SAP Package EA-PLM

Structure Package R/3 Enterprise PLM Extension

The package EA-PLM (Structure Package R/3 Enterprise PLM Extension) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Package EA-PLM
Short Text Structure Package R/3 Enterprise PLM Extension
Parent Package -

Embedded Packages

SAP Package EA-PLM contains 57 embedded packages.

AD_IW_REL Relevant Objects from package AD_IW
AD_MPL Master Parts List
C_PDM_BROWSER_IPPE Extension: iPPE Objects in Product Structure Browser
CL_UNDO Undo Function in Classification
CLAIM_COST_COLLECTOR Connect Cost Collector to Claim
CLEX_ADD Classification System: Additional Objects
CMAP Semantic Mapping
CMT2_MAIN Main Package for Configuration Management
CNECP PS: Easy Cost Planning in Multiple Plan Versions
CNIS_ADD Supplementary Project Reports
CNMM Project oriented production and procurement
COM_CFG_DEPENDENCY_EDITOR_MAIN Main Package: Generic Parser and Editor f. Obj. Dependencies
CPPER3E Wrapper Package for R/3 Enterprise <---> iPPE
CRWB_MAIN Main Package for Replication Workbench
CSTP Development of a Preprocessor and Postprocessor for STEP
CVAW Web Development for DVS (documents@web)
DI_CCM Configuration Control
DI_MSPPB Maintenance and Service Planning: Planning Board
DIMEB DIMEB: Maintenance Event Builder
DIWPS DI: Work Packaging and Sequencing
DIWPS_TL WPS (Task Lists Hierarchy)
DPBP Integration of Resource-Related Billing/Billing Plan
DPICB Resource-Related Billing Between Company Codes
EA-EHS Environment, Health and Safety
EXPD Expediting for Order
IERI Equipment dismantle / install with movement to / from stock
IHREP Maintenance Reporting
IOCI OCI Interface
IRMP Application Development R/3 Reference Measurement Points
ITOBFLTCON PM Technische Objekte: Verbrauchssteuerung
IWO_BAPI_EX BAPI Interfaces ALM Order
IWO_BAPI_SV BAPI Interfaces ALM Order
IWO1_REV Revision in Maintenance Order
IWON Function Modules Notifications
IWOP BAPIs Notifications Plant Maintenance
IWOS BAPIs Notifications Customer Service
NOTIFICATION_COST_COLLECTOR Connection of Cost Collector to Notification
PLM_AKH Application Hierarchy Nodes for PLM
PLM_MOBILE_NOTIFICATION Mobile Notification Creation
PLM_OBJECT_SERVICES_MAIN Main Packet for Object Services
PLM_PDN Product Designer
PLMIFO Interactive Forms in PLM
PME_VC_DEPENDENCY_GRAMMAR_MAIN Main Package: Grammar and Help Functions
PME_VC_EDITION_MAIN Main Package: Modeling Environment
QECOPY QM: Copy of Inspection Results into an Inspection Lot
QG_EVAL QM: Online Evaluations
QINPPROC QM Input Processing
QMBW QM: BW Extraction
QSTABI Stability Study
QV_ALT_QUANTITIES Input Help for Quants in Alternative Unit of Measure in UD
R3E_BCS_PLM BC Set Activation Switch for I/O PLM
RMS RMS: Structure Package Recipe Management
U_P_S_C_ADDON ALE Services for Distribution Unit - ADDON
WCM WCM: Work Clearance Management