY_SCHEME Commission Activities Procedure Level
CACS_BDTI Commissions: Screens and FM for BDTI
CACS_BDTI_HELP F4 Help for Commission Case Interface
CACS_BDTI_SELECTION Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_VAR Variant Processing for BDTI
CACS_COI Commissions: Mass Resetting
CACS_COM_CASE Commission Case - Non-Generated Function
CACS_CONVERSIONEXIT Domain Services for Conversion Exits
CACS_EDT Commissions: External Data Transfer
CACS_EDT_VIEWS Input Options
CACS_FKDATE Date Functions (Copy FKDATE (FKKS))
CACS_HIDEDOC Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)
CACS_IDBUILDER Builds ID Strings for Diverse CACS Obj.
CACS_MRU Commissions: Mass Follow-Up Posting
CACS_PROCESS Commission System Processes
CACS00_ACTIVITY Determine Commission Activity
CACS00_ADAPTER Comn: SAP Adapter for Logical Services
CACS00_BDTI Comn: BDTI Application-Dependent Objects
CACS00_BDTI_OBJ01 Commissions: Generator Template ObjTypes
CACS00_BDTI_SELECTION Selection of Commission Cases for BDT
CACS00_BDTI_VAR Variant Processing for BDTI (appl. dep.)
CACS00_BUFFERS Commission System Buffering Methods
CACS00_CALC_OFFSET Log. Services Rem. Clearing Calculation
CACS00_CASE Commission Case
CACS00_CASE_CHECK Check Routines for Commission Case
CACS00_CASE_CONVERSION Conversions for Commission Case
CACS00_CASE_DIALOG Dialog Modules for Commission Case
CACS00_CASE_GET Reading and Filtering Comn Case Data
CACS00_CASE_WORKLOAD Stack for Comm. Case Processing, Conver.
CACS00_COI Comn: Mass Resetting Application-Dep.
CACS00_COM_NOTE_LIBRARY Commission Note Library
CACS00_CURR_CONVERT Conversion for Currency Translation
CACS00_DATASEL Comn: Generated Modules for Reading Data
CACS00_DIVTOOL Comn: Various Tools (Generated FMs)
CACS00_DOC_REMUNERATION Remuneration/Liability Management
CACS00_EDT Commissions: EDT Application-Dependent
CACS00_EXT_INTERFACES Commissions: RFC Interface Modules
CACS00_INVOLVED Participnt
CACS00_MRU Comn: Mass Follow-Up Posting Appl-Depen.
CACS00_OFFSET_SELECTION Comn: Remuneration Clearing Selection
CACS00_REMUN_OFFSETTING Commissions: Remuneration Clearing
CACS00_RESP Cancellation Liability
CACS00_SCHEDULING Periodic Distribution of Due Dates
CACS00_SETT_LOCK Lock Sett_lock Update
CACS00_VALUEREQUEST Commissions: Value Help Appl.-Dependent
TCACS_CAS Commission Documents
TCACS_DOC Commission Documents
TCACS_HIDEDOC Invisible Fields for Document Entry


SAP Package CACSCC contains 45 transactions.

CACS_BDTI_SEL_01 Create Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_02 Change Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_03 Display Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_04 Reset Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_07 Reactivate Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_1 Create Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_2 Change Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_3 Display Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_4 Reset Commission Case Selection
CACS_BDTI_SEL_7 Reactivate Commission Case Selection
CACS_COI Mass Resetting
CACS_CSI0001 CSI Control: Applications
CACS_CSI0002 CSI Control: Field Groups
CACS_CSI0003 CSI Control: Views
CACS_CSI0004 CSI Control: Sections
CACS_CSI0005 CSI Control: Screens
CACS_CSI0006 CSI Control: Screen Sequences
CACS_CSI0007 CSI Control: Events
CACS_CSI0008 CSI Control: GUI Standard Functions
CACS_CSI0009 CSI Control: GUI Additionl Functions
CACS_CSI0010 CSI Control: Search Helps
CACS_CSI0011 CSI Control: Assign ScrnFld->DBField
CACS_CSI0012 CSI Control: Field Grouping Criteria
CACS_CSI0013 CSI Control: Role Categories
CACS_CSI0014 CSI Control: Role Category Groups
CACS_CSI0015 CSI Control: Application Transactns
CACS_CSI0016 CSI Control: Tables
CACS_CSI0017 CSI Control: External Applications
CACS_CSI0018 CSI Control: Activities
CACS_CSI0023 CSI Control: Data Sets
CACS_CSI0100 CSI Cust.: Field Grouping Activity
CACS_CSI0105 CSI Cust: Field Grpng Ext. Applictns
CACS_EDT_MENUE External Data Transfer
CACS_FILE_COPY Copying a File
CACS_INPUT_VIEW Commissions: Calling the View
CACS_MRU Mass Updating
CACS_SHOW_MASSLOG Display Logs for Mass Processing
CACSB001 Display Pending Cases
CACSB002 Edit Pending Cases
CACSMD500 Create Commission Case
CACSMD501 Create Commission Case
CACSMD502 Change Commission Case
CACSMD503 Display Commission Case
CACSMD504 Reset Commission Case
CACSMD505 Reactivate Commission Case

Database Tables

SAP Package CACSCC contains 68 database tables.

CACS_B_VAR Variants for BDTI
CACS_COILOG Recording of the Keys of Records Processed with COI
CACS_EDTLOG Commissions: Log Table EDT
CACS_EDTPROT Commissions: Log for EDT Interface Supply
CACS_MASSLOG Log Table for Mass Processing
CACS00_ACT Commission Case Activities
CACS00_B_VAR_ACT Variants for Commission Case Activities
CACS00_B_VAR_BDL Variants for Bundling
CACS00_B_VAR_CAS Variants for Commission Case
CACS00_B_VAR_INV Variants for Commission Case Participants
CACS00_B_VAR_LIN Variants for Alternative Commission
CACS00_B_VAR_OBJ Variants for Commission Case Object Data
CACS00_B_VAR_PAR Variants for Commission Case Participant
CACS00_B_VAR_REL Variants for Participant Relations
CACS00_BDL Rebundling Order for Triggering Subobjects
CACS00_CAS Commission Case
CACS00_DOCACT Commission Document: Activities
CACS00_DOCDT Comn: Detail Items for Remuneration Rows
CACS00_DOCFI_H Data Transfer: FI Documents (Header Data)
CACS00_DOCFI_P Data Transfer: FI Documents (Items)
CACS00_DOCHD Commission Document Header
CACS00_DOCINV Participant in Commission Document
CACS00_DOCOBJ Commission Document: Object Data
CACS00_DOCPAR Participation of Commission Document
CACS00_DOCRE01 Do Not Use! Enhancement Data Remuneration Lines
CACS00_DOCREL Commission Document: Relationships Between Participants
CACS00_DOCSE01 Do Not Use! Enhancement Data Settlement Rows
CACS00_DOCSEDT Due Date Details
CACS00_DOCVA Commission Document, Valuation
CACS00_DOCVA01 Do Not Use! Enhancement Data Evaluation Rows
CACS00_INV Commission Case Participants
CACS00_LIN Variant Commissions
CACS00_OBJ Commission Case Object Data
CACS00_OBJHIST Change History of Subobjects That Trigger Commission
CACS00_PAR Commission Case Participation
CACS00_REL Participant Relations in a Commission Participation
CACS00_SUMRE Remuneration Totals for Contract Account Display
CACS00_SUMRE01 Commissions: Reference Totals Table for Compensation
CACS00_SUMSE Due Date Totals for Contract Account Display
CACS00_SUMSE01 Commissions: Reference Totals Table for Settlement
CACS00_SUMVA Valuation Totals for Contract Account Display
CACS00_SUMVA01 Commissions: Reference Totals Table for Valuation
TCACS_ACT Activity Types
TCACS_ACT_T Name of Activity Types
TCACS_CAS_RANGES Commissions: Number Ranges for Commission Cases
TCACS_DOC_RANGES Commissions: Number Ranges for Commission Documents
TCACS_HIDEDOC01 Hidden Tables/Structures in Document Creation/Display
TCACS_HIDEDOC02 Hidden Fields in Document Creation/Display
TCACS_INCUST Contains the Number of Valid Runtime Errors
TCACS_INDDIC File Names of Dictionary Information Files
TCACS_INOPT Commissions: Input Options
TCACS_INVREL Participant Determination for Commission Calculation
TCACS_OFFS Comn: Offsetting
TCACS_OFFS_T Comn: Name of Offsetting Types
TCACS_PROCSU Results Types of Remuneration from Commission Case
TCACS_PROCSU_T Assign Update to Results Types Remuneration in Comn Case
TCACS_RESP Comn.: Liability Types
TCACS_RESP_T Comn.: Name of Liability Types
TCACS_RESULT_T Result types
TCACS_RSLTYP Allowed Result Types
TCACS_RSLTYPT Allowed Result Types
TCACS_TRME Triggering Method (incl. Assignment to Activity Types)
TCACS_TRME_T Names of Triggering Methods
TCACS_UPD Update Categories
TCACS_UPD_T Update Categories
TCACS_VAL Comn.: Valuation Types
TCACS_VAL_T Comn.: Valuation Types


SAP Package CACSCC contains 9 views.

CACS00_V_CAS_INV IS-CS: Commission Case (CACS00_CAS / CACS00_INV)
CACS00_V_DOCSD Due Dates and Due Date Details
CACS00_V_DOCX Doc.Header, Remuneration Lines, Due Date Lines and Details
V_TCACS_CASRAN Settings for Commission Case Number Ranges
V_TCACS_DOCRAN Number Range Settings for Commission Documents
V_TCACS_HIDEDOC1 Maintain Hidden Tables/Structures with Document Entry/Displ.
V_TCACS_HIDEDOC2 Maintain Hidden Fields in Document Entry/Display
V_TCACS_INCUST View for Valid Runtime Error
V_TCACS_INOPT Settings: Input Options


SAP Package CACSCC contains 173 structures.

CACS_FKK_DATE Structure for Date Transfer (FSSK Copy)
CACS_FKK_FKDATE_DUMMY Dummy for Domain Definitions (FKKS Copy)
CACS_INVM Old Constellation Relationships
CACS_S_ACT_INHERIT Structure for Inheritance Table
CACS_S_ACT_RG Auxiliary Structure - Remuneration Types (Selection Option)
CACS_S_ACTM_W Commission Case Activity (Work Structure)
CACS_S_AUTH_MODE Authorization Check Method
CACS_S_BDTI Fields with Fixed Values for Use on Screens
CACS_S_BDTI_CAS Commn Case (Saving Fields That Are Not Displayed/Active)
CACS_S_BUFFLOG Application Log: Message Data
CACS_S_BUSCAS Business Transaction Identification
CACS_S_BUSCAS_RG Auxiliary Structure for Business Object Types
CACS_S_BUSCASTYP Auxiliary Structure for Business Object Types
CACS_S_BUSOBJ_ID_RG Auxiliary Structure For Business Object Identification
CACS_S_BUSOBJ_LOCK Characteristics for Locking Business Object
CACS_S_BUSOBJ_RG Auxiliary Structure for Business Object Types
CACS_S_BUSOBJTYP Auxiliary Structure for Business Object Types
CACS_S_CAS_K Commission Case (Key)
CACS_S_CASE_CHANGE Commission Case Reference for Changes
CACS_S_CASE_POSIDS Item Numbers for Components of The Commission Case
CACS_S_CASE_PROC Commission Case Components that the Process Can Change
CACS_S_CASE_REFERENCE Commission Case Reference for Templates
CACS_S_CASE_REMOVE Commission Case Reference for Reset
CACS_S_CASEINF Commission case information
CACS_S_CASPROT Commission Case: Protected Fields
CACS_S_CHGLOGC Character Structure
CACS_S_COUNTFIELDS Assignment of Counters to Field Names
CACS_S_DOCC_REVINFO Character Structure
CACS_S_DOCHD_K Commission Document Header (Key)
CACS_S_DOCRE_K Commission Document, Remuneration and Liability (Key)
CACS_S_DOCSE_CALC Calculation Structure for Determination of Due Dates
CACS_S_DOMTAB Structure for Displaying Domain Default Values
CACS_S_DUMMY_B Dummy Struct. That Corres. to Max. Length of all Ledgers (B)
CACS_S_DUMMY_S Dummy Structure That Corres. to Max. Lengths all Led.Cur.(S)
CACS_S_EDT_B Large Receiver Structure for Data Transfer via EDT
CACS_S_EDT_S Small Receiver Structure for Data Transfer via EDT
CACS_S_EDTPROT Commissions: Report Structure
CACS_S_FIELDSALL All Commission Fields
CACS_S_FIELDSPRICING Comm.: All Condition Technique-Relevant Commission Fields
CACS_S_INV_D Commission Case Participant (Data)
CACS_S_INVM_A Commission Case Participant (Meta Object, Data Supplements)
CACS_S_INVM_D Commission Case Participants (Meta Object, Data)
CACS_S_INVM_K Commission Case Participant (Meta Object, Key)
CACS_S_MRU Commissions: Structure of Mass Follow-Up Posting
CACS_S_NDDESC01 Background Texts for Simple Trees
CACS_S_OFFSETTING_GROUP_FIELDS Comn: Remuneration Clearing - Grouping Characteristics
CACS_S_OFFSETTING_GROUPS Comn: Remuneration Clearing Grouping Keys
CACS_S_OFFSETTING_RULES Remuneration Clearing Rule (Structure Used Internally)
CACS_S_ORGTAB List of Organizational Units
CACS_S_ORGUNITS Help Structure Organizational Units
CACS_S_ORGUNITS_RG Help Structure Organizational Units
CACS_S_PAR_K Commission Case Participation (Key)
CACS_S_PROCESS Structure for Process and Process Steps
CACS_S_REM_RG Auxiliary Structure - Remuneration Types (Selection Option)
CACS_S_REM_VALUES Remuneration Fields (Qty and Amt in Appl. and Contr. Curr.)
CACS_S_REM_VALUES_XL XL Remuneration Fields (Qty. and Amt in Appl. and Cont Curr)
CACS_S_REMFLOW Remuneration Fields and Dim. (Vol. and Amnts in Appl. Crcy)
CACS_S_REMFLOW_VALUES Remuneration Fields (Volumes and Amounts in Application Ccy)
CACS_S_RENUMBER Renumbering Regulations
CACS_S_REVINHERIT Inheritance - Entry to Reversal Document (Manual Doc. Rev.)
CACS_S_REVLOG Change Log Double Check for Object
CACS_S_STATUS Help Structure Status Commissions Object
CACS_S_TABLEFIELD Commissions: Table Fields
CACS_S_TRIGGER Description of Commission Case Trigger
CACS_S_UPD_TYPE Commissions: Update Category for Commission Calc. Process
CACS_S_UPDATEFLAGS Update Indicator Detail Row on Remuneration Row
CACS00_S_ACT_D Commission Activities (Data)
CACS00_S_ACT_K Commission Activities (Key)
CACS00_S_ACTC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_ACTC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_ACTM Commission Activities (Metaobject)
CACS00_S_ACTM_A Commission Case Activity (Metaobject, Data Supplements)
CACS00_S_ACTM_D Commission Activities (Metaobject, Data)
CACS00_S_ACTM_K Commission Activities (Metaobject, Key)
CACS00_S_B_ACT_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_BDL_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_CAS_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_INV_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_LIN_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_OBJ_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_PAR_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_REL_D Data Part Variants
CACS00_S_B_VAR_K Variants for Commission Case Activities (Key)
CACS00_S_BDL_D Rebundling Order for Triggering Subobjects (Data)
CACS00_S_BDL_K Rebundling Order for Triggering Subobjects (Key)
CACS00_S_BDLC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_BDLC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_BDLM Rebundling Order for Triggering Subobjects (Meta)
CACS00_S_BDLM_D Rebundling Order for Triggering Subobjects (Meta, Data)
CACS00_S_BDLM_K Rebundling Order for Triggering Subobjects (Meta, Key)
CACS00_S_BUPM Business Partner Who is Comn Case Participant (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_BUPM_D Commission Case Participant Business Partner (Meta Obj.,Dat)
CACS00_S_BUPM_K Commission Case Participant Business Partner (Meta Obj.,Key)
CACS00_S_CAS_D Commission Case (Data)
CACS00_S_CAS_K Commission Case (Key)
CACS00_S_CASC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_CASC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_CASM Commission Case (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_CASM_A Commission Case (Meta Object, Data Supplement)
CACS00_S_CASM_D Commission Case (Meta Object, Data)
CACS00_S_CASM_K Commission Case (Meta Object, Key)
CACS00_S_DOCDTC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCDTC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCDTM Comn Document: Detail Items for Remuneration Rows (Meta)
CACS00_S_DOCHDC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCHDC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCHDM Commission Document Header (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_DOCREC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCREC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCREM Commission Document, Remuneration and Liability(Meta Object)
CACS00_S_DOCREM_CORR Comn Document, Remuneration and Liability (Meta Obj.) + Flag
CACS00_S_DOCREM_CORR_D Comn Document, Remuneration and Liability (Meta Obj.) + Flag
CACS00_S_DOCREM_CORR_K Comn Document, Remuneration and Liability (Meta Obj.) + Flag
CACS00_S_DOCREM_XL Commn: Enhanced Remuneration Row (Used Internally Only)
CACS00_S_DOCSD Due Dates and Due Date Details (Structure)
CACS00_S_DOCSEC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCSEC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCSEDT Due Date Details
CACS00_S_DOCSEM Commission Document, Due Dates (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_DOCSEM_M Fields for Map Tool Added to CACS00_S_DOCSEM
CACS00_S_DOCVAC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCVAC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_DOCVAM Commission Document, Valuation (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_INV_D Commission Case Participant (Data)
CACS00_S_INV_K Commission Case Participant (Key)
CACS00_S_INVC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_INVC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_INVM Commission Case Participant (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_INVM_A Commission Case Participant (Meta Object, Data Supplements)
CACS00_S_INVM_D Commission Case Participants (Meta Object, Data)
CACS00_S_INVM_K Commission Case Participant (Meta Object, Key)
CACS00_S_LIN_D Commissions: Different Commission (Data)
CACS00_S_LIN_K Commissions: Different Commission (Key)
CACS00_S_LINC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_LINC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_LINM Alternative Commission (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_LINM_A Different Commission (Meta Object, Data Supplements)
CACS00_S_LINM_D Commissions: Different Commission (Meta Object, Data)
CACS00_S_LINM_K Commissions: Different Commission (Meta Object, Key)
CACS00_S_OBJ_D Commission Object Data (Data)
CACS00_S_OBJ_K Commission Object Data (Key)
CACS00_S_OBJ01 Commission Object Data
CACS00_S_OBJ01_D Commission Object Data (Data)
CACS00_S_OBJ01_K Commission Object Data (Key)
CACS00_S_OBJC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_OBJC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_OBJHIST_D Change History of Subobjects (Data) That Trigger Commission
CACS00_S_OBJHIST_K Change History of Subobjects (Key) That Trigger Commission
CACS00_S_OBJM Commission Object Data (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_OBJM_D Commission Object Data (Meta Object, Data)
CACS00_S_OBJM_K Commission Object Data (Meta Object, Key)
CACS00_S_PAR_D Commission Case Participation (Data)
CACS00_S_PAR_K Commission Case Participation (Key)
CACS00_S_PARC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_PARC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_PARM Commission Case Participation (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_PARM_A Commission Case Participation (Meta Object, Supplement)
CACS00_S_PARM_D Commission Case Participation (Meta Object, Data)
CACS00_S_PARM_K Commission Case Participation (Meta Object, Key)
CACS00_S_REL_D Participant Relations Within a Commission Participation(Dat)
CACS00_S_REL_K Participant Relations Within a Commission Participation(Key)
CACS00_S_RELC_D Character Structure
CACS00_S_RELC_K Character Structure
CACS00_S_RELM Participant Relations (Meta Object)
CACS00_S_RELM_A Participant Relations (Meta Object, Data Supplements)
CACS00_S_RELM_D Participant Relations (Meta Object, Data)
CACS00_S_RELM_K Participant Relations (Meta Object, Key)
CACS00_SIS_DOCRE Comn Documents Remuneration and Doc Header for Drilldown
CACS00_SIS_DOCSE Commission Documents, Due Dates and Doc Header for Drilldown


SAP Package CACSCC contains 29 programs.

CACS_BUFFER Selection of Commission Cases from Buffer and Pending Cases
CACS_BUSSTART BDT Call-Up - Application-Dependent
CACS_COI Mass Resetting
CACS_CSTRUCTURES_GENERATE Generation of CACS00-Char Structures for External Data Transfer
CACS_EDT_GENERATE_CSTRUCTURES Creation of Character Structures from a Dictionary Information File
CACS_FILE_COPY Copying a File from Application to Presentation Server and Vice Versa
CACS_FILE_TO_VAR Variant Import from an EDT Input File
CACS_MRU Mass Updating
CACS_SHOW_MASSLOG Logs for Mass Processing
CACS_UPDATE_VAR Update of Variant Data with New Status Values for Unknown
CACS00_462_DOCRE Program for Filling Fields in CACS00_DOCRE
CACS00_CAS_LIST List of Commission Cases
CACS00_CASINV_LIST List of Commission Case Participants Including Header Data
CACS00_DOCRE_LIST List of Remuneration for Commission Documents
CACS00_DOCSE_LIST List of Due Dates for Commission Documents
CACS00_DOCVA_LIST List of Valuations of Commission Documents
CACS00_INV_LIST List of Commission Case Participants
CACS00_LIST_TEMPLATE List of Commission Case Participants
CACS00_MRU Mass Updating
CACS00_OBJ_LIST List of Commission Case Objects
CACS00_OBJHIST_LIST List of Commission Case Objects (Bundling History)
CACS00_REP_0451150 XPRA: CACS00_REP_0451150
CACS00_REP_0496032 Repair program according to note no. 0496032
CACS00_UPDATE_VAR Update of Variant Data (Application-Dependent Report)
KCISPROV EDT: Template Program for Central Business Partner

Search Helps

SAP Package CACSCC contains 15 search helps.

CACS_B_VAR Choose Variant
CACS_CASE_HELP Search Help for Business Object
CACS_CASE_SEARCH_HELP_EXIT Search Help for Commission Case
CACS_DIRECT_DOC_TYPE Document Types That Can Be Posted Directly
CACS_ROLE Search Help for Participant Role
CACS_RUN Search Help for Selection of Import Run
CACS_SHLP_EXIT Search Help for Commission Case
CACS_TCACS_BUSCAS Search Help for Commission Remuneration Field
CACS_TRI_METH_TARGET Search Help for cacs00_cas-tri_meth_target
CACS_TRI_METH_TARGET_D Search Help for cacs00_cas-tri_meth_target for Doc. Postng
CACS_TRIMETH Triggering Methods
F4_BDTI_PROC_STEP Search Help for Displaying Process Steps
F4_BDTI_ROLE Search Help for Role of a Commission Contract Partner

Message Classes

SAP Package CACSCC contains 8 message classes.

CACS_CURR Allgemeine Währungsverarbeitungen
CACSIB Provisionen: Schnittstellen- und Schwebebearbeitung
CACSIB_BDTI Provisionen: Nachrichten für BDTI
CACSIB_CASE ProvFall: Schnittstellen- und Schwebebearbeitung
CACSIB_COI Provisionen: Nachrichten für COI
CACSIB_EDT Provisionen: Nachrichten für EDT
CACSIB_MRU Provisionen: Nachrichten für MRU
CACSVC Provisionen: Bewertung, Vergütung & Verteilung

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CACSCC contains 3 authorization objects.

E_CACS_DOC Post Document
E_CACS_OBJ Authorization for Object Data Change in Commission Case