Main Packet for Object Services

The package PLM_OBJECT_SERVICES_MAIN (Main Packet for Object Services) is a main package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-PLM.

Technical Information

Short Text Main Packet for Object Services
Parent Package EA-PLM

Embedded Packages

SAP Package PLM_OBJECT_SERVICES_MAIN contains 12 embedded packages.

CLD1IUPS Add-On Object Service Conf. Prof. GM Task List UPS - Decoup.
CLD1LUPS Add-On Object Service Conf.Profile Model Serv. Specs Decoup.
CLD1MUPS Add-On Object Service Conf. Profile Material UPS - Decoupled
CLD1SUPS Add-On Object Serv. Conf. Profile Std Network UPS - Decoup.
CSDUPS ADD-ON Object Service Document Structure UPS - Detached
CSMUPS ADD-ON Object Service Material BOM UPS - Detached
CUK2UPS Add-On Object Service for Dependency Net UPS - Decoupled
CV160UPS ADD-ON Object Service Documents UPS - Detached
CV161MUPS ADD-ON Object Service Document. UPS Link Material Detached.
MVUPS ADD-ON Object Service Material UPS - Detached
VKOSND ADD-ON Cluster Formation and Sending Conditions - Decoupled
VKOUPS ADD-ON Object Service Conditions UPS - Decoupled