EH&S Data Models

The package CBDMDL (EH&S Data Models) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-EHS.

Technical Information

Package CBDMDL
Short Text EH&S Data Models
Parent Package EA-EHS


SAP Package CBDMDL contains 40 views.

U_25000 Substance
U_25001 Substance category
U_25002 Substance reference
U_25003 Substance identification type
U_25004 Substance identification category
U_25005 Substance identification
U_25006 Substance list
U_25007 Substance list - substance identification - assignment
U_25008 Substance authorization grouping
U_25009 Material - substance - assignment
U_25010 Substance component category
U_25011 Subs. char. cat. structg. - substance char. category
U_25012 Substance Value Assignment Type
U_25014 Substance characterization category class characteristic
U_25015 Substance characterization
U_25020 Substance characterization item
U_25021 Substance characterization usage
U_25022 Substance characterization usage - validity area
U_25027 Substance characterization rating
U_25028 Substance characterization assessment
U_25029 Substance characterization source
U_25030 Validity area - environmental law
U_25031 Environmental-law validity area - country - assignment
U_25032 Substance characterization source category
U_25040 Phrase
U_25042 Phrase reference
U_25043 Phrase library
U_25044 Phrase grouping
U_25045 Phrase set
U_25046 Phrase set - phrase - assignment
U_25051 Substance report category
U_25052 Substance report variant
U_25053 Substance report variant rating
U_25054 Substance report variant validity area
U_25055 Substance report symbol category
U_25056 Substance report symbol
U_25057 Document - substance report symbol - assignment
U_25060 Substance characterization category structuring
U_25065 Documentation object - substance
U_25066 Documentation object - substance report variant