SAP Package CBRC

EHS: Substance-Related Regulation Checks

The package CBRC (EHS: Substance-Related Regulation Checks) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-EHS.

Technical Information

Package CBRC
Short Text EHS: Substance-Related Regulation Checks
Parent Package EA-EHS

Function Groups

SAP Package CBRC contains 21 function groups.

CBRC_CHK Substance Volume Tracking: Checks
CBRC_CHK01 ##OBSOLETE##: Marketability
CBRC_CHK03 ##OBSOLETE##: Customizing
CBRC_CHK04 ##OBSOLETE##: Data Selection
CBRC_CON Subst.Vol.Tracking:ScenarioCat. Consump.
CBRC_CUST Substance Volume Tracking: Customizing
CBRC_EHS Subs. Volume Tracking: Product Safety
CBRC_EXIT Subs. Vol. Tracking: Process Integration
CBRC_EXIT_46C Subs.Vol.Tracking: Process Integr. 4.6C
CBRC_LIB Substance Volume Tracking: Library
CBRC_LIB2 Subs. Volume Tracking: Library Misc.
CBRC_MM Subs. Volume Tracking: Material Master
CBRC_MON Substance Volume Tracking: Monitoring
CBRC_OR Substance Vol. Tracking: Only Represent.
CBRC_PRCO Subst.Vol.Tracking: Production & Consum.
CBRC_PRO Sub.Vol.Tracking: Scen. Cat. Production
CBRC_PUR Subs.Vol.Tracking: Scen. Cat. Purchasing
CBRC_SCEN Substance Vol.Tracking:Library Scenarios
CBRC_SO Subs. Vol. Tracking: Scenario Cat. Sales


SAP Package CBRC contains 21 transactions.

CBRC01 Only Rep.: Ext. Business Partners
CBRC02 Only Rep.: Int. Business Partners
CBRC10 Substance Volume Tracking: Appl. Log
CBRC11 ##OBSOLETE## Blocked Orders
CBRC12 ##OBSOLETE## TSCA12b Output
CBRC13 ##OBSOLETE## Application Log
CBRC20 Subs. Volume Tracking: Monitoring
CBRC21 Subs. Volume Tracking: Blocked Docs
S_SH1_20000001 IMG Activity: CBRC_SDCONDTAB
S_SH1_20000002 IMG Activity: CBRC_ERRORMAIL
S_SH1_20000003 IMG Activity: CBRC_USEREXITS
S_SH1_20000004 IMG Activity: CBRC_LIMITS
S_SH1_20000009 IMG Activity: CBRC_PERIODS
S_SH1_20000010 IMG Activity: CBRC_ERR_MESSAGES
S_SH1_20000011 IMG Activity: CBRC_MONITORING
S_SH1_20000012 IMG Activity: CBRC_JOB_VOL_TRACKNG
S_SH1_20000013 IMG Activity: CBRC_ONLINE_CHECKS
S_SH1_20000014 IMG Activity: CBRC_DATA_TRANSFER

Database Tables

SAP Package CBRC contains 34 database tables.

CCRCC_CHCK_ON EHS: Online Checks for Regulation/Scenario/Scenario Category
CCRCC_CHCK_SALES EHS: Activate Check of Sales Orders
CCRCC_DET EHS: Data Determination Modules per Regulation/Scenario
CCRCC_DETDOCTYPE EHS: Modules for Regulation/Scenario/Scenario Category
CCRCC_ERRMAIL EHS: Specify Recipients for Error Messages
CCRCC_ERRORMAIL EHS: RegCheck: Specify Recipients for Error Messages
CCRCC_EXCHG EHS: Data Transfer from and to EH&S
CCRCC_FILTER EHS: Data Filtering
CCRCC_LIMITG EHS: General Quantity Restriction
CCRCC_LIMITS EHS: Relative Quantity Restriction
CCRCC_MISDATACND EHS: Condition Table: Behavior If Data Missing
CCRCC_MON EHS: Monitoring Settings
CCRCC_PERIOD EHS: Period Definition
CCRCC_SCENTYPE EHS: Scenario-to-Scenario-Category Assignment
CCRCC_SDCONDTAB EHS: Condition Table Locked in SD by Regulatory Check
CCRCT_CO EHS: Confirmed Consumed Quantities
CCRCT_COPL EHS: Planned Consumed Quantities
CCRCT_DOCTYPE EHS: Scenario Categories
CCRCT_DOCTYPET EHS: Text Table for Scenario Category
CCRCT_EHS_COMP EHS: Composition (EH&S Data)
CCRCT_EHS_REG EHS: Notification Status (EH&S Data)
CCRCT_EHS_SLIMIT EHS: Limit Values in Substance (EH&S Data)
CCRCT_EHS_WL EHS: Worklist for Changed Materials
CCRCT_LOCK EHS: Blocked Documents
CCRCT_OR Material Business Partner Only Representative Assignment
CCRCT_PR EHS: Confirmed Produced Quantities
CCRCT_PRPL EHS: Planned Produced Quantities
CCRCT_PU EHS: Confirmed Purchased Quantities
CCRCT_PUPL EHS: Planned Purchased Quantities
CCRCT_RUN Time stamp of tracking and filling runs
CCRCT_SCENT EHS: Text Table for Scenarios (System Table)
CCRCT_SO EHS: Confirmed Sold Quantities
CCRCT_SOPL EHS: Planned Sold Quantities


SAP Package CBRC contains 15 views.

CBRC_ERRORMAIL EH&S: Enter Recipients for Error Notification
CBRC_SDCONDTAB EH&S Regulatory Check: Blocking Conditions
CBRC_TCG81 EHS: Regulatory List
CCRCV_CHCK_ON Define Function Modules for Online Checks
CCRCV_CHCK_SALES Activate Regulation Check in Sales
CCRCV_DET Function Modules per Regulation/Scenario
CCRCV_DETDOCTYPE Function Modules per Regulation/Scenario/Scenario Category
CCRCV_ERRMAIL Specify Error Message Recipients
CCRCV_EXCHG Specify Data Transfer (Property Tree)
CCRCV_FILTER Specify Selection Criteria for Volume Tracking
CCRCV_LIMITG General Quantity Limit
CCRCV_LIMITS Relative Quantity Limits
CCRCV_MON Specify Functions for Volume Monitoring
CCRCV_PERIOD Specify Monitoring Periods
CCRCV_SCENTYPE Assign Scenarios to Scenario Categories


SAP Package CBRC contains 37 structures.

CCRCS_BALMI Message Structure
CCRCS_CHK Quantity Check Data
CCRCS_CHK_AMOUNT Minimum Logical Key for Tracking Tables
CCRCS_CHK_RESULT Result for Quantity Check
CCRCS_COND Dynamic WHERE Condition
CCRCS_EHS_ADD_DATA Additional Data from EH&S
CCRCS_EHS_SVT_MAP Mapping Data from EHS to SVT
CCRCS_ERRMAIL Messages per Mail
CCRCS_ESTCAT Value Assignment Types
CCRCS_INTERVAL Structure for Read Interval
CCRCS_LKEY Logical Key for Tracking Tables
CCRCS_LOCK Blocked Documents
CCRCS_LOCK_KEY Block Parameter for Table CCRCT_LOCK
CCRCS_MAIL_RESULT Result for Quantity Check with Messages
CCRCS_MON_DATA_FILTER Filter Criteria for Monitoring
CCRCS_MSG Structure for Message Log
CCRCS_OBJKEY Key to Source Data
CCRCS_OR Structure for Only Representative Data
CCRCS_OR_BD_APIDATA Structure for OR Basic Data
CCRCS_OR_BD_DATA Structure for OR Basic Data
CCRCS_PARAM Parameter Structure for Substance Volume Checks
CCRCS_REG Minimum Logical Key for Check
CCRCS_REG_CTRY Valid Countries for Regulation
CCRCS_REGCHECK_COMPONENT Components for Regulation Check
CCRCS_REGCHECK_LOG Output Structure for Regulation Check Log
CCRCS_SELOPT Interface: Selection criteria
CCRCS_STD_FIELDS Standard Fields for Monitoring Tables
CCRCS_TABDOC Tables for Scenario Category
CCRCS_TSCA12B_EK Transfer Structure for Relevant Purchase Order Data
CCRCS_TSCA12B_SD Transfer Structure for Relevant Sales Data
CCRCS_TSCA12B_WRITE Output Structure for TSCA 12B - Report
CCRCS_TSCA12B_WRITE_LT Output Structure for TSCA 12B - Long Text
CCRCS_TSCA12B_WRITE_ST Output Structure for TSCA 12B Short Texts
CCRCS_VM_CO Confirmed Quantities
CCRCS_VM_OUT Output Fields
CCRCS_VM_PL Planned Quantities


SAP Package CBRC contains 18 programs.

RREGCH_BLOCKED_DOC_DISP Substance Volume Tracking: Display Blocked Documents
RREGCH_DEL_DATA Substance Volume Tracking: Delete Data (INTERNAL)
RREGCH_EVALUATE_QUANTITIES Substance Volume Tracking: Evaluation of Substance Volumes
RREGCH_EVALUATION INTERNAL: Substance Volume Tracking: Evaluation of Settings
RREGCH_FILL Substance Volume Tracking: Data Transfer from Property Tree
RREGCH_OR_DATA_VALIDATE Validate the Only Representative Basic Data
RREGCH_PLAN_QUANT_CHECK Substance Volume Tracking: Checking of Planned Quantities
RREGCH_RESTART_VT Substance Volume Tracking: Correction of Tracked Substance Quantities
RREGCH_RUN_DATE_CONVERSION Program for Converting 'Last Run for Filling/Volume Tracking'
RREGCH_VM Substance Volume Tracking: Monitoring
RREGCH_VT Substance Volume Tracking: Tracking of Substance Quantities
RREGCH_VT_CONDENSE_SAVE Substance Volume Tracking: Save Tracked Quantities in Property Tree
RREGCH_WL_BUILD SVT: Generation of worklist for modified materials
RREGCHK_BLOCKED_SD ##OBSOLETE## Regulation Check: Blocked Sales Documents
RREGCHK_LOG Substance Volume Tracking: Logging
RREGCHKAPL ##OBSOLETE## Regulation Check: Log Output

Search Helps

SAP Package CBRC contains 2 search helps.

CBRC_H_PERIOD Search Help for Time Periods
CBRC_H_SUBID Search Help for Specification

Message Classes

SAP Package CBRC contains 1 message classes.

CBRC_REGCHECK EHS: Nachrichten Stoffbezogene Vorschriftenprüfung

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CBRC contains 1 authorization objects.

C_EHSRC_SV EHS: Substance Volume Tracking