SAP Package CBBA

EH&S: Basis

The package CBBA (EH&S: Basis) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-EHS.

Technical Information

Package CBBA
Short Text EH&S: Basis
Parent Package EA-EHS

Function Groups

SAP Package CBBA contains 25 function groups.

BOE1 Object Number Substance
BOE5 Object number work area
BOE6 Object Number Exposure Assignment
BOE7 Object number first aid log entry
BOE8 Object no. incident/accident log entry
BOE9 Object Number Accident Victim
BOF1 Object Number of IH&S Corrective Action
BOF3 Object Number Quantities
BOMJ Object Number Measurement
BOMP Object Number Measurement Project
EHSB EHS-BAS: Library - Buffer
EHSB_BUF_PROT EHS-BAS: Access to Object Change Table
EHSB_CUST01 EHS-BAS: Customizing ST01, LS03
EHSB_INT EHS-BAS: Library - Integration Tools
EHSB_LBEM EHS-BAS: Library - Error Messages
EHSB_LBLI EHS-BAS: Library - List Processing
EHSB_LBLS EHS-BAS: Library - language support
EHSB_LBTC EHS-BAS: Library - table control
EHSB_PHRG EHS-BAS: Access to Phrase Flag Tab.
EHSB_SCRT EHS-BAS: Library - SAPscript (recn32)
EHSB_ST01 EHS-BAS: Central status management
EHSB_ST02 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
EHSB_ST03 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
EHSB_ST04 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)

Database Tables

SAP Package CBBA contains 10 database tables.

EHSBC_BUF_PROT EHS-BAS: Object Change Log (see Documentation)
EHSBC_LS01 EHS: Frontend operating system-codepage assignments (SAP ID)
EHSBC_LS03 EHS-BAS: **OBSOLETE** Basic Settings for Language Support
EHSBC_ST01 EHS-BAS: Assignment: Status Profile to Object Type
EHSBC_ST02 EHS-BAS: System Status Profiles
EHSBC_ST03 EHS-BAS: Illegal Transitions to the System Status Profiles
EHSBC_ST04 EHS-BAS: Insert Transition for User Status in System Status
EHSBT_PHRNO Flag Table for Phrase ID in First Database
EHSBT_STPR EHS-BAS: Central status log
TCG06 EHS: Zuordnungstabelle


SAP Package CBBA contains 6 views.

EHSBCV_LS01 EHS: Frontend Operating System Code Page Assignment (SAP ID)
EHSBCV_LS03 EHS-BAS: Basic Settings for Language Support
EHSBCV_ST01 EHS-BAS: Assignment: Status Profile to Object Type
EHSBCV_ST02 EHS-BAS: System Status Profile Maintenance
EHSBCV_ST03 EHS-BAS: Forbidden System Status Transition Maintenance
EHSBCV_ST04 EHS-BAS: Insert-Transition Maintenance for User Status


SAP Package CBBA contains 17 structures.

EHSBS_LSADM EHS-BAS: Settings for language support
EHSBS_LTXTKEY EHS: Object key, sub-object key for long text entries
EHSBS_LTXTKEY_FRTO EHS: Structure Time Interval for Long Texts (RECN32)
EHSBS_SELRANGE EHS: Selection Criteria
EHSBS_STAT EHS-BAS: Structure for Status Management
EHSBS_STDRECN EHS: Minimum Key for FB Call Interface
EHSBS_STPRBUF EHS: Buffer Structure for Status Log Table
EHSBS_TREE_COLUMN EHS-BAS: ActiveX Tree Control - Column Description
EHSBS_TREE_HEADER EHS-BAS: ActiveX Tree Control - Header Description
EHSBS_TREE_ITEM EHS-BAS: ActiveX Tree Control - Item Description
EHSBS_TREE_NODE EHS-BAS: ActiveX Tree Control - Node Description
EHSBS_TXTFIELDS EHS: Interface Fields, Word Processing
EHSBS_UADM_AENR_D EHS: Dummy for Engineering Change Management Fields
EHSBS_UADM_GUID EHS: Structure for general administrative information
EHSBS_UADM_GUID_OAENR EHS: Gen. Admin. Information without Engineering Change Mgmt
EHSBS_UKEY_GUID EHS: Structure for Standard Key Fields in Master Data
EHSBS_UKEY_GUID_OAENR EHS: Standard Key Fields without Engin. Change Mgmt (ACTN)


SAP Package CBBA contains 5 programs.

REHSBLS01 EHS-BAS: Autom. Generation of a Transport for Data to be Converted
REHSBLS02 EHS-BAS: Legacy Data Conversion in Connectn with EH&S Language Support
REHSBLS03 Obsolete - EHS-BAS: Matchup between Language Support and WWI Conv.
REHSBLSLC EHS-BAS: Copying Language-Dependent Customizing
REHSBLSUL EHS: Display of Languages Used in EH&S

Message Classes

SAP Package CBBA contains 4 message classes.

EHSBM_EHS_GENERAL EHS-BAS: Entwicklungsklassenübergreifende EHS-Meldungen
EHSBM_GENERAL EHS-BAS: Allgemeine Nachrichten der Entwicklungsklasse
EHSBM_LS EHS-BAS: Nachrichtenklasse für Sprachenunterstützung
EHSBM_TX EHS-BAS: Nachrichten zum ActiveX Tree Control