SAP Package P99Q1

EH&S: Occupational Health

The package P99Q1 (EH&S: Occupational Health) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-EHS.

Technical Information

Package P99Q1
Short Text EH&S: Occupational Health
Parent Package EA-EHS

Function Groups

SAP Package P99Q1 contains 71 function groups.

EHS00_AG03 EHS: Basic Data - Agents
EHS00_AM00 EHS: BAdI for Person Selection
EHS00_AM02 EHS: Overview Medical Service
EHS00_AM10 EHS: BAdI Filter Medical Service
EHS00_ASSIGNPERSPROT Assignment: Protocol to Person
EHS00_ASSIGNPERSPROT00 EHS: Assgmt Protocol<->Person, Initial
EHS00_ASSIGNPERSPROT01 EHS: Assgmt Protocol<->Person, CUA Menu
EHS00_BC03 EHS: Brief Consultation Header Data
EHS00_CSOH_FUNC Check if CBOHCS Function
EHS00_CUST01 EHS-Cust.: Case History (Generated)
EHS00_CUST02 EHS-Cust.: Basic Data (Generated)
EHS00_DIAG00 Diagnosis Customizing
EHS00_EVAL_QUESTIONS Evaluation of Questions
EHS00_EX03 EHS: Basic Data - Examination
EHS00_EX04 EHS: Examination - Translation
EHS00_FR03 EHS: Basic Data - Protocol Frequencies
EHS00_INVITATION Invitations (Scheduling)
EHS00_LB01 EHS: Library - Read Names
EHS00_LB02_SS EHS: Person Search - Subscreen
EHS00_LB03_SS EHS: Critical Diagnosis - Subscreen
EHS00_LB04 EHS: Library - Service
EHS00_LB05 EHS: Library - Vaccination
EHS00_LB06 EHS: Library - Various
EHS00_LB20 EHS: Library - Authorization Checking
EHS00_LB30 EHS: Library - Search Helps
EHS00_MEDTESTS Medical Tests for a Service
EHS00_PE03 EHS: Person Dialog
EHS00_PE03_SS1 EHS: Person Dialog (BAdI Implementation)
EHS00_PORTAL FMs for Enterprise Portal - Occ. Health
EHS00_PR03 EHS: Basic Data - Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00_PR04 EHS: Protocol - Translation
EHS00_RE03 EHS: Basic Data - Regulation
EHS00_SCHEDULING00 EHS: Scheduling, Initial Screen
EHS00_SCHEDULING01 EHS: Scheduling, CUA Menu
EHS00_SERVICE00 Customizing: Medical Service
EHS00_SERVICEOPEN00 EHS: Person Selection, Initial Screen
EHS00_SERVICEOPEN01 EHS: Person Selection, CUA Menu
EHS00_TL03 EHS: Basic Data - Laboratory Tests
EHS00_TL04 EHS: Laboratory Test - Translation
EHS00_TP03 EHS: Basic Data - Physical Tests
EHS00_TP04 EHS: Physical Test - Translation
EHS00_USER_EXITS EHS: User Exits for Occupational Health
EHS00_VA03 EHS: Vaccination Header Data
EHS00_VA03_TC1 EHS: Vaccination Header Data Table Ctrl
EHS00_VA30 EHS: API - Vaccination
EHS00_VA40 EHS: Buffer - Table T7EHS00_VACCH
EHS00AMBTAET OBSOLETE? Health Center Services
EHS00AMBTAET_NEU Health Center Services - New
EHS00AMBTAET_NEU00 EHS: Medical Service, Initial Screen
EHS00AMBTAET_NEU01 EHS: Medical Service, CUA Menu
EHS00ANSWQ Edit questionnaire (assigned)
EHS00COMPTRIG Protocol/expos. trigger values (not usd)
EHS00LDB Logical Database
EHS00MC01 Certificates
EHS00MDATAUPL Upload Medical Data
EHS00PPROT Assignment of Persons to Protocols
EHS00PROTJOB Tasks of Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00PROTSELECT Proposal List: Persons <-> Protocols
EHS00PROTSELECT00 EHS: Proposal List, Initial
EHS00PROTSELECT01 EHS: Proposal List, CUA Menu
EHS00QUESTEVAL Evaluation of Completed Questionnaires
EHS00SCHED Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
EHS00TEXTEVAL New Line: Text Tables and Strings
HR_CDOC_IT1403 CHDO HR_CDOC_IT1403 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1404 CHDO HR_CDOC_IT1404 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HREHS00_DIAGSL Display/Maintain Diagnosis Key
HREHS00_SERVICE Medical Service - Obsolete!!!
HREHS00_SHLPEXIT EHS: Search Help Exits for Ind. Hygiene
HREHS001404 FGroup for EHS Occupational Health
HREHS99 Health Surveillance Protocol


SAP Package P99Q1 contains 71 transactions.

EHSAMBTAET Medical Services
EHSAMED Occupational Health
EHSASSIGN Assignment Protocol to Person
EHSASSLTA Assignment LTA Rating from Work Area
EHSASSPERS Person list for protocol assignment
EHSBC02 Edit Brief Consultation
EHSBP11 Create physician
EHSBP12 Change physician
EHSBP13 Display physician
EHSBP31 Create Health Center
EHSBP32 Change Health Center
EHSBP33 Display Health Center
EHSBP41 Create Laboratory
EHSBP42 Change Laboratory
EHSBP43 Display Laboratory
EHSBP51 Create External Company
EHSBP52 Change External Company
EHSBP53 Display External Company
EHSCBER Customizing Consultations
EHSCDCT Customize Diagnosis Types
EHSCMAS Customizing Measures
EHSDATIMP Import Medical Data
EHSDIAGSL EH&S: Diagnosis Key
EHSEVAL00 Occupational Health Report Tree
EHSEXIST0 Existing objects
EHSMQUEST Completing Questionnaires
EHSOH00 Current Settings
EHSPERSHC1 Assign Persons to Health Center
EHSPP01 Exposure Groups
EHSPRANZ Display Med. D. Import Logs
EHSPRLOE Delete Med. D. Import Logs
EHSQEVAL01 Evaluate Completed Questionnaires
EHSSCAN Scan Questionnaire
EHSSERV Medical Service Results / Sign-Off
EHSSERV01 Open Medical Service
EHSSERV11 Number Range Maint. Medical Service
EHSSERV30 Display Appointment List
EHSSERV50 Logical Database Selection Screen
EHSSTRU00 Existing objects
EHSSUGGP Proposal list person<->prot.
EHSTERM01 Scheduling medical service
EHSVA02 Edit Vaccinations
EHSVU01 Edit Health Surveillance Protocol
EHSVU11 Edit Examination
EHSVU21 Edit Physical Tests
EHSVU31 Edit lab. tests
S_ALN_01001347 Injury/Illness Log Entry Versions
S_SH8_72000001 Protocols > Exposure Groups
S_SH8_72000002 Persons > Assigned Protocols
S_SH8_72000004 Exposure Group > Persons
S_SH8_72000010 Persons > Examination Dates
S_SH8_72000011 Persons > Tasks
S_SH8_72000013 Persons > Protocols
S_SH8_72000014 Persons > Exposure Groups
S_SH8_72000015 Persons > Diagnoses
S_SH8_72000017 Persons > Objects
S_SH8_72000018 Persons > Tests > Physical Tests
S_SH8_72000020 Persons > Tests > Pulmonary Tests
S_SH8_72000021 Persons > Tests > Audiograms
S_SH8_72000023 Statistics on Protocols
S_SH8_72000831 Existing Exposure Groups
S_SH8_72000832 Exposure Groups > Protocols
S_SH8_72000833 Exposure Group > Persons > Protocols
S_SH8_72000834 Health Center > Persons
S_SH8_72000835 Persons > restrictions
S_SH8_72000836 Persons > Medical Service
S_SH8_72000837 Persons > Examinations
S_SH8_72000838 Persons > Agents
S_SH8_72000839 Persons > Tests > Laboratory Tests
S_SH8_72000840 Download Completed Questionnaires
S_SH8_84000410 xxxx

Database Tables

SAP Package P99Q1 contains 173 database tables.

HRP1403 DB table for infotype 1403
HRP1404 DB table for infotype 1404
T7EHS00_AGENT Agents (Obsolete)
T7EHS00_AGENTREF Reference Values for Agent (Obsolete)
T7EHS00_AGENTREG Laws/Regulations for Agent (Obsolete)
T7EHS00_AGENTT Agent Text Table
T7EHS00_ANA_DET EHS: Case History of Person - Description
T7EHS00_ANA_HEAD EHS: Case History of Person
T7EHS00_ANA_TXT Case History of Person
T7EHS00_ANATYPE EHS: Case History Type
T7EHS00_ANATYPET EHS: Case History Type - Language-Dependent Descriptions
T7EHS00_ATYPE Agent Types
T7EHS00_ATYPET Text Table for Agent Types
T7EHS00_AUD_COR Audiogram: Adjustment Data
T7EHS00_AUD_IND Audiogram: Baseline Status
T7EHS00_AUD_INDT Audiogram: Baseline Status (Text Table)
T7EHS00_BEF_SRC Source of Result
T7EHS00_BEF_SRCT Source of Result (Text Table)
T7EHS00_BEF_TXT Comment Lines for Results in Med. Service
T7EHS00_BEFU_GR Results Grouping
T7EHS00_BEFU_GRT Results Grouping (Text Table)
T7EHS00_BEFU_PR Priority for Results Selection
T7EHS00_BEFU_PRT Priority for Results Selection (Text Table)
T7EHS00_BEFU_TY Result Code Category
T7EHS00_BEFU_TYT Result Code Category (Text Table)
T7EHS00_BEFUKT Results Catalog Categories
T7EHS00_BEFUKTT Results Catalog Categories (Text Table)
T7EHS00_BEFUSL Result Code
T7EHS00_BEFUSLT Result Code (Match Code and Text Table)
T7EHS00_COMMENPR Comments at Start/End of a Protocol Assignment
T7EHS00_COMMENSC Comments on Assignment of a Protocol to the Person
T7EHS00_DIA_CAT Diagnosis Types
T7EHS00_DIA_CATT Diagnosis Types (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIA_CHA Cause of Diagnosed Illness
T7EHS00_DIA_CHAT Cause of Diagnosed Illness (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIA_EFF Effects of the Diagnosis
T7EHS00_DIA_EFFT Effects of the Diagnosis (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIA_PRI Diagnosis Rating
T7EHS00_DIA_PRIT Diagnosis Rating (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIA_SRC Source of Diagnosis
T7EHS00_DIA_SRCT Source of Diagnosis
T7EHS00_DIA_TXT Diagnosis Comment Lines in the Medical Service
T7EHS00_DIAGKT Diagnosis Catalog Categories
T7EHS00_DIAGKTT Diagnosis Catalog Categories (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIAGNGR Diagnosis Groups
T7EHS00_DIAGNGRT Diagnosis Groups (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIAGNPR Priority for Selecting Diagnosis
T7EHS00_DIAGNPRT Priority for Selecting Diagnosis (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIAGNTY Diagnosis Key Category
T7EHS00_DIAGNTYT Diagnosis Key Category (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIAGSL Diagnosis Key
T7EHS00_DIAGSLT Diagnosis Key (Matchcode Table)
T7EHS00_EGROUP Examination Category
T7EHS00_EGROUPT Text Table for Examination Categories
T7EHS00_EXA_AUD Examination Results: Audiogram
T7EHS00_EXA_LAB Examination Results: Lab. Tests
T7EHS00_EXA_PHY Examination Results: Physical Tests
T7EHS00_EXA_PUL Examination Results: Pulmonary Function Test
T7EHS00_EXA_RES Examination Results in the Medical Service
T7EHS00_EXA_REST Examination Results in the Medical Service (Text Table)
T7EHS00_EXA_TXT Examination Comment Lines in Medical Service
T7EHS00_EXAM Examinations
T7EHS00_EXAMLAB Assignments of Examination to Lab. Tests
T7EHS00_EXAMPHY Assignments of Examination to Physical Tests
T7EHS00_EXAMT Examinations (Text Table)
T7EHS00_FREQTYP Examination Type / Frequency Type
T7EHS00_FREQTYPT Text Table for Examination Type / Frequency Type
T7EHS00_LAB_TXT Comment about Test Results in Medical Service
T7EHS00_LABTEST Tests for Lab. Examinations
T7EHS00_LABTESTG Gender-Dependent Upper and Lower Reference Values
T7EHS00_LABTESTT Possible Tests for Lab. Examinations
T7EHS00_LABTSTGT Text Table for t7ehs00_labtestg
T7EHS00_LIM_TXT Comment Lines for Restrictions in Medical Service
T7EHS00_LIMFORM Form: Restrictions
T7EHS00_LIMIT Restrictions / Incapacity to Work
T7EHS00_LIMITT Restrictions / Incapacity to Work (Text Table)
T7EHS00_MAPPERNR Conversion Table: BP Number/HR PersNo to Internal Number
T7EHS00_MCFORM Form: Medical Certificate
T7EHS00_MCFORMT Texts for Medical Certificate
T7EHS00_OBJECT EHS: Occupational Health Objects
T7EHS00_OBJECTT EHS: Occupational Health Objects
T7EHS00_OP Table for Storing Operations
T7EHS00_PERHEAL Assignment Person / Health Center
T7EHS00_PERPROSC Assign Persons -> Protocols
T7EHS00_PERPRSCD Enter Validity of Protocol with Respect to Person
T7EHS00_PERS_TXT Comments on Person
T7EHS00_PGROUP Protocol Categories
T7EHS00_PGROUPT Text Table for Protocol Categories
T7EHS00_PHYTEST Tests for Physical Examinations
T7EHS00_PHYTESTT Possible Tests for Physical Examinations
T7EHS00_POWNER Protocol Owner
T7EHS00_POWNERT Protocol Owner Name
T7EHS00_PREGANA Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-analysis_text
T7EHS00_PREGDES Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-description
T7EHS00_PREGFOL Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-follow_up
T7EHS00_PREGPRO Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-procedure_text
T7EHS00_PRO_TXT Comment Lines for Protocols in Medical Service
T7EHS00_PROT Health Surveillance Protocols
T7EHS00_PROTAGNT Agents for Protocol
T7EHS00_PROTEXAM Examinations for Protocol
T7EHS00_PROTFREQ Frequency of Protocol
T7EHS00_PROTJOB Task Assignment Health Surv. Protocol
T7EHS00_PROTMEM Table for Comment Field: Protocol Description
T7EHS00_PROTREG Regulations for Protocol
T7EHS00_PROTT Protocol Text Table
T7EHS00_QCATALOG Question Catalog
T7EHS00_RESPCRIT Criteria for Corresponding Questions t7ehs00_resquest
T7EHS00_RESQINFO Header Information for Questionnaires
T7EHS00_RESQUEST Table for Questions Answered
T7EHS00_RVTYP Ref. Value Category
T7EHS00_RVTYPT Text Table for Ref. Value Category
T7EHS00_SCHED Health Surveillance Protocol Type
T7EHS00_SCHEDT Text Table for Health Surveillance Protocol Type
T7EHS00_SERVA Table for Storing Other Medical Service Properties
T7EHS00_SERVICE Medical Service (Main Table)
T7EHS00_SRV_BEA Application: Consultations in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_BEAT Application: Comments on Consultations in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_BEF Test Results for a Person
T7EHS00_SRV_BER Customizing: Consultations in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_BERT Customizing: Texts for Consultations in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_DIA Diagnoses for Person
T7EHS00_SRV_EXA Individual Examinations in a Medical Service
T7EHS00_SRV_FOL Follow-Up Activities Resulting from Medical Service
T7EHS00_SRV_FOLT Follow-Up Activities Resulting from Med. Serv. (Text Table)
T7EHS00_SRV_LIM Restrictions of Medical Service
T7EHS00_SRV_MS Customizing: Medical Measures in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_MSA Application: Medical Measures in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_MSAT Application: Comments on Medical Measures in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_MSC Customizing: Medical Measure Categories
T7EHS00_SRV_MSCT Customizing: Texts for Medical Measure Categories
T7EHS00_SRV_MST Customizing: Texts for Medical Measures in Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_MSZ Customizing: Assigning Med. Measures/Med. Measure Categories
T7EHS00_SRV_PRE Reservations About Health Acc. to Protocol
T7EHS00_SRV_PRET Reservations About Health Acc. to Protocol (Text Table)
T7EHS00_SRV_PROT Health Surv. Protocols for a Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_REOT Comment Lines for Reopening of Medical Service
T7EHS00_SRV_REV Check Medical Service
T7EHS00_SRV_REVT Check Medical Service (Text Table)
T7EHS00_SRV_SCH Appointments for Medical Service
T7EHS00_SRV_SCHS Status: Scheduling Med. Service
T7EHS00_SRV_SCHT Status: Scheduling Med. Service (Text Table)
T7EHS00_SRV_STA Medical Service Status
T7EHS00_SRV_STAT Medical Service Status (Text Table)
T7EHS00_SRV_TXT Comment Lines for Medical Service
T7EHS00_SRV_TYP Medical Service Appointment Type
T7EHS00_SRV_TYPT Medical Service Appointment Type (Text Table)
T7EHS00_STATPR Health Surveillance Protocol Assignment Status
T7EHS00_STATPRT Status for Protocol Assignment (Text Table)
T7EHS00_SUBOP Table for Storing Suboperations
T7EHS00_SUGGPERS Proposal: Assign Person to Health Surveillance Protocol
T7EHS00_TESTAB1 Reason for Significant Result
T7EHS00_TESTAB1T Reason for Abnormality (Text Table)
T7EHS00_TESTRES Value Assignment of Results of Medical Tests
T7EHS00_TESTREST Value Assignment of Results of Medical Tests (Text Table)
T7EHS00_TGROUP EHS: Test Types
T7EHS00_TGROUPT EHS: Text Table for Test Types
T7EHS00_TRSTAT Status of Test Results
T7EHS00_TRSTATT Status of Test Results (Text Table)
T7EHS00_UPLID ID for Medical Data Import
T7EHS00_UPLIDT Text Table: ID for Medical Data Upload
T7EHS00_UPLREF Reference to Medical Data Import
T7EHS00_VACCH EHS: Vaccination Data Header Information
T7EHS00_VSFORM Form: Protocol Log
T7EHS00_WORKCT Text Table for Work Center
T7EHS00_WRITFORM Invitations and Correspondence Forms and Programs
T7EHS00RA Long-Term Average Rating A - E
T7EHS00RAT Long-Term Average Rating: A - E -> Language-Dependent Texts
T7EHS00RN Exposure Frequency Rating
T7EHS00RNT Exposure Frequency Rating -> Language-Dependent Texts
T7EHS00RVB Exposure Measurement Basis
T7EHS00RVBT Exposure Measurement Basis -> Language-Dependent Texts
T7EHS00RVS Reference Value Source (Obsolete)
T7EHS00RVST Reference Value Source -> Language-Dep. Texts (Obsolete)


SAP Package P99Q1 contains 19 views.

H_EHS_T777I EHS object types (selected using infotype 1403)
H_EHS00AGENT Help View for Agents
H_EHS00AGENTREF Help View for Agent Reference Values
H_EHS00EXAM DB View for Examinations (without Service Agent)
H_EHS00PROT00 Help View for Search Help for Protocols
H_EHS00PROT01 Help View for Search Help for Protocols
H_EHS00PROTEXAM Help View for Protocol Frequencies
T7EHS00_PRTFREQT Helpview Protfreq
V7EHS00_SRV_BER DB View: Consultations
V7EHS00_UPLREF Reference to Medical Data Import
VEHS00_SUBID EHS: View for Agent Key
VT7EHS00_ANATYPE EHS: Case History Type
VT7EHS00_MAS Medical Measures
VT7EHS00_MASC Medical Measure Categories
VT7EHS00_MASZ Assign Medical Measures/Medical Measure Category
VT7EHS00_PROTREG Regulations for Protocol


SAP Package P99Q1 contains 143 structures.

EHS_EXA_AUD Examination Results: Audiogram
EHS_EXA_LAB Examination Results: Lab. Tests
EHS_EXA_PHY Examination Results: Physical Tests
EHS_EXA_PUL Examination Results: Pulmonary Function Tests
EHS_IHORG_EG_ADJ_VARIABLES Variable for Assignment Report (Dialog)
EHS_PERNR Personnel Data
EHS_PERPROSC Assign Person-Health Surv. Protocol
EHS_PERPRSCD Assign Person - Prot.
EHS_SCAN_INTERFACE Interface for importing questionnaires
EHS_SERVICE Medical Service
EHS_SRV_DIA Diagnoses for Persons
EHS_SRV_DIAS Medical Service: Diagnoses
EHS_SRV_EXA Medical Service: Examinations
EHS_SRV_LIM Restrictions for Persons
EHS_SRV_LIMS Medical Service: Restrictions
EHS_SRV_PROT Medical Service: Health Surveillance Protocols
EHS_SRV_SCH Scheduling
EHS_SRV_SERVA Enhanced Structure for SERVA
EHS00_ASSIGNLOG Structure for the Assignment of Inc./Acc. or Inj./Illn. Log
EHS00_BYHA_RANGE Range of Execution Category for Determining Protocols
EHS00_CRITERIA1 Structure for Question Criteria
EHS00_CRITERIA2 Structure for Question Criteria
EHS00_EVALUATION Structure for Question Evaluation
EHS00_EVALUATION_FB Structure for Question Eval. with Language Field
EHS00_F4_QGROUP Structure for Search Help Output
EHS00_F4_QID Structure for Search Help Output
EHS00_PROTKEY Key Structure for Protocol
EHS00_QID_RANGE Structure of Range Table for No. of General Questionnaire
EHS00_QRANGE Structure of Range Table for a Concat Key
EHS00_QUESTKEY EHS: Questionnaire
EHS00_SPRAS_RANGE Structure of a Range Table for the Language
EHS00_SRVNR Structure for Service Number
EHS00_SRVNUM_RANGE Structure of Range Table for No. of General Questionnaire
EHS00_STRUCANSW EHS: Structure of Completed Questionnaires
EHS00_STRUCQUEST EHS: Questionnaire
EHS00_TCL Structure for Table Control
EHS00ANALYSIS I/O fields 'Evaluations' selection screen
EHS00CUSTEXEVAL Customer Exit Interface: Data Overviews in Medical Service
EHS00DIAGEDIT EH&S: Structure for input/output fields for diagnosis table
EHS00FBPERSDAT EHS: Structure for Subscreen for Personal Data from HR
EHS00OBJEC Work Area for Database PCH
EHS00PERNR Personnel Number
EHS00PERSPROT Proposal: Person <-> Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00PERSRELPROT Proposal List: Assignment Person and Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00S_ADM EHS: Structure for Administration Fields
EHS00S_AGENT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Agent
EHS00S_AGENT_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Agent
EHS00S_ALV_HIDE001 EHS: Structure for List Output Using ALV (PERMEDCENT1)
EHS00S_ALV_HIDE003 EHS: Structure for List Output Using ALV (LOAD_QANSWER)
EHS00S_ALV_HIDE004 EHS: Structure for List Output Using ALV (PERSMEDALL00)
EHS00S_ALV_MASTER001 EHS: Master Structure for List Output Using ALV(PERMEDCENT1)
EHS00S_ALV_MASTER002 EHS: Master Structure for List Output Using ALV (Log)
EHS00S_ALV_MASTER003 EHS: Master Structure f. List Output Using ALV -LOAD_QANSWER
EHS00S_ALV_MASTER004 EHS: Master Structure f. List Output Using ALV -PERSMEDALL00
EHS00S_ALV_MASTER005 EHS: Master Structure f. List Output Using ALV -REHSPERMED2
EHS00S_ALV_SHOW001 EHS: SHOW Structure for List Output Using ALV (PERMEDCENT1)
EHS00S_ALV_SHOW002 EHS: SHOW Structure for List Output Using ALV (Log)
EHS00S_ALV_SHOW003 EHS: SHOW Structure for List Output Using ALV (LOAD_QANSWER9
EHS00S_ALV_SHOW004 EHS: SHOW Structure for List Output Using ALV (PERSMEDALL00)
EHS00S_ALV_SHOW005 EHS: SHOW Structure for List Output Using ALV (REHSPERMED2)
EHS00S_ALV_TECH001 EHS: Structure for List Output Using ALV (PERMEDCENT1)
EHS00S_ALV_TECH002 EHS: Structure for List Output Using ALV (Log)
EHS00S_ALV_TECH004 EHS: Structure for List Output Using ALV (PERSMEDALL00)
EHS00S_ALV_TECH005 EHS: Structure for List Output Using ALV (REHSPERMED2)
EHS00S_AMBPERSUE EHS: Table for User Exits in Health Center Services (Person)
EHS00S_ANA_HEAD_IOT EHS: IO Structure - Case History of Person
EHS00S_ANA_TEXT_IOT EHS: IO Structure - Text for Case History of Person
EHS00S_APISTD EHS: Standard Fields for EHS-OH API Structures
EHS00S_BRCOH_IOT EHS: IOTAB for Brief Consultations
EHS00S_BRCOH_KEYPATH EHS: Key Path Brief Consultation
EHS00S_CHECKLIST Checklist for ALV Selection Screen
EHS00S_DIAGSL Diagnosis Key: Structure for ALV
EHS00S_EXA_AUD Structure: Audiogram
EHS00S_EXA_LAB Structure: Examination Results of Lab. Tests
EHS00S_EXA_PHY Structure: Examination Results of Physical Tests
EHS00S_EXA_PUL Structure: Examination Results of Pulmonary Function Test
EHS00S_EXAM_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Examination
EHS00S_EXAM_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Examination
EHS00S_EXAM_TXT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Regulation
EHS00S_EXAM_TXT_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Examination
EHS00S_FREQ_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Protocol Frequency
EHS00S_FREQ_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Protocol Frequency
EHS00S_IT_SCHED_U Examination
EHS00S_IT_SCHED_VU Health Surveillance Protocol
EHS00S_IT_SRV_PROT Structure: Internal Table for Med. Service / List
EHS00S_MASSNAHMEN Measures and Descriptions
EHS00S_PERS_SEL EHS: Data Structure for Person Selection
EHS00S_PERSDAT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure for Person Data (EHS00FBPERSDAT)
EHS00S_PERSONNEL EHS: Personnel Structure
EHS00S_PROT_DEL Delete Logs for Medical Data Import
EHS00S_PROT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00S_PROT_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00S_PROT_TXT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00S_PROT_TXT_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Health Surv. Protocol
EHS00S_REG_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Regulation
EHS00S_REG_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Regulation
EHS00S_SELOPTION_RANGE General Selection Options (Ranges)
EHS00S_SERVICE Structure: Medical Service
EHS00S_SRV_BEF Structure: Test Results for Person (T7EHS00_SRV_BEF)
EHS00S_SRV_BER Screen Structure: Consultation in Med. Service
EHS00S_SRV_DIA Structure: Diagnoses for a Person (T7EHS00_SRV_DIA)
EHS00S_SRV_EXA Structure: Individual Examinations for the Medical Service
EHS00S_SRV_LIM Structure: Restrictions of Medical Service
EHS00S_SRV_MAS Screen Structure: Medical Service Measures
EHS00S_SRV_OP1 Open Medical Service - Complete Selection
EHS00S_SRV_OP2 Medical Service - Display Protocols
EHS00S_SRV_PROT Structure: Health Surveillance Protocols in the Med. Service
EHS00S_SRV_SCR Structure: Subscreen for Service Data
EHS00S_SRV_SELCT Structure: Selection Criteria for Displaying Med. Service
EHS00S_SRVNR Structure for Service Number
EHS00S_SRVPROT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure for Protocol (T7EHS00_SRV_PROT)
EHS00S_TCL Structure for Table Control
EHS00S_TERM_OP1 Create Date of Medical Service
EHS00S_TERM_OP2 Create Medical Service Appointment - TC1
EHS00S_TERM_SELCT Structure: Selection Criteria for Displaying Med. Service
EHS00S_TLAB_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Laboratory Test
EHS00S_TLAB_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Laboratory Test
EHS00S_TLAB_TXT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Laboratory Test
EHS00S_TLAB_TXT_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Laboratory Test
EHS00S_TPHY_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Physical Test
EHS00S_TPHY_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Physical Test
EHS00S_TPHY_TXT_IOT EHS: I/O Structure of Basic Data - Physical Test
EHS00S_TPHY_TXT_KEY EHS: Key Structure of Physical Test
EHS00S_VACCH_API EHS: API Structure Vaccination Header
EHS00S_VACCH_BUF EHS: Buffer Structure for Vaccination
EHS00S_VACCH_IOT EHS: IOTAB for Vaccination (7EHS00_VACCH)
EHS00S_VACCH_KEYPATH EHS: Key Path Vaccinations
EHS00S_VUPERSG Structure: Assignment Protocol to Person
EHS00SELOPTIONLDB Logical Database Selection Options
EHS00SHLPBYHANDFLAG Structure: Contents of List Box for Performing a Protocol
EHS00TREEITM_OBJEC Tree Control Item for Report saptrev*
EHS00TREEV_NODE_OBJEC Tree Control: Node Description
HREHS00RATING Direct output fields for EHS
HRI1403 Exposure group -> Long-term average (LTA)
HRI1404 Exposure group -> Task-related exposure
NODE_CNTR Node Structure of a List Tree
P1403 Infotype 1403
P1404 Infotype 1404: Task-related exposures


SAP Package P99Q1 contains 98 programs.

EHS_CALL_MAINTAINQ Completing Questionnaire for Service
EHS_CHECKLIST_DISPLAY Set Up List Screen for Checklists
EHS_CHECKLIST_LOGDB_SEL Selection screen for calling the checklist
EHS_GET_SCHED_LIST Display Appointment List
EHS_IHORG_EG_ADJUSTMENT Transfer Exposure Profile Ratings to LTA Value of Infotype 1403
EHS_MAINTAIN_EXAM Call View for Maintaining Examinations
EHS_MAINTAIN_EXAMPHY Call View for Maintaining Physical Examinations
EHS_MAINTAIN_LABTEST Call View for Maintaining Laboratory Tests
EHS_MAINTAIN_PERMEDCENT1 Assign several persons to a health center
EHS_MAINTAIN_PHYTEST Maintain Physical Tests
EHS_MAINTAIN_PROT Maintain Health Surveillance Protocol
EHS_MAINTAIN_QUESTIONNAIRE Answering the Questionnaire for One Person
EHS_QUEST_EVAL01 Evaluation of Completed Questionnaires
EHS_SCHEDULING Schedule Dates for a Medical Service
EHS_SERVICE_OPEN Create a Sequential Number for Medical Service
EHS_SEVALPERSMEDCHECKLIST Overview of Examinations in Medical Service
EHS_SINGLE_SERVICE_OPEN OBSOLETE: Ad Hoc Medical Service for Health Surveillance Protocol
EHS_SUGGPERSONSPROT Job Report for Creating a Proposal List (Protocol <-> Person)
EHS_VIEWOBJECTS Overview of Objects for a Person
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_AGENT Legacy Data Transfer Program for Agents (no longer used)
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_AGENTT Legacy Data Transfer Program for Agent Descriptions (no longer used)
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_C_S_V Data Transfer of C/S and Link from Prototype to R/3
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_EG Exposure Group Data Transfer from Prototype to R/3
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGANA Transfer program for note fields Protocol_Regulation-Description
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGDES Transfer program for note fields Protocol_Regulation-Description
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGFOL Transfer program for note fields Protocol_Regulation-Follow_up
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGPRO Transfer program for note fields Protocol_Regulation-Procedure
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PROTMEM Program to upload data for note field Protocol_Description
H00EHS00_ZUPLOAD_DEL_PREGANA Deletes contents of database table T7EHS00_PREGANAL
H00EHS00_ZUPLOAD_DEL_PREGDES Deletes contents of database table T7EHS00_PREGDESC
H00EHS00_ZUPLOAD_DEL_PREGFOL Deletes contents of database table T7EHS00_PREGFOLL
H00EHS00_ZUPLOAD_DEL_PREGPRO Deletes contents of database table T7EHS00_PREGPROC
H00EHS00_ZUPLOAD_DEL_PROTMEM Deletes contents of database table T7EHS00_PROTMEMO
H00EHS00PROT OBSOLETE? Display Protocol Objects
MAPPING_REPORT_PERNR Mapping for Personnel Numbers in Tables in Medical Services
MP140300 Module pool infotype 1403
MP1403BI BTCI Infotype 1403
MP140400 Module pool infotype 1404
MP1404BI BTCI Infotype 1404
REHS_CHECK_PERS_NO_HEALTHCENT Persons Without Health Center
REHS_CHECK_PERS_NO_VU Persons Without Protocol
REHS_DATA_TRANS_TO_ANAM_NEW EHS: Conversion of Existing Data for New Case History Screen
REHSAGNT Display Assignment EG <-> Protocol - Obsolete?
REHSDELETE_DIAGDESCRIPTION Deletes ICD Code Description Texts in SAPscript
REHSDOWNLOAD_QANSWER Download Completed Questionnaires
REHSEVALEGEXIST00 Existing Exposure Groups
REHSEVALEGPERSVU Exposure Group > Persons > Health Surveillance Protocols
REHSEVALEGSTRU00 Exposure Group > Persons
REHSEVALEGVU00 Exposure Groups > Protocols
REHSEVALPERSAUDTEST00 Persons > Tests > Audiograms
REHSEVALPERSDIAGN00 Persons > Diagnoses
REHSEVALPERSDIAGN01 Persons > Diagnoses
REHSEVALPERSEG00 Persons > Exposure Groups
REHSEVALPERSEXAM00 Persons > Examinations
REHSEVALPERSEXAM01 Persons > Examinations
REHSEVALPERSHEAL00 Health Center > Persons
REHSEVALPERSLABTEST00 Persons > Tests > Laboratory Tests
REHSEVALPERSLIM00 Persons > Restrictions
REHSEVALPERSMED01 Medical Service Overview
REHSEVALPERSMEDALL00 Historical Data for Persons
REHSEVALPERSMEDCHECKLIST01 Overview of Examinations in Medical Service
REHSEVALPERSMEDSERV00 Persons > Medical Service
REHSEVALPERSPHYTEST00 Persons > Tests > Physical Tests
REHSEVALPERSPROT00 Persons > Assigned Health Surveillance Protocols
REHSEVALPERSPULTEST00 Persons > Tests > Pulmonary Function Tests
REHSEVALPERSSCHED00 Persons > Examination Dates
REHSEVALPERSSCHED01 Persons > Examination Dates
REHSEVALPERSSERPROT00 Persons > Health Surveillance Protocols
REHSEVALPERSSERPROT01 Persons > Health Surveillance Protocols
REHSEVALPERSVIEW00 Persons > Objects
REHSEVALPROT Overview of Protocols
REHSEVALPTSTRU00 Persons > Tasks
REHSEVALVUEG00 Health Surveillance Protocols > Exposure Groups
REHSH_X_BASIC_DATA_UPDATE EHS: Conversion of OH Basic Data
REHSINVITATIONPRNT EHS: Print Program for Invitation
REHSMCERTFORMPRNT Print Program for Medical Certificate for Occupational Health Protocol
REHSMDATAUPL_DEL_PROT Delete Logs for Medical Data Import
REHSMDATAUPL_IMPORT_DATA Display Logs for Medical Data Import
REHSMDATAUPL_SHOW_PROT Display Logs for Medical Data Import
REHSOH_DELETE_DB Deleting Database Contents for Occupational Health
REHSPERMED1 Selection screen for med. data overview
REHSPERMED2 Medical Data Overview
REHSPERSLIMFORMPRNT Print Program: Restrictions for a Person
REHSPERSPROTPRNT Print Program for Person <-> Protocol Proposal List
REHSPERSVSKARTEI00 EHS: Protocol Log for a Person
REHSQUESTSPCPRNT Print Program for the Specific Questionnaire
REHSSCANDATA Upload Completed Questionnaire from TXT File (Scan Interface)
REHSSCANTRANS Transaction Report for Scanning the Medical Questionnaires
REHSSTATVURESULT00 Statistics on Protocol Results
REHSSTATVURESULT01 Statistics on Protocol Results
REHSUPLOAD_AUDIO_CORRECTION Program for Uploading Audiogram Age Adjustment Data
REHSUPLOAD_DIAGNOSISCODE Transfer Program for the Diagnosis Key
RHSAGTAB Selection Screen for Evaluation Report

Search Helps

SAP Package P99Q1 contains 41 search helps.

EHS00_EINHEIT Units of measure
EHS00_PROTEXAFTTYP Search Help t7ehs00_protexa-fttyp
EHS00_PROTFREQ01 EHS: Search Help for Protocol Frequency
EHS00_SHLP_EXAM01 EHS: Search Help for Examinations (with Service Provider)
EHS00_SHLP_EXAMLAB_TEST_NO EHS: Search Help for Test No. (Assignment of Lab. Tests)
EHS00_SHLP_EXAMPHY_TEST_NO EHS: Search Help for Test No. (Assignment of Phys. Tests)
EHS00_SHLP_PGROUP_CONS Search Help for Protocol Category for Brief Consultations
EHS00_SHLP_PGROUP_VACC Search Help for Protocol Category for Vaccinations
EHS00_SHLP_PROT02 Search Help for Health Surveillance Protocols
EHS00_SHLP_PROT03 Search Help for Health Surveillance Protocols (Indicator)
EHS00_UNIT Units of measurement
EHS00EXAMPHY_TEST_NO Search Help test_no
EHS00HLPPNUMBER Search Help - Find Protocol Number
EHS00SHLP_BUPA Collective Search Help for Business Partner
EHS00SHLP_IH_RATING EHS: Search Help for Exposure Rating
EHS00SHLP_PLVAR Search Help for Plan Version
EHS00SHLP_PREM Collective Search Help for Personnel Numbers
EHS00STATUS Search Help - Med. Service Status
HEHS_SRV_NUMBER Search Help for Service Number
HEHS00_EXAMPROV Search Help for Examinations by a Service Agent
HEHS00_EXAMRESULTT Search Help for Examination Result Assessment
HEHS00_LABTESTT Search Help for Laboratory Tests
HEHS00_LIMITT Search Help for Restrictions/Incapacity to Work
HEHS00_PHYTESTT Search Help for Physical Tests
HEHS00_PROT_DEL Delete Logs for Medical Data Import
HEHS00_PROTRESULT Search Help for Reservations about Results in Protocols
HEHS00_PROTTYPE Search Help for Frequency Type in Health Surv. Protocols
HEHS00_SCHT Search Help for Status of Appointment
HEHS00_TESTRESULTT Search Help for Test Result Assessment
HEHS00_TESTSTATUST Search Help for Test Result Assessment
HEHS00NUMBER Search Help for Protocol
HEHS00PROTTAB Search help for protocols (TabStrip)
HREHS00DIAGSCHL EHS: Search Help for Diagnosis Key
HREHS00GROUP Search help for protocol groups
HREHS00PERSINTEXT EHS: Collective Search Help on Intern. Pers./Extern. Partner
HREHS00RA Search help for LTA exposure rating
HREHS00RN Search help for text table
HREHS00RVB Search help for agent assessment basis
HREHS00RVS Search help for reference value source
HREHS00SCHED Search help for protocol category
HREHS00T777I Search Help for the Object Types

Message Classes

SAP Package P99Q1 contains 3 message classes.

EHS_IH EHS Arbeitsschutz
EHS_OH EHS Arbeitsmedizin
EHSH_01 EHS Arbeitsmedizin (Neu für OH BAdIs und ICM-Entwicklung)

Authorization Objects

SAP Package P99Q1 contains 17 authorization objects.

C_EHSH_APP OBSOLETE Assign Health Surveillance Protocol to a Person
C_EHSH_DIA EHS: Diagnosis Key
C_EHSH_EXA EHS: Lock/Unlock Examinations for Medical Service
C_EHSH_EXM EHS: Examination
C_EHSH_HRD EHS: Reporting with Logical Database
C_EHSH_HSP EHS: Health Surveillance Protocol
C_EHSH_PER EHS: Persons in Occupational Health
C_EHSH_PHC EHS: Assigning Persons to a Health Center
C_EHSH_POH EHS: Person-Related Occupational Health Data
C_EHSH_PPR EHS: Proposal List for Person and Health Surv. Protocol
C_EHSH_ROP EHS: Reopening a Medical Service
C_EHSH_SHD EHS: Scheduling
C_EHSH_SOP EHS: Opening a Medical Service
C_EHSH_SRV EHS: Medical Service
C_EHSH_SVD EHS: Diagnoses for a Person
C_EHSH_TST EHS: Test Results of a Medical Service