SAP Package CBWA

EH&S: Waste Management

The package CBWA (EH&S: Waste Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-EHS.

Technical Information

Package CBWA
Short Text EH&S: Waste Management
Parent Package EA-EHS

Function Groups

SAP Package CBWA contains 99 function groups.

BOMN Disposal Documents Object Number
BOWM Object Number Disposal Processing Waste
EHSWA_000 MD (BDT): Application Object WAMA
EHSWA_001 MD (BDT): Waste Mgmt Business Partner
EHSWA_001A MD (BDT): Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWA_001B MD (BDT): Waste Code Partner
EHSWA_001C MD (BDT): Master Data Object/Integration
EHSWA_001D MD (BDT): Licenses Partner
EHSWA_001K MD (BDT): Partner for Accnt Assignments
EHSWA_002 MD (BDT): Waste Gen./Disposal/Transport
EHSWA_002D MD (BDT): Waste Generation - Waste Code
EHSWA_002E MD (BDT): Partner-Waste Qty Prediction
EHSWA_003 MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWA_004 MD (BDT): Waste Approval
EHSWA_004A MD (BDT): Waste Approval - Waste Code
EHSWA_004API API Waste Approval
EHSWA_004B MD (BDT): Waste Approval - Partner
EHSWA_004C MD (BDT): WApvl - WCode - Prdcted Qties
EHSWA_004D MD (BDT): Waste Permit - Disposal Chnl
EHSWA_004E MD (BDT): WApvl - Prtnr - Outline Agrmnt
EHSWA_008 MD : Service Modules
EHSWA_008A MD: Service Modules 2
EHSWA_020 TC Data
EHSWA_030 Partner: API Business Partner Waste Mgmt
EHSWA_031 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT000
EHSWA_032 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT100
EHSWA_033 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT001
EHSWA_034 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT001ACC
EHSWA_035 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT001_DESCR
EHSWA_037 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPID
EHSWA_038 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPLIZ
EHSWA_039 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPWAAM
EHSWA_040 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPWAKEY
EHSWA_042 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT002
EHSWA_043 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT003
EHSWA_090 Customizing Master Data
EHSWA_091 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
EHSWA_100 Disposal Processing: Frame
EHSWA_101 Disposal Processing: Entry Aid
EHSWA_102 Disposal Processing: Selection
EHSWA_109 Disposal Processing: GUI Status/Title
EHSWA_110 Disposal Processing: Doc. Detail Screen
EHSWA_111 Disposal Processing: TC Overview
EHSWA_112 Disposal Processing: Dialog
EHSWA_113 Disposal Processing: Partner Detail
EHSWA_115 Disposal Processing: Reporting
EHSWA_131 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENTAM
EHSWA_132 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENFOD
EHSWA_133 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENACC
EHSWA_134 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENPRT
EHSWA_136 Disposal Processing: API
EHSWA_140 Disposal Processing: Split Op. + BAPI
EHSWA_141 DP: Transfer Stock/GR/GI Operation
EHSWA_142 Disposal Proc.: Assign Function Partner
EHSWA_143 *** don´t use !!! / obsolete !!! ***
EHSWA_143WM Disposal Processing: Disposal Docs - NEW
EHSWA_149 Disposal Processing: Subseq. Doc. Prcsng
EHSWA_150 Disposal Processing: Status Switch
EHSWA_160 Disposal Processing: Function List
EHSWA_161 Disposal Processing: Messages
EHSWA_162 Disposal Processing: Functions
EHSWA_190 Disposal Processing: Customizing
EHSWA_195 Disposal Processing: Read Core
EHSWA_200 Waste Manifests: Dialog Modules
EHSWA_201 Waste Manifests: Selection
EHSWA_202 Waste Manifests: Copy
EHSWA_203 Waste Manifests: Create
EHSWA_204 Waste Manifests: Create TC
EHSWA_205 Waste Manifests: Create Waste Manifest
EHSWA_208 Waste Manifests: Status and Functions
EHSWA_209 Waste Manifests: User Exits Menu/PBO/PAI
EHSWA_210 Waste Manifests: Selection Data
EHSWA_212 Waste Manifests: ALV
EHSWA_219 Waste Manifests: Control Detail
EHSWA_220 Waste Manifests: Generic Detail
EHSWA_225 Text Edit Control Handling
EHSWA_230 Waste Manifests: Waste Tree
EHSWA_233 Waste Manifests: Waste Manifest Tree
EHSWA_241 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MN
EHSWA_242 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MNPOS
EHSWA_243 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MNBP
EHSWA_244 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MNWAKEY
EHSWA_246 Waste Manifests: API
EHSWA_280 Disposal Documents Print Output
EHSWA_290 Customizing Waste Manifest
EHSWA_291 Read Customizing - Lock Modules
EHSWA_400 Library: Specification/Waste Code
EHSWA_401 Library: Addresses (CAM)
EHSWA_403 Library: Phrases
EHSWA_404 Library: Material Master
EHSWA_420 Library: Account Assignment
EHSWA_450 Library: Application Log
EHSWA_490 Library: Service Modules
EHSWA_501 User Configuration
EHSWA_600 Waste Management - Cockpit - New
EHSWA_700 Integration IS Waste/EH&S Waste Mgmt
EHSWA_801 Reporting: Waste Life-Cycle Analysis


SAP Package CBWA contains 284 transactions.

CBWA00 Area Menu Waste Management
CBWABDT BDT Configuration Menu Waste Mgmt
CBWAMD Waste Management Master Data
S_SH8_22000310 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_002
S_SH8_22000311 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_004
S_SH8_22000312 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_002
S_SH8_22000313 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_002
S_SH8_22000314 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_001
S_SH8_22000315 IMG Activity: WA_MD_009
S_SH8_22000316 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_003
S_SH8_22000317 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_004
S_SH8_22000318 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_001
S_SH8_22000319 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_002
S_SH8_22000320 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_002
S_SH8_22000321 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_003
S_SH8_22000322 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_006
S_SH8_22000323 IMG Activity: WA_MN_SV_002
S_SH8_22000324 IMG Activity: WA_REPORTS_001
S_SH8_22000325 IMG Activity: WA_MD_AUTH_001
S_SH8_22000328 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_000
S_SH8_22000330 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_001
S_SH8_22000332 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_004
S_SH8_22000334 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_005
S_SH8_22000337 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_002
S_SH8_22000340 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008A
S_SH8_22000344 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_02
S_SH8_22000347 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_03
S_SH8_22000350 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004
S_SH8_22000354 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003
S_SH8_22000357 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_01
S_SH8_22000360 IMG Activity: WA_MD_005
S_SH8_22000363 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004B
S_SH8_22000367 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008
S_SH8_22000370 IMG Activity: WA_BS_004
S_SH8_22000376 IMG Activity: WA_MD_007
S_SH8_22000379 IMG Activity: WA_MD_006
S_SH8_22000380 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004C
S_SH8_22000381 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003A
S_SH8_22000382 IMG Activity: WA_MD_001
S_SH8_22000383 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_001
S_SH8_22000384 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_WM_001
S_SH8_22000385 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_001
S_SH8_22000386 IMG Activity: WA_MD_002
S_SH8_22000387 IMG Activity: WA_BS_002
S_SH8_72000024 Waste Approval Call-Off
S_SH8_72000025 Waste life-cycle analysis
S_SH8_72000026 Disposal Documents List Display
S_SH8_72000027 Disposal Documents List Display
S_SH8_72000028 Disposal Documents List Display
S_SH8_72000029 Check If Time and Quantity Exceeded
S_SH8_72000032 Partners in Entry Documents
S_SH8_72000732 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_004
S_SH8_72000733 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_002
S_SH8_72000734 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_002
S_SH8_72000735 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_001
S_SH8_72000736 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_002
S_SH8_72000737 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_002
S_SH8_72000738 IMG Activity: WA_MD_010
S_SH8_72000739 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_003
S_SH8_72000740 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_004
S_SH8_72000741 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_001
S_SH8_72000742 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_002
S_SH8_72000743 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_003
S_SH8_72000744 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_003
S_SH8_72000745 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_006
S_SH8_72000746 IMG Activity: WA_MN_SV_002
S_SH8_72000747 IMG Activity: WA_REPORTS_001
S_SH8_72000748 IMG Activity: WA_MD_AUTH_001
S_SH8_72000749 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_002
S_SH8_72000750 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_000
S_SH8_72000751 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_001
S_SH8_72000752 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_004A
S_SH8_72000753 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_004
S_SH8_72000754 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_005
S_SH8_72000755 IMG Activity: WA_MD_009
S_SH8_72000756 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_02
S_SH8_72000757 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_03
S_SH8_72000758 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_01
S_SH8_72000759 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004B
S_SH8_72000760 IMG Activity: WA_MD_005
S_SH8_72000761 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003
S_SH8_72000762 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004
S_SH8_72000763 IMG Activity: WA_BS_005
S_SH8_72000764 IMG Activity: WA_BS_004
S_SH8_72000765 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003A
S_SH8_72000766 IMG Activity: WA_MD_006
S_SH8_72000767 IMG Activity: WA_MD_007
S_SH8_72000768 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008
S_SH8_72000769 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008A
S_SH8_72000770 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004C
S_SH8_72000771 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_001
S_SH8_72000772 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_WM_001
S_SH8_72000773 IMG Activity: WA_MD_001
S_SH8_72000774 IMG Activity: WA_BS_002
S_SH8_72000775 IMG Activity: WA_MD_002
S_SH8_72000776 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_001
S_SH8_72000789 Check If Time and Quantity Exceeded
S_SH8_72000790 Entry Document List
WAA01 WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr)
WAA02 WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr)
WAA03 WA Display (Auth-Apprvd Waste Gnrtr)
WAA04 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Waste Gener.)
WAA10 WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr)
WAA11 WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr)
WAA12 WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Dispsr)
WAA13 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Disposer)
WAA19 WA Create (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.)
WAA20 WA Change (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.)
WAA21 WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Trnsp.)
WAA22 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Transp.)
WAA23 WA Create (Authority)
WAA24 WA Change (Authority)
WAA25 WA Display (Authority)
WAA26 WA Extend (Authority)
WAAP Nummernkreispflege: EWA_APPROV
WACB01 Define Document Types
WACM01 Define Doc. Types: Disp. Processing
WACM02 Define Doc. Cats for Follow-On Fctns
WACM03 Define Operation Types
WACM04 Define Follow-On Functions
WACM10 Material Type/Inventory Mgmt Active
WACM30 Parameters for Purchasing Management
WACO02 Waste Workbench
WACO02OLD EHS: Edit Waste Code
WACO03OLD EHS: Display Waste Code
WACO04OLD EHS: Waste Code - Subs. Info. System
WACS1 Partner Type Customizing
WACS2 License Type Customizing
WACS3 Condition Type Customizing
WACS4 Proof Type Customizing
WACS6 Define Object Types for Integration
WADC Nummernkreispflege: EWA_DISWAY
WADI Nummernkreispflege: EWA_WAA130
WAE01 Create Entry Document
WAE02 Change Entry Document
WAE03 Display Entry Document
WAE10 Easy Entry
WAEA Nummernkreispflege: EWA_ENTNAM
WAGE Nummernkreispflege: EWA_WAA100
WAM01 Create Disposal Documents
WAM02 Edit Disposal Documents
WAM03 Display Disposal Documents
WAM04 Find Disposal Documents
WAM05 Disposal Documents List Display
WAMC Nummernkreispflege: EWA_MNANOC
WAMI Nummernkreispflege: EWA_MNINO
WAMR Nummernkreispflege: EWA_MNANOR
WANP Nummernkreispflege: W_PARTNER
WASM100 WA: Create Generator
WASM101 WA: Change Generator
WASM102 WA: Display Generator
WASM109 WA: Extend Generator
WASS100 WA Control: Applications
WASS101 WA Control: Field Groups
WASS102 WA Control: Views
WASS103 WA Control: Sections
WASS104 WA Control: Screens
WASS105 WA Control: Screen Sequences
WASS106 WA Control: Events
WASS107 WA Control: GUI Standard Functions
WASS108 WA Control: GUI Additional Functions
WASS110 WA Control: Matchcodes
WASS111 WA Control: Assgnmt Scrn Fld->DB Fld
WASS112 WA Control: Field Grouping Criteria
WASS113 WA Control: Role Categories
WASS114 WA Control: Role Category Groupings
WASS115 WA Control: Application Transactions
WASS116 WA Control: Tables
WASS117 WA Cust: Field Grouping - Activity
WASS118 WA Cust: Field Grouping - Role Cat.
WASS119 WA Cust: Authorization Types
WASS120 WA Cust: Field Groups for Authorizn
WASS121 WA Cust: Screen Configuration
WASS122 WA Control: Activities
WASS123 Field Control
WASS124 WA Control: Data Sets
WAST Copied to CBWABDT (Copy BP Config
WATR Nummernkreispflege: EWA_WAA160
WATREE Call Master Data

Database Tables

SAP Package CBWA contains 88 database tables.

EHSWAC_ACCOBJ Customizing Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management
EHSWAC_APPCAT CD: Waste Approval Types
EHSWAC_APPCATBP Waste Approval Types - Number of Partners Allowed per Role
EHSWAC_APPCATD CD: Description of the Waste Approval Type
EHSWAC_APPCATMN CD: Approval Types - Waste Manifest Types
EHSWAC_APPCATWC Approval Types - Permitted Number of Waste Codes per Catalog
EHSWAC_APSTAT Waste Approval Processing Status
EHSWAC_APSTATDES Description of Waste Approval Processing Status
EHSWAC_DUTCAT CD: Condition Types
EHSWAC_DUTCATD CD: Description of the Condition Type
EHSWAC_DUTCATROL CD: Condition Types per Role
EHSWAC_EAFODCAT Document Categories for Follow-On Document Processing
EHSWAC_EAFODCATD Text Table for Subsequent Document Categories
EHSWAC_EAFOFCAT Functions per Document Category in Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_EAIMMCAT Waste-Relevant Material Types
EHSWAC_EANOCAT Document Category - Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_EANOCATD Document Category - Disposal Processing: Description
EHSWAC_EAOPTCAT Application Functions per Doc. Categ. in Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_EAOPTYPE Application Functions
EHSWAC_EAOPTYPED Application Functions: Descriptions
EHSWAC_ENTAMBW Parameters for Purchasing Management
EHSWAC_ENTAMFOF Functions for Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_ENTAMFOFD Functions for Disposal Processing: Texts
EHSWAC_ENTAMMW Parameters for Inventory Management
EHSWAC_LIZCATD CD: Description of the License Type
EHSWAC_LIZCATROL CD: License Types per Role
EHSWAC_MN_CATSTA Document Type and Status Assignment
EHSWAC_MN_STAPRE Table of Valid Previous Statuses
EHSWAC_MNCAT Disposal Documents: Types
EHSWAC_MNCATBPRL Document Type - Number of BP Permitted per Role
EHSWAC_MNCATD Document Type Description
EHSWAC_MNCATFOF Assignment of Document Types to Follow-On Functions
EHSWAC_MNCATWC Disposal Documents: Permitted Number of Waste Codes/Catalog
EHSWAC_MNDYNPRO Screens for Screen Exit for Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNDYNPROD Language Table for Screens for Screen Exit
EHSWAC_MNFLDCTRL Customizing: Disposal Documents Field Control
EHSWAC_MNFOF Functions for Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_MNFOFD Functions for Disposal Processing: Texts
EHSWAC_MNGRP Modification Groups for Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNGRPD Modification Groups for Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNSTATUS Customizing Table Status Waste Manifests
EHSWAC_MNSTATUSD Text Table Status Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNTABS Customizing Tab Pages
EHSWAC_MNTABSD Texts for Tabstrips
EHSWAC_OBJART MD: Integration - Object Types
EHSWAC_OBJARTD MD: Integration - Object Type Description
EHSWAC_OBJARTROL MD: Integration - Object Types per Role
EHSWAC_ROLE Check Table for Disposal Document Roles
EHSWAC_ROLE_HELP CD: Role-Dependent Elementary Search Helps
EHSWAC_WABPCATD CD: Partner Type Description
EHSWAC_WABPCATRL CD: Partner Types per Role WM BP
EHSWASYST_USAGE Table Names and Fields for Deletion Where-Used List
EHSWAT_APP_LKEY MD (BDT): Dummy Table for Waste Approval Lock Concept
EHSWAT_APPAMOUNT MD: Waste Permit Predicted Quantities
EHSWAT_APPBP MD: Waste Permit Partner
EHSWAT_APPBPCON MD: Waste Permit - Partner - Contracts
EHSWAT_APPWAKEY MD: Waste Permit Waste Code
EHSWAT_BPDEFINIT MD: Partner Reference to Master Data Objects
EHSWAT_BPID MD: Partner - Jurisdiction-Dependent Data
EHSWAT_BPLIZ Licenses for Partner
EHSWAT_BPWAAM MD: Partner-Waste Quantity Predictions
EHSWAT_BPWAKEY MD: Partner Waste Codes
EHSWAT_BPWAWAKEY MD: Partner-Waste Waste Code
EHSWAT_DCAPP MD: Disposal Channel-Waste Permit
EHSWAT_ENACC Disposal Processing: Account Assignments for Entry Document
EHSWAT_ENFOD Disposal Processing: Follow-On Document Table
EHSWAT_ENPRT Disposal Processing: Partner for Entry Document
EHSWAT_ENTAM Disposal Processing (Quantity Entry/Planning)
EHSWAT_ENTAMDEV Disposal Processing: Entry Aids for Each User
EHSWAT_MN Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Header Data
EHSWAT_MNACC Account Assignments for Disposal Document
EHSWAT_MNBP Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Partners
EHSWAT_MNPOS Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Items
EHSWAT_MNWAKEY Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Waste Code
EHSWAT_USER User-Defined Settings
EHSWAT000 MD (BDT): Master Table for the Waste Management Master Data
EHSWAT000_LKEY MD (BDT): Dummy Table for Partner Lock Concept
EHSWAT001 MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter
EHSWAT001_DESCR MD (BDT): Language-Dependent Data for Partner
EHSWAT001ACC MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter - Accnt Assignment
EHSWAT002 MD (BDT): Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAT003 MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWAT100 MD (BDT): Business Partner Roles


SAP Package CBWA contains 107 views.

EHSWAV_000 MD: Determines the Logical Number from RECN
EHSWAV_001 MD: Logical Table EHSWAT001
EHSWAV_002 MD: Logical Table for EHSWAT002
EHSWAV_003 MD: Disposal Channel and Logical Generator Number
EHSWAV_003A MD: RECN Disposal Channel and Logical Disposer Number
EHSWAV_100 MD: Logical Table for EHSWAT100
EHSWAV_ACCOBJ Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management
EHSWAV_APC Specify Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_APC_MNCAT Customizing: Approval Type - Disposal Doc. Type Assignment
EHSWAV_APP Waste Permits Database View
EHSWAV_APP_MN Determines Document Types for Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_APPAMOUNT MD: Waste Code/Predicted Quantity
EHSWAV_APPBP MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPBP2 MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPBP3 Partner, Partner Type, and Partner Cat. for Waste Approval
EHSWAV_APPBPCON MD: Partners/Contracts
EHSWAV_APPBPID MD: (BDT): Waste Approval - Partner - Auth.-Assigned Numbers
EHSWAV_APPCAT Specify Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_APPCATBP Customizing: Waste Approval Types - Role Assignment
EHSWAV_APPCATMN Customizing: Approval Type - Disposal Doc. Type Assignment
EHSWAV_APPCATWC Approval Type: Permitted Number of Waste Codes
EHSWAV_APPQUANT MD: Partner/Role/Approval/Waste Code Test View
EHSWAV_APPR_STAT MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPROVAL MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPWAKEY MD: Partner/Role/Approval/Waste Code Test View
EHSWAV_APSTAT Waste Approval Processing Status
EHSWAV_AUFK View of Order Master Data
EHSWAV_AUTH MD: Search for Authorities
EHSWAV_BPACC MD: (BDT): Account Assignments for Partner
EHSWAV_BPDEFINIT MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPID MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPID2 MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPLIZ MD: (BDT): Licenses for Partner
EHSWAV_BPWAAM MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPWAKEY MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPWAWAKEY MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_DCAPP MD: Partner/Role/Permit/Disposal Channels Test View
EHSWAV_DIS_CHAN F4 As Disposer in Disposal Channel
EHSWAV_DUTCAT Condition Types
EHSWAV_DUTCATRLH Condition Types per Role
EHSWAV_DUTCATROL Customizing: Condition Types per Role
EHSWAV_EAFOD Document Categories for Follow-On Documents
EHSWAV_EAFOF Specify Functions
EHSWAV_EAFOFCAT Functions per Document Category - Only Display Possible
EHSWAV_EAFOFCAT1 Functions per Document Category - Access via Doc. Category
EHSWAV_EAIMMCAT Specify Waste-Relevant Material Types
EHSWAV_EANOCAT Document Categories for Disposal Processing
EHSWAV_EAOPTCAT Application Functions per Doc. Categ. - Only Display Poss.
EHSWAV_EAOPTCAT1 Applicat. Functions per Doc. Categ. - Access via Doc. Categ.
EHSWAV_EAOPTYPE Specify Application Functions
EHSWAV_ENSTATUS Disposal Processing: Selection of Entry Documents via Status
EHSWAV_ENTAM Dispsl Processing: All Entries From EHSWAT_ENTAM W/o DELFlag
EHSWAV_ENTAMBW Customizing: Purchasing Management
EHSWAV_ENTAMMW Specify Movement Types
EHSWAV_GEN F4-Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAV_GEN_CHAN F4 As Generator in Disposal Channel
EHSWAV_LIZCATRLH License Types per Role
EHSWAV_LIZCATROL Customizing: License Types per Role
EHSWAV_MAT_APP_2 MD: Waste - Waste Approval + Generation Field
EHSWAV_MAT_CUST View Generated for Matchcode ID MAT1
EHSWAV_MATNR_APP MD: Waste - Waste Permit
EHSWAV_MN View of Table EHSWAT_MN with Data Records Not Deleted
EHSWAV_MN_APP Determines Document Types for Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_MN_CATSTA Maintenance View for Assigning Disposal Doc. Type to Status
EHSWAV_MN_STAPRE Maintenance View: Valid Previous Statuses for Document Types
EHSWAV_MNBP View of Table EHSWAT_MNBP Without Deleted Data Records
EHSWAV_MNCAT Specify Disposal Document Types
EHSWAV_MNCATBPRL Business Partner per Disposal Document Type
EHSWAV_MNCATD Read Disposal Document Types
EHSWAV_MNCATSTA Assignment of Disposal Document Type to Status
EHSWAV_MNCATWC Permitted Number of Waste Codes per Disposal Document Type
EHSWAV_MNDYNPRO Screen Maintenance View for Disposal Document Screen Exit
EHSWAV_MNFLDCTRL Field Control per Document Type
EHSWAV_MNFOF Maintenance View for Menu Functions - Disposal Documents
EHSWAV_MNFOFCAT Maintenance View: Assignment of Document Types and Functions
EHSWAV_MNFOFD Menu Functions and Text Table
EHSWAV_MNFOFV Relationship of Disposal Documents to Follow-On Functions
EHSWAV_MNGRP Maintenance View for Modification Groups - Disposal Docs
EHSWAV_MNSTAPRE Database View: Valid Previous Statuses for Document Types
EHSWAV_MNSTATUS Maintenance View for Defining the Disposal Document Status
EHSWAV_MNSTATUSD Status for Waste Manifests with Texts
EHSWAV_MNTAB Selection View Tabs
EHSWAV_MNTABS Customizing Tab Pages
EHSWAV_MNVHSIGN Structure for Search Help for Indicators
EHSWAV_MTART_CUS Selection View: Waste-Relevant Material Types with Text
EHSWAV_MTRT_CUS Help View: Waste-Relevant Material Types
EHSWAV_OBJART Object Types Integration Master Data
EHSWAV_OBJARTROL Customizing: Object Types - Role Assignment
EHSWAV_PART_ROL2 Database View: Search for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAV_PART_ROLL Database View: Search for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAV_PARTNER Database View: Search for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAV_ROLE_HELP Role-Dependent Search Helps
EHSWAV_TJ02 Disposal Processing: Selection of System Status
EHSWAV_VALID_DR MD: Valid Disposer
EHSWAV_VALID_GR MD: Valid Generator
EHSWAV_VALID_TR MD: Valid Disposer
EHSWAV_WABAL1 Data Basis for Waste Life-Cycle Analysis (Generator in BGS)
EHSWAV_WABAL2 Data Basis for Waste Life-Cycle Analysis (Disposer in BGS)
EHSWAV_WABAL3 Data Basis for Waste LC Analysis (Waste Code for an Item)
EHSWAV_WABAL5 Data Basis for Waste Life-Cyc. Analysis (Transporter in BGS)
EHSWAV_WABPCATRH Help View: Partner Types per Role
EHSWAV_WABPCATRL Customizing: Partner Types per Role
EHSWAV_WKEYCAT Waste Code and Waste Catalog
EHSWAV_WTD_BDT Partner Type Maintenance Dialog for BDT


SAP Package CBWA contains 219 structures.

EHSWAM_DI BP: Transfer Structure WAMA GESAMT (Direct Input)
EHSWAM000_DI BP: General Data EHSWAT000 (Direct Input)
EHSWAS_ACC_ADD_DATA Additional Data for Account Assignment
EHSWAS_ACC_CHECK Fields for Verifying Acct Assignment Objects in Waste Mgmt
EHSWAS_ACCOUNT_OBJECTS Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management (with Code)
EHSWAS_ACCOUNT_OBJECTS_IOT IOTab Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management
EHSWAS_ADKOM Address - Communication Data
EHSWAS_ADKOM_D Address - Communication Data for Disposer
EHSWAS_ADKOM_G Address - Communication Data for Generator
EHSWAS_ADKOM_T Address - Communication Data for Transporter
EHSWAS_ADRESS_D Address of Disposer
EHSWAS_ADRESS_G Address of Generator
EHSWAS_ADRESS_T Address of Transporter
EHSWAS_APP_ALV Structure for Waste Approval in ALV
EHSWAS_APP_CON_ALV Structure for Waste Approval - ALV Outline Agreement
EHSWAS_APP_FIND For Determining Waste Approvals
EHSWAS_APP_SELSCREEN MD (BDT): Selection Screen for Waste Approval
EHSWAS_APPAMOUNTIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Predicted Quantities
EHSWAS_APPAMOUNTIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Predicted Qnty - Details
EHSWAS_APPBP_LOG_KEY Master Data: Waste Approval - Business Partner
EHSWAS_APPBPCONIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Partner - Contracts
EHSWAS_APPBPCONIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Partner - Contract Details
EHSWAS_APPBPIOT Master Data: Waste Approval - Business Partner
EHSWAS_APPBPIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Apprvl - Business Partner - Details
EHSWAS_APPROPAHT Waste Approval: 'Key Path' for Function Module Call
EHSWAS_APPROVAL Structure for Waste Manifest Fields
EHSWAS_APPROVAL_LOG_KEY Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit
EHSWAS_APPROVAL_SEL Structure for Waste Manifest Fields
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOT_ALV Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOT_HEAD Master Data: Waste Permit Header Information
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Details
EHSWAS_APPWAKEY_LOG_KEY Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Waste Code
EHSWAS_APPWAKEYIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Waste Code
EHSWAS_APPWAKEYIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Waste Code - Details
EHSWAS_BALANCE_ALV Structure ALV Output Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_BP Partner Structure Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_DOC Structure for List Disposal Docs Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_LIC License Structure Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_WAKEY Structure Waste Code Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BDT_GENERAL MD (BDT): Fields Generally Required
EHSWAS_BPDEFINITIOT Master Data: IOTab Master Data Object Assignment
EHSWAS_BPDEFINITIOTD Master Data: IOTab Master Data Object Assignment - Details
EHSWAS_BPIDIOT Master Data: IOTAB Partner Authority-Assigned Numbers
EHSWAS_BPIDIOTD Master Data: IOTAB Partner Authority-Assigned Nos - Details
EHSWAS_BPLIZIOT Master Data: IOTab Partner - Licenses
EHSWAS_BPLIZIOTD Master Data: IOTab Partner Licenses - Details
EHSWAS_BPWAAMIOT Master Data: Partner/Waste - Quantity Predictions
EHSWAS_BPWAAMIOTD Master Data: Partner/Waste - Quantity Predictions (Details)
EHSWAS_BPWAAUTNOS Authority-Assigned Numbers for a Partner
EHSWAS_BPWAKEY_LOG_KEY Master Data: Partner - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAKEYIOT Master Data: Partner - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAKEYIOTD Master Data: Partner - Waste Code (Details)
EHSWAS_BPWAWAKEY_LOG_KEY Master Data: Partner/Waste - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAWAKEYIOT Master Data: Partner/Waste - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAWAKEYIOTD Master Data: Partner/Waste - Waste Code (Details)
EHSWAS_CONTROL_TAB DP: Structure for Toolbar Table Control
EHSWAS_DCAPP_LOG_KEY Master Data: Waste Approvals - Disposal Channels
EHSWAS_DCAPPIOT Master Data: Waste Approvals - Disposal Channels
EHSWAS_DCAPPIOTD Master Data: Waste Approvals - Disposal Channels - Details
EHSWAS_DOCCATS Disposal Document Type/Approval Type
EHSWAS_DOCCATS_EXT Disposal Document Type/Approval Type-Number of Waste Codes
EHSWAS_EACLTFLD Include for Customer Fields in EHSWAT_ENTAM
EHSWAS_ENACCAPI DP: API Structure for Account Assignment for Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENACCBUF DP: Account Assignment Buffering (Table: EHSWAT_ENACC)
EHSWAS_ENACCIOT DP: IOTAB for Account Assignment (Table: EHSWAT_ENACC)
EHSWAS_ENFODAPI DP: API Structure for Follow-On Documents
EHSWAS_ENFODBUF DP: Buffering of Follow-On Doc. Table (Table: EHSWAT_ENFOD)
EHSWAS_ENFODIOT DP: IOTAB for Follow-On Document Table (Table: EHSWAT_ENFOD)
EHSWAS_ENPRTAPI DP: API Structure for Disposal Processing Partners
EHSWAS_ENPRTBUF DP: Partner Assignment Buffering (Table: EHSWAT_ENPRT)
EHSWAS_ENPRTIOT DP: IOTAB for Partner Assignment (Table: EHSWAT_ENPRT)
EHSWAS_ENTAM_BUFTAB_ADD DP: Fields IOTab for Entry Document in Buffer Table
EHSWAS_ENTAM_OP_REP1 Disp. Processing: Input Structure Transfer Stock Inv. Mgmt
EHSWAS_ENTAM_OP_TRP1 Disp. Processing: Input Structure Transfer Stock Whse Mgmt
EHSWAS_ENTAM_TRPOS Quantity Entry: Structure for Stock Transfer
EHSWAS_ENTAM_WM I/O Fields Structure for Warehouse Management
EHSWAS_ENTAMAPI DP: API Structure for Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENTAMBUF DP: Entry Document Buffering (Table: EHSWAT_ENTAM)
EHSWAS_ENTAMDISPOS DP: Structure I/O Fields Partner Selection/Assignment
EHSWAS_ENTAMEA DP: Structure I/O Fields Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENTAMNO DP: Structure Is Used for Locking Document Number
EHSWAS_ENTAMPATH DP: 'Key Path' Entry Document for FM Calls
EHSWAS_ENTAMSCR Dialog Structure for Disposal Processing (EHSWAT_ENTAM)
EHSWAS_ENTAMSEL DP: Structure I/O Fields for Selecting Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENTAMSPL IOTab for Dispsl Procsg Split/Transfer Stock (EHSWAT_ENTAM)
EHSWAS_ENTAMTXT DP: Description Fields in Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENXXXIOT Structure for List Output ALV
EHSWAS_ERROR_TAB Structure for Message Table
EHSWAS_F4_BPID Input Help: Partners and Authority-Assigned Numbers
EHSWAS_F4_WAKEY Structure for Selection Help for Waste Codes
EHSWAS_F4WAKEY_TITLE Structure for the Title Line of the Waste Code Input Help
EHSWAS_F4WASTECODE Structure Return Values F4 Help Waste Code
EHSWAS_FLAGSTRIP Indicators for Program Control
EHSWAS_INPUT_NODIALOG Input Structure for Processing Without Dialog
EHSWAS_LTXTAPI API Structure Long Text Description (SAPscript)
EHSWAS_LVSEA DP: Structure I/O Fields Inventory Mgmt/Warehouse Mgmt
EHSWAS_MATNR_USE_LIST Where-Used List for Material in Waste Management
EHSWAS_MDINT Master Data: IOTab Screen Structure Integration
EHSWAS_MDINTD Master Data: IOTab Screen Structure Integration - Texts
EHSWAS_MDINTO Master Data: IOTab Screen Structure Integration - Objects
EHSWAS_MESSAGE Message Structure Waste Management
EHSWAS_MN Waste Manifest: Header Data Structure
EHSWAS_MN_ALV Waste Manifest: Header Data Structure
EHSWAS_MN_EXT Structure Import/Export Parameters Disposal Documents
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_BP Data for Partner
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_DISP Data for Disposer - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_DISP_NA Data for Disposer - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_GEN Data for Waste Generator - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_GEN_NA Data for Waste Generator - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_HEAD Disposal Document Header Data
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_STORE Data for Temporary Storage Facility - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS_NA Data for Transporter - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS1 Data for Transporter 1 - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS2 Data for Transporter 2 - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS3 Data for Transporter 3 - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_UPD_EXT Structure for Update of Disposal Documents
EHSWAS_MNAPI Waste Manifest: API Structure (EHSWAT_MN)
EHSWAS_MNBGS Structure German Waste Manifest
EHSWAS_MNBGSIOT Input/Output Structure German Waste Manifest
EHSWAS_MNBP Waste Manifest: Business Partner Structure
EHSWAS_MNBPAPI Waste Manifest: API Structure (EHSWAT_MNBP)
EHSWAS_MNBPBUF Waste Manifest Buffering (EHSWAT_MNBP)
EHSWAS_MNBPIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MNBUF Waste Manifest Buffering (EHSWAT_MN)
EHSWAS_MNDISP1IOT Structure: Disposer - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNDISPIOT Waste Manifest: Disposer Structure
EHSWAS_MNEA Waste Manifest: Structure for I/O Fields
EHSWAS_MNGEN1IOT Structure: Generator - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNGENIOT Waste Manifest: Generator Structure
EHSWAS_MNINO Locking Structure for Logical Number: Disposal Document
EHSWAS_MNIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MNNEW Create New Waste Manifests
EHSWAS_MNNOCTRY Locking Structure for Authority-Assigned No.: Disposal Doc.
EHSWAS_MNNOST Locking Structure for Regional Auth.-Assigned No.: Disp.Doc.
EHSWAS_MNPOS Waste Manifest: Structure - Waste Item Data
EHSWAS_MNPOSIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MNSELECT Waste Manifest: Structure for Selection
EHSWAS_MNSTORE1IOT Structure: Temporary Storage Facility - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNSTOREIOT Waste Manifest: Structure - Temporary Storage Facility
EHSWAS_MNTOT Waste Manifest: Total Quantities
EHSWAS_MNTRANS1IOT Structure: Transporter - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNTRANS2IOT Waste Manifest: Structure - Transporter 2
EHSWAS_MNTRANS3IOT Waste Manifest: Structure - Transporter 3
EHSWAS_MNTRANSIOT Waste Manifest: Business Partner Structure
EHSWAS_MNWAKEY Waste Manifest: Waste Code
EHSWAS_MNWAKEY1IOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data 2
EHSWAS_MNWAKEYIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MULTACC Multiple Account Assignment Screen Structure
EHSWAS_MULTACC_DB Dummy for dbrecord_type
EHSWAS_OBJ_FURTHER_DATA Further Data for Integration Object
EHSWAS_PARTNER Structure for the Field 'Partner'
EHSWAS_PARTNER_ID Structure: Waste Management Business Partner - 10-Digit ID
EHSWAS_PARTNER_RLTYP Category That Only Contains Partner and Role Category
EHSWAS_PHRFLDTAB Structure for Text Determination
EHSWAS_PHRUSAGE EHS: Usage Structure for Phrases in Waste Management
EHSWAS_PO_ACCO DP: Structure Determine Procurement Transaction - Acct Assgt
EHSWAS_PO_ITEM DP: Structure Determine Procurement Transaction - Item
EHSWAS_POS_ALV Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_RECN DP: Minimum Key for Interface Calling FM - Waste
EHSWAS_RELATED Table Name, Field Name, and RECN
EHSWAS_RELATED_EXPORT Table Name, Field Name and RECN for Deletion Where-Used List
EHSWAS_RELATED_IMPORT Table Name, Field Name for Deletion Where-Used List
EHSWAS_REP_MN Structure Set of Hits Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_REP_MN_HEAD Structure of Set of Hits: Waste LC Analysis - Header Info
EHSWAS_REP_MN_POS Structure of Set of Hits: Waste LC Analysis - Item Data
EHSWAS_REP_MN_POS_ALV ALV - Structre of Set of Hits: Waste LC Analysis - Item Data
EHSWAS_REPORT_SEL Waste Life-Cycle Analysis Selection Structure
EHSWAS_ROLE_HELP MD (BDT): Structure for Role-Dependent Help
EHSWAS_SELECT Structure for Selection Tables
EHSWAS_SELOPT_BPID Type-Specific Select Options for Auth.-Approved Partner No.
EHSWAS_SELOPT_DATE Type-Specific Select Options for Selection Date
EHSWAS_SELOPT_MNCAT Type-Specific Select Options for Disposal Document Type
EHSWAS_SELOPT_MNSTATUS Type-Specific Select Options for Disposal Document Status
EHSWAS_SUCCESSORS Successor of a Node
EHSWAS_TEXT Text for Text Edit Control
EHSWAS_WA_BALANCE Waste Life-Cycle Analysis Test Structure
EHSWAS_WA_BALANCE1 Waste Life-Cycle Analysis, No QUAN Fields
EHSWAS_WACODE_SUBID Structure: Waste Code-Specification Assignment
EHSWAS_WASTE MD: Waste for Table Definition in FM interface
EHSWAS_WASTE_APP_EXT Structure for Checking Waste and Waste Approval
EHSWAS_WASTE_DYN I/O Fields for Screen
EHSWAS_WASTE_HM DP: Structure of Import Interface for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTE_HME DP: Structure of Export Interface for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTE_PRT Partner for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTE_PRTIOT Partner for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTECODE_DATA Structure: Data for Waste Code
EHSWAS_WMTREE Structure for Node Table for SAPTree Waste Manifests
EHSWAS_XFIELDS Work Fields for Lists/Reports
EHSWAS000 MD (BDT): Master Structure for the Waste Mgmt Master Data
EHSWAS001 MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter
EHSWAS001_ALV Only for ALV
EHSWAS001_DI MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter (Direct Input)
EHSWAS001ACC_LOG_KEY Logical Key: Partner - Account Assignment
EHSWAS001ACCIOT Master Data: IOTab Partner - Account Assignments
EHSWAS001ACCIOTD IOTab: Partner - Account Assignment Detail
EHSWAS002 MD (BDT): Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAS002_LOG_KEY Logical Key
EHSWAS002D MD (BDT): Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport - Details
EHSWAS003 MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWAS003_F4 MD (BDT): Input Help for Disposal Channel
EHSWAS003_LOG_KEY Disposal Channel Logical Key
EHSWAS003D MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWAS0DIINIT BP: Initial Data (Direct Input)
EHSWAS100 MD (BDT): Business Partner Roles
EHSWASHDR_DI BP: Header Data for Application Object WAMA (Direct Input)
EHSWASKOSTADR Master Data: Cost Center Data (Incl. Address) - Obsolete


SAP Package CBWA contains 12 programs.

EHSWAR_115_001 Entry Document List
EHSWAR_115_003 Partners in Entry Documents
EHSWAR_115_004 Overview: Follow-On Documents for Entry Document
EHSWAR_115_100 Easy Entry
EHSWAR_160_LS24 Program for Calling Stocks for Material (LS24)
EHSWAR_BP_DELETE EHS: Logical Delete of Waste Management Business Partners
EHSWAR_MNCHECK Check Whether Time and Quantity Exceeded in Disposal Documents
EHSWAR_MNCHECKM Check Whether Time and Quantity Exceeded in Documents with Message
EHSWAR_TMP_ENTRYDOC_DELETE EHSWA: Delete Entry Documents with Temporary Document Number

Search Helps

SAP Package CBWA contains 74 search helps.

EHSWAH_APC Determines the Waste Approval Types from Customizing
EHSWAH_APC_APMCAT Determines Permissible Apprvl Types per Waste Manifest Type
EHSWAH_APC_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Waste Approval Type
EHSWAH_APPBP Waste Approval - Partner
EHSWAH_APPBPID Waste Approval - Partner - Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWAH_APPBPIDST Waste Approval - Partner - Regional Authority-Assigned No.
EHSWAH_APPROVAL Search Help for a Waste Approval
EHSWAH_APPROVAL_EXT Search Help for Waste Approvals
EHSWAH_APPSTATUS Search Help for Processing Status of Waste Approvals
EHSWAH_AUFK Search in AUFK for CO Orders (Type 01)
EHSWAH_BALANCE_STATUS Disposal Document Status for Waste Life-Cycle Analyses
EHSWAH_BPDEFINIT Determination of a Partner That Is Vendor
EHSWAH_BPID Selection of All Partners with Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWAH_BPID_COCKPIT Selection of All Partners with Auth.-Assigned No. (Cockpit)
EHSWAH_BPID_COCKPIT2 Selection of All Partners with Auth.-Asgd No. (Cockpit) - WA
EHSWAH_BPID_COLLECT Coll. Search Help Auth.-Ass. No. for Partner on Disp. Doc.
EHSWAH_BPID_COLLECT2 Collective Search Help - Auth. No. Partner for Temp. Storage
EHSWAH_BPID2 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Partner/Waste Comb.
EHSWAH_BPID3 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Disposal Channel
EHSWAH_BPIDST_COLLECT Search Help for Regional Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWAH_COLLECT_DISPOSER Collective Search Help for Disposers in Disposal Processing
EHSWAH_DD03L Search Help for Field Names in Table DD03L
EHSWAH_DIS Determination of a Disposer for a Given Waste Generation
EHSWAH_DIS_CHAN Partners That Occur as Waste Disposers in a Disposal Channel
EHSWAH_DUTCATROL Condition Types per Role
EHSWAH_EANOCAT_LP Disposal Processing: Entry Document Categories
EHSWAH_ENTAMNOA Search Help: Entry Doc. According to Doc. Date/Creation Date
EHSWAH_GEN_CHAN Partners That Occur as Waste Generators in a Dispsl Channel
EHSWAH_GENERATION F4-Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAH_GENERATION_ABFALL Waste Generations for Disposal Processing
EHSWAH_GENERATOR Search for Generators for Given Waste
EHSWAH_HIERARCHICAL_DWAY (Hierarchical) Search for Disposers from Disposal Channels
EHSWAH_KOST Search for Cost Centers
EHSWAH_LIZCATROL License Types per Role
EHSWAH_MAT_APP Search for Wastes for a Waste Approval
EHSWAH_MAT_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Waste
EHSWAH_MAT_CUST Material by Material Type
EHSWAH_MAT_DWAY Search for Wastes with Suitable Disposal Channels
EHSWAH_MAT_PARTNER Search for Wastes with Suitable Partner Assignment
EHSWAH_MN Search Help for Waste Documents
EHSWAH_MN_APP Determines Document Types for a Waste Approval Type
EHSWAH_MN_DG_REGUL Search for Dangerous Goods Regulation
EHSWAH_MNCAT Search Help for Disposal Document Type
EHSWAH_MNORDNO Search Help for Order Numbers at Partner
EHSWAH_MNSTAPRE Status for a Disposal Document Type with Authorization Check
EHSWAH_MNVHSIGN Search Help for Order Numbers at Partner
EHSWAH_MTART_CUST Material Types Defined in Customizing
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL Search for Partners/Generator Numbers
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN Selection of All Partners
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Partners on Disposal Documents
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN_COLLECT2 Collective Search Help - Prtnr in Disp. Docs for Temp. Strg.
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN2 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Partner/Waste Comb.
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN3 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Disposal Channel
EHSWAH_PARTNER Collective Search Help for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAH_PARTNER_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Partners
EHSWAH_PARTNER_DIS Search for Disposers from Waste Disposals
EHSWAH_PARTNER_GEN Determination of a Disposer for a Given Waste Generation
EHSWAH_PARTNER_INFO Search for Partners
EHSWAH_PARTNER_INFO_ELEMETARY Search for Partners: Complex Dialog
EHSWAH_PTYPE_ROL Partner Types per Role from Customizing Table
EHSWAH_REGULATION Master Data: Search for Dangerous Goods Regulation
EHSWAH_ROLLEN_BDT_SELECTION Search for All Existing Roles in Waste Management
EHSWAH_STATUS_EA Disposal Processing: Collective Search Help for Status
EHSWAH_STATUS_EA_SYS Disposal Processing: System Status for Object
EHSWAH_STATUS_SEL Disposal Processing: Selection System Status (F4)
EHSWAH_T001 Search for Company Codes
EHSWAH_T158B Search for Movement Types
EHSWAH_WERK Search for Plants
H_EHSWAC_EANOCAT Disposal Processing: Entry Document Categories

Message Classes

SAP Package CBWA contains 2 message classes.

EHS_WA EHS Abfallmanagement
EHS_WA2 Nachrichten EH&S Abfallmanagement

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CBWA contains 5 authorization objects.

C_EHSE_EAF EHS: *** Do Not Use!!! / Obsolete !!! *** (Use C_EHSW_EAF)
C_EHSW_EAD EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing
C_EHSW_EAF EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing Functions
C_EHSW_PRT EHS: Waste Management - Waste Management Business Partner
C_EHSW_WMN EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Documents