SAP Package CVDD

EH&S: Report Shipping

The package CVDD (EH&S: Report Shipping) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-EHS.

Technical Information

Package CVDD
Short Text EH&S: Report Shipping
Parent Package EA-EHS

Function Groups

SAP Package CVDD contains 48 function groups.

CVD1 EHS: API - Report Shipping Orders
CVD5 DDS: DDOC Action Log
CVDA EH&S: Report Shipping - Initial Screen
CVDB EHS: Report Shipping - Hit List
CVDC EHS: Report Shipping - Order Header
CVDD EH&S: Report Shipping - Parameter Values
CVDF EH&S: Report Shipping - Activity Log
CVDG EHS: Report Shipping - CUA Menu
CVDH EHS: Manual Shipping - Entry Screen
CVDZ EHS: IOTABs - Report Shipping
CVE1 DDS: User Exit Management
CVE2 DDS: Business Process
CVE3 DDS: Standard Error Handling
CVE4 DDS: DDOC - Cover Sheet
CVE6 EHS: Address Management
CVE7 EHS: Status Management
CVE8 EHS: Subsequent Shipping
CVE9 EHS: Export
CVEA EHS: Report Shipping - EHS Interface
CVEB EHS: Report Shipping - Main Functions
CVEC EHS: Report Shipping - Man. Functions
CVEM EHS: User Exits - Check
CVEN EHS: User Exits - Bundle
CVEO EHS: User Exits - Expand
CVEP EHS: User Exits - Pack
CVEQ EHS: User Exits - Shipping
CVER EHS: User Exits - Save
CVES EHS: User Exits - Cover Sheet Selection
CVET EHS: User Exits - AcknowRec - Selection
CVEU EHS: Search Module for Report Shipping
CVF1 EHS: Buffer - Table CVDDH
CVF2 EHS: Buffer - Table CVDDP
CVF5 EHS: Include - Report Shipping (General)
CVFA DDS: Library - Number Ranges
CVFB DDS: Library - Checks
CVFC DDS: Library - Messages
CVFD DDS: Library - Calculations/Translate
CVFE EHS: Library - Read Customizing
CVFF EHS: Library - Event Handler
CVFU EHS: Library - Miscellaneous
CVFV Customizing - BP,CO,ER,RP,SH
CVFW Customizing - HD,HP,HS,HU
CVFX Customizing - RC, RH
V61V EHS: Condition Technique


SAP Package CVDD contains 15 transactions.

BDA5 Distribute documents
CVD1 Edit Report Shipping Orders
CVD2 Edit Report Recipient
CVD3 EHS: Maintain report recipient (P)
CVD5 Edit Data Provider
CVRC1AVGE1 RC1AVGE1 - Authorization Test
CVRC1AVGE2 RC1AVGE2 - Authorization Test
CVRCVDCREO Export of EH&S Documents
CVRCVDDISP RCVDDISP - Authorization Test
CVRCVDEVEN RCVDEVEN - Authorization Test
CVRCVDRFSH RCVDRFSH - Authorization Test
OEH4 Field Catalog Variants V_T681F
OEH5 Define Access Sequence for Variants
OEH6 Condition Types Variant Matching
OEH7 EHS: Variant Matching Procedure

Database Tables

SAP Package CVDD contains 24 database tables.

CVCBN EHS: Business process - language-dependent label
CVCCN EHS: Language-dependent label for communication
CVCCO EHS: Communication
CVCEC DDS: Error handler - valid error codes
CVCER DDS: Error handler - recipient allocation (situation, error)
CVCET EHS: Error handler - language-dependent error texts
CVCHD EHS: Assignment table for default printer
CVCHE EHS: Event buffer for report shipping
CVCHP EHS: Assignment table for cover sheet and ack. of receipt
CVCHS EHS: Assignment table for shipping elements
CVCHU EHS: User exit - synonym allocation
CVCRC EHS: Assignment table for communication
CVCRH EHS: Allowed values for structure CVDREASON
CVCRN EHS: Business Process Type - Language-Dependent Description
CVCRP EHS: Parameter values to be saved
CVCRT EHS: Origin Category
CVCSH EHS: Shipping elements
CVCSN EHS: Language-dependent label of shipping element
CVDDH EHS: Report shipping orders
CVDDP EHS: Parameter Values for Report Shipping
CVDPH DDS: OBSOLETE !! DDOC log, header record
KONDV Conditions: Data part for certificates
V000 EHS: Conditions for Variant Matching


SAP Package CVDD contains 15 views.

CVD_CVCBP EHS: Business Process - Valid Business Process IDs
CVD_CVCCO EHS: Communication
CVD_CVCER EHS: Error Handler - Recipient Assignment
CVD_CVCHD EH&S: Assignment Table for Default Printer
CVD_CVCHP EH&S: Assignment Table for Cover Sheet and Ackn. of Receipt
CVD_CVCHS Assign Shipping Objects
CVD_CVCHU EHS: User Exit - Synonym Assignment
CVD_CVCRC EHS: Assignment Table for Communication
CVD_CVCRH EH&S: Permitted Values for Structure CVDREASON
CVD_CVCRP EHS: Parameter Values to be Saved
CVD_CVCRT EHS: Business Process Type (System Table)
CVD_CVCSH EHS: Shipping Objects
ESD_ADCPO EHS: View for table ADCP (SAP office)
ESD_CVCCN EHS: View of table CVCCO
ESD_USEXNAM EHS: View to Select User Exit Names for Report Shipping


SAP Package CVDD contains 43 structures.

CVDACL EHS: Report shipping flow trace - log structure
CVDAPIDH EHS: API structure report shipping order (header)
CVDAPIDP EHS: API structure report shipping (parameter values)
CVDCOMM EHS: Communication
CVDDHBUF EHS: Buffer report shipping - header
CVDDHHITM EHS: Report shipping hit list - master structure
CVDDHHITS EHS: Report shipping hit list - slave structure
CVDDHHITT EHS: Report shipping hit list - help structure
CVDDHIOT EHS: IOTAB for report shipping
CVDDHSCR EHS: Header Data for Report Shipping Orders (for Display)
CVDDISTSEL EHS: Fields on the report shipping selection screen
CVDDMSCR EHS: Material data for shipping orders (for display)
CVDDOCKEY DDS: DMS document key
CVDDOCKEYH EHS: DDS document key for a cover sheet
CVDDOCSCR EHS: DMS Document Key Data with Description
CVDDPBUF EHS: Buffer report shipping - parameter values
CVDDPHITM EHS: Report shipping parameter values - master structure -
CVDDPHITT EHS: Report shipping parameter values - help structure -
CVDDPIOT EHS: IOTAB for parameter values (report shipping)
CVDDRSCR EHS: Report data for shipping orders (for display)
CVDDSSCR EHS: SD document data for shipping orders (for display)
CVDESIOT EHS:Choosing the extended search function on initial screen
CVDFINDOC DDS: Collective structure of the 4 DMS key components
CVDFINHDOC DDS: Collective structure of the 4 DMS key components
CVDMANSEL EHS: Fields on the Manual Report Shipping Selection Screen
CVDMAT EHS: Material structure
CVDMESSAGE DDS: Message information
CVDPACKAGE EHS: Material names from order package
CVDPACKREC EHS: Information on subs. rep. ship. ord. package recipient
CVDPRSEL DDS: Selection criteria for log
CVDREASON DDS: Reason/origin of delivery order
CVDRECADRC EHS: Address data for recipient (company)
CVDRECADRP EHS: Address data for recipient (person)
CVDRECEIV DDS: Information on recipient
CVDRECINFO EHS: Recipient information relevant to shipping
CVDREPEXP EH&S: Structure for Export
CVDREPINFO EHS: Sequence data in a report
CVDREPORT EHS: Report data
CVDSADRL EHS: Address Management: Company Data
CVDSENADRC EHS: Address data for initiator (sales organization)
CVDSENADRP EHS: Address data of sender (user)
CVDTLINE DDS: Single-column text table (132 characters per line)
KONDVVB EHS: Conditions: Update Structure Variants Data Part


SAP Package CVDD contains 15 programs.

RCVDCREO Export of EH&S Documents
RCVDDISP EH&S: Dispatcher for Report Shipping
RCVDDOCD EH&S: Delete Obsolete EH&S Report Shipping Documents
RCVDDPSD EHS: Conversion of SD Document Data
RCVDEHS1 Report for address management update concerning EHS1
RCVDEHS2 Report for address management update concerning EHS2
RCVDEVEN EHS: Event Handler for Report Shipping
RCVDLOGD EH&S: Delete Obsolete EH&S Report Shipping Application Logs
RCVDPHDR List of DDOC Log Entries
RCVDRFSH EHS: Delete Report for Report Shipping
RCVDXDST EHS: Conversion Report for Status of Deleted Report Shipping Orders
RV13VAAA Display Certificate Profile Assignments
SAPMV13V Maintenance Certificate Profile Determination

Search Helps

SAP Package CVDD contains 1 search helps.

ESS_USEXNAM EHS: Search Help for User Exit Name (Report Shipping)

Message Classes

SAP Package CVDD contains 1 message classes.

DV EHS: Nachrichten für den Berichtsversand