EHS: Workbench

The package CBBA_WB (EHS: Workbench) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-EHS.

Technical Information

Package CBBA_WB
Short Text EHS: Workbench
Parent Package EA-EHS

Function Groups

SAP Package CBBA_WB contains 8 function groups.

RMSA152 RMS-ATL: Conversion of Decimal Places
RMST501 RMS-TLS: DDIC Accesses
RMWB100 RMS-WB: Workbench Access
RMWB150 RM-WB: User Settings
RMWB160 EHS-WB: User Settings for Toolbar
RMWB310 RMS-WB: User Settings for DB Access
RMWB810 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
RMWB820 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package CBBA_WB contains 1 transactions.

RMWBCUST Workbench Settings

Database Tables

SAP Package CBBA_WB contains 11 database tables.

RMWBA_80 RMS-WB: Structure for Favorites
RMWBA_81 RMS-WB: Object Key for Favorites
RMWBC_10 RMS-WB: Object Type Management
RMWBC_15 RMS-WB: Behavior for Data Element - Object Type
RMWBC_20 RMS-WB: Registration of a Service Group
RMWBC_20T RMS-WB: Registration of a Service Group
RMWBC_21 RMS-WB: Registration of a Service Group
RMWBC_25 RMS-WB: Assignment Between Service Group and a Transaction
RMWBC_40 RMS-WB: Tree Format Layout
RMWBC_40T RMS-WB: Tree Format Layout
RMWBC_41 RMS-WB: Layout Hierarchy


SAP Package CBBA_WB contains 7 views.

V_RMWBC_10 RMS-WB: Object Types
V_RMWBC_15 RMS-WB: Data Element - Object Type
V_RMWBC_20 RMS-WB: Service Groups
V_RMWBC_21 RMS-WB: Assignments for Service Groups
V_RMWBC_25 Assign Service Group to Transaction
V_RMWBC_40 RMS-WB: Structure Layouts
V_RMWBC_41 RMS-WB: Structure Layouts, Assignments


SAP Package CBBA_WB contains 21 structures.

RMSAS_TRANSL_GUID RMS-ATL: GUID Assignment Structure for iPPE Objects
RMSTS_F4HLP RMS-TLS: Structure with Values from Input Help
RMWBS_SELECTED_NODE Data for a Node Selected in the Workbench
RMWBS_USCOL RMS-WB: User Settings - Column Selection
RMWBS_USCOLSEQ RMS-WB: User Settings - Sort Order + Width
RMWBS_USCOLSORT RMS-WB: Sort Columns of a Workbench Object Category
RMWBS_USFAV RMS-WB: User Settings - Favorites Repository
RMWBS_USWBTLYT RMS-WB: User Settings - Structure Layouts
RMWBS_USWBTOP RMS-WB: General Settings
RMWBS_WBDD RMS-WB: Drag and Drop Data
RMWBS_WBDEPEND RMS-WB: Object Dependencies
RMWBS_WBO_CNVOKCODE RMS-WB: Translation of Workbench OK Codes
RMWBS_WBOCOL RMS-WB: Available Columns in Tree
RMWBS_WBODEF RMS-WB: Object Type Management
RMWBS_WBOEDGE RMS-WB: Available Edges of an Object Type
RMWBS_WBTLYTD RMS-WB: Layout Definition
RMWBS_WBTLYTH RMS-WB: Layout Header Information
RMWBS_WBTLYTH_POPUP RMS-WB: Layout Header Information
RMWBS_WBUID RMS-WB: Object Assignment


SAP Package CBBA_WB contains 2 programs.

RMWBP00 RMS-WB: Application-Specific Start Report
RMWBPWB0 RMS-WB: Recipe Workbench

Message Classes

SAP Package CBBA_WB contains 1 message classes.

RMWB1 RMS-WB: Fehlermeldungen der Recipe Workbench