SAP Package EA-EHS

Environment, Health and Safety

The package EA-EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) is a main package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-PLM.

Technical Information

Package EA-EHS
Short Text Environment, Health and Safety
Parent Package EA-PLM

Embedded Packages

SAP Package EA-EHS contains 31 embedded packages.

AEHM EH&S Application Components (Logistics)
CBBA EH&S: Basis
CBBA_ALV EHS: Basis (Encapsulated ALV Functions)
CBBA_OUT EHS: Basis (Encapsulated Output Tool)
CBBA_VAI EHS: Basis (VAI Functions)
CBBA_WB EHS: Workbench
CBBA_WBO EHS: Info System and Property Tree WBO
CBDG EH&S: Dangerous Goods Management
CBDI EH&S: Dangerous Goods Management
CBDMDL EH&S Data Models
CBGLM EH&S: Global Label Management
CBIH EH&S: Industrial Hygiene and Safety
CBIMG EH&S: Customizing
CBIMG1 EH&S: IMG Migration
CBLVS EH&S: Warehouse Management Functionality Supported by EH&S
CBMYAPPS MiniApps for EH&S
CBMYEHS MiniApps and Roles for
CBQM EH&S-QM Interface
CBRC EHS: Substance-Related Regulation Checks
CBST Generic Usage Tool
CBUI Company Environment Information System
CBUI_OUT EHS: Basis (Substance Output)
CBUI_TV Table-Based Value Assignment Screen in Spec. Database
CBWA EH&S: Waste Management
CEHM1 EH&S Application Components (EHS-WAS, new for 2.5)
CEHM2 EH&S Application Components (EHS-IHS, new for 2.5)
CVDD EH&S: Report Shipping
P99Q1 EH&S: Occupational Health
P99Q5 EH&S: IMG Migration
PEHM EH&S Application Components (HR)